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Ty Me Up & Do Whatever You Want! Seriously, Go Crazy…

Thursday, May 1st, 2014


It’s nice to have friends who are just as enthused about porn as you are. I meet Lexi Lampre at our local watering hole most Sundays to have “shop talk” and “shock talk” (although the shock value of our overheard conversations are by now, most likely, falling on the anestheticised ears of the regulars. Sometimes an unfortunate newbie hipster might find themselves too close for comfort, stumbling into our bubble of perversions… Don’t act so innocent missy, with your “ironic” top bun and Sally Jesse Raphael glasses, nor you, kind mustachiod sir with the incredibly stinky armpits, I’ll buy you a bar of soap if you promise to use it! And then they move to another area of the bar, away from us sickening sex fiends, to discuss Existentialism, the Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper they unearthed at Goodwill, the watermelon beer that’s perfect for summer, or god knows whatever hipsters talk about).

I digress,

So, Lexi and I were discussing my recent interview with a certain someone from the film Jailed & Nailed that she had read earlier that past week, and promised me that she would have a new review for me very soon. (Boy was I excited, and so were our favorite Bear and Cub behind the bar; they LOVE Ms. Lampre’s reviews, and why not, they’re great!)


So I’m watching prison porn one day (Sentenced Episode 6 – Jailed & Nailed) and I immediately call The Otter. “Who is this sexy as hell intense man who fucks like he hates you? (That’s a good thing)” I ask.

That’s Ty Roderick…isn’t he hot?” says Otter. “You have to watch Ty Me Up, Ty Me Down!” squeals Otter (yes, he did most definitely squeal).

So of course I watched it immediately. All two hours and thirteen minutes of it. Two hours and thirteen minutes of relentless fucking on rowboats, in cars, on couches, on beds, on dressers, on porches, standing up, lying down, bent over; every single position showcasing Ty’s incredible, sculpted body and deliciously glorious huge cock.

* I know, this was in Ty’s interview… But just look at that sculpted physique!

*Even more so in this image.

In the first scene Ty picks up a cute young thing (Asher Hawk) while cruising by a lake and treats him to a taste of that hard angry piece of meat. (I go for walks all the time in the woods…why have I never stumbled on Ty?)

*He’s a cutie, that Asher Hawk.

*I know Right! What’s up with that?

 I love the camera angles in this film. It’s as if you were lying on the ground between these two lovely men and getting a great view of balls and cock, but also Ty’s gorgeous face. His gorgeous, angry face. What I would not do to have him look at me like that…sigh.

But Ty’s not selfish and soon he’s got this cute young thing’s dick in his mouth and he’s going to town. Apparently this boy is worried about someone discovering them because he’s looking everywhere but at Ty.  Hey! Why are you looking off into the trees… that’s Ty Roderick’s mouth around your dick!

Perhaps sensing the young man’s apprehension (because that’s the sensitive kind of guy he is) Ty decides to take him back to his place where is going to “fuck the hell out of him.” sigh…I apologize in advance for my swooning…but if you watch this movie you will understand.

*“One day you will kiss a man you can’t breathe without, and find that breath is of little consequence.” 
 Karen Marie Moning, Bloodfever

They never make it as far as Ty’s home. Nope, you will now be treated to one of the hottest, intense fucks you’ve ever seen in a hatchback. Why oh why did I trade in my Subaru for a sedan?

Watching Ty’s glutes flex while his giant hand is wrapped around the boy’s waist is a turn on in itself.  I think I’d demand to do it missionary style with Ty every single time. How can you not want to see a body like that when it’s fucking you? Your ankles wrapped around his neck as Ty plows into you with just the glorious sounds of flesh slapping flesh. (It’s impossible not to watch this movie and turn it into a first person experience.)

You know you’re getting it good when you see that Ty lip curl. After two hours and thirteen minutes of Ty fucking I can honestly say I know exactly when he’s about to orgasm.




Scene two takes place back at “Ty’s house” where a completely different boy (Go Go Harder) is modeling underwear for our hero. Here we get to experience Ty’s more playful side. Good lord this man has a beautiful smile. I love his angry look but that smile makes me swoon…I should add here that I am not prone to swooning.

*HELLO, totally swooning!

Now, I’m not one for spitting, but underwear boy has such a beautiful dick he can do anything he wants to it. I’m not sure what the point of a jock strap is…I mean for sports…I can see the point to having your man wear one for easy access to his ass. But what function do they serve? This poor boy’s jock strap is so stretched out, if the band breaks someone’s going to lose and eye.

*Spit on that dick Go Go, spit on it!


Ty decides he’s had enough underwear modeling…let’s get to it. Yes please! As Ty sits in his chair looking like a piece of sculpture, the two begin by jerking each other off. As lovely as it is watching this I really just want to see Ty fuck the shit out of him…and you know it’s coming when he gets that angry face on.

Luckily for this boy he’s getting fucked from behind in front of the mirror so he has the best of both worlds. He’s getting such a pounding his dick is slapping his belly, which is where that great floor camera shot comes in.  I find myself cheering him on with a, “Harder! Harder!” as I’m certain if Ty can just pound him a bit harder their balls will knock together. What sound would that make?

Watching Ty finger fuck him while giving head makes me think how lucky we women would be to find ourselves with this valiant man. Yes, those are most definitely my ankles around this man’s neck…I’m sure of it.

Did I mention Ty’s beautiful body? There are several scenes in this movie where Ty is planking and fucking at the same time. Having been subjected to planking in fitness boot camp, I am more than aware of the stamina one needs to do this while fucking.

Oh my god! He is going to break the bed! Look at me with those angry eyes… sigh.


In scene three his new lover (J.D. Phoenix) finally gives Ty’s dick the respect it deserves. This scene is rough and dirty which is how I prefer to see Ty. Ty holds this young man’s arms behind his back and shoves his cock down his throat until he gags. While I am not really one for gagging, I’m thinking I’d make an exception for Ty. Whatever Ty wants…Ty gets.


This scene also has some great sixty-nine action. The poor boy is drowning in Ty cock. I am briefly worried he is going to choke…I mean for real.  Now here’s something you can try at home…Ty on top, pulls his partner’s ass up in the air so he’s essentially hanging upside down off the edge of the bed. This gives Ty amazing access to his cock and ass, which he is taking full advantage of while you hear the other boy gasp and gag for breath. A small price to pay, I’d say.

* Yeah, gag him good TY!

These two are fucking all over this small hotel room, which showcases Ty’s creativity. One of my favorite (who am I kidding they are all my favorite) positions has both standing in the hallway going at it. You have Ty leaning against one wall for leverage and his partner pushing off against the other wall. It’s like doggie style but standing up. Something to keep in mind if you’re ever building a new house. If your architect looks like Ty maybe you could do a mock up to make sure it’s just the right width.

This third scene is like watching Kama Sutra the movie. Ty’s ability get into some of the most amazing positions, requires an incredible amount of strength. Scene three is without a doubt one you want to watch with your man and play along trying every single position.


Now on to the fourth scene. Oh hell no, this sweet sweet child (Max Carter) is never going to survive Ty. He looks to be a very delicate flower. Ty’s big hand covers his entire belly.  (If I ever have the opportunity to meet Ty, remind me to wear pants that button up the front.) Oh don’t be coy young man…you know you want it.

What do you think goes through one’s head when Ty is standing in your room masturbating? I mean actually in the room with you…not on the screen…I’m well aware of what goes through one’s head watching Ty masturbate on the screen.

*Look at that hint of fear in Max’s eyes… Beautiful.

One of the most erotic parts of this scene is when the boy is lying on his back on the bed and Ty is standing over him straddling Max’s head. Ty’s got his giant cock in his fist while the boy licks his balls. Well played, sir.


Before the fifth scene you get a bit of an actor interview and get to see what a truly great guy Ty really is. Ty says he likes less masculine men than him. Well Ty I am way less masculine than you…you’d love me!

*He is rather majestic, is he not?


This scene is a bit less creative with lots of fucking Max Ryder over the deck rails but eventually Ty tops from the bottom again. Now at this point I am concerned because he is just lying on his back on the deck. This cannot possibly feel good on his spine. It is however a great position for the person on the top. You can play with your man’s balls while you also get yourself off.


The last scene is the real treat. If you do not watch this movie the entire way through, you will miss some of the best stuff. Ty sits down and tells you all about himself. He talks about how he started out in nude modeling.

Spoiler alert!!! Ty likes sex. Sex with men, sex with women…Ty’s good with it all as long as it’s great sex. Now Ty says he likes guys because they are aggressive and that he prefers to take care of women because they are gentle.

Well Ty, some of us women like it down and dirty too. Some of us women would love to have you get rough with us and slam that cock home. Some of us women want to do the nasty and would be more than happy to accommodate you.

And I hate to pull the vagina card here and all, but God did design us women specifically for male dominated foursomes. We’ve got a place for everyone to stick his cock!

But I digress…get comfy and watch Ty jerk off while talking about his battle buddy fantasy. Am I hearing a new movie plot? I hope so because that is some fantasy. Hey Otter…who should we pick to be Ty’s battle buddy?



Thank you so much to my good friend, and our great guest, Lexi Lampre for her awesome review of  “Ty Me Up Ty Me Down“. And before I forget… My choice for Ty’s “buddy” would have to be Bryan Cole… I’d LOVE to see these two in action! And you can check out Bryan’s performance in “Business & Pleasure” available right here at!

Now, make sure to follow The Otter on both Facebook and Twitter AND check out Lexi Lampre’s erotic stories at  she can also be followed on Twitter too!

Special thanks to all the COCKYBOYS in “Ty Me Up Ty Me Down” (Asher Hawk, GoGo Harder, JD Phoenix, Max Carter & Max Ryder) you can follow them all on twitter as well by clicking their name. A big thank you as well to the wonderful Jake Jaxson for creating these great films!

Before we go, Let’s get one last look at guy who stole the show, Ty Roderick. WOOF!

Follow him on Twitter and check out his website

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