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Take A Break From Work…

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

If you’ve got five minutes to spare to work out a load, have a penchant for some amazing vintage porn? Love some big dicked muscle men? Then I have a treasure for you! I practically missed this little gem as I made my rounds through the archives I found this hiding in a dusty corner. “Hump & Pump” is one of those gritty, close, low production (if any production) kind of films that could have been filmed any time between the 50’s and 70’s, but that’s not my point; my point is it’s HOT.

Classic hot, this is the kind of film that defines what adult entertainment was before the major studios developed and the sexual revolution went full swing. It’s a choppy over exposed (no pun intended) flesh flick full of hardcore action, and an epic cumshot that is NOT the result of imitation spunk pumped onto the model.

Sure, we all know I’m a sucker for retro-raunch, and although I myself may be biased, that is no reason not to log in and watch this movie. Take into consideration what probably went into the making of this feature from HotOldmovies. “Hump & Pump” was probably a labor of love, a loop created possibly during the era when producing gay porn was still illegal. The director had to load his handy 8mm, shoot whatever he thought was relevant (that is if he had enough Kodak in stock), develop what could have been a complete waste of film and then cut it into a glorious five minutes of celluloid magic. This was a time well before the advent of video tape, let alone digital, and it could have quite possibly been a real risk to anyone who was involved, both personally and professionally.

With that out of the way let me tell you about “Hump & Pump”. First off, the guys are stunning. Wherever these muscle bound, tan lined, horse hung brutes came from I cannot answer, but I can say I am thankful they agreed to be filmed. Both men appear to have had some experience sucking and fucking men before because they go down on each other with the kind of passion lacking in so many films. After some nice body worship and cock sucking our onscreen pair take it to the next level. The tall dark Adonis who I assumed would top turns out to be (surprise!) a big ole bottom. All’s well however, because this top has got an impressive piece of meat that he easily slips into the beefy bottom. It’s not a long scene, but we do get some great shots of the couple balls deep in each other.

Now for the crescendo! I have seen A LOT of porn. I have seen A LOT of cum. I have been impressed by only a FEW cum shots. “Hump & Pump” was a pleasant surprise when I saw what the results of such a simple film. The duo is in a standing doggy position when our dark haired top pulls out of his partner’s ass unleashing a thick load of ribbon after ribbon of man milk. He just kept going, spewing more and more salty fluid all over the muscular bottom’s meaty ass; even cleaning it up with his tongue!

That’ll put a smile on your face, wouldn’t you say?

So there you go. Now hit the head and rub one out!


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