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Vintage Throwback – Chain Reactions

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Vintage Throwback - Chained Reactions

Tight flannel shirts stretched over hairy muscle-bound bodies, slim cut 501’s pealed from mighty thighs and thick calves, mustaches, beards, leather and hardware… My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Maybe I should grab a drink at the nearest leather bar?

The men of “Chain Reactions”, the 1984 classic, embody a masculinity that defined an era. The seventies brought so many of these gorgeous men to the screen (you can hardly choose a favorite)and some claim that “Chain Reactions” might just be the “last actual porno film” of that bygone era that reached just into the first half of the eighties. This exciting group of men take erotic action to a whole new level, bondage, spanking, hot wax… You name it; it’s here in this epic tour de force of raunch, sex and filth. Not only do I love the men and the acts taking place in “Chain Reactions” I love the gritty quality of the film itself, the locations and the overall ambiance (the amazing murals in the bar, no doubt inspired by Tom Of Finland, are a sight to see).

This is definitely a must watch for anyone who appreciates those masterful, masculine men of vintage leather and kink.

The Otter at GayHotMovies

Vintage Throwback – The Berlin Connection

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

Director Roger Earl takes you beneath the surface and deep into the back rooms of Berlin’s great leather bars. These hot German men are really into leather and the S&M scene. From whipping and flogging to humiliation and CBT, The Berlin Connection is a riveting film for those who are looking for some great man on man domination. Three masters and three subs take you into a new world, one that only exists beneath the surface!

Vintage Throwback - The Berlin Connection

Vintage Throwback – Dirty Secrets

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Ted is a special guy; one that many of you would give anything to be like. You see, Ted has a very active imagination and he his favorite thing to fantasize about is his various erotic fantasies. And whatever Ted imagines actually happens! Ted dreams about sex with a beautiful blonde boy, brothers, circus acrobats, leather men; being in Shakespearean times, playing sexy cowboys and Indians, or having an orgy with logs of men! Ted does it all!

Vintage Throwback - A Dream Of Body

Vintage Throwback – Bullet Videopac 6

Thursday, January 10th, 2013

Bullet Videopac 6 features four incredibly hot classic gay sex scenes available to you today. Watch “Leatherman” – There’s only one Branch Lester and in this hot film you get to know all of him – immediately! “Bruno Will” – And he will, too, especially when Will Segers is in the vicinity. The two champs get it on and it’s a draw! “The Boys In The Back Room” – Jeff Cameron gets ganged up on by Eric Ryan and Joey Da Silva! “Dunes” – Mike Spanner and Nick cross paths… and bodies, and when it’s all over Big Mike finds himself with a handful of wet dreams! Not to be missed are three extra scenes on Bullet Videopac 6 and these are for the real classic gay film enthusiasts. Theatrical Trailers for Time Square Strip, Fire Island Fever, Any Boy Can, Get That Sailor and the Experiment can be found in scene six. The Fantastic Hero’s, The Roundabouts, Zoomerang and Just Blondes are featured in scene seven. To finish the film, The Intimate Rebels, Old Reliable 51, Rangers, Hotrods and Tough Guys trailers can be viewed. These classics are something to look out for because they are HOT!

Vintage Throwback - Bullet Videopac 6


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