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Vintage Throwback – Humungous 1

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Taurus come into the first scene dressed in his cop uniform showing off his huge 13 inch cock and 10 inches thick. The assailant gets frisked and the big cock gets blown by the assailant. Then it becomes a threesome with a white guy. Taurus anal fucks the white dude. Then it’s a circle jerk until they all shoot all over themselves. Next and interracial grease affair. Then the white man gets it from the enormous cock right in his ass. Then watch Taurus suck his own cock as he spreads his ass cheeks. Then there’s a threesome, two black men and a white man, double blowjob for the Caucasian. Then interracial office sex. Then Taurus jerks off in the last scene.

Vintage Throwback - Humungous

Movie To Watch – Performance

Sunday, March 18th, 2012

A porn with Ethel Merman in the description?? How could I NOT feature it?!

Ethel Merman is smiling up from her perch in hell. Performance chronicles the exploits of XXX strippers and the man who tries to get them all together for a show. The first half of the film is dedicated to the booking agent’s calls to each man, after which a sexual scene of some sort is featured. The second part consists of their performances before a live audience. This film is at once intensely erotic, with its breathless close-ups and fevered performances, and totally cheesy – many of the striptease numbers come across as just a little more than silly.


Vintage Throwback – Chapter 3

Thursday, March 8th, 2012

Four short subjects are presented in this compilation collection of early J. Brian flicks.  Come to the Orgy features over a dozen very boyish-looking men partying poolside, Do Your Own features Robin Yanco sucking himself off, providing the old adage: if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.  Next up, The Big Braggart starts with a young man beating his meat as he leafs through a Playboy magazine and finally Naked Ship , has three men on a boat in the middle of San Francisco Bay.

There are a few production flaws, but for its time, it’s a decent film, especially the three-way. A BIJOU VIDEO exclusive originally shot on film and later transferred to video!

Vintage Throwback - Chapter 3

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Vintage Throwback – Night Of The Occultist

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

A mini study of morays and coming out are mixed with the supposed everyman’s unexplored homosexuality, mysticism, sexology, ritual, and blatant lust. Classic early 70s clothing, hairstyles, attitudes, and décor will also be found here. The color often masks the action and the mixed and changing lighting and hard-to-hear sound are annoying, making this must for collectors.

Vintage Throwback - Night Of The Occultist


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