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We’re Trucking (and Fucking) with Bears!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

Things are getting wild and hairy in Bear Video’s Big Bear Trucking Co. 2, which chronicles a day on the job with an easily-distracted moving company—and from start to finish, the cum-bursting action is non-stop. Now, if you’re looking for a high quality trucking company, these are NOT the boys you want to call; the only thing they move are their fat cocks into furry, hungry holes. Howeverrr, for a porn viewer, they are the perfect bunch to ride with, especially if you have a weakness for mature bears who don’t ever turn down an opportunity to indulge in sloppy sucking, licking, and hardcore pounding.

Big Bear Trucking Co. 2 delivers on just about all fronts. The well-assembled cast is led by well-known actors Jack Radcliffe and Steve Hurley, but also features real bears with thick beards, burly bodies, and lots and lots of hair. What makes them even hotter is when they get their hands all over each other in attention-grabbing sex scenes that provide a bit of variety in every scene (foursomes, outdoor fucking, etc.). Though the events that comprise the plot would be utterly ridiculous in real life, it makes for an undeniably entertaining movie, as we are taken on the adventures of two movers who constantly put off work to get off. The only criticism of the film would be that the production quality isn’t the best, however, it kind of works for the rugged feel that the cast and the movie itself evoke.

The film opens with two men, P.J. Gee and Tony Serrento, growing impatient with waiting for their tardy movers. This flashes to the movers (played by Radcliffe and Hurley) who are still on the road. It appears that they are lost, but they don’t seem to be in any rush. Hurley asks for Radcliffe to pull over so he can use the bathroom because he drank too much beer at lunch. Radcliffe is annoyed by his request but Hurley tells him not to worry. Radcliffe responds, “It’s not your bladder I’m worried about.”

Hurley heads to a public restroom, and while he’s handling his business, he catches lustful eyes with a hot stranger in a vest. And you know what goes down from there. The dude gets on his knees to suck Hurley’s long cock. While Hurley’s getting serviced, two other hornballs arrive and, instead of being freaked out, they decide to join in on the fun. This freaky group session is full of dirty talk and oral activity, but most importantly, makes the whole “strangers in the bathroom” truly come alive.

After Hurley gets his jollies, he heads back to the truck, but Radcliffe has left. He is forced to hitchhike his way to the house. From here, we cut to Radcliffe, who has arrived to the neighborhood of the couple that he will be assisting. He stumbles into the house of a random dude (Rocky West) who is relaxing in his outdoor hot tub. When Radcliffe gets a closer look at the redheaded bear, he drifts into a fantasy of the both of them making a splash in West’s backyard. Radcliffe bends West over and gives him a deep and hard serving of his uncut meat in the movie’s second fuck that earns nothing but a thumbs up.

Once he finishes daydreaming, Radcliffe snaps out of it and finds out that the clients he’s looking for live next door. That brings us back to Gee and Serrento, who are now playing cards in their boxers, and still wondering why their movers haven’t made it there yet. Instead of, I don’t know, complaining with the company or contacting another trucking business, they decide to whip out of a swing sling and shoot a load in the meantime! With cheesy romantic music playing in the background, the sexy and seasoned twosome get it on with a sensual hammering that includes a giant dildo towards the end.

In the final scene we find Mike Vespa, another shitty worker for this even shittier company, beating off in the moving truck. When he is discovered by Randy Eliot, Vespa tells him to come in and they don’t hesitate to pleasure each other with some slow sucking and licking. Eliot surrenders his manhole to Vespa right there in the truck, and it’s definitely one of the film’s hottest fucks, with the chemistry between the actors, as well as the setting, making it one to remember. After they cum, they are discovered by Hurley, who has made it to the home that they are all helping move. “Not again!” he exclaims, and the movie ends. Perhaps leaving things open for a third installment? Hmmmm.

All in all, Big Bear Trucking Co. 2 is well-worth the watch. With both the storyline and the sexing, the momentum is maintained at all moments and often feels realistic, thanks to the strong yet effortless performances of the cast, despite the ludicrous nature of the story. For seductive bears, hot sex, and an engaging story, Big Bear Trucking Co. 2 is a lovely choice. Watch it now on GayHotMovies!

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