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Upside down crosses, fingering satans ass and getting head while flying your broomstick through new York City

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

How the hell is it October already?! Time for falling leaves, warm spiced cider and scary shit! What better way to kick of my favorite month ending with Halloween then checking out Knightbreeders newest release The Omen Of Damien Silver.

The Omen Of Damien Silver

“A compilation of barebacking scenes set to the 1922 film Haxan. Witches, the Devil, grotesque demons; all of these evil entities make their presence known in The Omen Of Damien Silver. All the guys in this film are costumed in a collection of wickedly delightful vignettes. Artistically interesting, this amateur film embraces the dark side of Damien and his friends”

Upside down crosses, fingering satans ass and getting head while flying your broomstick through new York City? SOLD!

Friday Fuck – Antonio Biaggi Double Fuck Ass-ault

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Knightbreeders is 100% raw sex! You won’t see one condom in this film – it’s all raw, the way you like it! Damien Silver buries his dick in Mario’s ass, gives him a rimjob, and then shoots his load all over Mario’s balls! There is great 3-way action with Antonio Biagii that features double anal that you have to see! And Damien has an interracial scene with a masked black man where he fucks him raw and gets his cock cleaned with some nasty ATM action!

Friday Fuck - Antonio Biaggi Double Fuck Ass-ault

Friday Fuck – Flooded With Cum Sloppy Seconds

Friday, April 19th, 2013

These filthy fuckers are goin’ in deep, taking it raw and getting “Flooded With Cum Sloppy Seconds”. Knightbreeders has the nastiest cum pigs bottoming for Damien Silver and this is one hot, sticky film that really shows off what these guys love to do. With Jayson park, Marco Madness, Randy Rio and Rex Ryder getting filled up with Damien’s spunk “Flooded With Cum Sloppy Seconds” will have you craving sloppy thirds, fourths and fifths!

Friday Fuck - Flooded With Cum Sloppy Seconds

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Cocksucking Saturday – Antonio Biaggi’s 10″ Drive-In

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

Think everything is bigger at the Drive-In… You are absolutely right! And here is the truth. Antonio Biaggi’s massive 10″ deep fucking rod becomes larger than life when he is ramming Damien Silver’s hungry ass all the way to its thick base with no mercy. No time for silly love or ridiculous romance this is instinct of the male species at its wildest and most intense. These two have never tasted vanilla, nor have they ever heard of the word foreplay. This totally trashy raunchy treasure is going to make your ass twitch and make your cock rock hard. Extra butter on the pop corn serves well as lube, and you wish you could blow your load up a hot hungry ass in the backseat of the car at the Drive-In again. This will bring back old memories for you! With 5 hot scenes make sure to butter up that pecker of yours! It will sure keep that cream cumming and cumming.

Cock Suck Saturday - Antonio Biaggi's 10

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