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3 Reasons Why This Phat Dick Workout Will Make You Sweat!

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015


This is the phrase that I repeated to myself through the entirety of Next Door Studios’ massive meatfeast, Phat Dick Fitness. A jaw-dropping fuckapalooza that delivers shameless man-on-man action at every moment, the film certainly lives up to its title, brought to life by some of the industry’s sexiest and most well-hung tops. Released under the Next Door’s Ebony division, Phat Dick Fitness also triumphs for predominantly featuring actors of color, a rarity to find in productions from major porn companies.

Without a doubt, if you have an appetite for gigantic schlongs and hardcore hole-pounding, Phat Dick Fitness should be added to your watch-list as soon as possible. To best exemplify why, I have summed the reasons down to three main highlights that prove that this movie is one not to be missed.

1. That Title Don’t Lie, Baybeh!

All on its own, the title of this flick indicates what type of ride you’re in for as soon as you hit the play button. Sure to satisfy the pickiest of size queens, there isn’t a single scene that is without a big, juicy pipe that will leave you clutching your pearls. But even more important is the fact that these gorgeous hornballs know how to use what they’re working with. Outside of the literal combination of huge dicks and a very consistent fitness theme, these guys provide sex scenes that burn up the screen with commanding intensity.

The opening scene starring Derek Maxum and Brock Avery definitely sets the tone for what Phat Dick Fitness is all about. The fahn-as-hell Mr. Maxum stars as Brock’s horny trainer who finds a special way to be compensated after their productive session ends. When Brock discovers that he has lost his wallet, Derek makes the first move by boldly asserting, “I know you’ve been looking at my dick all day,” with a firm ass smack. From there, Brock sucks on all his largeness before Derek returns the favor, rims his hole, and hammers Brock mercilessly. The scene is most likely scripted, but it is totally believable as Derek stays true to his convincing role as a bold trainer with ulterior motives…and the major pounding that he unleashes upon Brock is so full of lust and aggression that it makes the scenario even more real.

Another scene that follows through with the promise of the title is in scene two. Krave Moore and his third leg get some special attention from the deliciously tattooed Draven Torres in a one-on-one fuck that emanates electrifying chemistry. These guys are not only two undeniable pieces of eye candy, but their pairing makes for a perfect union. The nasty foreplay they indulge in will leave your mouth watering for the moment they actually get down to business. And when they do, it is scorching. Krave has alllll of the right tools and he doesn’t hold any of it back on Draven in this seriously deep and hard dickdown. As if that wasn’t enough to make this scene a notable one, Draven may be on the bottom, but that doesn’t mean he just lays down and takes it. Unapologetically vocal and dominant throughout their fuck-session, Draven is in full of control of the way he wants to be fucked.  It’s an interesting reversal of power that helps make this one even more of standout. It also brings me into my next overall point about the movie itself.

2. Let’s Give it Up for the Bottoms!

As introduced in the previous section, Phat Dick Fitness is not only noteworthy for its well-endowed fuckers; it also features hungry dick-takers who add just as much fuel to the fire of each scene.

The first being Draven, who certainly makes his presence known in his match-up with Krave More. But the proud ownership of all his bottom-pride continues in scene three, where he takes on two insanely ripped hunks (Marc Williams and Max Chevalier). After worshipping Marc’s lovely physique with Max, Draven sucks both of these guys off to get them up and ready. After some dual blowjobs, Draven has his eager bussy tossed back and forth between Max and Marc who give it to him just as strong as he demands. To put it simply, this is the type of threesome that you want to see on camera, where each person is involved and active, contributing to the general gripping nature that defines this fiery interracial scene.

Though not as verbally assertive as Draven, another star that holds it down for the bottom movement is Damian Brooks. Before we get into the actual sex, we must take a moment to discuss all of the #ASS that Damian is holding back there. In the same ways that your eyes will stretch at the sight at some of the cocks that this movie is filled with, Damian’s Nicki Minaj-esque derriere will attract the same attention. Anyhoo, he teams up with beautiful Brit Tyson Tyler and services his monster uncut cock with enthusiasm. He sucks on it slowly, and passionately enjoys the size and feel. Tyson follows by feeding on Damian’s juicy hole and you can just sense the sexual tension growing more and more extreme as they continue pleasing each other. Finally, Tyson gives in and pounds that bubble butt with ease and Damian takes every inch without any flinching. Despite the fact that both guys are packing lots of body, this scene is one worth mentioning because it’s clear that these dudes are genuinely into it and enjoying themselves.

3. The Sex isn’t the Only High Quality Feature

The last winning factor of Phat Dick Fitness would be that it presents every scene with well-directed sex that truly accentuates the wonderful work that all of the stars perform. Although there aren’t significant sets or changes through all of the scenes, viewers were still be able to appreciate the eye-popping fucking with quality production value and diverse camera angles.

Out of all of the scenes, the one that stands out on the conceptual front would be the threesome that occurs in the final scene. J.P. Richards stars as a rude and pushy club DJ who is auditioning dancers for an upcoming night (Nubius and Draven). After a brief striptease from each of the guys and a blowjob from Draven to Nubius, J.P. grows annoyed with what he’s seeing and decides he wants to show them how it’s done. Frustrated with his obnoxious personality, Nubius and Draven decide to get their revenge with a tag team threeway that helps the movie go out with a bang. Unlike his other roles in the film, Draven shows off his skills as a top, before passing the stage to Nubius who also puts in work with his thick dick. J.P. surely learns his lesson as his ass is passed back and forth, both backstage and then in the actual club at the end of the scene. This closing number is unique from the others because of its entertaining plot line (possibly inspired by Magic Mike?) and pleasant footage from guys doing their thing in the neon-lighted nightclub.

No matter which scene is discussed, Phat Dick Fitness not only works its attractive cast of stars out, but also the viewer with the type of energy that makes for an engaging watch. Whether it’s the hot guys, massive cocks, or limitless fucking, the movie is a knockout in almost every way that it is judged. To check it out for yourself, watch it right now on!

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Until next time!

–  Simba

Top 10 School Scenes!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015


Who can forget those special times during junior high when we found ourselves crushing on a hot younger substitute teacher? Or all those class periods that were spent drooling over the hot guy that sat in front of us? And how can we forget all of the…experimenting…we did during freshman year of college? No matter what time we are flashing back to, one thing is the same for all: studying wasn’t the only thing on our minds during our educational years.

For my first list on the site, I thought I’d kick things off by looking back at some of the hottest and most unique scenes that take all of the scorching, cum-bursting action to the classroom! Whether it’s naughty trysts between students and teachers or the crazy fun that goes down during a policemen training session,  each of these XXX moments tells a different stories and gives a little taste of everything…men of all races, twinks, muscle men, men in uniform and much more! Enjoy!

Kemancheo, Day Day Rockafella, Bryan Burrell and Tyler TrentonBad Boy Detention: F Is For Fuck

Starting off with a bang, this hardcore foursome is action-packed from the moment it begins. What happens when three horny bad boys are left alone in detention?  They handle their business, with no hesitation! But what makes this scene even more notable is that when their teacher returns to the room to find these sexy, big-dicked Black twinks servicing each other in a wild threesome, he joins them!  If only detention was this much fun for the rest of us…

Alan Craft and Brant HobbsGamins de I’Internat

What makes this scene interesting is not only that is stars two hung European twinks that definitely know how to hold your attention. But it also takes us back into time, set in an earlier period than the rest of the list. When class is dismissed, watch these boys strip each other of their uniforms and get down and dirty, completely bareback, right on their desks!

Kirk Kelley, Chad Johnson and Ryan MichaelsMan Academy 2

Switching things up a bit from the normal classroom setting, this smoking hot threesome takes us to a military academy where a twinky cadet is punished for arriving to class late and being falsely framed for throwing a note at a classmate. Just as his handsome French teacher begins to reprimand him, the school’s president arrives and really lays down the law. After giving him a good spanking with a paddle, this student gets taught a lesson he won’t forget—and it involves two massive cocks, lots of fucking and messy explosions!

Marc Williams and Derek ReynoldsDressed for SeXes

Have you ever wondered what teachers are really up to when they’re all alone, once their students leave for the day? Well this scene from Dressed for SeXes definitely gives you an idea.  Smooth chiseled bodies, enormous hard dicks, tight muscled asses and a deep, hard fucking are brought to you nonstop in this explosive match-up, as two educators put down their lessons plans and give into their secret lust for each other!

Doc Roc and Lucca KillianSchoolboy Fantasies

If you’re coach was as ripped and sexy as Doc Roc, who could possibly resist a moment of temptation? After practice, a young jock joins his coach in the showers to wash off. But before they know, they’re getting dirty all over again when the student surrenders his tight hole to the older hunk right in the locker room! In addition to a steamy dick-down, this scene provides plenty of eye candy that makes it even more of a must-see.

Chulo, George-O and Lindo Rican Reform School

Everyone could use a little Latin seduction—and this classroom threesome delivers that and then some! This hunky teacher is struggling too and can’t seem to manage his raging hormones; his students don’t mind assisting him with some relief! Once he begins rubbing his thick bulge, it’s on like never before. Though they try to focus on the lesson, it doesn’t take long before they’re sucking, rimming and pounding one another in this sultry scene that will make you melt!


Gavin Burke and Eliot Higgins – Something Wild

For all you classic lovers, here is a little something that you won’t be able to turn away from. Unlike most of the other scenes on the list, this showdown happens in a dark library where two students are anxious to get a feel of each other. Things start off innocently as Gavin looks for some books to complete an assignment.  Eliot is more than willing to help, but with more than what Gavin came there for;  he wants a taste of his jizz-filled schlong. Not only is everything about this scene a pure taste of the 80s, it also features a raw, interracial flip-fuck that has quite a gloriously messy ending. Not to mention, Gavin and Eliot’s bodies are the definite cherry on top.

Rod Stevens, Fredy Costa and Julian VincenzoTitof and the College Boys

They may be students at a snobby and prestigious university, but these boys aren’t afraid to get loose.  Cramming in a late-night study session, two students are getting a little carried away in the study room. When a strict hall monitor catches them servicing each other, he doesn’t discipline them; he wants in. From there, the three European stunners take off their uniforms to reveal their perfect strapping physiques and work their big cocks out in a thrilling, attention-grabbing threesome that makes rule breaking look better than ever.

 Connor Levi and Lucius York – Chic Geek

What would a classroom-inspired list be without some love for the geeks? While they are notoriously known for being unpopular and all about the books, Connor Levi and Lucius York are proving that nerds know how to have fun too. While doing their work, the sexual tension grows between these sexy twinks who give into their urges and rip off their bowties and big-framed glasses and leave their boy-juices all over the room in this intense bareback fuck that represents for the geeks in a huge way!

Marcus Steele, Andrew Blue, Brandon Bangs, Steven Daigle, Dylan Roberts, Josh Logan and Davin JamesPolice Academy Gangbang

To close off our list, it’s only right to leave just as grand as we began—and this mouthwatering orgy does the trick. To start things off, one could be overwhelmed at the simple sight of how equally gorgeous all of these guys are. And then there’s the fact that they are all policemen in training which makes them even sexier. Lastly, they can’t keep their hands off of each other and end up in an explosive group fuck that steals the show. Initially, Dylan takes on throbbing cock after cock in a jaw-dropping gangbang but by the end of the scene, it turns into a full-blown orgy with dicks hammering holes all around the classroom! And it has the perfect ending, the scene closes with humongous creamy loads being shot all over the place.  If you live by the “more the merrier” motto, this is the right choice for you, as smooth muscled studs school each other on what real fucking is truly about.

And there we have it class, enough hardcore scenes that are sure to wear you out! After you put in some hard work with this list, make sure to follow us on Twitter for more blog updates!

– Simba


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