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Interviewing Tommy Deluca and His Monster Cock

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

Interviewing Tommy Deluca and His Monster Cock is a super hot scene brought to you by the sexy punk-pony that is Michael Phoenixxx. This film opens to Tommy doing jumping jacks while wearing swishy shorts: One word – Jesus. He is being quizzed about his humungous dick. His dick is ten by seven when rock hard. It is circumcised and a delight to look at. He claims to get weird looks in public and says that he realized he was huge when he was seventeen. The locker room seems to have caused this man some stress. He says being so well endowed can be rough, but he would never want to get it reduced. When asked what sex is like he states, “Let me show you.” Michael walks in and they kiss. Let’s start the show!

Let me first say that Michael’s penis is just as special. He also has a very large phallus. Mr. Phoenixxx drops to his knees and immediately deep throats until he gags: That’s my boy. Tommy soon returns the favor and hardens Michael. Tommy is pretty verbal and kinda bossy, which is hot as fuck. Michael beats his meat while getting face fucked. They sixty nine and Michael tongues Tommy’s hole. Tommy then squats on Michaels face before Michael goes back to blowing. The fervor with which Michael attempts to consume this exceptional prick is impressive. Tommy then takes it upon himself to start sucking on the cameraman. He strokes his cock while sitting on Michael’s face. He sprays his nut onto Michael’s chest and the cameraman cums onto his balls. Michael then busts onto himself and then all the jizz action repeats in slow motion: Cum Again?

Not enough can be said about the beauty that is Tommy Deluca’s dong. Lord help the bottom that is ambitious enough to receive that pole. Michael is smart to have merely throated that thing. These two hung guys are blessed and are surely in the right business. How generous of them to share their gifts with us. You shouldn’t miss Interviewing Tommy Deluca & His Monster Cock. Now go on and get hard at!

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Fire Finger Facial Fuck me please…

Friday, March 20th, 2015

If you’re not familiar with Michael Phoenixxx, you should be. In three words I would describe him as a Big Dicked Pig (9×5.5/oink) and I know that he would find that complimentary. Phoenixxx isn’t your typical porn star. His tattoos, piercings, scarification, implants, surgically split tongue, and fur are enough to make your toes curl, but that’s just the beginning. He is a vers-top and looks great in either position. Michael is the kinda guy that only stops fucking for a pizza break. Cue TLC’s Red Light Special, dim the lights, andFire Finger Facial Fuck” me please…

This sexy scene comes off as bad art-porn. That’s not to say that it is bad. It’s great. It blurs in and out, lending the film a sexy peep show vibe. The video effects are also a refreshing change from your usual transition visual. Phoenixx is the focus of a masked man’s attention. It’s kinda hot, kinda creepy… The dicks on these two are extraordinary. We first see Michael sucking a nice big cock and prepping it for entry. This dude definitely knows his way around a girthy prick. They take a break to share a masturbation sleave: It’s like docking for the circumcised and it’s quite a view. The masked man then teases Michael’s hole with his massive cock. After a slight butt-struggle, Michael decides to just sit on John Doe’s fat pole. The moans of pleasure are a sure sign that this bottom is enjoying himself, while giving his top a nice warm anal-grasp. Michael then gets on his back to be delivered a nice and slow deep-dicking.

We then transition to Michael with his legs over his head in preparation for a self feeding. He asks for the mystery man to beat off onto his face, which he does with great fury. The lad blasts onto and past Michael’s eager face, which certainly has one thinking, “Yes, Please”. Phoenixx then busts onto his already spunky beard. They then go to the bathroom to share a hot and salty stream of another sort.  Let me say that Michael Phoenixxx looks great covered in piss. You can quote me on that. My only complaint is that this scene isn’t longer, but that’s more reason to explore his other sleazy antics. Go, do it! This naughty boy just loves the attention and you can GIVE it to him at!

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