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Cock Sucking Saturday – Cock Of Duty

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

There is a secret military base 200 meters below the city by the bay… Beneath the hills of San Francisco the military is experimenting on their own and the results can only be described as magnificent. Here in this subterranean facility the men are becoming more willing to perform their desires upon one and other. They’ll go to great depths with their rock hard cocks, right to the core, and erupt with cum even hotter than the Earth’s magma. Four great scenes including an amazing three-way are featured in this super sexy military fuck-fest directed by Joe Serna.

Cock Sucking Saturday - Cock Of Duty

Studio Of The Week – Active Duty

Monday, April 1st, 2013

Dink Flamingo’s Active Duty Productions shoots military men in hardcore action. If you like big-dicked men in uniform, you’re in for a treat.

Scene 2 with Austin and Styx from Double Time 9.. so hot.. he looks so not into it and just lays there and takes that cock.. haha


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Cock Sucking Saturday – What Happens Here Stays Here

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

These two Marine Corp boys are sharing a room together, but the dark haired guy has his eyes on his comrade’s prize! But when he politely asks to give his pal a blowjob, he gets punched in the face! But the shy blonde quickly comes around and allows his buddy to suck his dick. The guy doesn’t even get undressed; all he wants is to wrap his lips around the blonde’s thick staff and then take his hot load on his face!

Cock Sucking Saturday - What Happens Here Stays Here

Friday Fuck – Bareback Military Kaos 2

Friday, January 25th, 2013

Far from seasoned professionals, these military men still know just what they like – hot, skin-to-skin, bareback action with that fresh amateur touch! Six sizzling hot scenes bursting at the seams with perpetual hard-ons and throbbing shafts sinking balls deep in between tight ass cheeks! There’s no glove, no rubbers, just pure skin-on-skin anal reaming that can only end with pulsating cocks spewing that spunk you crave!

Friday Fuck - Bareback Military Kaos 2

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