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Five FTM Stars We Can’t Get Enough Of!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

With buzz still lingering around Caitlyn Jenner’s triumphant cover of Vanity Fair, this year’s celebration of National LGBT Pride Month has already been one to remember. As we continue to wave our rainbow flags with no apologies, this week’s top list keeps things going with a countdown that features some of the sexiest transmen to have ever graced the world of gay porn. With each bringing something unique to the table, these barrier-breaking guys embody what pride is all about—the freedom to let go and own every single aspect of who you are! And along with this comes some serious jizz-bursting action that makes it all even sweeter. Indulge in this homage to some of a group of FTM stars that you need to know!

 Buck Angel

Now, how could we possibly start off the list with anyone but Buck Angel? If it were not for some of the monumental accomplishments that the iconic performer has achieved, this list may not even be possible. While FTM models have long existed in porn, Buck is credited for being the first to penetrate the mainstream with achievements that include: being the first transman to be cast in an all-male production by a gay porn company (2005’s Cirque Noir by TitanMen); in 2007, he became the first FTM star to receive the AVN Award for “Transsexual of the Year”; five years later, he earned a Feminist Porn Award for his critically-acclaimed series, Sexing the Transman XXX. And while these moments certainly do not encapsulate all of his victories in adult entertainment, Buck also soared outside of the industry, as an activist, educator, and businessman.

But in addition of the incredible legacy that Buck has created, it’s not the only reason that he headlines our list. With just one glance of Buck Angel, there is no denying that he is insanely hot—the thick mustache, the deliciously ripped physique, the killer tattoos. To put it simply, he and the camera are a match made in heaven. And for that reason, it’s not exactly difficult to wonder why Buck has been rocking worlds for more than a decade. But through his work that has brought millions pleasure and enjoyment, his influence has been much grander. Defeating stereotypes, exposing many to an under-recognized part of the LGBT community and opening major doors for trans stars that would come after him, the mark that Buck Angel has left is simply unforgettable.

Screenshots from (top to bottom): Cirque Noir, Buck Angel’s Ultimate Fucking Club 2 – Tattooed and Screwed, Buckback Mountain, Even More Bang for Your Buck

 James Darling

In recent years, James Darling has risen to the high ranks of popularity in the realm of gay porn. Like Buck, James has used his success as a launching pad for bigger ventures. He has branched out to directing and launched, the first-ever paid subscription website that specializes in FTM porn. Though the brand that he has built is definitely worth praise, his work as a XXX model is one of the main reasons that he has found himself on our list. Almost everything about James grabs your attention—not only is he handsome and charming, but he is always a pleasure to watch when he’s in action. Never afraid to take a good pounding, James surely knows how to take a nice serving of rock-hard cock, making any scene that he is featured in one that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Screenshots from (top to bottom): Rough Trade, Gender Benders 2, Heavenly Spire Volume 1, Gender Benders, Buck Angel’s Sexing the Transman XXX

Van Diesel

In the first volume of his Man with a Pussy series, Van Diesel starts things off with a very personal introduction that sets the tone for the entire film. He explains about his rough East Coast upbringing (accentuated by a hard accent if you pay close enough attention) and opens up about his struggles with discovering his true gender identity. “I’m a bad boy and this is my story,” he proclaims, rising from his seat. From there, he takes off his shirt to proudly reveal his inked up body. “This is the body I was born with, this is the body I’m making my movies with. I’m going to show what a true FTM can do on film,” he finishes and prepares us for the ride. And trust me, that’s just what a Van Diesel scene is. This spoken portion of the film embodies the boldly confident, tough guy persona that bounces off of Van Diesel at every moment. His aggressive and powerful dominance with his co-stars is what makes him an automatic standout.

 Screenshots from Man with a Pussy Volume 1 and 2

Cyd St. Vincent

One of the most enjoyable aspects of a Cyd St. Vincent scene is that when he is on screen, it’s almost as if the cameras aren’t even there—his enjoyment of the moment seems absolutely sincere. And it’s that type of energy that makes the intensity of the fuck truly come alive for the viewer. As if that wasn’t enough, his piercings and tats give him a distinctive sex appeal that makes him even more of a noteworthy star. And not only is he easy on the eyes, his mind is just as engaging, exemplified through his work as a writer and HIV counselor. Clearly, when it comes to Cyd St. Vincent, there’s much to appreciate.

 Screenshots from (top to bottom): Gender Benders 2, Heavenly Spire Volume 1, Crash Pad Series Episode 51: Cyd and James Darling

Dex Hardlove

With his jet black hair and badass swag, it’s no question why Dex Hardlove drives the boys crazy. If you like things on the rougher side, Dex is exactly what you’re looking for…it isn’t rare to find him indulging in some hardcore anal play and pounding as a power-top in his movies. This sexy mofo always knows how to please and perform….when Dex Hardlove in the picture, there is simply never a dull moment. And much like the other actors on the list, Dex is quite the Renaissance man, working as a nurse, health educator, and advocate to queer youth. Respect!

Screenshots from Couch Surfers 2 – Trans Men In Action and Cubbyholes

And there you have it, guys! I’m sure you all are more than hot and bothered by now…enjoy! Continue to celebrate LGBT Pride with us by following us on Twitter for our latest updates!

– Simba


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