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Third Time’s the Charm for These Forbidden Encounters!

Monday, May 25th, 2015

No one delivers erotic man-on-man storytelling quite like Nica Noelle—and the third installment of her Forbidden Encounters series brings even more truth to this fact. Led by a star-studded cast, Forbidden Encounters 3 weaves gripping storylines with sweltering man-on-man pound sessions and impressive acting performances. In just about any way that it is judged, the movie commands the viewer’s attention and stays true to the unique style and perspective that is found in all of Nica’s works.

Because Forbidden 3 is much more than your typical gay porn flicks, one of its most striking elements is found in the plotlines that are well-executed by the actors. The opening scene centers around the reunion between a young man (JD Phoenix) and his former babysitter (Brendan Patrick), after years of not seeing one another. After moving to Europe, Brendan is back in town for his cousin’s wedding and decided to stop by and see JD and his mother. Though not a planned visit, JD is more than enthused to see Brendan and they waste no time catching up.

 Brendan (who has showed off his impressive chops in some of Nica’s past films like Forgive Me Father 2) makes it easy to forget that he is acting, as he truly transforms into his character. JD is also convincing as a sweet-natured stud with a charming innocence and youthful spirit; the combination of their presences as actors creates a dynamic between the character that feels real and brings the story alive. Once JD indulges in the strong connection he feels to Brendan with a kiss, Brendan does a wonderful job of portraying a sense of skepticism while JD appears irresistible. They engage in a pleasant flip-fuck that ends with the guys kissing and cuddling. Without a doubt, it is the perfect scene to kick things off and sets the tone for the type of sensual sex scenes and soaring performances that the rest of the movie is comprised of.

 This aspect of the Forbidden 3 is also demonstrated in the last scene, when Brendan returns for a match-up with industry veteran, Nick Capra. This time, Brendan plays a man coming to terms with his sexuality that will soon lead him to his first physical encounter with another man. Much like his other scene, Brendan nails his depiction of his character, making his nervousness and uncertainty jump off of the screen. Nick’s character is confident, with a slight mischievous side as he makes it clear that he is eager to pop Brendan’s homo cherry. Once they actually get into it, Nick guides Brendan through their intimate moment, as Brendan eases into taking every inch of Nick’s thick monster cock. The lack of background music and slower pace of this dick-hammering really evokes the feeling of the initially-awkward first time that actually turns out to be quite pleasurable. Much like scene one, this one feels totally authentic from the moment it begins.

 While the acting and writing is an undeniable strength, of course the film is full of high quality hardcore action as well. This is best exemplified with the show-stopping second scene that features Billy Santoro and Jessie Colter. After conquering his drug addiction through his newfound identity in the church, Jessie plays a man struggling with the conflict between being who he truly is and the religion that he has dedicated himself to. Rob Yaegar stars his counselor who at the top of the scene, meets with Jessie to emphasize the importance of him not giving into his homosexual past. Soon after their meeting, Jessie heads home and brings out the Good Book to get his mind right. Billy, Jessie’s ex-boyfriend,  shows up completely angry because Jessie disappeared and neglected their relationship. Jessie, full of guilt and shame, reveals that he is trying to live according to his faith because it is what helped him beat his drug addiction. This has an obvious effect on Billy, whose state transitions from frustration to compassion, affirming that he would have been there to help. This breaks this ice and the two lovers find themselves wrapped in each other’s arms.

 In addition to Billy’s intense but effective acting performance, this scene stands out as the sexiest fuck of Forbidden 3. For one, we just can’t deny the obvious eye candy here…who can complain about the lovely shots of Billy’s hairy muscles and Jessie’s round, perfectly-fuckable ass? But what really makes set this union on fire is all of the fierce passion that explodes between these two. Billy and Jessie are playing two characters who are deeply in love; after a long period of being away from each other, this is the moment that they are waiting for—and that’s the exact energy that emanates from this thrilling hole-stretching. Additionally, the stars sprinkle this match up with romantic kisses, foreplay and a variety of positions that keep you on the edge of your seat. Without a doubt, Billy and Jessie deliver an absolute knockout.

 The attention-grabbing chemistry continues in scene 3 which pairs ripped and sexy daddy Dirk Caber with popular hotboy, Connor Maguire. Dirk plays an older gentleman that is having a sexual affair with his good friend’s son. There isn’t much of a backstory here but one thing is clear, these guys are hot for each other. Though they have just woken up from a crazy night of good lovin’, it doesn’t take long for these hunks to get right back to business…and before you know it, Dirk is on his back getting a major serving of Connor’s throbbing uncut meat. The first interesting note about this scene is that it slightly twists the older-on-younger fantasy with Connor being taking charge with the major dickdown that he unleashes upon Dirk Not only that, Dirk and Connor actually seem into their scene…creating a fun and enjoyable vibe throughout. It adds a lighthearted dimension to the movie that definitely has its moments of intensity, making Forbidden 3 even more of an engaging watch.

 No matter which scene is explored, there is much to discover and be entertained by with Forbidden Encounters 3. With its positive mix of soaring acting and sexual performances, enhanced by the strong script, Nica has added yet another win to her extensive catalog of films. Don’t waste any time…watch the movie now!

– Simba

All This Sinning is Hot Enough to Drive You Crazy!

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

In the fiery sequel to Nica Noelle’s “Forgive Me Father”, more secrets, lust and lies unfold on both sides of the confessional—yes, that’s right, even the priest can’t resist giving into his sinful desires! Whether it’s all of the sultry man-on-man action or scandalous storylines, sin has never been any sexier; expect to work up a sweat from the second you turn this flick on.

Brendan Patrick leads the cast of “Forgive Me Father 2” in a convincing performance as Father Patrick, the troubled backbone of his church, struggling to overcome the shame of his shocking past. As the narrator of the story, the sense of conflict and disgrace that dominate Father Patrick’s thoughts become totally real for the audience and convey the internal struggles that he battles throughout the movie. The first of these encounters occurs after he is seduced by two mischievous students (Trent Ferris and Sam Truitt) who pull him into a scorching threesome. Though he initially tries to resist, he eventually gives into their powers of persuasion and battles heavy guilt as soon as it finishes.

But Father Patrick isn’t the only one breaking the rules. At the confessional, Connor Maguire plays a man seeking forgiveness for acting on his sexual curiosities with a friend (Wolf Hudson) for the first time.But the next visit from a gorgeous older man (Billy Santoro) is a definite highlight.

When an attractive younger gentleman (Jacob Ladder) arrives to the summer home that Billy is renting, the two hit it off right away and get engrossed in a conversation about their personal lives. Learning that Jacob has fled his hometown after being disowned by his family for being gay, Billy takes advantage of his moment of weakness by proposing that they have a drink to commemorate Jacob’s new life. Once the drinks set in, the irresistibly ripped and hairy Billy takes the lead and kisses Jacob. From there, Billy lies beside Jacob’s slender body and gives him a nice, sensual pounding. But that’s not all he wants. He can’t resist sitting on top of Jacob’s long, rock-hard cock, surrendering his hole in this show-stopping flip fuck that can’t be missed.

In the final scene, the movie takes an unexpected turn with the introduction of the next parishioner. Noelle cleverly presents the visitor as the devilish version of the soft-spoken Father Patrick. Initially referring to himself as his Father Patrick’s twin brother in his confession (a story that involves a hardcore session with the toned and twinky (Ian Levine), the conversation is cut short when the “twin” sarcastically asks Father Patrick if he will be forgiven for his sins. When Father Patrick replies that everyone is capable of receiving salvation through repentance, the man’s mockery of Father Patrick’s advice, beliefs and seemingly holy image angers the priest who then orders the man to either repent or leave the church.

No longer challenging Father Patrick’s patience, the man mysteriously vanishes and the movie ends. In this scene, it becomes evident that Father Patrick’s “twin” is actually the priest’s alter-ego. More importantly, their exchange is a symbol for Father Patrick’s split personality and the way he is divided between two parts of who he is. Not only does this shed new light on Father Patrick as a character but the possible subtle messages it is making about the real-life hypocrisy and complexity involved in the church, especially for its leaders. It is a moment that makes the movie controversial not just for its intertwining of sexual and religious imagery but the greater statement it makes about what issues can rise when these two worlds collide.

Not only is it an engaging watch that pulls the viewer in from beginning to end, it also leaves the viewer with something to think about once it’s finished. If you’re a porn-lover who looking for provocative plot-lines combined with explosive sex scenes and a roster of gorgeous men, Forgive Me Father 2 is the perfect choice for you. Check it out right here on

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– Simba




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