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ULTRA VIOLET: “Pain is beauty and I’m the prettiest.”

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Violet Chachki, “a one of a kind collectable,” is an American drag queen, burlesque dancer, aerial acrobat, model, and singer. Chachki competed on and won the seventh season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” It wasn’t long ago that she was using a fake I.D. to sneak in and perform in local Atlanta drag shows. Violet’s name is derived from Jennifer Tilly’s character in the super sexy film Bound, which is a must see for any fetishist. Ms. Chachki definitely has the C.U.N.T. (charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent) needed to command a crowd and slay the masses. With her first EP, Gagged, being released today (along with her second music video: “Vanguard), her career is at an all time high. Violet is on top of the world at the youthful age of 23. She has obviously moved onto bigger things, but has the class to never say better. Violet is wise beyond her years and is here to tell us all about it.

Let me first say that I love you and love the video for “Bettie.” I rank it near the top of drag music/drag videos I have seen in the realm of Drag Race “herstory.” It’s hella kinky. Bettie Page and yourself are both southern “queens” and your likeness cannot be denied. How has she inspired you?

Thank you! Initially I think I saw Bettie Page as a fashion and style icon. After learning more about her life, where she came from, and her retirement, I think I began to respect her more as a cultural phenomenon.  One thing I truly admire about her is that she refused to do any face-to-face interviews after her retirement; she wanted to be remembered for the way she looked when she was modeling.

I would say that though Bettie is an obvious comparison, due to your stunning video, your live performances are way more Dita Von Teese. What are your inspirations outside of performing?

Oh there’s a ton: Legendary model Dovima. DJ and Deee-lite front woman Lady Miss Kier. Tons of fashion designers like Thierry Mugler, Emilio Pucci; also Leigh Bowery, Candy Darling, Marc Almond, Pierre Molinier, John Willie.

How has your interest in fashion history, BDSM, and drag had a hand in your interest in corsets?

What always appealed to me about the fetish, drag, and fashion world was all of the different extremes. Corset training is considered a form of body modification, along with fetish footwear. I would say its one most extreme items you could decorate your body with. I think the notion that suffering for your art takes a lot of reverence and self-control is beautiful.

Have you done any waist training or are you just skinny and able to pull that down to 18 inches?

Well both. I have a super long and lean torso so it’s easy to train. But trust me I train! During filming I was sleeping in my under-bust.

Speaking of BDSM, can you please illuminate me about your past in some of the largest dungeons within the southeast?

I’ve had the privilege of working alongside a well-known dominatrix, assisting her in a fetish practice called f*rced feminization. It’s a humiliation fetish where gender roles are switched; men give up control and become submissive to a dominatrix through costume or makeup. It created a safe space for these men to come and explore their feminine side and kink without judgment.

What role will your fetish experience play in your future performances and do you think you could inspire an interest in fetishism amongst fans?

Oh, fetish plays a role in a lot of my performances.  I think every drag queen in is some way an exhibitionist.  When I’m onstage I am definitely trying to exude the confidence of a dominatrix, that notion of total control is important when giving a show. I’m actually in the process of creating a number or two paying tribute to my favorite fetish artists John Willie and Pierre Molinier.

They say there is no shame in the game. What are your thoughts on sex negativity vs. sex positivity?

 I went to catholic school for K-12, so sex was always condemned and never celebrated. However, I believe sex is the most creative thing that one can participate in. This might be cliché to say, but Madonna really said it best: “I’m not sorry, it’s human nature…Express yourself, don’t repress yourself.”

What is your take on slut shaming?

For me it all comes back to consent. Obviously, I’m against slut shaming, but if you’re being deceitful and not respecting others’ personal space (emotionally and physically), there should be some internal shame happening.

You have every reason to take pride in you short moment in the “porn spotlight.” You look great: all of you. Care to reflect on having let it all hang out?

Thank you! I was 18 at the time and really getting into the idea of sexual freedom. I think I wanted to try porn as a way of sexual exploration, self-expression, and, most significantly, exhibitionism.

Issues of gender identity are seeing more and more light every day. In your opinion, are they moving too quickly and therefore misguided or is there no such thing if they are moving forward?

Too quickly?! This has been a long time coming! I just hope this moment doesn’t fade. We need to keep fueling the fire! Even a misguided conversation can lead to something progressive as long as it’s being talked about openly and in return learning something new about one another.

You have said that you think drag is very transgressive and that you were confused as to why there was such a separation between drag and the Trans community. Being genderqueer and an activist, would you like to blur that line and try and put a big ol’ D on the ever growing LGBTQ acronym and do you think we can in fact all be one?

I think the verbiage is what separates us. Not everything is black and white. At what point does someone become trans? At what point is someone in drag? Everyone falls somewhere on the Kinsey scale. I really love the term queer because it is all inclusive and literally means “not the norm.”

Drag is becoming more mainstream every day, though ever evolving. Do you think it’s becoming harder for queens to stand out or do you think they just need to dig a little deeper?

It is becoming harder for queens to stand out, but they also need to dig a little deeper. Myself included! There are trends within the drag community that almost become the standard and it can get extremely expected and boring. Also because drag is so mainstream, everyone is a critic, which is really not conducive to creativity. I’m almost afraid to experiment with something new because of how it will be received. You find out what works for you and you get comfortable.

Have any idea what your next single will be and can we get any clues into what the video will be like?

Yes! It’s called “Vanguard!” The video actually takes cues from a real life experience I had at a McDonalds.

Lastly, in the vein of Pride month: I fear a day when the gay youth will take everything they have for granted, which I thankfully think has yet to fully happen. What would you, still being so young, like to say to the youth of tomorrow?

Well, seeing as marriage equality just passed in all 50 states, I’d like to say that this is a small step that has been long overdue. There are tons more issues we have to tackle within the queer community. Much like in other minority groups, I don’t think the fight will ever be over.

Curious? and are your one stop shops for all of your BDSM and fetish video needs. For more from this author, including hot and humorous porno reviews, follow @HairyBurgher.

Violet Chachki’s album Gagged is available on iTunes, and be sure to check out the videos for “Bettie” and “Vanguard” available on YouTube.

Photos (2013-2015) courtesy of one of Violet’s best friends, Jon Dean of Jon Dean Photography. Originally from Columbus, GA, Jon received a BFA in Photography from the Savannah College of Art and Design. In 2013, Jon co-founded Legendary Children Atlanta, an artist collective celebrating drag and queer art in the southeast. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of Wussy Mag, an Atlanta based online magazine covering queer culture in the southeast.



Caitlyn is Transgender, Don’t Call Her a Drag Queen

Thursday, June 11th, 2015

Vanity Fair

Let’s finally clear the air-Caitlyn Jenner is transgender. There has been a slew of misinformation flying around the internet and even in our community. You’d think that most gays would know the differences, but we’ve been surprised at what we’ve been reading. I would never call a drag queen a cross dresser (mainly for fear of my life) and I certainly wouldn’t call transvestite a transsexual. Why? Because I know the difference. So here’s a nice, little primer for everyone:

Transgender/Transsexual, like Caitlyn, is used for an individual who does not identify as the sex they have been born, and sometimes (but not always) have surgeries to transform their bodies. This does not mean that the individual is schizophrenic; that is a diagnosed illness and does not have anything to do with being transgender.

My personal inspirational Transgender individual happens not to be a real person at all. Anna Madrigal in many ways IS very real, and close to the heart of so many fans of Armistead Maupin’s Tales Of The City series. (If you haven’t read these books, do so immediately!) Anna was a groundbreaking character who has no doubt inspired and empowered so very many people despite gender and I wanted to honor her in this post.

So let’s get to what Caitlyn is not…Starting with a term I’ve seen a lot.

Drag Queen/King: No, Ms. Jenner is most certainly not a drag queen and I wouldn’t call a drag queen transgender. A drag queen/king is a like a geisha, a living breathing work of art. A drag queen is a performance artist and can be either male or female. Although there are those who are sexually attracted to drag queens/kings, drag queens/kings themselves are in general not “turned” on by painting their faces and donning their wigs or faux beards. Some will go as far as abstaining from sex until their beard grows back in.


Donna Sachet

The Late Vicki Marlane, photo by Rick Gerharter


Lady Bunny



Willam Belli

Hoku Mama Swamp, female drag queen

Landon Cider, drag king

Transvestite: An individual who enjoys wearing the clothes of the opposite sex. Transvestites do not identify as the opposite sex, nor a desire to change the sex they were born with, but enjoy the aesthetics of the opposite sex; once again, not to be confused with drag queens. Also, this term is going out of fashion.


Dr. Frank N Furter, Twentieth Century Fox

Eddie Izzard

Cross Dresser: Similar to a transvestite, a cross dresser is an individual, generally in the heterosexual community, who is turned on sexually, or non-sexually, by wearing the clothes of the opposite sex. The term developed for those who wanted to distance themselves from the transvestite community. While there are female cross dressers, most of the CD community is comprised of straight men. They may even keep their interest in women’s clothing a secret from their partners.

 Non-binary/Genderqueer: An individual who does not identify as any one gender, or with gender at all.


Jiz Lee

Dwane Reade, Foxhouse Films

Intersex (formerly hermaphroditic): Simple, an individual who has both male and female hormones and/or chromosomes that may express themselves in a variety of different ways. Not every intersex person has a vagina and a penis. It’s not that simple. You cannot become intersex; you must be born intersex even if it’s not apparent until later in life, such as at puberty.

Now, for my special shout outs:

Sister Of Perpetual Indulgence: I myself would not label the sisters as drag queens/kings since they are so much more than what they appear to be. All over the world, donning spectacular habits, elaborate make up, and tons of sparkle, these dedicated nuns bless us with glitter, bring smiles to our faces, and remind us we have hope, and a lot more work to do since 1979. For decades, the Sisters have worked tirelessly helping those in need both within and out of the gay community. Their focus on creating a better world while putting on one hell of show deserves a special bow.


Sister Roma

Sister Mary Margaret X-plosion

And finally I would like to add someone who just cannot be put in any category, because she is just too…everything. Amanda Lepore is an ICON.

Photo by Ves Pitts

I know I’ve most likely missed something, but hopefully for those whose ignorance may have gotten them into the hot seat, I hope this helped clear things up. Now go out and get to know people before passing judgment.

-The Otter


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