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It’s H-Autofellatio For #MayIGetOff

Friday, May 22nd, 2015

Earlier this month we presented our readers and users to compete in our Twitter #MayIGetOff contest. We’re always happy to help each and every one of you get off, that’s what is here for because we are “Exactly what you’re looking for”. As the month cums to a close I would like to re-visit my earlier autofellatio post. In May Is Masturbation Month – Let’s Start It Off Right With Classic Autofellatio I chose a slew of scenes from the golden age of porn featuring some intense self-sucking. I’ve found this to be one of the most interesting acts of “getting” off because of the sheer talent, dexterity, and flexibility one must possess in order to perform it. It’s also extremely hot to watch.

These cock sucking cum whores are so into getting head that they’ve trained themselves to lick, swallow, and gobble their own fuck sticks resulting in messy self-induced facials and cum eating. I’m sure that at one time or another every man on earth has thought about or attempted to blow themselves, hell I know I did (and was pretty successful in my younger days).

As masturbation month comes to an end, let’s take a look at some contemporary guys who have mastered the art of autofellatio. Remember that all of these titles and more are available for your viewing pleasure on… Alas I only had room for ten.



Kurt Rogers can hold a scene on his own, but once I saw this tatted up, ridiculously handsome, horse hung stud trying his best to put it in his mouth, I had to put him on my list. This feature from AlphaMales showcases Kurt in not one, but four of its five scenes!


“Self Suckers Anonymous”

Jeremiah Johnson is just too cool for school wearing his shades in the bathroom. In this Saggerz Skaterz scene, young stud Jeremiah pulls out all the stops while showing off for the camera. Favorite part; foreskin nibble!


“Hot Rommates Jack Off And Suck Cock”

Sebastian Riverpol is so exotically handsome I’m totally jealous that Tyler Benson gets to plow him whenever he wants to. In this amateur flick from Boots Marchman we get to see gorgeous Sebastian lick, suck, and nibble his delectable foreskin, tease the head of his cock multiple times, and get it it on with his studly roomie.


“Self Sucking Solo Artist”

From Pacifico Entertainment comes this tasty treat that is sure to please. Perry Cavalari is an adorable young buck with the ability to practically bend himself in half in order to get his juicy meat into his face hole.


“Self Sucking Cock Suckers”

Give me a dirty warehouse and an uncut cock and we’ll give you a show. That’s exactly what you get when you watch Jack Wright put the naughty moves on himself in this Eagle Video production.


“Go Blow Yourself!”

Although he only cums in at number five, Troy Michaels gets a standing ovation for his solo. Although he might not face fuck himself as much as we like, being able to stay positioned on two feet while mouth wrangling your own tool is pretty impressive in this scene from Buzz West.


“Go Suck Yourself!”

Scruffy slut boy Kenji not only takes his partners dick in this hot flick, but his own. I’ve got a thing for nasty boys with interesting skill sets. Seriously, just watch this scene from Factory Extreme.


“Fuck Your Friends 10”

I usually expect slimmer guys to be able to perform autofellatio, especially when it comes to being able to really suck and not just lick the tip. Duke Lewis comes in third on my list for being such a blonde beefcake who can blow himself too. I’m sure you’ll appreciate this scene as much as I did from Cocksure Men.



Tag has they most gorgeous eyes of a devil, a great otter’s build, flexibility, and the ability to blow a massive creamy load all over his own face. This pup comes in second in my book for leading the pack in best self inflicted facial from Defiant Productions. Woof!


“I Am The Self Sucker”

Derick Manx truly is one talented bloke. The title of I Am The Self Sucker from SX Video might be a big statement, but watching this horny young fucker fuck his own face, you’ll see for yourself just why this guy made the top of my list. Go for the gold!

So there you have it, a selection of sexy men winning in the oral category for best personal achievement. Now make sure to get on over to and explore the selection of smut we have to help you get off. Hurry up and Tweet #MayIGetOff to @GayHotMoviescom for a chance to win some AMAZING masturbation month prizes. Follow me on Twitter and Tumblr too!

Catch ya later cum catchers!

-The Otter

Amateur? The Otter’s Top Picks!

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

OTEC (On The Edge Of Cyberspace) provides with smoking hot amateur content through a myriad of studios. With hundreds of films available I will be focusing on a few of my favorites that include sexy guys you might have seen on the street, solo, and in incredible bareback action! Perhaps you might even stumble across one of your favorite stars in one of their first appearances on film! (Yes, I’ve come across quite a few favorites under different names, or unlisted altogether.)

Let’s start with Big Red Curtain Productions: They’ve got plenty of hot straight dudes who are willing to take off their clothes and empty their balls, but that’s not all. Take for instance “Matt & Sen Stick It In, this hot flick involves two hot solo’s from the boys and then its all fucking. This is amateur bareback that is definitely worth a watch. Check out inked up stud Sen get an ass full of Matt’s raw cock before ramming his own deep into his buddy’s hole!

Boots Marchman  may not have the most titles, but two stand out performers occupy a total of eight scenes. Sebastian and Tyler Benson make my list for some intense amateur smut! Sebastian is a dark, slim, smooth, horse hung, uncut hottie who (thanks to yoga) can even suck his own dick! Tyler himself is a handsome young man with a certain jock/all American boy look; athletic and versatile. Individually the guys have fun jerking off for the camera, but once these two roommates get in bed together they cant get enough of each other. You have to see “Hot Roommates Bareback And CreamPie It! ” Watching these guys suck, flip fuck and eat one and others cum is beautiful… I wish there was more from these two! Here, look at what I’m writing about! Fuck yeah!

*Sebastian sucking his own fantastic uncut member….

*And licking up his own cum…

*Handsome, scruffy, well built Tyler wankin for your pleasure.

*A flip fuck to remember.


Next up is Gemini Studios who brings us some straight dudes doing some not so strait stuff if you get my drift. These regular Joe’s have no problem with getting down and dirty for the cameraman. One of my favorite studs is the burly Cameron, he’s a beefy bearded burly guy with a great cock that I would have no problem with down my throat or up my ass. Viewers can either get off on Cameron getting himself off with toys and dildos OR, orgasm inducing bareback fucking with his buddy Dylan. In  “JackBuddies 89: Cameron Fucks Dylan our two hunks get into some serious ass play followed up by a mouth watering cum shot… Just seeing Cameron push his load into Dylan had me rock hard and dripping pre cum pulling these shots below.


 Goliath Videos is star/director David’s celluloid diary. He’s a handsome man with a great body and an ass that cannot be satisfied. This insatiable bottom loves a rock hard fuck stick deep inside of him! “Cock Jockey” for example, is a great flick. David is such a show off, and for good reason. Just take a gander at this power bottom.

*Hey there David!

Dirty boys, we all love a dirty boy. Indigo Male Productions gives us some dirty boys doing dirty things. Anonymous tops and bottoms fuck in a furious, filthy, cum fest. “Bareback Attack” stars two insatiable and unidentified bottoms in four hard raw scenes. The anonymity of these amateur guys is a real turn on for both the stars and the director.

“Being used totally and completely anonymously by a Well Hung Hot Top stud. The thought of never knowing who is slipping his raw dick into you, only imagining what they look like, and what it attached to that stiff hard cock. Knowing that you only mean 1 thing to the Top, you [the bottom] are two holes for the use by the Top Guy to get himself off…This is scene that scene, and this is the fantasy this bottom lived out. To this day, the bottom has no clue who the Top guy was or if they will ever fuck again. The scene was arranged between both of these models anonymously…There is some very great action happening in this scene…Raw fucking extraordinaire, these guys did not hold back at all, the scene is loud, aggressive, and electric. There is some hot Ass-to-Mouth-to-Ass action. On a number of occasions within the scene the bottom is begging to taste himself and his ass off the Top’s cock. The raw cock only to quick to oblige. The scene concludes with a massive raw cum shot being fed to bottom, with blindfolded bottom not missing a drop, it was fun to film, and remarkable to sit back and watch.” 

Here’s a little taste…

Now for something to really wrap your lips, or fist, around. JuicyGigolo Entertainment is beautifully shot amateur films starring gorgeous, ripped, hung men in raw interracial fucking. Remember how I told you some of your favorite stars might show up? How about you watch “Italian Cream Cakes” I know one of my favorite stars is in it! However I’m going to focus on “Flood That Hole” where Chris Coxxx fucks Maverick. Man, both of these guys have amazing bodies, but it’s Chris’ humongous black dick really steals the show! I’m not even going to attempt a description of his cum shot, you’ll have to watch that to believe it!


*Are you sensing a theme yet? All of the films I have selected in this post are bareback, because there are so many films to choose from. Not every film from this handful of studios chosen (there are so many more!) provided by OTEC is bareback, I simply wanted a theme. 

Now back to our regularly scheduled post. No, you’re not slumbering away in your bed, Nice Dreams Entertainment specializes in capturing guys on camera for the first time. The amateur hotties in these films are fantastic. 18AndUpStuds is a series of the freshest meat the studio offers. I’ve decided that Rey from “18AndUpStuds-Bareback 2” is my favorite from this series. He’s a good looking guy who knows how to use his raw cock. I couldn’t get one clear solid shot of this guy so I made this collage. He’s a cutie.

Pegasus Productions has great young men in all forms of play. These youthful, lithe and horny pups are ripe for a fucking and the two that really get my groin goin are “Bobby And Nick” . These big dicked buddies start out with some adorable making out but quickly move on to some sucking, rimming, and full on fucking. I can’t tell you who is who, but damn the dark haired boy is HUNG! Look at that piece of amateur veal (I made a joke, get it? He’s young… so it’s veal. Ok, that was dumb).

Finally we’ve got the jewel in the crown of OTEC, ShowGuys Video. There are so many intense volumes from this awesome studio. It was very difficult for me to choose just one film or even a star, so I decided I’d pull out (not my dick. Get your mind out of the gutter)  “ShowGuys Volume 483 – Casey Younge & Troy Taylor Barback”  Troy Taylor is practically perfect in my book. He’s got a great face, fit natural body, a goofy smile, dark features, and those eyes… The only thing he’s missing, a foreskin. Oh well, cant have it all. In this bareback sextravaganza Casey Young goes to town on Troy’s sweet young ass, fucking his tight hole in a condom free festival of flesh. ShowGuys Video has it going on when it comes to finding their amateur talent, these guys are all hot, and some of them aren’t so amateur anymore now that they’ve moved on to some of the larger studios. However, I still like them on Showguys, especially Matthew James who happens to star in some films with Troy Taylor! Like “ShowGuys Volume 426 – Matthew James & Troy Taylor Part 2” where the duo have one hell of a flip fuck! Dayum!

*And here we have him with Matthew… and the only image or mention of condom use in this post.

These are just a few of the studios represented by OTEC (On THe Edge Of Cyberspace) check them all out on and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @Otter_Holt.

Thanks ya’ll

– The Otter


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