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Be My Valentine

Friday, February 13th, 2015

For Valentine’s day this year the staff of has submitted a selection of our favorite stars (55 although we could have added  so many more). They’re single, eligible bachelors; well as far as we know they are, one can’t be 100 percent sure. So who made the list? To be fair I’m going to put them in alphabetical order… They’re all  stunningly handsome, incredible performers, and definitely make our jobs so much easier. So here we go, the guys “55 Valentine’s” complete with commentary.

*Also, by clicking their image you will be directed to all their films on, and by clicking their name you can follow them on Twitter!


Alexander Gustavo

“Those eyes and that body, swoon…”

Alexx Desley

“He’s a bad boy with a wicked look in his eyes. Dangerously sexy.”

Antonio Paul

“He’s like that guy you see playing a game of pick up who takes off his shirt causing an instant erection.”

Asher Hawk

“That face, that adorable smile, and a twinkle in his eye that will crush you before he begs you to top him! And he looks like you could introduce him to your parents.”

Brad Kalvo

“Hello daddy. Two words… Take me.”

Bravo Delta

“You can never really quite tell what Bravo is up to, but he’s definitely up to no good.”

Braxton Bond

“He’s a bottom every top dreams about.”

Buster Sly

“Smooth, muscled, handsome… Bust one on my face Buster!”

Caleb Strong

“Those glasses. You’re mother never warned you about this guy.”

Christian Wilde

“There is nothing more I want in me right now.”


Colby Keller

“His mind makes me want to cum on his beard.”

Connor Maguire

“There’s something about watching him pick up his scene partner and pound away that is utterly indescribable. And he’s a ginger. I die.”

Dale Cooper

“He can have his way with my Laura Palmer any time he wants.”


Darius Ferdynand

“All of him! Topping or bottoming… I don’t care, Darius is perfection.”

Dean Brody

“That beard! He’s a sweetheart in real life, and he looks a lot like Al Parker. Do I have to say more?”

Derek Parker

“WOOF! This is a beast of a man!”

Diego Thompson

“He is fiiiiiiiine. Mmm hmm. Love me some Diego.”

Dillon Rossi

“Hung, Handsome, and he’s a country boy. Just look at those puppy dog eyes. Does he need a forever home?”

Dusty Williams

“Lovin the fur.”

Edji Da Silva

“Just look at him.”

Edu Boxer

“The things I would let this man do to me.”

Gabriel Clark

“One word. GORGEOUS!”

Hunter Vance

“That ass. Hunter has what looks to be a delicious ass. I want to bury my face in it.”

Jake Bass

“C’mon, it’s Jake Bass.”

Jasper Robinson

“Long and lean, just the way I like my boys, they always have the biggest dicks, and he can TOP!”

Jesse Santana

“How does he keep getting hotter?”

Jessy Karson

“I love a filthy pig.”

Jordano Santoro

“Always found him sexy, then I met him, now he’s sexier…”

JP Dubois

“He reminds of that boy in class you always wanted to hook up with, and if you did it would’ve been awesome.”


JP Richards

“A recent discovery of mine. JP looks like a good time. Wink.”

Landon Conrad

“He just won his XBiz award, and we all know why. Look at him! LOOK AT HIM!”

Levi Karter

“Oh my god he just looks like the best little spoon.”

Liam Harkmoore

“I’ve got a thing for blue eyes, blonde hair, and Liam.”

Ludo Sander

“Luscious Ludo.”

Luke Desmond

“I love how he looks like such a nice boy, and then he’ll pour wax all over you while he’s got you tied up in a basement.”

Mario Torrez

“Who didn’t have a crush on the football hero? Mario is the guy in all locker room fantasies.”

Mateo Stanford

“Mateo is a stud. He’s a man.”

Matt Stevens

“His hard exterior is equally sexy as his personality. Woof!”

Mickey Taylor

“I think it’s his lips? They’re perfectly pouty. I like his Tattoos too.”

Nick Cross

“Anyone would lift their embargo for a chance with this Cuban stud.”

Peto Coast

“He’s sooo dirty! I love it! I like the faces he makes when he’s screwing people.”

Rich Kelly

“His beard. It’s all about his beard. Trimmed, wild, it’s just… Sigh.”

Ricky Roman


Rocco Steele

“Rocco’s got this whole nerd, monster cock, daddy thing about him that intrigues me.”

Ryan Raz

“Raz is the perfect Twock. He’d be a good cool down after practice. I don’t even know if that makes sense?”

Sam Bishop

“C’mon, Sam even looks good with his clothes on. And he’s grown into quite a man.”


Sebastian Riverpol

“Sebastian looks like fun, also mysterious. Oh, and I love his tight little body, it’s perfect.”

Seth Roberts

“He looks great with his glasses on. What? I have a thing for glasses.”

Stany Falcone

“Stany was a professional football (soccer) player. I think I made my point.”

Tommy Deluca

“An impressive 10×7 deserves a place here.”

Tony Bishop

“Tony is the boy next door, the one who mows your lawn and lets you fuck him in return.”

Trey Turner

“Trey can be romantic, passionate, and then pretty damn kinky. I like.”

Ty Roderick

“I think Ty Roderick is my spirit animal.”

Tyson Tyler

“I wonder if he got his name from Tyson Beckford, they have a strikingly similar look, but Tyson Tyler takes the cake.”

Willam Boyd

“Talk about beautiful both inside and out, this Canadian cutie is a heart breaker.”

So there you have it, our “55 Valentine’s” for you from us here at Now go log in and get a load off! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr for more great smut and news.

Catch ya later cum catchers,

The Otter

How I Love A COCKYBOY, Let Me Count The Ways

Thursday, March 6th, 2014



When I’m not balls deep in the classics my go to studio is always COCKYBOYS, and for good reason, these boys are fantastic! To me COCKBOYS is not just a run-of-the-mill smut provider, it’s classy. With Jake Jaxson running the show I know that not only am I going to get off on some gorgeous men, but also get a beautiful cinematic treat. My introduction, and absolute love affair with the studio began when I came across the promotional images for “The Haunting” Arnaud Chagall and Dillon Rossi staring back at me whilst resting against a set of headstones immediately caught my attention, and I just had to know more about this film. Combine these two guys (both my ideal of male perfection) add a graveyard, and I’m hooked! I couldn’t wait to get my paws on that film, I watched the trailer, I read up on it, and all I can say is I have NEVER seen a picture capture probably the two subjects I like best, sex and ghost stories.



But it’s not just the films that are intriguing, the COCKYBOYS themselves are equally fascinating. These are not just bodies slamming into one another producing over-the-top orgasms (believe you me, I see plenty of that), these are somewhat accessible guys that you might run into in real life (And if that happened… I don’t know… I’d die. I’D DIE.) AND they can actually act! Something that is RARE in this genre as we all know. Another aspect I look for when choosing my masturbatory fantasy material is quality. COCKYBOYS has beautifully shot content, Jake Jaxson certainly has an eye for the art of direction, in fact, I wouldn’t mind going to a grand old movie palace to watch a COCKYBOYS flick. They’re stunning.


I’m just going to stick with “The Haunting” in this post, because it’s my favorite, and I feel like writing about it. The film tells the story of an undying love between two (Arnaud Chagall and Ricky Roman) unfortunate lovers, who haunt the property  where the film is set, still searching for one and other to share “a kiss before goodnight”. I’m not going to go on and on about the plot of the three episode masterpiece, I think you should watch it for yourself on, but I am going to introduce you to my favorite stars of the show. Beginning with Dillon Rossi (if you are reading this Dillon, I really want to get an interview with you, contact me on twitter at if you’re interested?).

He’s an Ohio born country boy from what I’ve read, and he’s just so good to look at. Aesthetically, to me, Dillon Rossi is quite pleasing. He has large, dark eyes, a perfect nose, and slim physique that is exquisitely toned; not to mention a handsome, long, thick, mouth-watering cock with a nice set-a-balls you just want cup in your palm. On the other hand, I fell in lust with this guy when I saw the chemistry he had with blue eyed stud Jake Steel as soon as the film opened, one would believe these two were a real life item. However, his most crush-worthy moment is when (oh god it’s almost to fucking cute) Jake picks him up to take him into the living room, he’s just about the cutest fucking Koala wrapped around Mr. Steel EVER!


Andddd…. Let’s take a good look into those gorgeous eyes. 

Which brings me to Jake Steelbe still my heart! I just have a feeling Jake and I would get along famously (actually, it’s been assumed; we have a mutual friend in common). He’s a good lookin guy, I’ve always had a thing for blue eyed/dark hair gentlemen, totally swoon worthy.


Just look at this guy… 


Where’s my fainting couch?


Especially When he’s fucking Arnaud Chagall like this…


And……….. now I’m having innepropriate thoughts about Arnaud Chagall…

 What can I say about Arnaud Chagall, dear lord almighty! Is it the scruff? Is it those shoulders? The perfect amount of fur across his chest and down his stomach leading to a  delicious cock and suck-able balls that are known to produce copious amounts of salty sweet bliss? For me it’s those damn puppy dog eyes! Arnaud’s delightful looks are intriguing, he can appear completely innocent, a little shy, and niave, YET also (at the same time)  looks mischievous, hungry, and insatiable. I may just have to step away for a moment to compose myself, or pump a load out in the men’s room. Excuse me.


*insert elevator music




Ok, much better…

Did you notice who was in the above image with Arnaud Chagall? That’s right, Ricky Roman! He is one lucky guy and I totally envy him for all the men he gets to fuck and I envy all the men who get to fuck him! I can only imagine the things I would like to do with Ricky’s big, uncut cock, and his ass!

I mean come on! Look at him getting fucked by Dale Cooper

And look at him FUCKING Dale Cooper!

Dale Cooper, Dale Cooooooooper, he played a serious investigator in “The Haunting” on the search for the missing… Nope, you’ll have to watch. Anyway, Dale Cooper


He was searching for Laura Palmer


Ridiculously handsome, Dale exudes a confidence that is so sexy to all of his fans. With a body to match, HUGE dick, a sly smile, and AMAZING cum-gutters I fell for Mr. Cooper immediately! Who in their right mind wouldn’t? I’ve also found out (through my awesome skills at stalking the inter-webs) that he’s also smart and kind of goofy, a winning combination in my book!

Actually, ALL 5 of these guys are winners in my book, I couldn’t possible pick a favorite out of my five faves. And if you’re reading, Dillon, Jake, Ricky, Arnaud and Dale, I would love to get the chance to interview ya’ll! Or have you all over as a group or individually…

You guessed it!

For a good old homemade ravioli dinner.

C’mon, I make a great ravioli. From scratch!

So I’ve counted the COCKYBOYS I like best, and have tried my best to lure them to me with promises of homemade meals. Who do you like best? Comments below, follow me on Facebook at and on Twitter at and remember to keep coming back to to find out whats going on here at!

-The Otter

Movie To Watch – A Thing Of Beauty

Thursday, December 19th, 2013

Dale cooper getting plowed is a thing of beauty.. holy shit, if you haven’t watched A Thing Of Beauty yet, please do.. NOW.. Dale Cooper is just sooo damn fine and seeing him get fucked in 3 of the 5 scenes is the gift that keeps on giving!

The scene with him and Colby is a great start but the scene I’ve jerked to like 4 times already is the 3 some with Dale, Colby and Gabriel Clark! From the daisy chain fucking to the DP of Dale, the entire scene is so fucking hot from start to finish. Check it out!!

A Thing Of Beauty


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