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Hot Star – Gavin Waters

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

This blond stallion is a bisexual dude who launched into a gay porn career, announced he was gonna quit to marry and have kids – but then relented and stuck with the biz. From Albany, New York, and a self-confessed dork as a kid, he got into porn back in 2008 after being sent offers through his MySpace profile but he admits to having had a difficult time when family and friends found out – including his girlfriend of the time. He’s been in the Navy, has done legit modeling and has worked with the Chippendales. Gavin stands about 6ft tall, has blue eyes and a 7-inch uncut cock. He tops and bottoms and has worked for numerous studios including Hot House and Cocksure Men.

Two muscular hunks are featured this time on Naked Kombat. Gavin Waters, the muscled blonde with a beautiful uncut cock, has lost by a slight margin every time he’s been on the mat, but he’s hungry for a win! Will this be his night? It’s Roman’s first match on Naked Kombat, and he’s set to prove himself. He’s massively built, tall, dark and formidable. The two size each other up on the mat before round one… and this is going to be a match to remember! These guys toss each other around the whole mat, including during the fucking round. Wrestling has never been so thrilling!

Hot Star - Gavin Waters

Friday Fuck – Naked Kombat – Featuring Mike Rivers And Alexander Garrett

Friday, May 24th, 2013

The Naked Kombat tournament is back! This time, there will be no epic battle between Scorpion and Sub Zero, but an equally exciting feud between Mike Rivers and Alexander Garrett. And if the tournament leads to other graceful sexual prospects the referee will not issue a subpoena. All is fair in love and war.

Friday Fuck - Naked Kombat - Featuring Mike Rivers And Alexander Garrett


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