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The Otter Reviews “Diego Thompson & Ray Han”

Monday, August 25th, 2014

 Pegasus Studios has paired up two of the hottest guys in “Diego Thompson & Ray Han” and the on screen chemistry is unbelievably orgasm inducing.

Diego Thompson is a gorgeous, smooth, tattooed Latin dream sporting a body rippled with muscle, and a thick, meaty, perfectly shaped, hooded uncut cock. His scene partner, Ray Han, is equally as mouth watering; this Cuban hunk has a ripped body, an incredibly handsome face, a scruffy beard, and an impressively beautiful dick with plenty of tasty foreskin.



*photo’s by Mark Henderson

The short film opens with Ray delicately grooming Diego’s beard with a pair of clippers; it’s actually quite romantic, and soon enough the pair are engaged in some steamy kissing and disrobing. Stepping into the shower (because who doesn’t love to see a pair of studly muscle hunks get wet?) Diego and Ray continue their bodily exploration of one and other. Ray’s body shudders as Diego opens his soft full lips to take Ray’s slippery meat down his throat; just watching him lick his own bicep while Diego works on his tool will get you harder than granite in seconds (he is definitely enjoying this). Reciprocating the act on Diego, Ray gives the audience a good close up of that marvelously beautiful piece of male anatomy attached to this glistening wet hunk.


*By the way… Both of these guys have beautiful balls! 

Before you know it the boys have dried off their stunning physiques (Diego’s a golden caramel, Ray’s a creamier version but still just as sweet) and continue practicing their oral talents. Diego is quite proficient at going down on another uncut stud because he knows just how to make Ray squirm with his ability to hit those sensitive glands under the flesh just so; just enough to give a little shock…  After Ray spreads Diego’s ample ass cheeks, diving his tongue into that slightly furry hole, he can’t help himself any more. He needs that cock inside of him!

Diego slicks up his dick with an ample amount of Swiss Navy before Ray climbs upon the chair straddling Diego. Ray’s a pro bottom at taking that fat tube steak of Diego’s up inside of him in one swift downward motion. The couple fucks in this position until Diego wants a turn on Ray. Obliging his buddy, Ray lies down on the bed and gets his hooded monster lubed up and ready for Diego’s sweet fuck hole. Watching this muscle boy’s ass jiggle with each thrust of Ray’s pelvis is a thing of beauty. Ray is loving every minute of topping Diego’s bottom… Hell I would too!

Time for a switch, Ray needs his hole filled up and only Diego’s rock hard, swollen, and sore member will do. He pushes himself deep into Ray again and again as the pair fucks doggie style on the bed. At this point Ray’s eyes are rolling back into his head from the intense pleasure he is getting with just a hint of discomfort that makes it oh so much hotter to watch.

One last switch, Ray is on his back, legs spread and knees to his ears while Diego continues his assault on his greedy hole. Both boys are really into the action. Ray begs for more, moaning as Diego responds, each time thrusting harder into Ray.

Diego’s cock is still balls deep when Ray unloads a pearly white mess of cum all over his taut stomach, abs rippling with each orgasmic spasm… Oh to lick up that mess of spunk… Diego is ready to blow, releasing a shower of sticky serum onto his own washboard abs.

This is one hell of flick from Pegasus. Both performers are incredibly hot, incredibly horny, and incredibly into each other… (yes, INTO each other because this is great flip fuck). Check out Diego Thompson and Ray Han right here on and on Twitter @diego_t6  (Diego) @rayhan_G (Ray) as well as Pegasus Studios @Pegasus_Studios … Looking to see more from these two in the future! Follow Me on Twitter @Otter_Holt for more updates, sexy photos, interviews and reviews!

-The Otter


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