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Now This Is How Army Daddies Put Twinks In Their Place!

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015

If you have an appetite for beefed up men in uniform, naughty twinks in need of cum-bursting discipline, and limitless rounds of hardcore barebacking, Daddy’s Iron Rule will do wonders with satisfying your hunger. With no holding back, this Bareback Me Daddy production gives you an inside look at the scandalous activities that go down on sex-crazed military base. The sergeants certainly put their cadets under intense training unlike any that you’ve seen before.

Unless you can speak Russian, don’t expect to get in on the specific details of the plot with this one, but the deep and hard pound sessions are so commanding that the script almost doesn’t matter. From start to finish, Daddy’s Iron Rule stays true to its theme of older army hunks reveling in their power, as young recruits give into all of their commands—and most of the time, this includes rigorous push-ups, heavy spanking, and of course, indulging in some serious dick-downs. Not only does the film play on the fantasy of daddies vs. twinks, but it brings it home with a perfect hint of kink and fucking that is undeniably hardcore. Additionally, the cast is another positive aspect of the movie, overflowing with muscular manly-men and slender twinks with sweet baby faces. And with the well-executed direction, each of these soaring attributes come alive for the viewer.

Bald, ripped, and sexy Alex Hell teams up with the adorable Ryan Olsen for the flick’s opener which definitely sets the tone for the other four scenes that follow. Ryan enters Alex’s office and they share a little bit of dialogue before Alex gives Ryan his punishment…and he uses his belt to do it. After turning his cheeks bright red, Ryan turns around and services Alex with a blowjob. Alex returns the favor and before you know it, Ryan’s hole is being stretched wide. While in their uniforms, this fuck is completely hawwwtttt from the moment it begins, and introduces all of the themes and features that appear throughout the film.

In scene two, Thomas Fiaty finds himself in some type of trouble with a masked shit-talker (Ray Cutler) who is eager to show him who’s boss. Unlike the other subordinates in the movie, Thomas appears to be the most defiant, laughing as he is reprimanded; in turn, this infuriates Masked Dude even more. Without a doubt, this scene is the kinkiest of all, as Thomas is bent over, handcuffed and spanked before he gets cock-hammered. While restrained, he sucks off Masked Dude and gets his own cock sucked before they fuck right there in the office. As if the actual acts weren’t enough to rock your socks off, the special lighting used by the director effectively evokes a sense of secrecy that makes the viewer feel as if they are inside the office during this secret meeting, right along with the actors.

Scene three takes us to one of the cadet’s (Yuri Adamov) rooms where the men in charge (Jay Cutler and Alex Hell) are ordering him to do various exercise moves. They mock his skinny body and redden his twinky booty before he takes on both of their jizz-filled cocks. In the standout moment of the movie, Yuri handles both of their dicks like a champ in a must-see threesome that can’t be resisted. Jay and Alex take turns conquering Yuri’s hungry hole before double penetrating him as Yuri surrenders with every single stroke. The variety of camera of angles makes it even more of an engaging watch as the viewer doesn’t miss a single second of this threeway union. By the time that each of the stars have shot their massive loads, you will have definitely have worked up a sweat.

Alex Hell returns for his final scene alongside Oscar Hart in scene four. Alex is back to laying down the law with another one of his submissive cadets who is slapped up while deepthroating dildos. Before he makes Oscar his bitchboy, Alex stuffs his cock in his mouth. After that, Oscar gets fucked by two dildos (one of which is quite large) and then Hell does what he does best and completely raw. This scene is notable for its extensive use of toys and authoritative sex, which will surely appeal to those that like their sex a bit twisted and freaky.

In the closing scene, it’s Luke Ward’s turn to use his big muscles to dominate his smaller military trainee (Andy Fisher). There isn’t anything particularly special or different from the previous scenes, but it reiterates all of the movie’s strengths: beautiful army guys getting down and dirty with a nice round of deep, hard fucking. The stars switch up positions a few times throughout the scene, which is always a plus (gotta love Ward pounding Fisher missionary while standing). Effortlessly, it ends on a strong and consistent note.

All in all, Daddy’s Iron Rule never loses momentum, and without ever being over-ambitious with plot or even sets, provides an eye-full of XXX entertainment that does not disappoint. See it for yourself, here on!

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– Simba


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