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These Boys Are Giving Daddy Some Sugar!

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015


In her newest film from Icon Male, Nica Noelle takes a brief departure from her usual tales of lustful family fantasies with Sugar Daddies. As the title suggests, the story takes us into the wild and crazy world of wealthy and attractive older men who are on the prowl for affection…even when it comes with a price tag. Brought to life by its well-assembled cast of familiar faces, Sugar Daddies pulls the viewer in with its engrossing storylines and scorching delivery of irresistible man-on-man action. It’s one of the rare plot-oriented films that entertains at all points, even when the characters aren’t loving each other up; it is certainly a flick that you’ll want to consume in its entirety.

 Sugar Daddies opens with an attention-grabbing threesome between Wolf Hudson, Adam Russo and JD Phoenix. Right off the bat, we are introduced to the fact that Jason and JD have been hired for the night, as Adam places bill after bill in Wolf’s green-hungry hands. The sexy and diverse trio plays around with the cash, feed each other fruit, and horse around in bed. Outside of the movie, it actually seems like these three are genuinely enjoying each other’s company and having fun, which is definitely a pleasure to watch. After the lighthearted intro, we cut to a conversation that they are all having, in which JD clumsily declares that Adam “has a lot of energy for an older guy.”  Wolf hits him in embarrassment, but Adam follows up by expressing his boredom with the life of a mature man. Still looking to punish JD for his rude remark, Adam suggest that he and Wolf do something about it…and you guessed it, it leads to a cum-exploding threeway.

Throughout their hole-hammering session, Adam takes charge as the daddy of the group, giving orders to the boys, especially JD, and maintaining an aggressive presence. JD holds it down as the submissive bottom who pleasures Wolf and Adam with enthusiasm, before getting his ass pounded by Wolf’s thick, uncut cock. After this, it’s Adam’s turn to have his furry mantrap pounded deep and hard by Wolf, ending with big, creamy loads being shot by all over their bodies. This threesome is overflowing with sexual chemistry between all three stars which make for a group session that is free-spirited and kicks the movie off on in an exciting way. Not to mention, each bring a different type of energy to the scene that make it impossible to dismiss.

In the second scene, Wolf is relaxing in bed with his boyfriend, played by babyfaced Ian Levine. Preoccupied with texts to a client on his phone, Ian becomes annoyed with how distracted Wolf is from their time together and asks if he is cheating. This prompts Wolf to come out with the truth around his special profession, which is news that seems a bit difficult for Ian to take. “Are you the same with them as you are with me?” Ian asks innocently, and Wolf confidently exclaims “Of course not” and wrestles with him playfully. From there, they make out, and engage in a deep and passionate one-on-one fuck. As actors, their interactions are totally convincing as a couple, but it is the sensuality of this scene that truly makes it feel real. When they finish, Ian expresses unhappiness with the fact that he feels as if he is being cheated on by Wolf performing the work he does. To alleviate this, Wolf introduces Ian into his world by giving him the phone number of a “nice older guy.” He mentions how financially well off the man is and that he can help pay off some of Ian’s dreaded student loans. Initially hesitant, Ian eventually takes a risk and trusts his boyfriend’s suggestion.

Scene three breaks us away from the characters we’ve met and brings into the lives of two new ones. Dirk Caber portrays a troubled married man who has met with the ever-seductive Ty Roderick to indulge in his secret sexuality. Dirk is totally convincing as the soft-natured professional man with good intentions, not only concerned with his wife finding out about his double life but also with Ty feeling objectified by their agreement. “I’m not easy to objectify; I always get what I want,” Ty boldly declares.  From there, Ty makes sure that Dirk is sure that he wants to proceed with their meeting, to which Dirk responds “I’ve never been more sure of anything. You’re all I think about.” Despite Dirk professing his budding feelings for him, Ty is all about his money and asks for it upfront. He then calls Dirk over to the bed and they get things started. And it is the must-see moment from the entire film.

From start to finish, this union is H-O-T; the sexual attraction and burning lust between these two jumps off of the screen. It is clear that Dirk loves every single second of Ty having his way with his hungry hole, and in turn, Ty seems eager to please with an intensity that can’t be expressed in words. At many points, Dirk tells Ty to slow down as it’s almost too much for him to handle, and Ty follows while still maintain control, stroking him deep and harder. This seems to drive Dirk crazy, whose eye rolling and smiles totally give away how much delight he is in. Not only is it a drool-worthy fuck in itself, their performances also stay true to who their characters are—Dirk, the older closeted man who finally has the chance to give into what he’s been craving and Ty, the young and hot confident dude who can give him the exact carefree thrill that he is looking for. Without a doubt, this is the Sugar Daddies’ show stopper.

In the final scene, we return to Ian, who finds himself in the luxurious home of his sugar daddy, played by Nick Capra. In a voice-over narration, Ian expresses contentment with taking his boyfriend’s advice and can’t believe how fast his life has changed since getting involved with this type of business. This is interrupted by Nick showing up to the room with a breakfast tray, which makes Ian even happier. “I feel like a king,” he tells Nick, as a strawberry is placed in his mouth. Things take a turn when Nick tells him that they have to get used to taking care of each other and create a “symbiotic relationship.” Confused, Ian asks him what he means and Nick replies, “the chance to touch you and worship you,” as he gently caresses Ian’s stomach. Ian then becomes aware of what he means and is disappointed to discover that the type of sugar that must be exchanged for Nick’s kindness and hospitality, which he once thought was sincere but now feels manipulated by. From there, they kiss and Nick begins sucking him off which ends with Nick stuffing Ian with his huge throbbing meatstick. After they cum, the movie closes with them cuddling and Ian staring off, with a face full of distress.

Ending on a cliffhanger (could this be a set up for a sequel? Hmmm), scene four only intensifies the intrigue that is experienced from the beginning of the film and leaves you on the edge of your seat. Whether it’s the interesting plot or the drool-worthy rounds of hardcore sex, the momentum never drops with Sugar Daddies, and definitely an addition you should make for in your collection. Waste no more time and check out the movie right now!

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 With my mane flowing in the wind, until next time, fellas!

– Simba

Updates For The Week Of June 14th – 20th 2015

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

Thursday is here again, and that means it’s time for updates. The crew has been busy as usual collecting information about your favorite stars for our incredible star biographies. is dedicated to being the very best go to site for all your gay porn needs, and that means having the most information to help you find exactly what you’re looking for.  This week we have six sexy studs to whet your palette. In alphabetical order, of course…

Christian Owen

The star turned producer and director turns us on in both his performances and now in the films he directs. Christian was also with us at our booth for Philadelphia Pride helping to promote our great site. Speaking from experience we can tell you he’s a great guy!

View Christian Owen’s biography.

JD Phoenix

Those dreamy baby blue eyes, smooth toned physique, and that thick cock between his thighs have us swooning over JD.

View JD Phoenix’s biography.

Jordano Santoro

Powerfully built, handsome, and with a set of lips to die for (imagine the magic he works with that mouth), Jordano exudes a smoldering sexiness we can’t resist.

View Jordano Santoro’s biography.

Luke Milan

His model good looks, arresting stare, and screen presence will keep you enraptured until you let out that load.

View Luke Milan’s biography.

Rob Yaeger

Ginger hair, alabaster skin, icy blue eyes-Rob Yaeger exudes his very own brand of sex that we keep craving more of.

View Rob Yaeger’s biography.

Tony Capucci

Tony Capucci is that incredibly hot, straight boy next door who’s also cool with spending some real quality time with his bros, and by quality time I mean fucking. Seriously, Tony can swing whatever direction he wants as long as we get to watch. Dayum.

View Tony Capucci’s biography.

Third Time’s the Charm for These Forbidden Encounters!

Monday, May 25th, 2015

No one delivers erotic man-on-man storytelling quite like Nica Noelle—and the third installment of her Forbidden Encounters series brings even more truth to this fact. Led by a star-studded cast, Forbidden Encounters 3 weaves gripping storylines with sweltering man-on-man pound sessions and impressive acting performances. In just about any way that it is judged, the movie commands the viewer’s attention and stays true to the unique style and perspective that is found in all of Nica’s works.

Because Forbidden 3 is much more than your typical gay porn flicks, one of its most striking elements is found in the plotlines that are well-executed by the actors. The opening scene centers around the reunion between a young man (JD Phoenix) and his former babysitter (Brendan Patrick), after years of not seeing one another. After moving to Europe, Brendan is back in town for his cousin’s wedding and decided to stop by and see JD and his mother. Though not a planned visit, JD is more than enthused to see Brendan and they waste no time catching up.

 Brendan (who has showed off his impressive chops in some of Nica’s past films like Forgive Me Father 2) makes it easy to forget that he is acting, as he truly transforms into his character. JD is also convincing as a sweet-natured stud with a charming innocence and youthful spirit; the combination of their presences as actors creates a dynamic between the character that feels real and brings the story alive. Once JD indulges in the strong connection he feels to Brendan with a kiss, Brendan does a wonderful job of portraying a sense of skepticism while JD appears irresistible. They engage in a pleasant flip-fuck that ends with the guys kissing and cuddling. Without a doubt, it is the perfect scene to kick things off and sets the tone for the type of sensual sex scenes and soaring performances that the rest of the movie is comprised of.

 This aspect of the Forbidden 3 is also demonstrated in the last scene, when Brendan returns for a match-up with industry veteran, Nick Capra. This time, Brendan plays a man coming to terms with his sexuality that will soon lead him to his first physical encounter with another man. Much like his other scene, Brendan nails his depiction of his character, making his nervousness and uncertainty jump off of the screen. Nick’s character is confident, with a slight mischievous side as he makes it clear that he is eager to pop Brendan’s homo cherry. Once they actually get into it, Nick guides Brendan through their intimate moment, as Brendan eases into taking every inch of Nick’s thick monster cock. The lack of background music and slower pace of this dick-hammering really evokes the feeling of the initially-awkward first time that actually turns out to be quite pleasurable. Much like scene one, this one feels totally authentic from the moment it begins.

 While the acting and writing is an undeniable strength, of course the film is full of high quality hardcore action as well. This is best exemplified with the show-stopping second scene that features Billy Santoro and Jessie Colter. After conquering his drug addiction through his newfound identity in the church, Jessie plays a man struggling with the conflict between being who he truly is and the religion that he has dedicated himself to. Rob Yaegar stars his counselor who at the top of the scene, meets with Jessie to emphasize the importance of him not giving into his homosexual past. Soon after their meeting, Jessie heads home and brings out the Good Book to get his mind right. Billy, Jessie’s ex-boyfriend,  shows up completely angry because Jessie disappeared and neglected their relationship. Jessie, full of guilt and shame, reveals that he is trying to live according to his faith because it is what helped him beat his drug addiction. This has an obvious effect on Billy, whose state transitions from frustration to compassion, affirming that he would have been there to help. This breaks this ice and the two lovers find themselves wrapped in each other’s arms.

 In addition to Billy’s intense but effective acting performance, this scene stands out as the sexiest fuck of Forbidden 3. For one, we just can’t deny the obvious eye candy here…who can complain about the lovely shots of Billy’s hairy muscles and Jessie’s round, perfectly-fuckable ass? But what really makes set this union on fire is all of the fierce passion that explodes between these two. Billy and Jessie are playing two characters who are deeply in love; after a long period of being away from each other, this is the moment that they are waiting for—and that’s the exact energy that emanates from this thrilling hole-stretching. Additionally, the stars sprinkle this match up with romantic kisses, foreplay and a variety of positions that keep you on the edge of your seat. Without a doubt, Billy and Jessie deliver an absolute knockout.

 The attention-grabbing chemistry continues in scene 3 which pairs ripped and sexy daddy Dirk Caber with popular hotboy, Connor Maguire. Dirk plays an older gentleman that is having a sexual affair with his good friend’s son. There isn’t much of a backstory here but one thing is clear, these guys are hot for each other. Though they have just woken up from a crazy night of good lovin’, it doesn’t take long for these hunks to get right back to business…and before you know it, Dirk is on his back getting a major serving of Connor’s throbbing uncut meat. The first interesting note about this scene is that it slightly twists the older-on-younger fantasy with Connor being taking charge with the major dickdown that he unleashes upon Dirk Not only that, Dirk and Connor actually seem into their scene…creating a fun and enjoyable vibe throughout. It adds a lighthearted dimension to the movie that definitely has its moments of intensity, making Forbidden 3 even more of an engaging watch.

 No matter which scene is explored, there is much to discover and be entertained by with Forbidden Encounters 3. With its positive mix of soaring acting and sexual performances, enhanced by the strong script, Nica has added yet another win to her extensive catalog of films. Don’t waste any time…watch the movie now!

– Simba

Ty Me Up & Do Whatever You Want! Seriously, Go Crazy…

Thursday, May 1st, 2014


It’s nice to have friends who are just as enthused about porn as you are. I meet Lexi Lampre at our local watering hole most Sundays to have “shop talk” and “shock talk” (although the shock value of our overheard conversations are by now, most likely, falling on the anestheticised ears of the regulars. Sometimes an unfortunate newbie hipster might find themselves too close for comfort, stumbling into our bubble of perversions… Don’t act so innocent missy, with your “ironic” top bun and Sally Jesse Raphael glasses, nor you, kind mustachiod sir with the incredibly stinky armpits, I’ll buy you a bar of soap if you promise to use it! And then they move to another area of the bar, away from us sickening sex fiends, to discuss Existentialism, the Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper they unearthed at Goodwill, the watermelon beer that’s perfect for summer, or god knows whatever hipsters talk about).

I digress,

So, Lexi and I were discussing my recent interview with a certain someone from the film Jailed & Nailed that she had read earlier that past week, and promised me that she would have a new review for me very soon. (Boy was I excited, and so were our favorite Bear and Cub behind the bar; they LOVE Ms. Lampre’s reviews, and why not, they’re great!)


So I’m watching prison porn one day (Sentenced Episode 6 – Jailed & Nailed) and I immediately call The Otter. “Who is this sexy as hell intense man who fucks like he hates you? (That’s a good thing)” I ask.

That’s Ty Roderick…isn’t he hot?” says Otter. “You have to watch Ty Me Up, Ty Me Down!” squeals Otter (yes, he did most definitely squeal).

So of course I watched it immediately. All two hours and thirteen minutes of it. Two hours and thirteen minutes of relentless fucking on rowboats, in cars, on couches, on beds, on dressers, on porches, standing up, lying down, bent over; every single position showcasing Ty’s incredible, sculpted body and deliciously glorious huge cock.

* I know, this was in Ty’s interview… But just look at that sculpted physique!

*Even more so in this image.

In the first scene Ty picks up a cute young thing (Asher Hawk) while cruising by a lake and treats him to a taste of that hard angry piece of meat. (I go for walks all the time in the woods…why have I never stumbled on Ty?)

*He’s a cutie, that Asher Hawk.

*I know Right! What’s up with that?

 I love the camera angles in this film. It’s as if you were lying on the ground between these two lovely men and getting a great view of balls and cock, but also Ty’s gorgeous face. His gorgeous, angry face. What I would not do to have him look at me like that…sigh.

But Ty’s not selfish and soon he’s got this cute young thing’s dick in his mouth and he’s going to town. Apparently this boy is worried about someone discovering them because he’s looking everywhere but at Ty.  Hey! Why are you looking off into the trees… that’s Ty Roderick’s mouth around your dick!

Perhaps sensing the young man’s apprehension (because that’s the sensitive kind of guy he is) Ty decides to take him back to his place where is going to “fuck the hell out of him.” sigh…I apologize in advance for my swooning…but if you watch this movie you will understand.

*“One day you will kiss a man you can’t breathe without, and find that breath is of little consequence.” 
 Karen Marie Moning, Bloodfever

They never make it as far as Ty’s home. Nope, you will now be treated to one of the hottest, intense fucks you’ve ever seen in a hatchback. Why oh why did I trade in my Subaru for a sedan?

Watching Ty’s glutes flex while his giant hand is wrapped around the boy’s waist is a turn on in itself.  I think I’d demand to do it missionary style with Ty every single time. How can you not want to see a body like that when it’s fucking you? Your ankles wrapped around his neck as Ty plows into you with just the glorious sounds of flesh slapping flesh. (It’s impossible not to watch this movie and turn it into a first person experience.)

You know you’re getting it good when you see that Ty lip curl. After two hours and thirteen minutes of Ty fucking I can honestly say I know exactly when he’s about to orgasm.




Scene two takes place back at “Ty’s house” where a completely different boy (Go Go Harder) is modeling underwear for our hero. Here we get to experience Ty’s more playful side. Good lord this man has a beautiful smile. I love his angry look but that smile makes me swoon…I should add here that I am not prone to swooning.

*HELLO, totally swooning!

Now, I’m not one for spitting, but underwear boy has such a beautiful dick he can do anything he wants to it. I’m not sure what the point of a jock strap is…I mean for sports…I can see the point to having your man wear one for easy access to his ass. But what function do they serve? This poor boy’s jock strap is so stretched out, if the band breaks someone’s going to lose and eye.

*Spit on that dick Go Go, spit on it!


Ty decides he’s had enough underwear modeling…let’s get to it. Yes please! As Ty sits in his chair looking like a piece of sculpture, the two begin by jerking each other off. As lovely as it is watching this I really just want to see Ty fuck the shit out of him…and you know it’s coming when he gets that angry face on.

Luckily for this boy he’s getting fucked from behind in front of the mirror so he has the best of both worlds. He’s getting such a pounding his dick is slapping his belly, which is where that great floor camera shot comes in.  I find myself cheering him on with a, “Harder! Harder!” as I’m certain if Ty can just pound him a bit harder their balls will knock together. What sound would that make?

Watching Ty finger fuck him while giving head makes me think how lucky we women would be to find ourselves with this valiant man. Yes, those are most definitely my ankles around this man’s neck…I’m sure of it.

Did I mention Ty’s beautiful body? There are several scenes in this movie where Ty is planking and fucking at the same time. Having been subjected to planking in fitness boot camp, I am more than aware of the stamina one needs to do this while fucking.

Oh my god! He is going to break the bed! Look at me with those angry eyes… sigh.


In scene three his new lover (J.D. Phoenix) finally gives Ty’s dick the respect it deserves. This scene is rough and dirty which is how I prefer to see Ty. Ty holds this young man’s arms behind his back and shoves his cock down his throat until he gags. While I am not really one for gagging, I’m thinking I’d make an exception for Ty. Whatever Ty wants…Ty gets.


This scene also has some great sixty-nine action. The poor boy is drowning in Ty cock. I am briefly worried he is going to choke…I mean for real.  Now here’s something you can try at home…Ty on top, pulls his partner’s ass up in the air so he’s essentially hanging upside down off the edge of the bed. This gives Ty amazing access to his cock and ass, which he is taking full advantage of while you hear the other boy gasp and gag for breath. A small price to pay, I’d say.

* Yeah, gag him good TY!

These two are fucking all over this small hotel room, which showcases Ty’s creativity. One of my favorite (who am I kidding they are all my favorite) positions has both standing in the hallway going at it. You have Ty leaning against one wall for leverage and his partner pushing off against the other wall. It’s like doggie style but standing up. Something to keep in mind if you’re ever building a new house. If your architect looks like Ty maybe you could do a mock up to make sure it’s just the right width.

This third scene is like watching Kama Sutra the movie. Ty’s ability get into some of the most amazing positions, requires an incredible amount of strength. Scene three is without a doubt one you want to watch with your man and play along trying every single position.


Now on to the fourth scene. Oh hell no, this sweet sweet child (Max Carter) is never going to survive Ty. He looks to be a very delicate flower. Ty’s big hand covers his entire belly.  (If I ever have the opportunity to meet Ty, remind me to wear pants that button up the front.) Oh don’t be coy young man…you know you want it.

What do you think goes through one’s head when Ty is standing in your room masturbating? I mean actually in the room with you…not on the screen…I’m well aware of what goes through one’s head watching Ty masturbate on the screen.

*Look at that hint of fear in Max’s eyes… Beautiful.

One of the most erotic parts of this scene is when the boy is lying on his back on the bed and Ty is standing over him straddling Max’s head. Ty’s got his giant cock in his fist while the boy licks his balls. Well played, sir.


Before the fifth scene you get a bit of an actor interview and get to see what a truly great guy Ty really is. Ty says he likes less masculine men than him. Well Ty I am way less masculine than you…you’d love me!

*He is rather majestic, is he not?


This scene is a bit less creative with lots of fucking Max Ryder over the deck rails but eventually Ty tops from the bottom again. Now at this point I am concerned because he is just lying on his back on the deck. This cannot possibly feel good on his spine. It is however a great position for the person on the top. You can play with your man’s balls while you also get yourself off.


The last scene is the real treat. If you do not watch this movie the entire way through, you will miss some of the best stuff. Ty sits down and tells you all about himself. He talks about how he started out in nude modeling.

Spoiler alert!!! Ty likes sex. Sex with men, sex with women…Ty’s good with it all as long as it’s great sex. Now Ty says he likes guys because they are aggressive and that he prefers to take care of women because they are gentle.

Well Ty, some of us women like it down and dirty too. Some of us women would love to have you get rough with us and slam that cock home. Some of us women want to do the nasty and would be more than happy to accommodate you.

And I hate to pull the vagina card here and all, but God did design us women specifically for male dominated foursomes. We’ve got a place for everyone to stick his cock!

But I digress…get comfy and watch Ty jerk off while talking about his battle buddy fantasy. Am I hearing a new movie plot? I hope so because that is some fantasy. Hey Otter…who should we pick to be Ty’s battle buddy?



Thank you so much to my good friend, and our great guest, Lexi Lampre for her awesome review of  “Ty Me Up Ty Me Down“. And before I forget… My choice for Ty’s “buddy” would have to be Bryan Cole… I’d LOVE to see these two in action! And you can check out Bryan’s performance in “Business & Pleasure” available right here at!

Now, make sure to follow The Otter on both Facebook and Twitter AND check out Lexi Lampre’s erotic stories at  she can also be followed on Twitter too!

Special thanks to all the COCKYBOYS in “Ty Me Up Ty Me Down” (Asher Hawk, GoGo Harder, JD Phoenix, Max Carter & Max Ryder) you can follow them all on twitter as well by clicking their name. A big thank you as well to the wonderful Jake Jaxson for creating these great films!

Before we go, Let’s get one last look at guy who stole the show, Ty Roderick. WOOF!

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