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Double Anal Creampie? It’s What Boyfriends Do.

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

What’s hotter than two gorgeous men getting it on raw for the camera? Two gorgeous, fit young blondes with uncut cocks of steel getting it on raw, and fucking their cum deep into one and others holes. That’s what you get for the second episode of “Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends” directed by Richard Holmes from Bohemia Studios. Hard bodied boys from the Czech Republic with absolutely no inhibitions when it cums to cumming blow thick creamy loads of spunk into their puckered slut tunnels; and it’s everything you are dreaming of, and it’s only available on!

Let’s meet Karel Kohoutek; he’s a stunning nineteen year old specimen of male beauty. Ripe and ready, grown to perfection in the fertile lands of Eastern Europe Karel exudes that fresh dewy disposition that’ll make you weak in the knees, especially once you see his thick hooded cock escape from his cammo cargo pants. In a brief interview we learn that the handsome young man is from a Brno, the second largest city in the republic located in Moravia, which is not far from Prague where he lives so visiting his family and Vienna (another of his favorite places) is hardly a difficulty. His other interests are those of a typical young man tasting what the world has to offer “I like to go to all kinds of clubs – not just gay, but straight and mixed. Of course, the most interesting places for me are the mixed clubs, but even gay clubs are mixed.”  Karel also likes hanging out in the center of Prague “I get to talk to people from all over the world and practice a little English. I would like to learn more.” Oh, Karel, I bet I could teach you more than just English… Let me get my rope, you’d make one hell of a sub I think.

You might recognize Chris Holand’an; he’s the twenty two year old sandy haired stuff dreams are made of. He’s worked with other studios such as William Higgins, Male Reality, and Cazzo, under the aliases of Chris Holland, Chris Hollander, and Libor Bores. His smooth muscular body is meant to be worshipped both on and off screen. Chris resides in Prague with his tomcat Cert (which means Devil). Like Karel, Chris enjoys everything Prague has to offer “I like meeting new people from all over. I can say, it is pretty easy to meet people in the bars. It’s fun to hear about how people live around the world and we have many tourists in Prague.” He’s a fun loving outgoing guy who can really take a dick, you’re going to love watching him in this flick!

So let’s start.  “Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends” episode 2 begins with a brief interview introducing us to the boys out on the patio, after which the pair begins making out before moving the action indoors. These blondes are incredibly sexy as they strip off each others clothes exposing their gloriously smooth muscular bodies, lightly furred legs, and epic uncut cocks. Let the suck fest commence as the couple greedily go down on one and other, swallowing their swollen pricks in some hot sixty nine action.

But the oral play isn’t enough for these boys, no, they need something more. Chris eagerly offers up his silken ass to Karel who gently slides his massive member deep into (what I can only imagine must be perfection… sigh…) Chris’s hot tight hole. There really is nothing like fucking your boyfriend raw in the middle of the afternoon, feeling every inch of yourself driving deeper into his ass as he moans and begs for more. Chris holds tight to the brass headboard as Karel continues to fuck him harder, faster, and deeper.

Pushing Karel onto his back, Chris takes the lead, straddling Karel and easing himself onto that meaty fuck pole. This is a great view of the pair as Chris pumps himself up and down on Karel’s slick shaft. These guys are certainly into each other, and it is beautiful to watch.

Flipping Chris onto his back, Karel continues the anal onslaught of Chris’s fuck tube, pounding away with searing hot enthusiasm before unleashing a ridiculous thick load of cum. This has got to be one of the best cum shots I’ve seen in a while, Karel’s load is pure white and so creamy, I want it in my mouth or deep inside me! Chris however gets the honor of Karel’s rock hard cock to push that sizzling batch of man milk far up into him, so jealous.

The scene isn’t over yet! And this is what makes it hotter… After Karel has finished filling up Chris, Chris has Karel lie down on the bed so he can cum in his ass! There is nothing hotter than sharing! Having been fucked silly by Karel, Chris is ready to blow, and releases his own white hot spunk onto his tops hole before using it as lube to fuck Karel’s tight pink knot.

Good lord was that a hot scene, now I’m ready to get home and screw my boyfriend hard, raw, and deep… Maybe even let him cum in me after he’s had his bottom sufficiently fucked?

Make sure to check out “Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends” episode 2 on, and if you’ve missed “Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends episode 1” you should definitely watch it. The series is ONLY available on and new episodes are released every other Monday, so don’t miss out! Speaking of not Missing out, follow me on Twitter @Otter_Holt, on Facebook, and now on Tumblr for more great interviews, reviews, and plenty of hardcore images to get you in the mood to watch some porn!

Check ya later cum catchers!

-The Otter


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