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Vintage Throwback – Muscle Bound

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

What could be more masculine than a gym, more specifically – a weight room filled with men straining their rippling muscles by lifting weights and dripping with sweat. Cut bodies, chiseled faces, and roving eyes. Because the only way to cleanse that sweat is in the shower. A shower when other muscles and organs swell to massive proportions. Throbbing shafts of pleasure waiting to be stroked, sucked and thrust into the private and sexually sensitive caverns known to man! It’s great to be muscle bound.

Any gay man who wasn’t around for the bathhouse days of 70’s shouldn’t miss viewing this hot, raunchy flick. The French Connection presents a re-mastered version of Arch Brown’s vein swelling, pre-condom era classic! It’s a journey back to the sleaziness of a Times Square bathhouse and the raw, raunchy sex that used to be the norm–wild bathroom sex, steam room sex, gym sex, glory holes, orgies, toilets, ass eating, extreme ass stretch fucking, S/M, bondage and leather fun too! It’s definitely worth the look back in time!

Vintage Throwback - Muscle Bound


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