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Studio Of The Week – Euroboy Sport

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

Jocky Euro boys, fucking.. that is all.. Check out the newest release from them, Sports Day Special:

Wana see how fast they can shoot-off in a friction-burning race to the finish line? Euroboy gives you Sports Day Special, a colleciton of the very best sport- and cock-addicted twinks in a battle to be the best! Expect heavy competition in the fucking championships; open your mouth in awe at the spunk-shooting range; and watch the balls as they dribble in their trackies!

Sports Day SpecialJock Strap Orgy 2Soccer Lads 3Football Fuck



Movie To Watch – Tight Ends & Wide Receivers

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011 Daniels returns to porn hornier than ever as Coach for a football team of oversexed guys led by quarterback Zachery Scott and his 10′ buttpole. Served by their horny mascot and sex toy Sean Storm, the team prepares for the Championship playoffs.

In six slippery scenes these randy jocks open each other’s horny, sweaty butts with wet tongues, fingers and big oversized cocks and dildoes. It’s cum socking action that is sure to leave you wet all over!

Friday Fuck – On Top Productions

Friday, April 30th, 2010

If you’re looking for hot, muscular studs who live to grapple on the mat, pitting muscle against muscle, you’ve got to check out On Top Productions. These built men struggle with arm and leg holds, their naked, muscular bodies and full-packed crotches pressed against one another in growing erotic urgency, cumming to an explosive man-on-man finish.

Movie To Watch – Fall Ballers

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Fall BallersJackrabbit Releasing and director Decklin team up again with their hot-as-sin discovery Brad Star (Hotel HookUp) to bring you a smoking crotch-throbbing sexfest that’s filled with lithe soccer pups and hunky pigskin tossers.

This is Jackrabbit’s most sexually hot release to date, and cover model Brad Star’s straight-stud mega-fuck machine antics are totally instant-replay worthy. Who doesn’t get off at the thought of having a hunky jock dude “teach you the ropes” of both your fave sport as well as how to get someone off? Now’s your chance to kick back in envious awe as young pups are instructed in a hell of a lot more than “the ropes” in this sexfest that shows hunky straight-trade types giving life lessons young boyz could normally only dream about.

Brad Star quickly skyrocketed to fame in other studios’ productions after his debut stint in Hotel HookUp, and here he gets to shine even more. Brad says “girls are my thing… but get over here and suck my dick.” Yeah, the straight trade thing has been done countless times before, but Star is definitely the star of the moment when it comes to this stuff, and he’s on his aces here.


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