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Let’s Go To The Barn Raisin’ Y’all!

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

If you’ve been keeping up with The Otter you probably know by now that I’m just simple country folk who just happened to land himself in the city AND in the world of porn. In some ways I like to think of myself as a Holly Golightly with a beard. Seriously, I will snatch that sparkle off your head and wear it myself! And as a country boi I have spent quite a bit of time in barns. Working in barns, repairing barns, drinking in barns, painting barns, going to hunting parties in barns, volunteering at a archeological dig in a barn…I could continue on, but I’ll stop myself. Barns can be used for an array of purposes too. There are barns for horses, barns for cows, barns for grain, barns for tobacco, barns for charcoal, barns for equipment, and then there are barns for fucking.

The idea of getting it on in a barn has always been a fantasy for many men out there. It’s sexy, raw, somewhat risky in the sense that you could get caught. There is absolutely nothing that turns me on than a man who works outdoors. Forget those clean shaven, gym bunny, investment banker, label whores! Give me a dude who developed his rock hard physique from workin’ the farm, and consuming fresh eggs, meat, vegetables, and milk straight from the cow. No sir, this guy doesn’t need any fancy cologne some hairless model is selling; he smells like sweat, earth, and just maybe a leftover hint of last night’s aftershave he splashed on ’cause you made a nice hearty meal. Right here is man who’ll take off his hat and wipe his brow before taking a long draft of the lemonade you brought him, smack his lips and thank ya kindly. He’s also the type who strips down and hoses off in a trough to clean up. Woof!

The time honored barn sex fantasy is a true classic in the world of porn, but what are the real logistics of this raunchy romp in the hay? I’ve been in many a barn in my lifetime and I can tell you that there can be a world of differences between each and every one of them. There are fancy barns, simple barns, tiny barns, big barns, even ROUND barns! Ancient stone barns stay nice and cool in the summer. Some can smell sweet like molasses laced animal feed, or downright pungent from un-mucked stalls. There are massive barns built of steel and metal, brightly lit and industrial. I’m not a fan of these, too modern for my old-timey sensibilities, and of course there are structures made of timber as well. The light peeking through the weathered siding is quite romantic in this example; and the list can go on and on. Choosing where one can commit acts of unbridled passion are also fascinating in a rustic structure built for necessary purposes. Stalls, milking rooms, tack rooms, grain rooms, equipment areas, on tractors or wagons, and the tried and true hay loft are all wonderful places to get your freak on. Just be careful of that straw, it can poke you and not in a good way.

This Tuesday I’ve decided to make a list of some great barn scenarios here on I hope you enjoy.

I HAD to start with this…Looks like the boys got some company. NEIGHHHHHHHHHH!

Ride Em’ Cowboy: Scene 3

Keep your eyes on this structure, I’m pretty sure it’s a star on it’s own.

Stud Ranch-Hung N’ Strung: Scene 1

Although a fresh coat of whitewash would be a good idea this ample stall is ideal.

Horsemen: Scene 3

What a nice shade of blue on that tractor.

Muscle Ranch II: Scene 4

I’m pretty sure this is the same barn as before? I wonder if the studio owns it?

Naked Muscles – The New Breed: Scene 4

This is a fantastic barn, you must see the exterior!

7 In A Barn: Scene 2

Beautiful and dirty. Please put some shoes on, I’m pretty sure those are vermin droppings.

Inside Jirka Gregor: Scene 4

At least the set dressers went to a barn to gather props, too bad this is NOT a barn.

Hand Jive 2: Scene 1

I hate to bust your bubble; they’re not Amish, but look at those darling stairs.

Escapade Amoureuse: Scene 2

Yes it’s a set, but they did a really nice job with that backdrop.

Spokes: Scene 2


Look at that siding, what’s not to love?

Breakin’ The Rules: Scene 4

This is the best barn in my opinion. Look at those beams!

Prague Buddies: Scene 3

Just a few words of advice, doing the nasty in a barn also raises some other obstacles to overcome other than your creepy uncle Jack trying to get in on the action. Hay and straw are mighty dusty and scratchy. There are flies and other pests to deal with. The smells of a barn might not always be the nicest. And by all means do not attempt to enjoy a post coital smoke in there, go outside and do that; then go wash up, supper’s almost on! Remember to follow me on Twitter and Tumbler too.

Catch ya later cum catchers,

-The Otter


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