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Dirty Smut Mags For The Win!!

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

What’s better than getting up early on a Saturday morning to go for a little stroll for coffee, to gaze up at the changing leaves and hit up a few yardsales along the way??.. it’s pretty much every yardsailing ‘mos fantasy to find the buy of a lifetime and I do believe The Otter hit the motherload this weekend when he stumbled upon a guy selling off his vintage porn mag collection at $2 a pop. Needless to say, but the Otter was more than HAPPY to take those dirty lil smut mags off his hands!

Classic Titles On

We’ve been poring over them since yesterday and seriously, gem after hardon inducing gem! Def keep an eye out for future posts, we have a ton of ‘em and I really don’t mind taking the time to photograph and post them.. it IS my job after all ;)


Vintage Throwback – Chain Reactions

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Vintage Throwback - Chained Reactions

Tight flannel shirts stretched over hairy muscle-bound bodies, slim cut 501’s pealed from mighty thighs and thick calves, mustaches, beards, leather and hardware… My mouth is watering just thinking about it. Maybe I should grab a drink at the nearest leather bar?

The men of “Chain Reactions”, the 1984 classic, embody a masculinity that defined an era. The seventies brought so many of these gorgeous men to the screen (you can hardly choose a favorite)and some claim that “Chain Reactions” might just be the “last actual porno film” of that bygone era that reached just into the first half of the eighties. This exciting group of men take erotic action to a whole new level, bondage, spanking, hot wax… You name it; it’s here in this epic tour de force of raunch, sex and filth. Not only do I love the men and the acts taking place in “Chain Reactions” I love the gritty quality of the film itself, the locations and the overall ambiance (the amazing murals in the bar, no doubt inspired by Tom Of Finland, are a sight to see).

This is definitely a must watch for anyone who appreciates those masterful, masculine men of vintage leather and kink.

The Otter at GayHotMovies

The Case For Classics

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

Today we take for granted just how easy it is to find what we desire by simply clicking a mouse, tapping the touchpad or screen. Not even 50 years ago the distribution of gay pornography was risky business and illegal, things would change. By the 1970’s there were a handful of studios producing the content we craved or, if you had a camcorder and ability to develop the film, you could produce your own. Even so, acquisition of such entertainment was difficult. So imagine what life was like for a man who hadn’t any idea such visual stimulation existed?

When the walls around “the love that dare not speak its name” began to fall, a whole genre of film became somewhat more readily available. The 1970’s were a golden era for the directors and the stars who we now think of as “classic”. These were the men we dreamed about, the men we wanted to be and in some ways would become. I remember seeing my first feature from this fantastic decade while living in San Francisco. I had no idea who these men were but I fell in love immediately and began searching out whatever was available. I found the films to be not only ridiculously hot but also comic, campy, tender, playful, dramatic and romantic. These pictures were breaking new ground and telling new stories in ways that had never been done before. Here at we have a fantastic selection of these films and the best quality; we take pride in preserving and cataloging the titles we acquire.

Walk down any street anywhere; it seems to be that today’s men are sporting the mustaches and beards of yore and embracing  those furry chests. Our culture has been accepting a more natural masculinity similar to that decade of sexual decadence. I dare say I’ve seen more and more than a few Al Parker clones out there lately too! So we’ve become those men in a way and you can see current content evolving with the times. Today studios are producing new plot-driven features that are reminiscent of the classics and relatable to their audience like the films of yesterday. As always, we draw inspiration from the past and I urge you to check out our database of classic content.

From 8mm reels that had to be secretly circulated and viewed to a sexual revolution that broke down barriers everywhere, classic films have been receiving a new lease on life and a brand new audience. It wasn’t really all that long ago that the only way to see these films was to go to one of the theaters (in major cities) that screened them or one would have to find other means to acquire such material either through magazines (if you could find them) or word of mouth. Luckily for you there is where we strive to bring you the best content available and we’re just one click away.


Otter’s Top Ten Classics:

Left Handed

Get That Sailor

Five Hard Pieces

Night Of The Occultist

The Destroying Angel

Strictly Forbidden


Sex Magic


The Hustler

Classic Movies On!


Vintage Throwback – Bruised Angel

Thursday, August 15th, 2013

I can’t get over the hair in this title! Ha soo great, and the fuckin ain’t bad either!

When this afroed Hippie’s bike breaks down, he’s in for an unforgettable afternoon! A sexy motorist gives him a ride in more ways than one! One thing leads to another and this hippy is getting his meaty dick sucked by the cross-dressing motorist! The hapless hippy is then dog-collared and pounded doggy-style in that virgin butthole.

Vintage Throwback - Bruised Angel


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