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Hot Porn Star Interview – Mike DeMarko!

Friday, January 10th, 2014

He’s the star of the series “Sentenced” produced exclusively for

At 27, the California native is a friendly, easy going guy who enjoys the great outdoors. Of course, The Golden State is the perfect place for the long time gymnast (he started at the age of 8) to stretch his legs and enjoy all the bountiful offerings available to him under the sun. Born in Arcadia, Mike pointed out that although his family transplanted to Phoenix, AZ and then Salt Lake City Utah, he is a through and through Californian. Besides filming incredibly hot films for C1R, and Jet Set, DeMarko also has his hands in other ventures including helping his friend’s real estate business and a part time serving position at a local WeHo restaurant. DeMarko loves Medeterranian food, a taste he acquired while studying International Business in Spain, his favorite color is green, and that the guy can’t stay still 😉  Another fun fact, his favorite Disney princess? The answer, Belle from “Beauty And The Beast”… perhaps explaining his penchant for beast like men, but I digress.

On June 25th, 2012 Mike starred in his first scene. He has always had an interest of going into the industry, and after leaving his desk job decided to jump in; it also helped that his roommate Brody Wilde encouraged him to do so. Micky’s on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood was the setting of his discovery by one of the biggest directors in gay adult films, Chi Chi LaRue, and the rest is becoming history!

The star, who prefers a more clean smooth look, sports a healthy growth of fur on his face and body from time to time; both looks have been pulling in the bottom’s fans. But with such a big, gorgeous, mouth-watering cock, why doesn’t this guy top? Turns out, Mike really enjoys bottoming, and there is nothing better than seeing a bottom enjoying himself as much as his tops! But for all of you power bottoms out there who still want to fantasize about the handsome stud pounding some ass, he has!


Movie To Watch – Born To Be Had

Sunday, May 20th, 2012

Amateur boys take off their clothes and stroke their meat in this new film from Pat and Sam studio. An exclusive performance starring Cade Devilin and Rusty Wood… Plus a nice ‘summer crop’ of Kansas farmboys, construction workers and straight guys tasting their own cum for the first time.

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Nick and Chad of Satyr Films Entertainment Interview

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Satyr FilmsI came across this interview while checking out the Satyr Films blog to see if and when a new release from these dirty fuckers is happening and I thought I would share:

Andy: Chad, Nick..welcome and thank you for granting me this interview.

Nick: It’s our pleasure Andy.

Andy: Where did the name Satyr films originate from?

Nick: On that I have to give it up to my life-long friend and business partner, Chad Ryan. He was the one to come up with the name. I loved how it sounded, so sexual and hardcore.|

Chad: A Satyr by dictionary standards is man who has an “insatiable, unquenchable sex drive”. Satyrs are Roman figures of old that depict halfman/halfgoats who go around fucking everything in sight.And since we proudly consider ourselves to be Satyrs, hence we decided to call our company, Satyr Films.

Andy: You have been compared to Treasure Island Media as well as Hot Desert Knights. How do you feel about being compared to such icons of the bareback genre?

Chad: We absolutely consider that to be of the highest praise. We have been huge fans of Paul Morris and HDK since their inception. To be able to play with the big boys is something we certainly aspired to but never dreamed that it would happen so quickly.

We are especially fond of Paul Morris who from the very start was extremely supportive. It is so great to know that there are such generous people in this business. Many believe that Video: Bareback Porn Star Gangbangporn is a “dirty” business but we have met some of the most genuine, caring and trust-worthy people.

Nick: TIM and HDK are the pioneers in bareback porn. It was very exciting to be compared to the top studios. The first time we were compared to them was right after our very first title “Bareback Pornstar Gangbang with Alan Gregory” I remember Chad and I celebrating by going to the House of Pies in Hollywood.(smile).

Andy: How did you guys get into this business?



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