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3 Reasons Why This Phat Dick Workout Will Make You Sweat!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015


This is the phrase that I repeated to myself through the entirety of Next Door Studios’ massive meatfeast, Phat Dick Fitness. A jaw-dropping fuckapalooza that delivers shameless man-on-man action at every moment, the film certainly lives up to its title, brought to life by some of the industry’s sexiest and most well-hung tops. Released under the Next Door’s Ebony division, Phat Dick Fitness also triumphs for predominantly featuring actors of color, a rarity to find in productions from major porn companies.

Without a doubt, if you have an appetite for gigantic schlongs and hardcore hole-pounding, Phat Dick Fitness should be added to your watch-list as soon as possible. To best exemplify why, I have summed the reasons down to three main highlights that prove that this movie is one not to be missed.

1. That Title Don’t Lie, Baybeh!

All on its own, the title of this flick indicates what type of ride you’re in for as soon as you hit the play button. Sure to satisfy the pickiest of size queens, there isn’t a single scene that is without a big, juicy pipe that will leave you clutching your pearls. But even more important is the fact that these gorgeous hornballs know how to use what they’re working with. Outside of the literal combination of huge dicks and a very consistent fitness theme, these guys provide sex scenes that burn up the screen with commanding intensity.

The opening scene starring Derek Maxum and Brock Avery definitely sets the tone for what Phat Dick Fitness is all about. The fahn-as-hell Mr. Maxum stars as Brock’s horny trainer who finds a special way to be compensated after their productive session ends. When Brock discovers that he has lost his wallet, Derek makes the first move by boldly asserting, “I know you’ve been looking at my dick all day,” with a firm ass smack. From there, Brock sucks on all his largeness before Derek returns the favor, rims his hole, and hammers Brock mercilessly. The scene is most likely scripted, but it is totally believable as Derek stays true to his convincing role as a bold trainer with ulterior motives…and the major pounding that he unleashes upon Brock is so full of lust and aggression that it makes the scenario even more real.

Another scene that follows through with the promise of the title is in scene two. Krave Moore and his third leg get some special attention from the deliciously tattooed Draven Torres in a one-on-one fuck that emanates electrifying chemistry. These guys are not only two undeniable pieces of eye candy, but their pairing makes for a perfect union. The nasty foreplay they indulge in will leave your mouth watering for the moment they actually get down to business. And when they do, it is scorching. Krave has alllll of the right tools and he doesn’t hold any of it back on Draven in this seriously deep and hard dickdown. As if that wasn’t enough to make this scene a notable one, Draven may be on the bottom, but that doesn’t mean he just lays down and takes it. Unapologetically vocal and dominant throughout their fuck-session, Draven is in full of control of the way he wants to be fucked.  It’s an interesting reversal of power that helps make this one even more of standout. It also brings me into my next overall point about the movie itself.

2. Let’s Give it Up for the Bottoms!

As introduced in the previous section, Phat Dick Fitness is not only noteworthy for its well-endowed fuckers; it also features hungry dick-takers who add just as much fuel to the fire of each scene.

The first being Draven, who certainly makes his presence known in his match-up with Krave More. But the proud ownership of all his bottom-pride continues in scene three, where he takes on two insanely ripped hunks (Marc Williams and Max Chevalier). After worshipping Marc’s lovely physique with Max, Draven sucks both of these guys off to get them up and ready. After some dual blowjobs, Draven has his eager bussy tossed back and forth between Max and Marc who give it to him just as strong as he demands. To put it simply, this is the type of threesome that you want to see on camera, where each person is involved and active, contributing to the general gripping nature that defines this fiery interracial scene.

Though not as verbally assertive as Draven, another star that holds it down for the bottom movement is Damian Brooks. Before we get into the actual sex, we must take a moment to discuss all of the #ASS that Damian is holding back there. In the same ways that your eyes will stretch at the sight at some of the cocks that this movie is filled with, Damian’s Nicki Minaj-esque derriere will attract the same attention. Anyhoo, he teams up with beautiful Brit Tyson Tyler and services his monster uncut cock with enthusiasm. He sucks on it slowly, and passionately enjoys the size and feel. Tyson follows by feeding on Damian’s juicy hole and you can just sense the sexual tension growing more and more extreme as they continue pleasing each other. Finally, Tyson gives in and pounds that bubble butt with ease and Damian takes every inch without any flinching. Despite the fact that both guys are packing lots of body, this scene is one worth mentioning because it’s clear that these dudes are genuinely into it and enjoying themselves.

3. The Sex isn’t the Only High Quality Feature

The last winning factor of Phat Dick Fitness would be that it presents every scene with well-directed sex that truly accentuates the wonderful work that all of the stars perform. Although there aren’t significant sets or changes through all of the scenes, viewers were still be able to appreciate the eye-popping fucking with quality production value and diverse camera angles.

Out of all of the scenes, the one that stands out on the conceptual front would be the threesome that occurs in the final scene. J.P. Richards stars as a rude and pushy club DJ who is auditioning dancers for an upcoming night (Nubius and Draven). After a brief striptease from each of the guys and a blowjob from Draven to Nubius, J.P. grows annoyed with what he’s seeing and decides he wants to show them how it’s done. Frustrated with his obnoxious personality, Nubius and Draven decide to get their revenge with a tag team threeway that helps the movie go out with a bang. Unlike his other roles in the film, Draven shows off his skills as a top, before passing the stage to Nubius who also puts in work with his thick dick. J.P. surely learns his lesson as his ass is passed back and forth, both backstage and then in the actual club at the end of the scene. This closing number is unique from the others because of its entertaining plot line (possibly inspired by Magic Mike?) and pleasant footage from guys doing their thing in the neon-lighted nightclub.

No matter which scene is discussed, Phat Dick Fitness not only works its attractive cast of stars out, but also the viewer with the type of energy that makes for an engaging watch. Whether it’s the hot guys, massive cocks, or limitless fucking, the movie is a knockout in almost every way that it is judged. To check it out for yourself, watch it right now on!

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Until next time!

–  Simba

Easing Into Gay Massage House 3

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Close your eyes, relax, and imagine yourself with a huge cock in your ass. Welcome to Icon Male’s Gay Massage House 3, directed by the unendingly creative Nica Noelle. Gay Massage House 3 is a collection of four scenes that illuminate your “rub and tug” fantasies and take them to a whole ‘nother level. This is a classic scenario that will never die, mainly due to the shady and scandalous business practice itself. These hot, hung masseurs cure more than aches and pains. Icon Male’s sexy therapists return to help some straight-ish trade face their innate sexual desires. This film is shot semi-documentary style, although it is obviously a scripted porno. It has a hint of humor that’s interlaced with perverted propagation. Before each scene we are let in on a secret. These therapists are actually sex-workers and “deep tissue” surely means “deep dicking.” Surprise! They are in the business of easing closeted men into homosexuality or at least advantageous anal. They release clients from the repressed thoughts that are holding them back from life. These men are no longer deprived of true happiness. So let’s ease on down to Massage House 3 and watch some sex that will surely you saying “Holy Shiatsu!” This spa is definitely full service.

We start things out with masseuse Brock Avery and client Rob Yaeger. Rob is a partner at a prestigious law firm in downtown Boston. He’s been married for fifteen years to the mother of his three kids. Rob has lower back problems and unmet sexual needs. Rob is also a gingy-blonde with nearly zero body fat. His skin is mesmerizing-ly pale and his chiseled body looks as if it has been cut from stone. Rob enters, gets his consultation, and then disrobes. He lays face down and has a short conversation about work and explains why he is there. The man is stressed out. Brock oils him up and gives him a rub down. The zen music and parlor décor are surprisingly accurate in this film and would be relaxing if you weren’t so anxious to see some fucking. Brock works on his lower back and they vaguely discuss Rob’s fear of new ventures. Brock then removes the sheet which was covering Rob’s milky glutes. Brock then works those muscles and makes several great points about the benefits of change. Rob turns over, the discussion peaks, and Brock’s hands reach Rob’s pastel penis. His orange pubes glisten as Brock deep throats the now fully engorged phallus. Brock loses his shirt to expose his tattooed and furry pecs. The two kiss and make eye contact that says, “Yassss.” These men are happy to be on set today. It’s beautiful to see.  Next thing you know Brock sits on Rob’s dick. He rides it before laying face down. Robs pounds his butt for a while before flipping him to slay him with his legs up. Brock takes it hard before Rob finishes onto his lusty prick. Brock then jerks off with help from his partner’s semen. They kiss again and hug it out.


Next we have masseuse Jessie Colter and client Andrew Fitch. Jessie is also kind enough to dedicate his time to cock. Somebody’s gotta do it. In regards to aiding a sexual transition, he states “I guess it’s more of an art than a science.” Andrew plays Jeremy. Jeremy has been married for three years and works as a stock broker on Wall Street. He is plagued by frustration and anxiety. His therapist sent him to the massage house, which can only mean one thing: he’s closeted and needs to be let out. Jeremy soon disrobes to expose his Charles Archer undies and smoothly toned body. He lies down and is lubed up for his massage. His story is the same, the man is stressed out. The two discuss the perils of the job and life as a highly paid, married man. Jeremy admits being kind of bored with women. This sparks Jessie’s curiosity and the wheels start turning. Eluding to sex quickly turns into talking about the act, but who will make the move? The tension breaks when Jessie’s grasps Jeremy’s uncut penis. There is little hesitation before he starts sucking. The two blow each other and then Jeremy rims Jessie. Jeremy wraps up his dick and then humps Jessie’s plump rump, which has him moaning in desire. There is a period where there is some slow almost romantic penetration that dissolves when Jessie cums into his happy trail and Jeremy follows suit.

Masseuse Theo Ford and client Alexander Greene are next to come. Theo is French and his accent is extremely alluring. Theo is a big guy. His stature is boner-inducing, especially while standing next to Alex. Greene plays Chris, a guy who is engaged to a woman, but is having second thoughts. He was also sent here by his therapist, who is starting to seem like a super-shady therapist. Chris has cold feet and was told that massages will help with his anxiety. He discloses this thought to Theo and as we have learned by now, Theo is going to take one for the team and fuck this dude. He oils up the adorable Chris and is soon playing with his fuzzy little ass. Chris turns, they talk more about stress relief, and suddenly Theo is moistening Chris’s schlong with his gorgeous mouth. Chris’s cock is sizable and uncut. His penis is incredible. The two sixty-nine and feast on each other’s genitals.  Theo fingers Chris’s hungry hole before drilling it. Chris’s mischievously sexy eyes close when Theo rams him from behind. Theo really knows how to deliver the dick. Hes aggressive, but suave in his fucking. He switches positions a few times to get in as deep as possible before nutting on Chris’s back. Chris then lies down to kiss Theo while beating his meat. He pulls on his huge dick before spilling onto his scruffy stomach. End Scene.

We then move onto masseuse Andrew Fitch and client Colton Grey. Andrew has a passion for his gig due to previously being a client. You could say he’s paying it forward. Colton plays David, a college drop-out. “He tried to be a high school jock, but then switched to the emo crowd.” Haha. He still feels isolated do to having repressed sexual desires. David was obviously referred by his therapist. He disrobes and lies down. The two discuss how David has never had a male masseuse. He turns over and Andrew states that David’s tattoos are hot. The wheels start turning and little is said before Andrew starts stroking David’s creamy pale cock. He then plays with David’s perfect ass while getting his dick sucked. Andrew bends David over to give the boy want he wants: penetration. They mash a bit, then David is flipped, and pounded before he jerks and releases onto his abs. Andrew than beats off onto David’s load. The two kiss and call it a day.

Gay Massage House 3 makes many good points about the power of happiness. Depriving yourself of your most primal urges will only result in poor health and general frustration. If what you have to do to find yourself is to hook up with a masseuse, I say go for it. Be sure to make sure they are into that or you will surely find yourself on the sidewalk in a towel.  

Now go on and get hard at! Gay Massage House 3 is always there if you need a release!

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Wild For Country Boys In “Ranch Hand Fuck Down”

Friday, February 21st, 2014

When we last left “Sentenced” star Mike DeMarko, he had successfully cuffed hard fucking duo Billy Santoro and Trenton Ducati after the pair had drained their balls in the “Intense Interrogation” room. Where is this incredibly hot, scruffy lil horn ball going to end up next I wondered? Well, lucky for me, I work here and I got to find out before all of you!




The cast of “Ranch Hand Fuck Down” left my cock raging hard and my balls full of spunk even before I saw the webisode. Adam Russo has always been a favorite, and pairing him up with my new man-crush Brock Avery was bound to be a fuck-fest I didn’t want to miss, but they weren’t the only guys that were going to get down and dirty. Throw in JR Bronson and Kieron Ryan and I knew that this was going to be a seriously cum-tastic half hour of man-on-man-on-man-on-man action. I highly suggest working up a good slobbery mess of spit to slick up your tool before pounding it out to this one.





Adam Russo is the first in the barnyard (Did I mention that the title “Ranch Hand Fuck Down” had my swollen buddy below dripping with pre-cum before I even tapped play? I will always get a chubby for a country boy. I blame my upbringing in the backwoods.)  picking up a shovel that I just knew was going to serve a purpose later. (Never put a gun on the table without using it. First rule of writing.) The furred to perfection Russo is approached by Brock Avery for a quick shoulder rub that is bound to turn into a flannel ripping, Levi’s stripping, man sex moment to savor. The pair begin with some innocent kissing that quickly develops into some heavy petting and JR Bronson isn’t about to miss out on this. Of course Brock is heaven, this boy worships JR’s perking nips and fuzzy chest like a devout (insert whatever religion you wish, or not. Devout pie baker works.) as Adam eagerly buries his face into his luscious ass, lapping away at his hole like the cum-hungry dog he is. Enter the smooth, muscled, and ever-ready Kieron Ryan. Now, I will admit I never really watched any of Kieron’s performances prior to this, but I will say the boy’s got a great body and totally tantalizing nipples that I could really get into twisting the shit out of until he squirms in agony. (What? I like some nip play. I’m a perv.)


So we’ve got a set of four, SWEET! These guys are all fucking gorgeous in their own separate ways, and they all are fucking filthy. Listening to Brock address Adam Russo as “Daddy” is utterly pre-man milk inducing. In minutes its Adam fingering Brock’s hole, Adam making out with Kieron, Brock sucking like a slut on JR’s knob, and Kieron shoving his face in fuzzy fur-ball Brock’s AND Adam’s asses.


The guys are having a great time with their boots on in this fenced in play pen.




All the while Mike DeMarko is getting a show as he watches in the shadows, and the action between this foursome is about to go from great to greater. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of spit slobbered and dripping from the mouth of Kieron as Adam Russo pushes himself down that fucker’s throat, makes one wonder what else that boy can take? (Foreshadowing… Audience holds breath.) Well a good cock sucking is never enough for Adam, and Kieron is in for an ass pounding to remember. Let’s not forget that Brock Avery is giving muscle bottom JR a ramming of his own, pushing his meaty member deep, deep, deep, and deeper up Bronson’s slippery sinkhole. AND more spit! YAY! I’m completely jealous of JR Bronson being blessed enough to even touch Brock Avery’s cock, let alone cram it down his craw enveloping its girth with the generous film of his own spit. (Yup, I’ve got a crush.)








Now for a real treat viewers. Remember that shovel foreshadowed earlier, well that handle is going to become a wooden fuck stick inside Kieron Ryan’s asshole. This portion of “Ranch Hand Fuck Down” really amped up the web series filth factor, watching Adam Russo work that actual “tool” in and out, punishing that little fucker Kieron’s sphincter  is a thing of beauty, because that muscular bottom of his LOVES it as he simultaneously rims JR Bronson. If that wasn’t enough to bust a mess on your chest the cumshots of this webisode will. I unleashed my salty, splattery, sperm geyser watching Adam, JR and Kieron exorcise their white stuff into my man-crush Brock’s mouth and coating his chest with whatever he couldn’t get in his jaw. While all of this muscle man cream was being unleashed, dripping with sweat and semen, Brock works away at his own member bringing himself to an epic climax that had me rock hard and leaking with ball juice all over again.






This is the one to watch readers. Don’t miss a single second of “Ranch Hand Fuck Down” on

The Otter


The Otter Has A New Pen Pal!

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Brock Avery, with that winning smile and impressive physique is hard not to take notice of, I know I certainly did! Starring, along with an epic cast (including leading man Mike DeMarko) in the “Sentenced” web series produced exclusively by and C1R; Avery steps up to the plate in “Ranch Hand Fuck Down” the fourth webisode of the series…

Just the words Ranch Hands is enough to send this Otter into a fit of orgasmic spasms. Those muscle-bound country boys working up a filthy, mouth-watering, sweat in their dusty blue jeans and broken-in boots send pangs of desire to ones loins. The fragrant scent of hay and molasses-sy horse feed fills the dimly lit barn. Slivers of the bright, high-noon sun push their way into the temple of man lust illuminating the bulging, solid, muscles of a denim clad stud as he tears open the snaps of his plaid shirt revealing the torso of a god built from hard labor. His body is a rippling mass of flesh, sinew and brawn with deep valleys and rivers of veins crisscrossing his manly landscape. A delicious sheen of perspiration covers his powerful physique and you can’t wait to greedily lap it up. Hungrily you bury your face in those intoxicatingly musky pits; he’s rough, he’s ready, and he is going to do things to you that haven’t even had a chance to Google. Off with the jeans, but leave the boots please! You’re salivating over the image of his perfect ass begging you to tongue dive into its furry depths. Tugging down his pre-cum stained Jocky’s reveals a… Oh lord, I have got to stop, someone hand me a fan or a bucket of ice!

Sorry about that bodice ripper moment there folks. Back to Brock and the “Sentenced” series! This wild romp in barnyard got me wondering about the exotically handsome man on the screen, so I sent a (YOU GUESSED IT!) questionnaire. I couldn’t wait to read the answers Brock emailed back. It’s like I have a new, hot pen pal! Well, not really, considering this is our first interaction and not even a direct email; never mind! He’s still my pen pal.

Well, let me tell you. Brock Avery had me hooked from the moment I read the words “Twas quite fun :)” in his return email. “Twas quite fun :)” he even added a smiley face (swoon). So, what pray tell, did I ask the gentleman in question? Read on and find out!

NAME: Brock Avery



YOUR PENIS SIZE: 7.5 inches


YOUR D.O.B: 6/29/1989

SWEET OR SAVORY: Savory and so much salt


The Otter: Do you feel the need to masturbate considering your career?

Brock Avery: Still a horny fucker, so sometimes yes.

The Otter:  Where did you grow up?

Brock Avery: Nevada

The Otter: What is your preferred time of day to have sex or masturbate?

Brock Avery: Hmmm, all the time

The Otter: What was your adolescent experience like? Were you a popular boy in high school, were you a nerd, were you a 90 lb. weakling, etc.? Are there any funny/embarrassing/proud moments you would like to share from this period of your life?

Brock Avery: Super loner kid. I was always very sweet and daft, very head in the clouds type so I never did get on with too many people. I identified mostly with geeks LOVED Pokemon and video games. I saved a little girl from drowning when I was 11, pretty proud of that 🙂

*Be still my beating heart.










The Otter: Would you consider yourself outgoing, modest, shy, confident, douchebaggish, trustworthy, outspoken, kind, careful, reckless? Describe how you feel you present yourself to the world.

Brock Avery: I am insane, I’m very sweet and empathetic but overall very chaotic and introverted. I have a lot of dialogue going on in my head all the time so I probably come off as kind of a dick because I don’t talk a lot and I kind of have a mean look on my face as the screen saver.

 *It’s quite alright Brock, I too suffer from the malady that is known as “Bitchy Resting Face”.

The Otter: Who was the first guy you were sexually attracted to? Did you do anything about it? Did you hook up with him?

Brock Avery: A supervisor I had at Starbucks, Tom, beautiful blue eyes, sandy blonde hair and he oozed confidence and sex. I could barely speak to him and always got chills when he walked by me and half died every time he winked at me. Alas I never got to have fun with him, age difference was too great and he didn’t want to take advantage. 🙁

The Otter: Are you crushing on anyone currently? If so, would you pass them a note in study hall or approach them? (This will tell our readers A LOT about you.)

Brock Avery: Liam Harkmoore, I’d approach the shit out of him.


The Otter:  Describe the ideal man, what would the man representing your sexual ideal look and be like? (go ahead and get descriptive!)

Brock Avery: Matt Bomer, need I say more? His bone structure makes me melt and I LOVE white boys 🙂

The Otter: When did you become interested in working in the industry? How did you get started in the adult industry?

Brock Avery: I watched a documentary on porn and performers when I was 17 and wanted to jump in. I was approached by a scout on MM and it took off from there!

The Otter: What was your first job? Did you learn any valuable lessons or tools that you have brought with you into your current career?

 Brock Avery: Landscaper! Yes, I still work very hard to this day!

The Otter: Are you a lefty or a righty when you masturbate?

Brock Avery: Ambidextrous unite!


The Otter: How do you feel about toes (I’m not a fan, I just like to know how other people feel about them)?

Brock Avery: Mine are ugly and so are yours!

*I’ll share a pic.

The Otter: Do you have any irrational fears? Agoraphobia, Melissa Joan Hart, choking while home alone, etc.?

*I really like to ask this question, mainly because it’s a great ice breaker and a good tool to have in your arsenal if this person falls from your favor.

Brock Avery: Super paranoid that I’ll get punched in the dick whenever I stand on objects to be taller in crowds.

The Otter: What is your favorite Disney movie and which princess do you most relate too?

Brock Avery: “The Little Mermaid”, watched it approximately 3.5,000,000,000 times as a kid. I never really identified with any characters Disney or otherwise, weird kid here.


The Otter: Do you prefer spit or lube when masturbating or having sex?

Brock Avery: My spit is so luscious.

*I bet it is Brock, I bet it is. Woof!

The Otter: Have you always felt comfortable without your clothes on? Do you feel comfortable with clothes on?

Brock Avery: I HATE CLOTHES. Naked is so very perfect.

*I agree, stay naked.

The Otter: Do you prefer men cut or uncut?

Brock Avery: CUT CUT CUT

The Otter:  You’ve been invited to a dinner party, what do you bring as a hostess/host gift? (You better take a hostess/host gift, it’s just polite manners!)

 Brock Avery: A bottle of cabernet and a pie!

The Otter: What are your future goals? (Career, education, travel, etc.)

Brock Avery: To work with athletes as a trainer and be able to open up facilities to promote and teach children how awesome it is to be an athlete.

The Otter: If Ryan Gosling wanted to hook up with you and you accepted, would you share the pictures and or video with me? Same goes for Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Manganiello and Jamie Dornan.

          *I just wanted excuses to find shirtless photos of these men fyi.

Brock Avery: Yes, as well as sell them to the highest bidder.

The Otter: Do you have pets? We want to know all about them if you do!

Brock Avery: Definitely not a pet person.

                     *Queue the Sara Mclachlan. (This’ll change your mind Mr. Avery)


And so what did we learn about Brock Avery? Not only is this guy hotter than a chemical fire in July, he’s also my new favorite pen pal! I’m expecting his next correspondence to be an even juicier one, maybe we’ll exchange recipes and helpful homemaking tips! We could even move on to Skype! That way we can drink wine like suburban housewives! All right buddy, I know you’ve read this so get typing.

Thanks for being a sport Brock,

Ya’ll better follow me on Twitter and Tumblr.

Catch ya later cum catchers,

The Otter


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