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Updates For The Week Of July 5th Through July 11th 2015

Friday, July 10th, 2015

It’s time again for some updates here at and boy, do we have some good ones. Our advanced biographies are continuously updated by our staff, and we love that we can share what they find with you. This week you are going to really enjoy the selection of studs we have for you to salivate over. Since there are more than a few as usual, let’s get this show on the road…In alphabetical order, of course.

Ace Rockwood

What can we say about this smooth, delicious, chocolate drop? He can be our candy any day. With a gorgeous smile, tight and toned body, and that magnificent dick, Ace Rockwood really rocks our wood.

Visit Ace’s biography.

Adam Dacre

This handsome bearded hunk hails from Poland and we’re in love with his uncut pole too. Watching Adam top all those greedy bottoms in his films is sure to make fans’ holes pucker for him.

Visit Adam’s biography.

Christopher Daniels

All gingers (even if they’re just a touch ginger) are welcome in our world! Christopher Daniels sports a sizzling hot beard, bangin’ bod, and a great ass and cock. Watching Chris in both bottom or top roles is a pleasure for everyone…especially his scene partners!

Visit Christopher’s biography.

Derek Atlas

Talk about that jock you fantasized about in the locker rooms. You know the one, the guy with the winning smile, perfect muscles, and jovial disposition; admit it, your cock was dripping with pre-cum if he so much as acknowledged you or playfully rough-housed with you. Well, Derek certainly could be that guy. We wouldn’t mind some horse-hung play in the showers with him either.

Visit Derek’s biography.

Dominic Pacifico

Either blasting his music or his cum, Dominic Pacifico keeps us coming back for more. Viewers shouldn’t miss out on this guys’ many talents. The versatile performer can take a dick just as well as he works his own beautiful uncut instrument.

View Dominic’s biography.

Kyle King

Just look into those eyes, those deep pools of sexual deviance and desire. Kyle King’s got it all going on; take a look at that chiseled body, perfectly furred in all the right places, and that rigid rod, Kyle is quite a man. You’ll no doubt find out why we’re drooling over Mr. King over here too.

View Kyle’s biography.

Milos Zambu

What do they feed them in the Czech Republic? Seriously, we can’t even. There is nothing basic about sexy Milos, Milos Zambu, or Milos Zambo (whatever alias you want to call him). We are gagging over this Eastern European hunk over here. Just look at his body. LOOK AT IT!

View Milos’ biography.

Race Cooper

This guy has got our pulses racing like wild! Race Cooper has a perfect body, enviable lips on a handsome face, a big and powerful fuck tool, and an ass that just won’t quit. Don’t dawdle, “race” on over and check him out.

View Race’s biography.

Sean Zevran

There is a god. Drops mic.

View Sean’s biography.

Sergio Serrano

We all love a mysterious, dark, and devilishly hot European hunk. This guy goes from mild to incredibly wild, and does not disappoint. With his hard body and uncut dick, Sergio delivers all that; a pickle, free soft drink, and the proverbial bag of chips.

View Sergio’s biography.

Topher Dimaggio

When my baseball fan friends mention Dimaggio I have to chuckle, ’cause the only bat I’m thinking of is Topher’s. Seriously, this smooth as silk jock hits a home run every time he tops his lucky bottoms. Take me out to this ball game!

View Topher’s biography.

So there it is folks! Enjoy your porn and keep cumming back to for more incredible adult content than you can shake a dick at!

Getting Greasy with Auto Erotic Part 2

Monday, May 11th, 2015

Camaro, Chevelle, Camino, Daytona, Trans Am, Mustang, Charger, GTO! Crank up the air, because it’s about to get hot in here. Auto Erotic Part 2, directed by Steve Cruz, is about to put you into overdrive. It’s turbocharged and packed balls-deep with horse “hung” power. You’ll think you’re watching “The Fast and the Analingus,” but Vin Diesel has nothing on these guys. They could take him apart and put him back together again. These four scenes will have you all revved up to fuck your mechanic. You’ll be burnin’ rubber, for a muscle bound lover.

The film opens to show your typical garage. This is until the camera cuts to the studly FX Rios and the sultry Mike De Marko. The two passionately kiss as their hands meander along the crevices of each other’s bodies. Both are sporting beards and FX is wearing coveralls. Mike is soon stripped of his shirt to reveal a beautifully hairy chest. Soon they are pulling one another’s perky pricks. Mike pops a squat to moisten FX’s uncut and bossy beast. FX thrusts his swollen meat into Mike’s face as tears form in the corner of Mike’s lusty eyes. FX then returns the favor and eagerly works on Mike’s girthy dick. FX  feasts on Mike’s asshole before bending him over a rust red vintage Mustang and roughing him up. Mike looks back as FX pounds his ass until the two switch positions and Mike then takes it with his legs up. Mike rubs one out while he is being plowed on his back. FX fully takes in and utilizes the sight that is Mike’s cum fountain. He then pulls out and blasts a load onto the beard of his bottom. Mike flinches a bit as jizz ropes fall to his face. The two share a delightfully cummy kiss.

Secondly, we have Boomer Banks and Sean Zevran. Sean has some nice tits. The man has a perfectly proportionate and furry body. His huge cock doesn’t hurt either; or does it? Stay tuned. Boomer’s dick surely hurts, but in likely the best of ways. The scene starts as the two make out. Boomer takes no time to deep throat Sean’s sizable schlong. Shortly after, Boomer is soon fucking Sean’s face, or trying to; Banks’ penis is massive. God was on his or her or its game when he conjured this thing up. It’s uncut, fat, meaty, and takes no prisoners. Boomer bends over the car door when Sean tongues his exit. Boomer backs it up like a hungry bottom that is long over do for a deep dicking. He gazes into the car mirror with a look of intense desire. Sean then eases into Boomer’s bum. I have seen a lot of Boomer’s work and I can’t even recall when I have seen him bottom, so this is kind of a treat. Haha.  He moans and gasps as he mutters, “Fuuuck meee.” It’s hot. Turns out, Sean’s dick does hurt. The two flip out of the blue and now Boomer gets his payback. They are atop the back seat in a newer Mustang convertible. Boomer plows Sean for a bit until they decide that it is time to nut. Banks works his cock until he blows on Sean’s face. His semen covered foreskin rolls over his cock and glistens with pride. Sean closes his eyes as he sprays his fuzzy abs with his own juice.

Next up, Mike De Marko returns to take it hard from Jaxton Wheeler. Jaxton is somewhat of a godlike mythical creature. His body mass will take your breath away. He has gorgeous curly hair and a beard that is so dark that it looks fake. Jaxton oozes man that you’d surely lap up if given the chance. Mike is given the chance and he must be thirsty. After kissing a bit, Mike slobs on Jaxton’s knob in a way that makes you think this may end way too early. Jaxton tells Mike, “Breath through your nose with that dick in your mouth.” You gotta love a bossy daddy. Mike takes a seat to allow Jaxton to also taste some cock. Jaxton’s ass bounces as he bobs on Mike’s hot rod. Mike is then bent over while a sweaty Jaxton starts working his hole. He drills him deep and then flips him over to let Mike enjoy the view. Mike has the pleasure of jerking off while the Adonis gets his jollies. Jaxton soon takes his dick out to shoots his semen onto Mike’s spent cock. The two share a smooch.

Nick Capra and David Benjamin are next on the job. They kiss in a slightly savage fashion that is pretty fucking exciting. Nick is being all dom and demands that David lick his pits. Nick spits in David’s mouth a few times. This is about to be some rough sex. Nick slaps David with his dick, and David states, “Give me that fucking cock!” He then makes a pretty great attempt to consume Nick’s meat. Dayumn. The scene gets increasingly verbal. It’s great. Nick says, “I wanna taste your insides” and then rims, fingers, and teases David’s horny hole. These two are having a blast. Next thing you know this power bottom is on his back making demands. This boy can’t get enough dick. David welcomes more spit as he states, “Fuck that ass!” Soon after, David sits on Nick’s dick and rides it long and hard. David plays with himself until he cums onto Nick’s muscled chest. It takes nearly no time for Nick to follow suit. David hops off of Nick just in time to catch that nut.

Auto Erotic Part 2 is plotless fuckfest with top notch performers and a dash of automobiles. You don’t need to be a car enthusiast to watch a brooding babe get his ass totaled near a vehicle. It would also be a terrible lie to try and pass that off for your reason to watch it. Haha. There are no pony cars, hoopties, or clunkers here. These stallions are all high performance. Well oiled, that’s what they are… Come on and ride in my muscle car. Vroom Vroom. Take Auto Erotic Part 2 for a test Drive! Now including three bonus scenes featured on the DVD! Now go on and get hard at!

There’s more where that “came” from… follow @HairyBurgher


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