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Celebrating Bastille Day With Five Fine Frenchies!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

As you may know, today, July 14th, is Bastille Day. This day commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution with the Storming of the Bastille on the 14th of July in 1789, and the unity of the French people at the Fête de la Fédération on the 14th of July in 1790. This holiday, celebrated by French folk worldwide, is a celebration to symbolize peace for the people of France.  What better reason to appreciate the freedom that they share to love and create pornography, right?! Porn is big business in France and is a growing economy in various forms from magazines to TV broadcasting. French born and bred, these stallions are here for your pleasure. I have listed a scene for each to help you enjoy this day with a bang or at least some sexy solo sessions, today or any day you like! They will surely have you saying “Oui, Oui!” In no particular order…

1. Francois Sagat is a French model, fashion enthusiast, and porn personality who has appeared in gay and bisexual pornographic movies. He is best known for his rugged muscularity, exotic looks, and scalp tattoo. Sagat was born to French parents in Cognac, in the south-west of France. Sagat moved to Paris at the age of eighteen, where he currently lives today.

Here is a taste of his notable work:

TitanMen’s Folsom Leather with Brendan Davies and Rick Van Sant

2. Will Helm is best known for being a Frenchman with a perfect physique and being quite the formidable top. He is also known for being the Lucas Entertainment “IT” boy for quite some time. Will was a go-go dancer before diving headfirst into the industry. He currently resides in Paris. 

This scene should surely get you started:

 Lucas Entertainment’s Men In Love with Damien Crosse

3. Ludovic Canot has lived in Paris since the age of seven and spent much of his childhood in the south of France. Toned, trimmed, and handsome, Ludovic is known for being a ferocious bottom, proving himself over and over again in each and every one of his scenes. His known penchant for suit sex got him into Lucas Entertainment, but he has worked for many other studios.

Don’t miss this cutie sharing his booty:’s Tough Love with Andrew Blue

4. Brice Farmer has a model’s face, beautiful eyes, is naturally smooth, and is insatiably horny. Brice knew he would always be a big name in porn. Brice has been in the industry for about ten years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. This open minded boy is down for whatever. Brice also lives in Paris. 

He works hard for the money:

Lucas Entertainment’s Paris Playboys with Jay Roberts

5. Ever since his industry breakthrough in 2010, Aymeric Deville has wowed porn fans across the globe with his masculine sex appeal, hard-as-a-rock chiseled physique, and genuine love of wild, hardcore sex. His start was kicked off by an offer to star in a film that was being shot at a club that he bartended for. Though born in France, Aymeric currently lives in San Francisco. 

This man sure can take it:

TitanMen’s Sweat Equity with Ethan Hudson and Frank Phillip

So as you can see, France has been exporting good dick, ass, and otherwise since the Storming of the Bastille. I guess we can thank the revolutionaries for what they did for the people of France so many years ago. These five fellas are hot, horny, and do not hesitate when the camera starts rolling and thank god. So, celebrate as you wish today, but I’d recommend starting by watching Francois Sagat getting his bottom stormed! Now go on and get hard at!

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Interviewing Tommy Deluca and His Monster Cock

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Interviewing Tommy Deluca and His Monster Cock is a super hot scene brought to you by the sexy punk-pony that is Michael Phoenixxx. This film opens to Tommy doing jumping jacks while wearing swishy shorts: One word – Jesus. He is being quizzed about his humungous dick. His dick is ten by seven when rock hard. It is circumcised and a delight to look at. He claims to get weird looks in public and says that he realized he was huge when he was seventeen. The locker room seems to have caused this man some stress. He says being so well endowed can be rough, but he would never want to get it reduced. When asked what sex is like he states, “Let me show you.” Michael walks in and they kiss. Let’s start the show!

Let me first say that Michael’s penis is just as special. He also has a very large phallus. Mr. Phoenixxx drops to his knees and immediately deep throats until he gags: That’s my boy. Tommy soon returns the favor and hardens Michael. Tommy is pretty verbal and kinda bossy, which is hot as fuck. Michael beats his meat while getting face fucked. They sixty nine and Michael tongues Tommy’s hole. Tommy then squats on Michaels face before Michael goes back to blowing. The fervor with which Michael attempts to consume this exceptional prick is impressive. Tommy then takes it upon himself to start sucking on the cameraman. He strokes his cock while sitting on Michael’s face. He sprays his nut onto Michael’s chest and the cameraman cums onto his balls. Michael then busts onto himself and then all the jizz action repeats in slow motion: Cum Again?

Not enough can be said about the beauty that is Tommy Deluca’s dong. Lord help the bottom that is ambitious enough to receive that pole. Michael is smart to have merely throated that thing. These two hung guys are blessed and are surely in the right business. How generous of them to share their gifts with us. You shouldn’t miss Interviewing Tommy Deluca & His Monster Cock. Now go on and get hard at!

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Sucked, Fucked, and Reenlisted: Vol. 2

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

Director Dink Flamingo and Active Duty Productions are back, but going even more AWOL than ever! Reenlisted Vol. 2 is packed with soldiers, sailors, and Marines on a mission to make some money and some unforgettable memories. These muscular, tatted, and sex starved guys will do anything to bust a nut. Just put on some porn and provide some cash; the rest is just natural. Here are “A Few Good Men” who are camera ready and willing to explore their sexuality just for you. Watch these hotties join the ranks of straight-trade that will surely have you saying, “Yes, Sir.” A friend in need is a friend indeed and these boys are about to get frisky.

First up we have Niko, Jaxon, and Cruz. The scene opens to these three white boys, fully clothed, sitting on the edge of a Jacuzzi tub. Dink, acting as the cameraman, accuses the three of lying about something and then proceeds to give us some back story on the guys. Apparently we should watch out for Jaxon and Cruz, but Niko is a “non-devil.” Dink states, “I think Cruz comes with the intention of inflicting pain upon his partners and Jaxon comes with the intention of having pain inflicted on him.” This trio is truly an all-American group from head to toe. These dudes get put through the interview ringer before Dink explains his sudden desire to watch jocks in athletic gear. Niko, Jaxon, and Cruz go on to share their same-sex fantasies. Soon after, the three appear in singlets. Jaxon gets assigned as the rookie aka towel boy, is assumed to be a team player, and is made to be for “team use.” A locker room fantasy ensues when Cruz and Niko kiss and caress each other before Jaxon enters the “new beginning” of the scene. Jaxon is wearing a nontraditional jock strap. The two veteran studs feel up Nico and then feed him their jock cocks. The three studs turn on and enter the shower where they tease and taste Niko’s ass. They exit the water and Niko enters Jaxon from behind, as Jaxon blows Cruz. Next thing you know, Jaxon is riding Cruz. Then, out of nowhere, Jaxon fucks both Cruz and Niko. None of these men seem to be at all new to this, or they were so hungry for it that they were already loose and ready to go. Jaxon spills his semen onto the back of Cruz, Niko blows a load onto Cruz’s face, and Cruz ejaculates onto the mug of Jaxon. The three kiss and hit the showers once again: Go team!

Next we have Max and Tim who are relaxing on a hotel bed. They are briefed and then left alone to get comfortable. The two remove their shirts to expose their muscular frames. They rub on themselves and then drop their drawers. You can tell that these two must be watching some “pussy porn.” Unlike the previous three, Max and Tim seem fresh to the dick. These sexy men start beating each other’s meat. Tim offers his mouth up for the pleasing of tall boy Max. Sexy-ass Max seems to be having a bit of trouble, but is more responsive once they 69 and he gets a mouthful. Max states, “Want me to fuck you?” and Tim says, “Yeah.” Tim’s legs go up and Max has his way. It takes a bit of time for them to get their rhythm going, but when they do its magic. Tim tugs one out onto his abs and Max pulls on his big dick until he blows. These two say that they will be returning for more, which is definitely exciting to hear.

Thirdly, we are joined by Riley and Shea. Dink is back to interview these boys. Apparently Riley and Shea have both been in five scenes. Their egos get a boost when Dink calls them famous and says that everyone wants a piece of them. This may be true considering fans of this type of porn are typically dedicated. These two are left alone to get comfortable and they do. They strip, discuss tattoos, discuss porn, and briefly ignore the fact that they’re about to fuck. Riley starts rubbing on the crotch of Shea before his kisses his chest, ultimately leading to his cock. Riley is loving having this dick in his mouth so much that he has to be told to lean back to receive some head of his own. They blow each other good and long as to take it all in while they have it right there in front of them. Riley starts playing with the pale ass of Shea. “Will you stop teasing me and fuck that ass already?” says Shea. Riley delivers it doggy style before Shea gets on top and bounces on Riley. Not long after, they flip. Riley takes it doggy style and then gets on his back. He works his cock with his eyes closed. Riley blasts a load onto himself and Shea follows quickly. Shea lays a few kisses upon the cum trail and then lands one on Riley’s mouth.

Last, but surely not least, is Brock and Dawson. These two are apparently old pros, but I get a newbie vibe from them. Perhaps it’s because they seem far straighter than any of the previous men. Dawson is adorable, by the way. He dives right in by guiding Brock to his cock. Brock gives him some oral, while he caresses Brock’s head. I may have been right because it is taking him quite a while to get hard. He does get hard and then works on Brock for a bit. They go back and forth before deciding to jerk off next to each other, eyes closed and all. Dawson is first to release and then Dawson does the same. They share a laugh and a smile.

Whether they be actual straight men, closeted gay men, or bisexual, these ex-military hotties are certainly easy on the eyes. I am sure the cash is the initial leading perk, but what keeps them coming back is genuine desire and the thrill to drill. Commander Dink sure is persuasive and we thank him for that. “The most rewarding part of my job is watching these hot young heroes act on their secret desire to experiment with their buddies and explore their sexuality just for me – and for YOU!”- Dink Flamingo. Don’t get it twisted; be sure to check out Reenlisted Vol. 2. Now go on and get hard at!

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ULTRA VIOLET: “Pain is beauty and I’m the prettiest.”

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Violet Chachki, “a one of a kind collectable,” is an American drag queen, burlesque dancer, aerial acrobat, model, and singer. Chachki competed on and won the seventh season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” It wasn’t long ago that she was using a fake I.D. to sneak in and perform in local Atlanta drag shows. Violet’s name is derived from Jennifer Tilly’s character in the super sexy film Bound, which is a must see for any fetishist. Ms. Chachki definitely has the C.U.N.T. (charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent) needed to command a crowd and slay the masses. With her first EP, Gagged, being released today (along with her second music video: “Vanguard), her career is at an all time high. Violet is on top of the world at the youthful age of 23. She has obviously moved onto bigger things, but has the class to never say better. Violet is wise beyond her years and is here to tell us all about it.

Let me first say that I love you and love the video for “Bettie.” I rank it near the top of drag music/drag videos I have seen in the realm of Drag Race “herstory.” It’s hella kinky. Bettie Page and yourself are both southern “queens” and your likeness cannot be denied. How has she inspired you?

Thank you! Initially I think I saw Bettie Page as a fashion and style icon. After learning more about her life, where she came from, and her retirement, I think I began to respect her more as a cultural phenomenon.  One thing I truly admire about her is that she refused to do any face-to-face interviews after her retirement; she wanted to be remembered for the way she looked when she was modeling.

I would say that though Bettie is an obvious comparison, due to your stunning video, your live performances are way more Dita Von Teese. What are your inspirations outside of performing?

Oh there’s a ton: Legendary model Dovima. DJ and Deee-lite front woman Lady Miss Kier. Tons of fashion designers like Thierry Mugler, Emilio Pucci; also Leigh Bowery, Candy Darling, Marc Almond, Pierre Molinier, John Willie.

How has your interest in fashion history, BDSM, and drag had a hand in your interest in corsets?

What always appealed to me about the fetish, drag, and fashion world was all of the different extremes. Corset training is considered a form of body modification, along with fetish footwear. I would say its one most extreme items you could decorate your body with. I think the notion that suffering for your art takes a lot of reverence and self-control is beautiful.

Have you done any waist training or are you just skinny and able to pull that down to 18 inches?

Well both. I have a super long and lean torso so it’s easy to train. But trust me I train! During filming I was sleeping in my under-bust.

Speaking of BDSM, can you please illuminate me about your past in some of the largest dungeons within the southeast?

I’ve had the privilege of working alongside a well-known dominatrix, assisting her in a fetish practice called f*rced feminization. It’s a humiliation fetish where gender roles are switched; men give up control and become submissive to a dominatrix through costume or makeup. It created a safe space for these men to come and explore their feminine side and kink without judgment.

What role will your fetish experience play in your future performances and do you think you could inspire an interest in fetishism amongst fans?

Oh, fetish plays a role in a lot of my performances.  I think every drag queen in is some way an exhibitionist.  When I’m onstage I am definitely trying to exude the confidence of a dominatrix, that notion of total control is important when giving a show. I’m actually in the process of creating a number or two paying tribute to my favorite fetish artists John Willie and Pierre Molinier.

They say there is no shame in the game. What are your thoughts on sex negativity vs. sex positivity?

 I went to catholic school for K-12, so sex was always condemned and never celebrated. However, I believe sex is the most creative thing that one can participate in. This might be cliché to say, but Madonna really said it best: “I’m not sorry, it’s human nature…Express yourself, don’t repress yourself.”

What is your take on slut shaming?

For me it all comes back to consent. Obviously, I’m against slut shaming, but if you’re being deceitful and not respecting others’ personal space (emotionally and physically), there should be some internal shame happening.

You have every reason to take pride in you short moment in the “porn spotlight.” You look great: all of you. Care to reflect on having let it all hang out?

Thank you! I was 18 at the time and really getting into the idea of sexual freedom. I think I wanted to try porn as a way of sexual exploration, self-expression, and, most significantly, exhibitionism.

Issues of gender identity are seeing more and more light every day. In your opinion, are they moving too quickly and therefore misguided or is there no such thing if they are moving forward?

Too quickly?! This has been a long time coming! I just hope this moment doesn’t fade. We need to keep fueling the fire! Even a misguided conversation can lead to something progressive as long as it’s being talked about openly and in return learning something new about one another.

You have said that you think drag is very transgressive and that you were confused as to why there was such a separation between drag and the Trans community. Being genderqueer and an activist, would you like to blur that line and try and put a big ol’ D on the ever growing LGBTQ acronym and do you think we can in fact all be one?

I think the verbiage is what separates us. Not everything is black and white. At what point does someone become trans? At what point is someone in drag? Everyone falls somewhere on the Kinsey scale. I really love the term queer because it is all inclusive and literally means “not the norm.”

Drag is becoming more mainstream every day, though ever evolving. Do you think it’s becoming harder for queens to stand out or do you think they just need to dig a little deeper?

It is becoming harder for queens to stand out, but they also need to dig a little deeper. Myself included! There are trends within the drag community that almost become the standard and it can get extremely expected and boring. Also because drag is so mainstream, everyone is a critic, which is really not conducive to creativity. I’m almost afraid to experiment with something new because of how it will be received. You find out what works for you and you get comfortable.

Have any idea what your next single will be and can we get any clues into what the video will be like?

Yes! It’s called “Vanguard!” The video actually takes cues from a real life experience I had at a McDonalds.

Lastly, in the vein of Pride month: I fear a day when the gay youth will take everything they have for granted, which I thankfully think has yet to fully happen. What would you, still being so young, like to say to the youth of tomorrow?

Well, seeing as marriage equality just passed in all 50 states, I’d like to say that this is a small step that has been long overdue. There are tons more issues we have to tackle within the queer community. Much like in other minority groups, I don’t think the fight will ever be over.

Curious? and are your one stop shops for all of your BDSM and fetish video needs. For more from this author, including hot and humorous porno reviews, follow @HairyBurgher.

Violet Chachki’s album Gagged is available on iTunes, and be sure to check out the videos for “Bettie” and “Vanguard” available on YouTube.

Photos (2013-2015) courtesy of one of Violet’s best friends, Jon Dean of Jon Dean Photography. Originally from Columbus, GA, Jon received a BFA in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design. In 2013, Jon co-founded Legendary Children Atlanta, an artist collective celebrating drag and queer art in the southeast. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of Wussy Mag, an Atlanta based online magazine covering queer culture in the southeast.




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