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May Is Masturbation Month-Let’s Start It Off Right With Classic Autofellatio

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

It’s Masturbation Month here at and we’re really excited about it. Throughout the month of May we want you to bash it, bop it, choke the chicken, clean your rifle, cork your bat, crank the shank, cuff the carrot, flog your dog, flog the frog, flog the hog, flog the log, perform a flute solo, jack it, jerk it, jerk the gherkin, loop that mule, paint your pickle, play a game of pocket pinball, or pocket pool, polish that banister, hell polish the rocket, pound your flounder, pump the python, rope the pony, spank the monkey, stroke it, tease the weasel, toss the turkey, walk the dog, wank it, whack it, whip the willy, whop it, wonk your cronker, and yank the crank. Get the picture? It’s all about getting your palms slicked up with spit, lube, Vas, Crisco, or what not, and get to stroking your pole. We’re here for you, we know what you want, and we offer up an amazing selection of titles to beat off to.

So what and how am I going to be celebrating? By providing you with the inspiration you need to get your rocks off. That being said, I’m going to start off Masturbation Month with two of my favorite things: classic gay porn and autofellatio. I don’t want to hear anyone out there saying he’s never thought about sucking himself off. Plenty of us have tried, some of us have been successful-it’s a talent. I discovered that Al Parker himself was fascinated by the act and even started performing it himself as an adolescent. Here I’ve collected ten of my favorite autofellatio moments from the golden age of gay porn.

Now whip out you dick, work up some spit, and get to it with these scenes available right here on

So Many Men, So Little Time: Scene 2

White Hanky: Scene 3

Winners Circle: Scene 5

Turbo Charge: Scene 2

Swallow It: Scene 1

Cruisin’ The Castro: Scene 3

Because He Can: Scene 1

Presenting The Best Of Buckshot: Scene 2

The U.N.C.U.T. Club Of LA: Scene 2

Turned On: Scene 5

Now do you think you have what it takes to throw your legs behind your head and suck your own cock? I’m giving you all month to practice. Feel free to keep us up on your progress by following me on Twitter and Tumblr.

Catch ya later cum catchers,

-The Otter

If I were This Talented, You’re Damn Right I’d Film It!

Thursday, March 13th, 2014


My usual morning, dick pulling, spit slathered, hard stroking, cum drenched, find-me-the-towel, I had to Matrix that spurt, fuck I have to wash the sheets now, routine, features some furry, sweaty otter action on the screen; but as the sun rose on the horizon I surprised myself  by beating the bishop to something a little different for my taste… So I’m going to tell you about it.

The Otter’s review of “IAm The Self Sucker“.

The title say’s it all! Now before you get all Downton Abbey, Lady Mary, eye rolling, you-let-me-down Otter, hear me out. This film is FUCKING HOT!

I like to think that at one time or another every guy wonders what it would be like to suck his own dick. (At least I have, and yes, I’ve tried).  Wouldn’t you like to know how it feels as you slide your own tongue over that swollen piece, swirling your spit and pre-cum around the glands, tasting that salty eruption from deep within your balls? It’s a guys personal stash of never ending fun-times batter, and I think everyone should lick the spoon. Don’t you want to know what you taste like? Chef’s taste their product… So should you if you’re going to serve it to your partner, or first time “patron” of your personal groin level steakhouse. Just think of all the wonderful things your own hot wet mouth could do to yourself!

Derick Manx is really easy on the eyes, he’s kind of (no, actually) really nerdy. With his slim build, ridiculously hipster-styled, psuedo-mullet going on, and nice sized cock (although I usually prefer my men uncut… but whatev’s) Derick looks like the kind of boy I’d tie up to my bed-posts.







*Don’t let the “Nursing Home-Chic” look fool you. Some kinky shit happens in this room.

He starts out his solo in a cute lil pair of undies that I could’ve grabbed with my teeth and ripped off like the furious little river dweller I am, but I digress. Derick clearly enjoys spending time with himself, as evident by his self performed foreplay, and when he finally slips out of his cottons for the big reveal I was really starting to leak that preliminary man juice from my raging hard-on.

Sexy lil fucker. Furry man-pelt. Gorgeous cock, and ample balls.

Then came the self-service… Holy hell is this kid flexible! I was amazed at how well he could take his own cock. Watching Derick grin as he sucks, licks, and tickles his dick with his tongue is a beautiful and rarely seen display of pure talent; a real achievement and a feast for the eyes. That 26 year old, small town Missouri, ex-church going, cum guzzling, reciprocating fountain, really puts on one helluva show in this one! I couldn’t take my eyes off of him as he worked up a sweat, and a perfect flush of the face as he worked away at his own delicious shaft of fresh, pink, 20-something man meat.

Just look at that adorable face getting a mouthful 


But that’s not all, no that’s not all! Derick Manx isn’t just about using his mouth to get off… He busts out a toy! The recently discovered joys of bottoming have entered Derick’s life, and he gets A LOT of satisfaction from stretching out his pink starfish with a veiny dildo he’s got waiting. The little pup can’t control himself with all the attention he’s giving his loins, resulting in this…

An epic splashing of cum that would put a “Drench The Wench” and a “Pie In The Face” to shame. Every ribbon of searing hot spunk splatters across his face shooting into his open mouth in such a satisfying manner that I too lost my load at the same moment.

All I can say is, Holy Shit. That was awesome.

Don’t forget to watch the interview with Derick after his solo. Here you’ll get to know this guy a little bit better, and find out just how cute he really is… His description of his “Life Goal” to find another self sucker is AMAZING. Derick describes his fantasy of sucking himself off while partnering with another self sucker while sharing a double ended dildo… Now that would be a GREAT film!

I highly recommend checking out this flick, you will not be disappointed.

-The Otter

Oh, in case you were wondering about the “Matrix” reference…

*Matrix-ing: Moving your head very fast to avoid getting your load (or an other’s) in your eye. 

Must See Movie – Because He Can

Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Because He CanBelieve me.. there’s been many drunken nights and many many sore backs when I tried this with no luck so I’m always a little jealous when I see someone actually able to do it.. hahaha

Can you imagine being able to suck your own cock and cum in your own mouth? It may seem like a dream but this guy brings it to a reality proving he can really do it! Watch as he strokes and masturbates solo before folding himself up and sucking away on his own cock! This guy is an autofellatio pro! Because he can!


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