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Getting Greedy With Hard Sex 5

Monday, June 8th, 2015

I have never heard of soft sex and I never want to. Jalifstudio hasn’t either and it was built that way from the slutty bottom up. They bring it hard every time and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Hard Sex 5 is a collection of four scenes that will make you say please to shed skin from your knees. Cum pig Euro-slags loving it and having it their way: Indulgent deviance and selfish consumption of man. Join me as we delve deep within the innards of what has yet to be your new favorite reason to cause some pleasin’. Cum through, I’ll see you on the other side.

As we enter the scene, Marcanao Torres is sizing Tony Cisse for some ski boots. The two are kissing in less time than it takes to say “God Damn.” That’s exactly what you want to say when Marcanao removes his shirt. These two are chillin’ in some storage room at Dick’s Sporting Goods or something. Marcanao is beautifully furry, tatted, bearded, uncut, mad verbal, and rocks a Casio watch. Tony feast on Marcanao’s balls and boner before getting his butt consumed. Tony sucks on it a bit more until he is bent offer and succumbs to the now sheathed penis of his man. The bottom bitch is next seen in ski boots with his legs in the air. The two are positioned in such a way that allows for maximum penetration. Marcanao pounds that butt without abandon. Tony sucks that cock before being reentered and inspiring a load that is dropped upon his creamy stomach. Tony pulls one out and the two then prepare to hit the slopes.

Marcanao is back in the next scene and slinging dick yet again. He and Picwik are bro-ing out over some weight lifting. Picwik needs to be spotted and then finds himself with a tongue in his mouth. Picwik is feeding into my lust of neck tattoos. He noshes on Marcanao’s meat, accepts a slap, and surely knows his place: on the bottom. Picwik seems as if he would be totally fine just swallowing a load, but then bends over to accept the real prize. He doesn’t make a peep while being plowed. Picwik rides it a bit and then gets on his back. Neither of them remove the clothes that lie upon their chests and torsos. Picwick grasps his limp dick as he huffs a sneaker. The film transitions into the eager bottom busting onto the shoe and the Marcano blasts onto the ass on his trick. They then go back to their workout and act as if nothing happened.

Thirdly we have Juan XXl, Cagoule Boy, and Bryan Tiva. Cagoule Boy dons a ski mask as Juan XXL and himself await a hookup. A threesome in the subway is about to be underway. Bryan Tiva shows his face and it is immediately forced into the crotch of Juan. Bryan is spit on, fed foot, and made fully submissive. His underwear read “Addicted,” his ass is revealed, and appears to be hangry. The boy is finger cuffed and hastily banged out. Bryan likely didn’t expect getting railed like this, but he will feel it in the morning and also be quite pleased. The boy is not allowed to cum, but is come upon twice. His face glistens and his t-shirt is moistened. Like a squirrel who finds some nut, Bryan is satisfied and worn the fuck out. Though as expected, the hunt begins again.

Lastly, we have Malik XXL and JB Bineau. JB tries on a few pairs of slutty jocks as Malik playfully drapes his cock with handcuffs. Mailik’s prick is off the chain. Techno permeates the space from beyond the walls. I get the feeling that they are in a German bathhouse. JB gets his cute little face fucked and he gags. He goes for the balls and then is guided back to that girthy junk. JB cannot handle this cock, but he had better get it together because he is about to get roughed up. Malik finger fucks JB, lubes that tail, and prepares the space that his dick is about to inhabit. The camera man is having a blast. Next, a sizable cone-shaped butt plug is inserted. JB resists, but he should accept and actually prepare for the real meal. Malik is dom and, at this point, owns JB. It’s hot and is only going to get hotter. JB is handcuffed to a gate situation within the club and his face is once again dicked. The plug is pulled. There is a short break for Malik to put on a cock ring and a condom. He doesn’t hesitate to throw it in and make that hole his own. JB is released from his shackles and gets on all fours. He is repeatedly drilled. The cameraman then gets into the fun and gets his fatty wet. JB gives a double blowjob before riding Malik. At this point his anus is completely open for business. His legs go up and he has a one way ticket to pound town. JB then sucks on Malik’s balls ass he is showered with semen. JB is locked up again and abandoned.

Moral to the story: Hard sex is good sex and Jalif sex is hard sex. This series displays the untamed primal urges that live deep within both you and I. Like animals in the wild, these men are living to mate and propagate. Don’t get left behind. Take this as some inspiration to blast some ass.  You can’t plant you’re seed without a little greed. Now go on and get hard at!

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