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8 Public Masturbation Scenes Unlike Any that You’ve Seen Before!

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

As we continue to make our way through Masturbation Month, it’s time to take the celebration beyond the inner walls of the bedroom! Whether it’s deep in the lovely green forests, to late night wanderings in train stations, this list brings together some of porn’s most unique solo scenes with a public setting. If you like your self-pleasure with a bit of kink, risk, or just a beautiful backdrop, these 10 offerings are right up your alley.

Kayden GrayThe 9.5 Inches of Kayden Gray

Who better to kick off our list than the super hot and hung Kayden Gray? While taking a smoke break on the roof, the Polish hornball whips out his juicy uncut cock for a quick piss…but after he notices that he’s all alone, he can’t fight the urge to give his blessed meatstick some love. With his cig-smoking and fearless indulgence in a public jerk-off session, Kayden is a total bad ass in this scene and it makes it one to watch. Not to mention, the great shots of his toned abs and throbbing schlong don’t hurt either.

DerekAfter Hours

The whole “feels so good to be bad” theme continues with this selection from Amateur Straight Guys’ After Hours. It’s almost 2 AM and Derek is looking for a place to beat his meat. He shares his fantasies for “ghetto girls” (as Khia’s “My Neck, My Back” plays in the background…LOL) and gets excited when the director reveals that he has some “pussy magazines” for him to use. Soon after this, he finds a place in what looks like someone’s backyard and services himself until he’s covered in cum. This scene makes its way to our list for the night lighting which always gives that freaky feel and of course, all of its effortless amateur straight trade-ness.

Gesus, Tony Roma, and Raw EgyptBarrio Barber Shop

Okay, so I know I’m not the only person who has been surrounded by sexy barbers while getting their hurr did—and these pickings from 2003’S Barrio Barber Shop play out that scenario completely. In the heart of Spanish Harlem, it looks like these horny Latino barbers can’t wait until they get home to get their jollies off and have to handle it right in the shop! I mean, this one pretty much speaks for itself; whether you’ve experienced lust at the barbershop like I have or not, one thing cannot be denied: this scene has the most…interesting…setting on the entire list.

Claudiu Antonelli, Fred Goldsmith, Tony Magera, and Renato Bellagio Diamond’s Beach Party Series

Deviating us a bit from the previous scenes’ more sleazy (and I say that as a compliment) vibes are the hunky men of Diamond Picture’s Beach Party series. While alone with just the company of gorgeous blue waves, sunny skies, and white sands, these ridiculously chiseled studs have a special way of being at one with nature. What stands out about these scenes is the high quality direction, abundance of delightful imagery, and the sense of sensuality that each evoke.

Bill Henson and Brian ThompsonSailor in The Wild

We continue to show love to the lovely outdoors with these showstopping masturbation moments from the 1983 classic, Sailor in The Wild. Popular star Bill Henson stars as an irresistibly sexy park ranger who takes a breather to handle his business. As if that wasn’t enough, Brian Thompson appears shortly after, as a wanderer making his way through the woods. He can’t fight his urges either and rubs one out underneath a waterfall. These scenes are not only wonderfully shot, but also offer men in uniforms, abs of steel, and those signature slow motion cum shots that never steer you wrong.

Tony Kiff Skets Survets 1

I couldn’t possibly make this list without venturing into fetishland, where you’ll find Tony getting busy with himself on some railroad tracks. He remains pretty much clothed the entire time as he sniffs, bites, and worships his sweaty sneakers and socks while jerking off. Not only is the setting enough to grab your attention, the scene also delivers all of the elements that one with a foot fetish would be looking for.

Dominic Pacifico Fun in the Sun

So I don’t know what you do for fun, but apparently, Dominic Pacifico enjoys venturing through the desert completely naked. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining or judging…this scene from Pacifico Entertainment is s-c-o-r-c-h-i-n-g. From the moment it begins, you can feel almost feel the heat radiating from the screen, as Dominic shows off his glistening bod, rock-hard cock, and round, sand-covered ass. There’s just so much eye candy to spoil yourself with in this one. But more importantly, entertaining desert scenes aren’t exactly something you come across every day.

Big Mack Real Black Men Busta Nut 1

To close things off on an unforgettable note, we turn to this scene from Real Black Men Busta Nut 1. When the mood calls, you have no choice but to answer—just ask Big Mack. And location is of no concern to this kinky dude. From subway stations to dark streets, Big Mack proves that he has some of the biggest balls on the list (no pun intended). Public masturbation is all about giving zero fucks and breaking the rules; and Big Mack is giving us exactly what we want with his bold move to please himself in very, very, very public places. As an added bonus, the scene’s amateur-style production makes the viewer feel as if they are sneaking around right along with Big Mack and makes it even more of a standout.

And there you have it, folks! A special dedication to those those aren’t afraid to rock out with their cocks out at any time or place. To see what else we’re doing to commemorate Masturbation Month, be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!

Have fun, boys!


Cruised: Right Here, Right Now…

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Being a man-a gay man-makes me indubitably aware of one thing: men are pigs and that this definitely works in my favor. They are always looking. ‘Tis the basis for Cruised, directed by the lovely Ashley Rider. Bulldog XXX provides you with only the sleaziest and satisfying of porn productions. This time they have really outdone themselves while exemplifying every homosexual male’s fantasy: toilet sex. Bathrooms are the one place where someone has great reason to pull out their cock. This makes for the completely logical decision to have sordid and unsolicited sex. You have your big-dicked exhibitionists, showing off their goods, and the slutty prick-pigs who are  just looking to catch some nut. Indiscretion is as prevalent as discretion. Closeted dads hook up with quintessential cum-queens, and the animals roam free and blow off some cream. The only thing being smoked in this boys room is meat. Join me and catch a glimpse of the action. Public bathrooms will never be the same.

We start things out with Darius Ferdynand and Bruno Bernal. Before we see anything, we hear the drip of a leaky faucet. A door creaks open and then we see the title. This film has a slight element of drama, which sets the perfect tone. A tone that is honest to the situation. You are about to hook up with a stranger in public; that shit is dramatic. Anyway…We then cut to a stall door opening to show Darius lounging in jeans and a tank top. If I came upon this, I would cum upon this. Darius is the sort of guy that is everyone’s type, primarily for being so ridiculously hot. Someone should make a sculpture of this man and then screw it. We see him rubbing his bulge and cruising until he finds his match. The two eye-fuck each other and work up a couple of hard-ons. Darius is the first to expose himself. His pink and uncut schlong is a beacon of light in an otherwise dimly lit urine den. He has a really nice penis. Bruno pulls his out and a plan is made. There is no turning back. Darius spits onto his tool, lubes it up, and Bruno is all like, “I’ve got saliva too.” Darius stand on the toilet, bringing his perfect dick right to mouth level. (Super Random: Darius has a piece of silver glitter stuck to his neck. My kind of man.) So…Bruno deep throats Darius, which prompts him to simultaneously drop his pants. Darius then eats his ass and fucks him with his tongue. This ass is experienced. You can tell, but why wouldn’t it be? It’s beautiful. Darius directs Bruno to the doorway where he then sticks his wrapped cock deep within the standing Bruno. The sound brings to mind one word: Jealous. Bruno then rides Darius on the toilet in a reverse-bull position. Darius works Bruno’s butt until he can no longer take it. He moves him off to deliver us the semen that we have been waiting for. It’s here, it’s queer, deal with it. Bruno then moves back to jerk off and produce some cream of his own. He beats his dick against the wall to get every last sensation. End scene.

Next we have Steven Prior and Alex Silvers. Steven is a twinky fellow with one massive schlong. He checks out Alex across the bathroom, while working up a stiffy. Alex gives a stare that is basically a welcome mat. Steven joins him at the troft. Alex gets a glimpse of that cock and the boy is surely feeling ambitious and DTF. Pretty-boy Alex then does his best to orally consume the girth of Steven, but it’s just not gonna happen. He had better give up that hole and he does! He slobs on the knob before bending over and presenting his ass. The two are nearly silent, except for some minor gasps from Alex. His face tells another story. He looks like he might be in a state of disbelief, which is understandable. The dude is experiencing extreme penetration and he loves it. Steven jerks off onto his bitch’s bum and Alex then drops to his knees. He rubs one out while focusing on the prick of a lifetime. That will probably be something he does again and again. Steven then leaves without saying a word.

We now move onto Kayden Gray and Mckensie Cross.  Mckensie is donning a hat, scruff and is sexy as hell.  Kayden is cocky, sultry, and really really great at fucking. Hes an Adonis. The two kiss as Kayden plays with Mckensie’s bottom. These two are excited about this; you can tell. Mckensie then sucks on this man’s perfect uncut cock and laps on his balls. Kayden slowly spits on his humongous cock and then gently face fucks his eager suitor. Mckensie soon positions himself with his ass in the air. You have to lick it before you stick it and Kayden does. He pulls on Mckensies balls while mouth fucking him. Kayden may be the best rimmer in the business. He spits on that hole and opens him up; creating great interest. If Mckensie didn’t want it before, he definitely wants it now. Kayden then stands to deliver his perfect cock. He nails that butt for a while before switching positions. Kayden moves to a “bottle-neck” in the room where he picks up Mckensie and dicks him against the wall. I am not certain I have ever seen this done on film before, but its crafty, practical, and desirable. I want it. Do try this at home. Mckensie pulls one out while getting drilled and Kayden then busts onto Mckensies sexy face. They share a cummy kiss. You literally don’t want it to end.

Luckily for you, Alex Silvers is watching it in a nearby office. He is cruising security footage of their tantalizing tryst. This adorable youngster has a pretty amazing tool. You didn’t see much of it in scene two when he was taking it deep, but it’s here now and thank god. It has me rethinking twinks. Haha. Alex self-lubes; both with precum and saliva. He works on his impressive member and then unloads onto his stomach. What a waste.

So, next time you are in a public bathroom, watch your back… watch your backside… watch your backside get turnt out. Public hookups are hot and best when safe, but that’s your decision. These guys serve up some inspiration that is as old as time. Gay men almost always think about sex while in a public restroom and certainly do when spotting some titillating trade. Keep an open mind and have ambitious sex. If you don’t use it, you lose it. So keep it and share it. I like it, I love it, I want some more of it. Now go on and get hard at! …and be sure to get Cruised while you’re there!

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Bellboy, At Your Service…

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Eurocream Films’ “Bellboy, directed by Blacky Mendez, is a coming of age tale with a heavy dose of uncut English cock. Well written and filmed, this movie impresses and leaves your typical plot-driven porno in the dust. Many dick-flicks attempt what this film achieves. The story is surprisingly emotional without bringing you or your dick down. It has been crafted with thoughtful details and tasteful hardcore. With gorgeous twinks and a dash of muscle-boy, expect to be satisfied. Sit back, relax, and let the Bellboy be at your service.

We open with Kai Alexander and Kayden Gray making out and prepping for a top-secret tryst. I will explain, but let’s focus on the sex for a minute. Let me start by attempting to describe the near-perfection that is Kayden Gray; tall, pale, cocky, and handsome. He has a swimmers build; as in professional swimmer. One could spend an entire day tonguing  the ridges and valleys of this man’s body. Kayden also has a sizable, flawless, and hunger-inducing penis. Kai isn’t shabby either. He is twinky, adorable, and can take a dick like a champ. These two suck and fuck until Kai nuts on Kayden’s abs. Kayden then follows suit and busts on Kai’s eager ass. Kai ends the scene by suggesting that they have a threesome with Jake, Kayden’s boyfriend, which Kayden quickly dismisses. Jake (Jacob Daniels) returns home from work, having been fired, to discover the two dressing. The plot thickens.

After a sleepless night of thinking and planning, Jake sets out on his own. He is fed up with being cheated on and lied to. Jake is headed north to begin again and starts by becoming a bellboy for his step-brother. Upon his first day, Jake goes to do some housekeeping for a couple and finds himself in an unexpected threesome. The couple (Levi Stephans & Harley Jordan) coerce the vulnerable Jake into a hot and twinky ménage à trois. The three work each other’s dicks and Jake surely takes care of some pent up stress and negativity.

The three then go out to the local gay bar where Jake meets the cutie that is Jordan Jacobs. The two hit it off and kiss! Soon after, Jordan is seen kissing another guy and in the confusion of the drunken evening, they head home separately. Jordan heads home with his “friend” (Sky James) and Jake meanders home alone. This surely has left Mr. Daniels quite disappointed.

We then cut to what was made of Jordan’s evening, which was quite a look more than friendly. It seems that there are lots of benefits to being friends with Sky, like a nice deep-dicking. After blowing each other, Jordan bends over and receives Sky’s uncircumcised prick. Jordan’s heavy breathing is sexy as fuck. He comes onto his creamy skin and then is cum upon himself. Sky then say’s that he will miss Jordan, letting you know that the window of time for Jake to get to know him must be closing. Oh No!

Jake finally makes it back to the hotel. It is now morning and he is late for his shift. While doing some chores and housekeeping, he accidentally finds Robbie Turner wanking in the shower. Jake is briefly noticed, but then storms away, leaving us to enjoy the show. Robbie plays with his foreskin, ass, and nipples with his eyes closed for most of it. I am certain that this pretty boy has a lot to reminisce/fantasize about. He oozes his cum from beyond his foreskin, emerges from his ecstasy, and then begins to bathe again.

The tone is then changed when Jake receives a voicemail from his ex (Kayden). Kayden apologizes and once again says that nothing had happened with Kai. He also asks for Jake’s half of the rent. WTF. Jake ignores the message and at this point in the movie, you are cheering Jake on and want nothing but happiness for the poor chap. While walking down the boardwalk, Jakes stumbles up Jordan(cutie from the bar). They clear up any misunderstanding regarding the night they met and they kiss! The boys then go to Jordan’s place for a romp. The build up to this moment makes this scene super romantic. Jordan tops Jake; their intercourse is the stuff that twink-dreams are made of. A beautiful collision of bodies, minds, and hearts. It’s quite a sight to see, hear, and, I imagine, taste. Before there is any time to revel in the excitement of the moment, Jake notices a bus ticket on the nightstand. “I’ve been here way too long”, states Jordan. Tear.

 In the morning, Jake makes a call to his step-brother to thank him for his help and generosity. Then we see Jake approach a bus with Jordan waiting for him. OMG, I nearly cried. Haha. This film is spectacular. I can now say that I have seen a porno with good acting. Jacob Daniels has a very expressive face and his expressions read true. He should consider this to be a major achievement. The lesson to be learned from the film is to not give up on love. Also; don’t put up with bullshit, let the wind blow you where it shall, and always hope for the best. Life has its ups and downs. Over thinking things will only stunt your strides towards happiness. A distraction from the stresses of life can be quite healthy…Now go on and get hard at!

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