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It’s Round 4 at the Cum Dumpster!

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015

Machofucker's Cum Dumpster 4 porn film

When it comes to a Machofucker production, there is simply no holding back—you can always count on the studio to deliver 100% unadulterated bareback sex that certainly puts the “hard” in hardcore. With their new release, Cum Dumpsters 4, their reputation is not only maintained, but intensified as well. Led by a diverse cast of unapologetic (and hunggg) fuckers and cock-crazed power bottoms, the film stays true to the series’ brand of aggressive raw fucking.  No special dialogue, fictional plotlines, or glossy cinematography here; this feature refuses to prettify its mission to serve audiences with a king-sized serving of in-your-face pounding. And if you have the heart to make it to the end of the movie, there’s no denying that the mission is accomplished.

Right off the bat, one of the most striking features of Cum Dumpsters 4 is that there is never a dull moment when it comes to the extreme hole-hammering; like previous volumes, this movie excels at catering to porn tastes that dwell on the rough and nasty side. This aspect is best exemplified by the opening scene featuring Pig Boy and Jaggy. Heavily tattooed, pierced, and totally bad ass, Pig Boy starts us off with a huge bang as he shows Jaggy no mercy. There’s an abundance of spitting, slapping, face fucking, and grunting as Jaggy allows himself to be completely conquered by Pig Boy’s bare, uncut meatstick. Not only does it set the tone for the rest of the movie, but Pig Boy’s commanding presence as a dominant top creates a scene that is oozing with limitless aggression from start to finish.

This theme continues in the fourth scene in a noteworthy union between Dangerous and Maluco. As soon as it begins, Dangerous gets right down to business, ramming his thick dick into Maluco with no restraint. At one point, he even grabs Maluco’s face, as Maluco moans loudly the entire time. Much like Pig Boy in scene one, Dangerous’ hunger for ass (the way his eyes roll back to his head as he finger fucks Maluco is craycray) drives the high energy of the scene and effortlessly gives off the Machofucker feel.

In addition to the explosive fucking, the film also soars for the chemistry between paired stars and the way it brings men of different backgrounds together. Porn veteran Champ Robinson and Asian twink Lee best represent this point by proving that, sometimes, opposites don’t only attract, but can also make magic together.  Champ’s drool-worthy chiseled physique automatically contrasts with Lee’s slender body and creates a dynamic that is interesting to watch. But it isn’t just their physical dissimilarities that make make this an attention-grabbing scene; it’s also Champ’s seasoned prowess that accentuates Lee’s gentle submissiveness as a bottom. Champ clearly knows how to use his massive, monster schlong and Lee has no issue with giving him the freedom to do so; and the end result is a steamy one-on-one that cannot be forgotten.

Another part of the movie that is defined by the unique match-up of stars comes appears in the closing scene. Scene six is a deserved topic of discussion not only for the way it joins different ethnic backgrounds together, but also for the fact that Red meets his match in Angelito. In most of the scenes of the film, the bottoms are passive and allow the tops to take control without complaints. However, Angelito makes his presence known throughout the scene, having a very vocal role in the way his piggy hole is punished. As Red puts his long and meaty cock to use, Angelito encourages him the entire time, shouting “Let me feel that shit!” with every single stroke. And the more outspoken Angelito becomes, the harder Red goes; it fuels the heat of the scene as the two stars feed off of each other and distinguishes itself  for the way that the top and bottom relate with each other.

No matter which scene is highlighted, Cum Dumpsters 4 is exactly what you would expect from the title and offers something a bit different in every single scene. Without a doubt, Machofucker has hit another home run with a film that continues to push their vision forward. To check it out for yourself, watch it right now!

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– Simba


Sunday, March 6th, 2011

We recently added the first three movies from Planta Rosa’s MachoFuckers series to and I can’t even begin to express how fucking hot and hard they are.

Machofuckers, rough, aggressive tops use submissive bottom boys as their fuck toys. They just love spreading their soft cushiony cheeks and drilling into their tight holes. At some point, these bois do not know what hit them. They are totally stunned and in shock by the dick lashing they receive from these MACOFUCKERS! Amateur Bareback porn at its best!


Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

I can’t even tell you how excited I was when I woke up this morning to find that we had finally added the first MachoFuckers movie to the site. I’m a huge fan of these dirty boys and couldn’t wait to share the good news.


Sexy little bottom sluts impaled by the massive dicks of our nastiest machofuckers. Rough aggressive bottom boys as their fuck toys, amateur bareback porn at its best!

These fellas stay rock hard through a whole session and after a good long dickin’ just watch these machofuckers with rock-hard dicks blow.

With six bareback scenes packed full of big dicked brothers tearing up tight holes, this movie is a relentless fuckfest that you have to see.

You’ll see cock-hungry big choke down monster cocks before bending over and begging to be filled. Jamaica Steel, Truck, The Q and the rest of their horny friends don’t stop until every cock pops.

Be sure to check out MachoFuckers and other Planta Rosa Productions as we add them to the site.  You won’t regret it!


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