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The Cure, Edging and How to Cum.. Without shooting

Thursday, September 19th, 2013

Last night at a concert, The Cure’s Fascination Street was playing before the show and I was reminded of a 6 month period when my exboyfriend was in grad school and it was my ritual to come home after work, get completely stoned and edge for hours before finally shooting (after a few good inhalations of poppers of course.) Collapsing on the bed after to listen to Fascination Street on repeat always seemed like a good idea .. It was the best 6 months of my life and I taught myself how cum, without shooting..

Edward Penis Hands

I tried SO hard to find a gay porn with a Robert Smith lookalike but alas, no one finds his look sexy enough for gay porn.

 Edging is pretty fucking great and if you have the time to do it I highly recommended! Bringing yourself to the brink and pulling back, over and over… and over again till you can’t take it anymore.. not only do ya shoot some pornstar sized loads when you finally do decide to cum, you also can cum without shooting. If you ever met a total cock hungry butt slut, this ability comes in handy if you really just wanna lay into him and give him the fucking of his life.

Check out some of these edging titles. The Men On The Edge series is great for some hardtied edging, Edging 101 is edging with some amateur flare and Skip edging with a fleshlight in scene 5 of Military Meat 3 is sooo hot.

Men On Edge Featuring Marc Dylan Edging 101: Moistening My Model Military Meat 3

Hot Star – Alex Andrews

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

Cute boy next door Alex Andrews, tied up and edged?? YESSS PLEASE!

Alex Andrews is just about the most wholesome straight guy around. He’s only been tied up a few times with his girlfriend and he’s ready for more. Enough background on this eager hottie, let’s get down to it! We have him strip and tie him to the metal bars. He gets hard in his boxers so we cut them off and play with his uncut cock. He gets the vibrators on his cock and nipples as he squirms from intense sensation and begs to cum. Arms up and legs spread we flog his ass ‘til it’s bright red and then fuck it. Suspended upside down we edge him and fuck his ass some more. In front of a mirror we tie him to a chair. His cock gets hard watching himself become restrained. We gag him and edge him once more. He nearly kicks himself out of the chair from how sensitive his cock has become throughout the day. After finally blowing his load we mercilessly keep fingering his ass and stroking his cock as he squirms to get out of the tight bondage.

Hot Star - Alex Andrews


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