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These Boys Are Giving Daddy Some Sugar!

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015


In her newest film from Icon Male, Nica Noelle takes a brief departure from her usual tales of lustful family fantasies with Sugar Daddies. As the title suggests, the story takes us into the wild and crazy world of wealthy and attractive older men who are on the prowl for affection…even when it comes with a price tag. Brought to life by its well-assembled cast of familiar faces, Sugar Daddies pulls the viewer in with its engrossing storylines and scorching delivery of irresistible man-on-man action. It’s one of the rare plot-oriented films that entertains at all points, even when the characters aren’t loving each other up; it is certainly a flick that you’ll want to consume in its entirety.

 Sugar Daddies opens with an attention-grabbing threesome between Wolf Hudson, Adam Russo and JD Phoenix. Right off the bat, we are introduced to the fact that Jason and JD have been hired for the night, as Adam places bill after bill in Wolf’s green-hungry hands. The sexy and diverse trio plays around with the cash, feed each other fruit, and horse around in bed. Outside of the movie, it actually seems like these three are genuinely enjoying each other’s company and having fun, which is definitely a pleasure to watch. After the lighthearted intro, we cut to a conversation that they are all having, in which JD clumsily declares that Adam “has a lot of energy for an older guy.”  Wolf hits him in embarrassment, but Adam follows up by expressing his boredom with the life of a mature man. Still looking to punish JD for his rude remark, Adam suggest that he and Wolf do something about it…and you guessed it, it leads to a cum-exploding threeway.

Throughout their hole-hammering session, Adam takes charge as the daddy of the group, giving orders to the boys, especially JD, and maintaining an aggressive presence. JD holds it down as the submissive bottom who pleasures Wolf and Adam with enthusiasm, before getting his ass pounded by Wolf’s thick, uncut cock. After this, it’s Adam’s turn to have his furry mantrap pounded deep and hard by Wolf, ending with big, creamy loads being shot by all over their bodies. This threesome is overflowing with sexual chemistry between all three stars which make for a group session that is free-spirited and kicks the movie off on in an exciting way. Not to mention, each bring a different type of energy to the scene that make it impossible to dismiss.

In the second scene, Wolf is relaxing in bed with his boyfriend, played by babyfaced Ian Levine. Preoccupied with texts to a client on his phone, Ian becomes annoyed with how distracted Wolf is from their time together and asks if he is cheating. This prompts Wolf to come out with the truth around his special profession, which is news that seems a bit difficult for Ian to take. “Are you the same with them as you are with me?” Ian asks innocently, and Wolf confidently exclaims “Of course not” and wrestles with him playfully. From there, they make out, and engage in a deep and passionate one-on-one fuck. As actors, their interactions are totally convincing as a couple, but it is the sensuality of this scene that truly makes it feel real. When they finish, Ian expresses unhappiness with the fact that he feels as if he is being cheated on by Wolf performing the work he does. To alleviate this, Wolf introduces Ian into his world by giving him the phone number of a “nice older guy.” He mentions how financially well off the man is and that he can help pay off some of Ian’s dreaded student loans. Initially hesitant, Ian eventually takes a risk and trusts his boyfriend’s suggestion.

Scene three breaks us away from the characters we’ve met and brings into the lives of two new ones. Dirk Caber portrays a troubled married man who has met with the ever-seductive Ty Roderick to indulge in his secret sexuality. Dirk is totally convincing as the soft-natured professional man with good intentions, not only concerned with his wife finding out about his double life but also with Ty feeling objectified by their agreement. “I’m not easy to objectify; I always get what I want,” Ty boldly declares.  From there, Ty makes sure that Dirk is sure that he wants to proceed with their meeting, to which Dirk responds “I’ve never been more sure of anything. You’re all I think about.” Despite Dirk professing his budding feelings for him, Ty is all about his money and asks for it upfront. He then calls Dirk over to the bed and they get things started. And it is the must-see moment from the entire film.

From start to finish, this union is H-O-T; the sexual attraction and burning lust between these two jumps off of the screen. It is clear that Dirk loves every single second of Ty having his way with his hungry hole, and in turn, Ty seems eager to please with an intensity that can’t be expressed in words. At many points, Dirk tells Ty to slow down as it’s almost too much for him to handle, and Ty follows while still maintain control, stroking him deep and harder. This seems to drive Dirk crazy, whose eye rolling and smiles totally give away how much delight he is in. Not only is it a drool-worthy fuck in itself, their performances also stay true to who their characters are—Dirk, the older closeted man who finally has the chance to give into what he’s been craving and Ty, the young and hot confident dude who can give him the exact carefree thrill that he is looking for. Without a doubt, this is the Sugar Daddies’ show stopper.

In the final scene, we return to Ian, who finds himself in the luxurious home of his sugar daddy, played by Nick Capra. In a voice-over narration, Ian expresses contentment with taking his boyfriend’s advice and can’t believe how fast his life has changed since getting involved with this type of business. This is interrupted by Nick showing up to the room with a breakfast tray, which makes Ian even happier. “I feel like a king,” he tells Nick, as a strawberry is placed in his mouth. Things take a turn when Nick tells him that they have to get used to taking care of each other and create a “symbiotic relationship.” Confused, Ian asks him what he means and Nick replies, “the chance to touch you and worship you,” as he gently caresses Ian’s stomach. Ian then becomes aware of what he means and is disappointed to discover that the type of sugar that must be exchanged for Nick’s kindness and hospitality, which he once thought was sincere but now feels manipulated by. From there, they kiss and Nick begins sucking him off which ends with Nick stuffing Ian with his huge throbbing meatstick. After they cum, the movie closes with them cuddling and Ian staring off, with a face full of distress.

Ending on a cliffhanger (could this be a set up for a sequel? Hmmm), scene four only intensifies the intrigue that is experienced from the beginning of the film and leaves you on the edge of your seat. Whether it’s the interesting plot or the drool-worthy rounds of hardcore sex, the momentum never drops with Sugar Daddies, and definitely an addition you should make for in your collection. Waste no more time and check out the movie right now!

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 With my mane flowing in the wind, until next time, fellas!

– Simba

Easing Into Gay Massage House 3

Monday, April 27th, 2015

Close your eyes, relax, and imagine yourself with a huge cock in your ass. Welcome to Icon Male’s Gay Massage House 3, directed by the unendingly creative Nica Noelle. Gay Massage House 3 is a collection of four scenes that illuminate your “rub and tug” fantasies and take them to a whole ‘nother level. This is a classic scenario that will never die, mainly due to the shady and scandalous business practice itself. These hot, hung masseurs cure more than aches and pains. Icon Male’s sexy therapists return to help some straight-ish trade face their innate sexual desires. This film is shot semi-documentary style, although it is obviously a scripted porno. It has a hint of humor that’s interlaced with perverted propagation. Before each scene we are let in on a secret. These therapists are actually sex-workers and “deep tissue” surely means “deep dicking.” Surprise! They are in the business of easing closeted men into homosexuality or at least advantageous anal. They release clients from the repressed thoughts that are holding them back from life. These men are no longer deprived of true happiness. So let’s ease on down to Massage House 3 and watch some sex that will surely you saying “Holy Shiatsu!” This spa is definitely full service.

We start things out with masseuse Brock Avery and client Rob Yaeger. Rob is a partner at a prestigious law firm in downtown Boston. He’s been married for fifteen years to the mother of his three kids. Rob has lower back problems and unmet sexual needs. Rob is also a gingy-blonde with nearly zero body fat. His skin is mesmerizing-ly pale and his chiseled body looks as if it has been cut from stone. Rob enters, gets his consultation, and then disrobes. He lays face down and has a short conversation about work and explains why he is there. The man is stressed out. Brock oils him up and gives him a rub down. The zen music and parlor décor are surprisingly accurate in this film and would be relaxing if you weren’t so anxious to see some fucking. Brock works on his lower back and they vaguely discuss Rob’s fear of new ventures. Brock then removes the sheet which was covering Rob’s milky glutes. Brock then works those muscles and makes several great points about the benefits of change. Rob turns over, the discussion peaks, and Brock’s hands reach Rob’s pastel penis. His orange pubes glisten as Brock deep throats the now fully engorged phallus. Brock loses his shirt to expose his tattooed and furry pecs. The two kiss and make eye contact that says, “Yassss.” These men are happy to be on set today. It’s beautiful to see.  Next thing you know Brock sits on Rob’s dick. He rides it before laying face down. Robs pounds his butt for a while before flipping him to slay him with his legs up. Brock takes it hard before Rob finishes onto his lusty prick. Brock then jerks off with help from his partner’s semen. They kiss again and hug it out.


Next we have masseuse Jessie Colter and client Andrew Fitch. Jessie is also kind enough to dedicate his time to cock. Somebody’s gotta do it. In regards to aiding a sexual transition, he states “I guess it’s more of an art than a science.” Andrew plays Jeremy. Jeremy has been married for three years and works as a stock broker on Wall Street. He is plagued by frustration and anxiety. His therapist sent him to the massage house, which can only mean one thing: he’s closeted and needs to be let out. Jeremy soon disrobes to expose his Charles Archer undies and smoothly toned body. He lies down and is lubed up for his massage. His story is the same, the man is stressed out. The two discuss the perils of the job and life as a highly paid, married man. Jeremy admits being kind of bored with women. This sparks Jessie’s curiosity and the wheels start turning. Eluding to sex quickly turns into talking about the act, but who will make the move? The tension breaks when Jessie’s grasps Jeremy’s uncut penis. There is little hesitation before he starts sucking. The two blow each other and then Jeremy rims Jessie. Jeremy wraps up his dick and then humps Jessie’s plump rump, which has him moaning in desire. There is a period where there is some slow almost romantic penetration that dissolves when Jessie cums into his happy trail and Jeremy follows suit.

Masseuse Theo Ford and client Alexander Greene are next to come. Theo is French and his accent is extremely alluring. Theo is a big guy. His stature is boner-inducing, especially while standing next to Alex. Greene plays Chris, a guy who is engaged to a woman, but is having second thoughts. He was also sent here by his therapist, who is starting to seem like a super-shady therapist. Chris has cold feet and was told that massages will help with his anxiety. He discloses this thought to Theo and as we have learned by now, Theo is going to take one for the team and fuck this dude. He oils up the adorable Chris and is soon playing with his fuzzy little ass. Chris turns, they talk more about stress relief, and suddenly Theo is moistening Chris’s schlong with his gorgeous mouth. Chris’s cock is sizable and uncut. His penis is incredible. The two sixty-nine and feast on each other’s genitals.  Theo fingers Chris’s hungry hole before drilling it. Chris’s mischievously sexy eyes close when Theo rams him from behind. Theo really knows how to deliver the dick. Hes aggressive, but suave in his fucking. He switches positions a few times to get in as deep as possible before nutting on Chris’s back. Chris then lies down to kiss Theo while beating his meat. He pulls on his huge dick before spilling onto his scruffy stomach. End Scene.

We then move onto masseuse Andrew Fitch and client Colton Grey. Andrew has a passion for his gig due to previously being a client. You could say he’s paying it forward. Colton plays David, a college drop-out. “He tried to be a high school jock, but then switched to the emo crowd.” Haha. He still feels isolated do to having repressed sexual desires. David was obviously referred by his therapist. He disrobes and lies down. The two discuss how David has never had a male masseuse. He turns over and Andrew states that David’s tattoos are hot. The wheels start turning and little is said before Andrew starts stroking David’s creamy pale cock. He then plays with David’s perfect ass while getting his dick sucked. Andrew bends David over to give the boy want he wants: penetration. They mash a bit, then David is flipped, and pounded before he jerks and releases onto his abs. Andrew than beats off onto David’s load. The two kiss and call it a day.

Gay Massage House 3 makes many good points about the power of happiness. Depriving yourself of your most primal urges will only result in poor health and general frustration. If what you have to do to find yourself is to hook up with a masseuse, I say go for it. Be sure to make sure they are into that or you will surely find yourself on the sidewalk in a towel.  

Now go on and get hard at! Gay Massage House 3 is always there if you need a release!

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The Otter & The Smooth Bottom Of Ludo Sander

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Is that image tempting? Smooth young flesh and a tightly toned body; Ludo Sander is making a splash here at in the opening scene of “Forbidden Encounters” from Icon Male with Billy Santoro. He’s a total bottom boy with a handsome face, beautiful penetrating eyes, and his ass, that ass is perfect for a hung top to manhandle.

Naturally I found myself captivated. I’ll admit that hairy muscle guys in their 30’s are usually my preference, however I was intrigued when I discovered that Ludo wasn’t just a pocket bottom you can whip out and impale on your dick whenever you want. For one thing he is tall, and tall guys are huge turn on, mainly because I am tall myself and it’s rare that I find a bottom of equal height. Bonus, he’s uncut… and if you’ve been following my blogs or Twitter you know I’ve got a thing for foreskin.

I found out that Ludo’s film was about to go live so I sent him a message about doing an interview, and guess what? He accepted! So here we go, and interview with new comer Ludo Sander.




NAME: Ludo Sander





YOUR D.O.B: Jan 22

SWEET OR SAVORY: I like sweet drinks, but I love my savory foods?! Lol


*So now we know that Ludo is both sweet AND savory…

*He’s pretty luscious if you ask me…

The Otter:  What was your adolescent experience like?

Ludo Sander: Well, having to move from France to the U.S. At a young age, I’d say my experience was, “adventurous?!” My transition wasn’t the easiest. Apparently a French accent wasn’t “sexy” or “cool” back in high school. I was teased for it a lot! But I worked really hard to get rid of my accent and I Americanized myself, which I finally did or at least id like to think I did (lol), but now all I get asked is, “where’s your accent?” So I guess you really can’t ever please anyone.

*Accent or not… Look at that face and gorgeous lithe body… The things you could do….

The Otter: Do you have any irrational fears? (Zippers while going commando, rabbits, touching any surface while on public transportation, pomegranate stains…)

Ludo Sander: (Insert crickets chirping.) 

Not even this…

*I guess Ludo is a brave boy, fearless you might say…

The Otter: How often do you shower, what soap do you use?

Ludo Sander: I’d say I shower a normal amount of time… Once every day (lol). As far as soap, I use the regular kind?! Jk I use Olè 😉 I do prefer baths tho! Just lay down and feel yourself, get to really know your body as your washing it… Or is that just me? (Lol).

The Otter: Are you a lefty or a righty when you masturbate?

Ludo Sander: I’m definitely a righty, but I need to start using my left hand… My right hand is getting too strong (lol) I go to the gym and my trainer tells me he can tell my right hand is a lot stronger that when I bench press, I struggle a lot with the left hand (lol).

The Otter: How do you prefer your men, clean shaven or scruffy? (Face; Body; Balls)

Ludo Sander: It’s a tough one, I actually like both!! I do like my clean look, but hair just adds a little extra for me (lol). I love the clean looks, specifically on myself, but if I ever do date, I would want him with a bit scruff… I don’t mind clean looks either!!!

The Otter: Do you consider yourself a good kisser?

Ludo Sander: I’m French, of course I’m a good kisser… I’m definitely very passionate when I kiss. I like the sensuality and tenderness of a kiss. 😉 if you can kiss, I’m head over heels. I do like to tease when kissing, like ill bite the bottom lip or act like I’m about to kiss them and pull away (lol). My favorite is when our faces get close enough and our lips are touching, but we aren’t really kissing, we are just feeling each other breathe and lips touching, but nothing actually happening and then you just start eating each other’s face (lol).

The Otter: Do you prefer spit or lube when masturbating or having sex?

Ludo Sander: I guess it depends, if I’m just masturbating then I love spit; if I’m having sex on camera then it’s safe and lube is a must, but with a partner, I tend to love spit. I mean, c’mon, it’s all about rimming!!!! I just love my ass getting pampered (lol). I work hard to have a perky butt, it deserves a lot of love 😉


The Otter: What were you doing on the 29th of April, 2011?

Ludo Sander: Oh man, I barely remember what I had for breakfast this morning, let alone what I did 3 years ago. I was probably in school?!

The Otter: Favorite part of a man’s body? GO!

Ludo Sander: I have two favorite parts (lol) I love arms and chest!! I can care less for abs, but if you have arms and a chest, it’s definitely go time!

*Me too!

The Otter: When did you become interested in working in the industry? How did you get started in the adult industry?

Ludo Sander: I’m an exhibitionist; I love being watched. It’s probably the vain side of me, but it gives me a rush. I also get to have sex with such amazing and beautiful men. It’s kind of a win win situation… Hot sex with hot guys, and I get to do my fantasies. The one that helped me get started was Adam Russo, but I didn’t start getting noticed until Billy Santoro brought me in to work with Nica Noelle for Icon Male. Then I got noticed by Falcon and NakedSword.

* Read my interviews with Adam Russo & Billy Santoro after reading about Ludo.

The Otter: How do you think people see you? Describe yourself, and how you present yourself to the world.

Ludo Sander: Honestly, I don’t know… This question actually scares me (lol). I’d like to think that people see me as a fun and free person. I usually like to just do my own thing and go with the flow. Gahh, I’m not sure if I’m even answering this question correctly.

The Otter: Are you crushing on anyone currently?

Ludo Sander: I am crushing on someone, but I don’t think that person notices me, which isn’t that always the case (lol). “The people you want, don’t want you, but the ones you don’t want, want you.” hashtag “TheStruggleIsTooReal.”

*Don’t worry, I’ve noticed you… I just thought you didn’t notice me…

The Otter: Do you have any hobbies? (Paranormal investigation, paint by numbers, collecting fool’s gold, knitting, turning the lights on and off in rapid succession exactly 36 times, times three, room by room… )

Ludo Sander: I’m pretty boring, I like to play my piano and learn all sorts of classical pieces. I’m working on Chopin at the moment.


The Otter: Summer is upon us. You will… A) Spend your days down by the river, soaking up the sun and skinny dipping with your buddies. B) Lounge on some white sand beach somewhere that I know I can’t afford to visit. C) Sit out on the porch rocking away cause it’s too darn hot to do anything… grab your church fan gurl. D) None of the above, I will stay indoors with the unhealthy air conditioning as my only true friend.

Ludo Sander: I’d go with B, but I’ve actually been saving up and going on a Hawaii trip… I’m extremely excited!!!!

The Otter: What is your favorite Disney movie and which princess do you most relate too?

If we are including new Disney movies then it’s for sure Frozen, but if we are just talking old school, then I have to go with Cinderella. I’ve always wanted to be saved (lol) but I think I relate more to Ariel and Mulan, although I’m not sure if Mulan counts as a princess… Does she?!

*Good answers

The Otter: Who was the first guy you were sexually attracted to? Did you do anything about it? Did you hook up with him?

Ludo Sander: Junior year in High School, Noah was his name, and it’s kind of a funny story. I had a “crush” but I never told anyone, then one day on my senior year, there was a rumor going on that I blew him in the locker room (I wish I had!) but of course it wasn’t true! I was scared he’d jump me or something, but he never said anything and I just ignored it… Two years after we graduated, he contacted me on Facebook and confessed he had started the rumor himself. He doesn’t know why, he just thought it be cool for him to say that. After that I never spoke to him again, so that was that (lol).

*We’ll stick to this Noah.

The Otter: Favorite character (book, film, theater)?

Ludo Sander: (Chirping)

*Fine, I shall choose for you…

“Anne Of Green Gables” from the beloved books and films of the same title.

The Otter: What was your first job?

Ludo Sander: I was lucky enough to have a really amazing first job… After high school I started modeling professionally, so that was really cool! My favorite was walking the runways. Photoshoots are of course always a blast.

*I did runway too! When I much younger… and less bearded.

The Otter: Which Golden Girl do you most relate to?

Ludo Sander: I’m probably a bad gay for this, but I’m not entirely sure what that is. I believe it has that famous elderly actress that’s really funny, but I really don’t know.. Eek.

 This is what Dee had to say. “The nation has failed him. That’s awful…” – Dee Viant


*I believe you mean the one and only Betty White

*You will now be known as Rose.


The Otter: How often would you say you’ve eaten or tasted your own cum?

Ludo Sander: Never!

*You should, and post a pic on my Twitter @Otter_Holt

The Otter: Describe the ideal man, what would the man representing your sexual ideal look and be like? (go ahead and get descriptive!)

Ludo Sander: Happiness can only come from within, but I think I know the kinda of person that would make that inner happiness much easier to hold on to… Attractive, intelligent, and a big heart – within a few years of my age and a couple inches of my height, athletic, masculine, but still cute. Someone who is ambitious but still takes time to breathe… a sense of humor, but capable of having a serious conversation when necessary. Someone who can tolerate roughing it, but also enjoys the finer things.

*You posted this dude on Twitter as the “dream man” type… He seems nice:)

The Otter: Remind me to tell you about the time I looked into the heart of an artichoke?

Ludo Sander: Is that even possible?! I want to see!!

“Perhaps some snowy night, in front of the fire.”

*I highly suggest watching the Bette Davis classic “All About Eve”

The Otter: What is your favorite area of your body to work out on at the gym?

Ludo Sander: My ass of course!!! Without my perky butt, how am I gonna get work or have people look at me? (Lol).

*You do have a nice ass mister…

Let’s Have another look…

Oh Ludo, you’ll get noticed (and not just because of that great ass!)

*Let’s not forget that handsome face and those STUNNING eyes!

The Otter: Do you want to know what’s going through my mind right now?

Ludo Sander: Yes, please! You probably think I’m some crazy kid!!!

*The ghost I saw in bedroom the other night. Now who thinks who is crazy…

The Otter: Is there a favorite recipe you would like to share? Something you’ve made your specialty?

Ludo Sander: (Chirp chirp)

*We’ll choose a recipe for you.

How do you feel about learning to make…

Because I have been having a hankerin for a good pot roast lately…

The Otter: Have you ever used a rotary phone?

Ludo Sander: I’m not even sure what that means!! I’ve seriously never heard of such thing.

The Otter: You’ve been invited to a garden party, what do you bring as a hostess/host gift? (You better take a hostess/host gift, it’s just polite manners!) What would you wear?

Ludo Sander: I would of course bring some wine… I’m not sure if I’m bringing red or white, it would all depend on the type of garden party. I love playing dress up!! Anything with a theme outfit, I am there!!!!! I guess I would wear all white, very elegant and chic.

I prefer white, a Spanish Abarino is great for a summer garden party. Thanks. 

*White like May Welland’s (played by Winona Ryder opposite Daniel Day Lewis’  Newland Archer) day dress in Martin Scorseses 1993 adaptation of Edith Wharton’s “The Age Of Innocence“? Nice choice.

The Otter: Would you like to be bound, shaved and fucked by a group of horny swimmers in a shower room?

Ludo Sander: Omg, who wouldn’t?! I mean, please don’t shave my hair, but you can shave any other place that isn’t my head 😉

The Otter: Would you like for me to have my clothes off, or do you want to tear them off of me?

Ludo Sander: I like doing some of the work, I would slowly caress the body, then start unzipping or unbuttoning buttons, then just rip it off of you. I can be an aggressive bottom.

*Go for it! I love my bottoms aggressive!

The Otter: Do you prefer men cut or uncut?

Ludo Sander: I actually like both… But if I did have to pick one, I’d go with cut. I’m uncut, so I’d like to play with something that is different from mine.

And there you have it, the end of our interview with Ludo Sander. Make sure to follow Ludo on Twitter at @LudoSander and check out his hot scene with Billy Santoro in “Forbidden Encounters”  right here on

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*Oh, and Ludo… I’ll be expecting a personalized pic from you on Twitter when you decide to try tasting your own cum hot stuff.

 So let’s all thank our guest and stroke out a load for him.

Thanks for being a sport Ludo Sander!

-The Otter


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