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We Met Behind The Woodpile…

Monday, July 14th, 2014

The 4th of July weekend went off with a bang at The Woods Campground in Lehighton, Pennsylvania as Bears, Bikers & Mayhem and hosted “Woodpile” on Saturday the 5th of July.


The beautiful new pool was the setting for an exciting afternoon under the sun, the turn-out of which was outstanding! The staff at The Woods Campground is amazing and friendly, Pat was a great host and we can’t thank him enough for the hospitality shown at such a beautiful site. The Woods itself sits, tucked away in (you guessed it) the woods. For anyone who hasn’t been, the drive is scenic and enjoyable as you wind your way through the gorgeous rolling hills and mountains of Pennsylvania. A short roller coaster of a drive away, visitors can stop by the quaint town of Jim Thorpe nestled deep in the mountains. (I highly suggest making the trip there too. For Disney aficionados one of the stunningly handsome mansions is, rumor has it, the inspiration for the “Haunted Mansion” ride in Orlando.)


*On the road…

*The adorableness is sickening, it’s like something out of a musical… Starring me…

*Harry Packer Mansion, Jim Thorpe, PA

*Haunted Mansion, Disney World, Orlando, FL.

*Just another view of the Harry Packer Mansion… Because I can.



*My personal favorite of all the banners…

The long drive leading into The Woods Campground opens at a turn affording campers a view of volley ball courts, the stunning pool, and of course the club house. Plenty of lovely trails abound, winding through the camps punctuated by charming cabins, circling a lovely pond complete with paddle boats and canoes, and into the forest. Fellow campers enjoy the clothing optional setting dappled in sunlight and cool shade. Up by the pool the summer sun is plentiful enough for hours and hours of basking and baking, but a quick dip will cool you off quickly. Here you’ll find a concession stand with towels, sun block, snacks and other poolside amenities. If you hadn’t planned on grilling the club house restaurant delivers a scrumptious array of fare, on Friday evening we enjoyed the massive crab legs, chowder and salad bar. ( I didn’t catch her name, our server was  friendly and entertainingly sassy! She made our meal even more enjoyable than it already was.) The grounds are scattered with a mix of RV’s, tents, and cabins. Our accommodations were in the cozy Sylvia’s Suite not a few yards from the club house, and proved to be quite comfortable.

*The Club House.

*Look at that sparkle. LOOK AT IT!

*Nicely kempt nature trails wind throughout the property.

*THAT, is a pool. (Notice it’s penis-like shape.)

*Water, nudity, night. I don’t need to say anything else…

*Dining room. Cozy and charming.

*MMMMM… Crab legs. Damnit! Now I’m hungry!

*Sylvia’s Suite. Do you see that? Yes, that is an air conditioner!


Saturday was the big day for us. As the sun warmed the campground and the banners went up, music began to play, and by 2 pm we couldn’t hand out our swag fast enough! Bears, Bikers & Mayhem are a group we are proud to work with. These guys really stick to their mission of the past 5 years “BBM raises money for HIV/AIDS and other deserving charities in the region through our own non-profit organization.  Our event lays claim to being the first all inclusive event that includes Bears, Leather Men, Motorcycle enthusiasts, lovers of Fetish/Kink, and more. Growing every year in activities and attendance, BBM was created to bring all of these separate communities together celebrating each group’s unique interests and perspectives as well as the brotherhood we all share in common.”  Naturally when the guys asked if we would like to be a sponsor for a party at The Woods, we were all over it like fire… on a woodpile… What could be more fun than gay porn, slushies, beer, and naked campers? Prizes, but I’ll get back to those later.


*Andddddd, BEER!

We loaded up the SUV with boxes of underwear, cum rags, gym bags, stickers, and of course DVDs to give away, along with several cases of beer from The Philadelphia Brewing Co. located in Philadelphia, PA. Brewery owner Nancy Barton was kind enough to donate the refreshments free of charge with a smile, sending this otter to go have some fun with the bears in the woods. We hope everyone enjoyed the sampling she sent, and hope you go out and try some while supporting a great establishment who also believes in the importance of equality for all. Go-go boys strutted their stuff with their cocks stuffed nicely into our underwear with accentuation pouch around the pool while everyone enjoyed the sun and fun. Besides all the great swag we handed out to the campers, we also brought prizes donated for the Bears, Bikers & Mayhem raffle fundraiser. Lucky winners took home a selection of three grills, a six sleeper tent, and a cooler full of porn! That wasn’t all though, each of the five prizes also contained other fun items such as sunglasses, grilling utensils, flavorful smoking chips, charcoal, propane and other goodies. Let’s say they went over very well, raising funds for Bears, Bikers & Mayhem’s cause.

*This stuff. Cute, right?


*Not This kind of Grill!

As the DJ blasted a great mix from his perch overlooking the sun drenched crowd of all types of hot guys, the sea of flesh suddenly became blue as the studs started sporting the sexy underwear we gave away at the event. A friend of The Otter At (follow him on Facebook and Twitter) Lexi Lampre (@LexiLampre on Twitter) was also along for the ride, snapping the fun loving crowd of campers by the poolside party! Here’s a taste of what went down!

*Go-Go Boy Booty.

*The guys had fun posing for the camera.

*Everyone loves a photo-op! Even Pat.

*Charles from Bears, Bikers & Mayhem served up the raffle prizes.

Thank you to everyone involved in this great event for a great cause. We at are proud to be working with Bears, Bikers & Mayhem, and cannot wait for them to invite us back again for more debauchery and good times. Special thanks to Pat and the entire staff of The Woods Campground for your amazing hospitality without which Woodpile wouldn’t have been as enjoyable. Thanks to Nancy Barton at The Philadelphia Brewing Co. and the wonderful staff there for providing a sample of their brews. We’d also like to thank Lexi Lampre for volunteering her time to get some great shots of the party! I sincerely hope I haven’t let anyone else out, if I have we thank you as well for making Woodpile as successful as we imagined! Hooray for summer!

The Otter


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