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“Hunk” Is Just One Of The Many Words To Describe Rex Morgan’s Perfection

Friday, May 15th, 2015

If there was ever a god among men in the world of retro gay porn, Rex Morgan would have to be one of my top picks. In case you are not familiar with Rex, I suggest you take a long, hard look at the image below. The man is massive! I could easily serve a banquet for sixteen across that expanse of shoulders. Shall we take in all of what makes Rex Morgan a Hunk? From his handsome face, sparkling blue eyes, and boyish grin to his classic stache, Rex easily makes me weak in the knees. Below his chiseled jaw line and powerful neck is an incredibly built physique. Every single centimeter of Rex is unbelievable. His sheer mass alone could stop a train; he’s the kind of man you can climb like Mt. Everest, and I would not mind one bit being thrown around like a worn out, little rag doll by Rex Morgan. The man’s arms alone are bigger than my waist! I would like to give his parents an award for joining together their DNA.

Of course the lead role in the plot driven 1985 film Hunk deservingly went to Morgan. This gem of a production, directed by Robert Walters, from Bijou Classics really caught my attention. OK, maybe it was just Rex that caught my attention. I love him. During this period in gay porn cinema history, we saw so many films with a heavy plot base. Exploring gay culture was definitely a theme, and through adult films the audience could catch a glimpse of how others like themselves interacted. Not only could porn get you off, it also had the power to educate, even enlighten viewers. Hunk illustrates this marriage of ideas beautifully.

The film opens with Marc Bennett and Cody Rogers in the full throes of passion. Combining a perfect bedroom, awesome soundtrack, and some intense bareback action, the first scene of Hunk already gets you going. Marc Bennett’s gorgeous body works in overdrive on Cody’s softer physique. The cum shots are great, the short bit of dialogue where Marc excuses himself to “pick up” his old college buddy from the airport sets up the plot, and the best part is Marc’s goodbye kiss to Cody. Who hasn’t put their fuck buddy’s limp, satiated, exhausted dick in their mouth before sayin’ “catch ya later”?

Rex Morgan doesn’t look good in clothes. There, I said it. Waiting outside the airport our hero looks a tad uncomfortable in his too tight tweed, but he’ll be out of it soon enough. At this point, just after the credits have rolled, we finally get what this movie is going to be about. We learn that Rex and Marc had gone to college together, and that Rex is staying with him until he finds an apartment there in Hollywood. I have to admit, Rex Morgan really does play a lovable Midwestern oaf whose innocence is palpable throughout the scene. The self-described freethinking hulk is going to be a mystery. Is he, or isn’t he?

Now who wouldn’t want to be in bed with this man? I can only imagine what it’d be like to snuggle up against Rex’s beefy body in the morning…After morning chit chat and plans for the day, Rex’s morning shave is interrupted (take a moment to really appreciate that bathroom) by slack jawed “Flower Pusher” delivery boy Kevin Bradley. The brief dialogue and sexual innuendos between the two regarding the apartment mix up is pretty great. It isn’t long before Rex gets his first glimpse of what goes on behind doors in Hollywood.

At this point, I could really care less about the sex going on, I’m here for Rex. Brief synopsis, Rex happens upon Cliff Ryder giving Kevin Bradley (the delivery boy) a blowjob through his ajar front door. Sexy Rexy smiles and shakes his head leaving the couple to their business. Cliff and Kevin suck, move to the bedroom, and fuck. Highlights include some interesting positions, a touch of autofellatio, and some sexy cum shots!

Back to my man! Rex has been pounding the pavement in search of a place to live, but it’s the heads this Hunk turns that are worth writing home about. I love this sequence for so many reasons: Rex’s outfit is perfect, the guy wiping out on his bike is great, an altercation between a couple draws a chuckle, but best of all is a certain cameo…

This is by far my favorite part of Hunk and also makes me want to listen to Peaches’ song Hanky Code (“Red to the wrist! Give it a twist…”). As Rex makes his way past a red hanky-sporting stud, the poor guy drops his groceries. SURPRISE! It’s all Crisco!

The montage continues as the hunk witnesses a blowjob in an elevator before taking a look at a potential pad. Now this is a scene I could really wrap my lips around. Vince Thomas is a horny building manager eager on helping Rex’s body out, and not in the gym located in the complex. Looks like our corn fed middle-America boy really is open minded. Vince expertly sucks off Rex teasing his nipples and worshiping his gorgeous body while working his own meaty uncut tool. If this scene doesn’t get you hard and dripping, I don’t know what will. Rex blows his wad which Vince has no problem cleaning up before he himself busts a nut onto the freshly cleaned carpets. Hot.

Back at home Marc and Rex are a picture of domesticity ripped from the May 1957 issue of Good Housekeeping. It’s a ridiculously saccharin moment that makes me totally jealous. Grrr.

Today Hunk is going to look at a coach house for rent. A coach house, that always reminds me of Sabrina. Poor Sabrina Fair watching from her spot in the tree as David Larrabee flirts and romances all the society girls she isn’t. Moving on. Marc has just got to do something about his glorious mane. (It kind of reminds me of James Spader’s iconic do in Pretty In Pink, which would debut a year later in 1986.) Thankfully, Rich Thompson has opened the shop early and I think we all know what’s about to happen next.

Rich certainly knows how to treat his clients. After sharing a “cigarette” and discussing Marc’s crush on Rex, Rich gets down to helping his friend out. Poor Marc hasn’t cum in a week, so naturally Rich’s advances are welcome. Marc really does have a great body and this scene really shows it off as he and Rich go at in on the barber’s chair. It doesn’t take long for him to blow a load all over his stylist’s face either.

And that is hardly the end of it. Marc is still raging hard and ready to fuck. Rich strips down revealing a totally sexy, well muscled bod. He just looks different in clothes; skinnier. There is a lot of cum in this scene as Rich lets out bolt of white lightning onto Marc’s chest.

AND it’s still not over! Rich bends over for Marc’s perma-rection for a solid raw fuck that really stands out. The sex is hard, bare, and satisfyingly sordid. Both studs cum again in a beauteous finale that would make me late for work too.

Rex is gonna take a look at that coach house, if the landlord can find the keys. This is quite a mash up of a scene as Rex explores the sex party happening in the main house; Dane Ford and Jimmy Jagger sixty-nine on the kitchen floor until releasing their mutual loads while Billy Joe Evans, Malchor Agular, and Tony Kennedy engage in a threesome upstairs. Back downstairs Jesse Koehler tops Chris Allen on an amazing plaid sofa.


All this sex is really getting to Rex because he can’t take his eyes off all the action. He’s so cute sitting on the steps watching like a little boy.

That was something!

I am just disgusted with the adorableness of this final scene. Yes, it’s too adorable. It’s like watching baby otters on YouTube for me. Rex is making dinner for Marc at home in their lovely kitchen, in their lovely cookware, and looking irresistible in his striped tee when “honey I’m home” Marc walks in sporting his handsome work suit. I am so jealous right now.

An elegant candle lit dinner for two is all it takes for the pair to open up about their feelings for each other. Hold on, I think I need a tissue, and not for the reason I thought I would when I started this film.

I think I just realized that no one has kissed at all in this movie. Like really. A romantic scene such as this requires some intense kissing, but I’ll settle for the guys stripping off each other’s clothes before getting down and dirty.

STOP! Finally, look, kissing.

I can only imagine what it would be like to get it on with Rex. The couple has a great time with some mutual masturbation resulting in the first cum shots of the scene. Shortly thereafter, we move on to some hot oral performed by Marc that Rex can’t seem to get enough of. Then it’s time for what we’ve all been waiting for. Rex gives Marc a serious dicking in this final scene that you just have to see for yourself. He literally fucks the cum out of Marc, then shoots his own spunk onto his new love’s balls.

What a splendid movie. I highly suggest you get on over to right now and watch Hunk from Bijou. You will not be disappointed!

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Catch ya later cum catchers!

-The Otter


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