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Vintage Throwback – Muscle Bound

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

What could be more masculine than a gym, more specifically – a weight room filled with men straining their rippling muscles by lifting weights and dripping with sweat. Cut bodies, chiseled faces, and roving eyes. Because the only way to cleanse that sweat is in the shower. A shower when other muscles and organs swell to massive proportions. Throbbing shafts of pleasure waiting to be stroked, sucked and thrust into the private and sexually sensitive caverns known to man! It’s great to be muscle bound.

Any gay man who wasn’t around for the bathhouse days of 70′s shouldn’t miss viewing this hot, raunchy flick. The French Connection presents a re-mastered version of Arch Brown’s vein swelling, pre-condom era classic! It’s a journey back to the sleaziness of a Times Square bathhouse and the raw, raunchy sex that used to be the norm–wild bathroom sex, steam room sex, gym sex, glory holes, orgies, toilets, ass eating, extreme ass stretch fucking, S/M, bondage and leather fun too! It’s definitely worth the look back in time!

Vintage Throwback - Muscle Bound

Vintage Throwback – Navy Blue

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

The fleet is at anchor and the “destroyers” are looking for targets! A Navy Destroyer arrives in port after six months at sea. Two of the sailors, played by Jack Wrangler and George Payne, have been secretly admiring each other but have been too unsure about the other’s receptiveness to admit it. Jack hires a helicopter for a tour of the port and winds up having sex with Guiseppi Welsh a mile above the city! When they finally land, and Jack at last hooks up with George, the real Naval assault really begins!

Vintage Throwback - Navy Blue

Vintage Throwback – High Riders

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Go off roading with a truckload of hung studs in High Riders! These guys fuck in pick-ups and on the hoods of classic muscle cars! Arch Brown did and this master filmmaker created the ultimate ‘wet’ dream fantasy to prove it. Here is a classic movie from the archives of The Gay Film Institute. Filmed in the golden age of all-male entertainment, it features hot guys and even hotter non-stop action. When first released, it played at motion picture theatres across the country. It is a GFI Certified True Classic and a worthy addition to anyone’s collection of pre-condom, Age of Innocence gay films!

Vintage Throwback - High Riders

Vintage Throwback – Wanna Be In Movies?

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

This is a gay classic. And these guys all dream of being a star! Everyone dreams of being the NEXT BIG THING. To have everyone worship you, Drop to their Knees for you. Watch to see what these hot guys do… TO BE IN MOVIES! Ross Bartlett, Mark Hammond, Rob Francis, John Weymer, Tom Jerome, Adam Place and Billy Harte want to make it big and they want to be in the movies! And this movie features them in solo scenes that show off their talent!

Vintage Throwback - Wanna Be In Movies

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