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The Heat Is On! Top 7 Desert-Themed Movies!

Tuesday, July 7th, 2015

Last week, The Otter cooled us down with his pool-themed top list. But as we continue to ease into summer, I’m kicking the heat back up with this celebration of some of the most noteworthy scenes that take all of the scorching, ass-banging action to the desert. With each of these seven special scenes, these guys prove that once they get to work, not even the sun can bring the heat like they can. Enjoy!

Mojave (1995)

There’s no better place to begin than with a movie that takes place in one of the world’s most well known deserts, the Mojave. But what makes this flick particularly special are the beautiful sensuality that oozes from the director’s perspective, the engaging storyline, and the bountiful selection of delicious eye candy. Mojave takes us on the sex-filled adventures that a man finds himself in after stumbling through the Mojave after an intense argument with his lover. From the well-executed mirages, to the flawless use of the desert as the backdrop and embodiment of the movie’s sultry mood, this softcore jewel is simply one that you won’t be able to turn away from.

Car Jacked: Hardcore (2003)

On the complete opposite side of the porn spectrum comes Boy Toy Studios Car Jacked: Hardcore. There’s nothing pretty, glossy, or romantic about this one—it’s all about raw fucking, with no apologies! While riding through the desert, these rock-hard hornballs decide to take advantage of their lonely surroundings by pulling over for some serious cum-bursting action. What makes this movie notable is the fact that it feels totally believable and slightly kinky, as if viewers are along on a crazy road trip with these sex-crazed studs that are eager to suck and pound until they explode.

El Paso Wrecking Corp (1977)

You know that we aren’t afraid to show some of the classics some love, and when you get a dose of the epic match-up between the equally delicious Clay Russell and Richard Locke, you’ll see just why. There isn’t much to the story with this one, but who gives a shit? It’s smoking HAWT from the moment these two rugged hunks lay eyes on each other. Russell stars as a park ranger who is keeping a close eye on a bearded wanderer (played by Locke). Once the guys make it known that they are checking each other out, Russell leads Locke to a deserted area where they can get down and dirty. The level of sexiness exuding from this pairing is enough to hold your attention…but the fact that it all goes down in the wilderness takes it all to another level. Not to mention, stylistically, it gives you 70s-era porn in every single way.

Erotic Centerfolds (2001)

Let’s take a brief break from all of the BAM-BAM-BAMing to appreciate some delectable solo scenes. Greenwood/Cooper gives you an inside look at a real Playgirl photoshoot with these gorgeous, ripped, and hung models. Join Dean Butch Bailey and another lovely friend as they give you a front row seat of how they spend some alone time in the splendor of the desert. There aren’t any cum shots or any heavy masturbation, but everything about these scenes is wonderfully-directed with much to stimulate the eye.

Passions of War Part 2: The Journey (2005)

Got a special thing for wild outdoor sex and big-dicked military men? Well, Passions of War Part 2: The Journey may be right up your alley. These seductive soldiers have a special way of winding down from their rigorous training in the rugged desert terrains and it involves them getting their huge uncut monsters serviced by meat-hungry mouths and holes! This film stands out for its must-see cast of exotic European stunners and hardcore ass-hammering sessions that will leave you clenching your pearls!

Niggas’ Revenge 2 (2009)

Without a single doubt, this entry is certainly the most controversial on the list. Sure to leave many feeling a bit uncomfortable, the title definitely gives away what one can expect from the plot—after being victimized by a gang of white supremacists, a group of vengeful black guys take power in their hands by heading to the desert to get even. They humiliate the racists in a variety ways but their favorite method seems to be taking turns with their holes in some serious gang-bang fucking. In addition to being the most unique film on the list, Niggas’ Revenge 2 delivers hardcore thrills from beginning to end.

Muscle Ranch! (1991)

The title doesn’t lie with this one—Muscle Ranch is serving you super-sized servings of muscles, muscles, and more muscles! Jake Tanner and Ed Dinakos star as two Midwestern dreamboats who decide to take a little break from their hard work on the ranch with a little lip service…and it is a real joy to indulge in! What makes these scenes worth watching is the fact that these guys are almost too sexy for words, but it’s the chemistry, messy beer-pouring, and heavy oral interactions that make it even better. And with the charming shots of the desert in the background and the stars’ cowboy-inspired costumes, the viewer is totally transported into their world of manly-man-on-manly-man pleasure.

And there you have it, boys! Seven desert scenes that will surely get you hot and bothered! After you’re done having fun with these offerings, be sure to follow us on Twitter to stay up to date with our latest updates!

–  Simba


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