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Third Time’s the Charm for These Forbidden Encounters!

Monday, May 25th, 2015

No one delivers erotic man-on-man storytelling quite like Nica Noelle—and the third installment of her Forbidden Encounters series brings even more truth to this fact. Led by a star-studded cast, Forbidden Encounters 3 weaves gripping storylines with sweltering man-on-man pound sessions and impressive acting performances. In just about any way that it is judged, the movie commands the viewer’s attention and stays true to the unique style and perspective that is found in all of Nica’s works.

Because Forbidden 3 is much more than your typical gay porn flicks, one of its most striking elements is found in the plotlines that are well-executed by the actors. The opening scene centers around the reunion between a young man (JD Phoenix) and his former babysitter (Brendan Patrick), after years of not seeing one another. After moving to Europe, Brendan is back in town for his cousin’s wedding and decided to stop by and see JD and his mother. Though not a planned visit, JD is more than enthused to see Brendan and they waste no time catching up.

 Brendan (who has showed off his impressive chops in some of Nica’s past films like Forgive Me Father 2) makes it easy to forget that he is acting, as he truly transforms into his character. JD is also convincing as a sweet-natured stud with a charming innocence and youthful spirit; the combination of their presences as actors creates a dynamic between the character that feels real and brings the story alive. Once JD indulges in the strong connection he feels to Brendan with a kiss, Brendan does a wonderful job of portraying a sense of skepticism while JD appears irresistible. They engage in a pleasant flip-fuck that ends with the guys kissing and cuddling. Without a doubt, it is the perfect scene to kick things off and sets the tone for the type of sensual sex scenes and soaring performances that the rest of the movie is comprised of.

 This aspect of the Forbidden 3 is also demonstrated in the last scene, when Brendan returns for a match-up with industry veteran, Nick Capra. This time, Brendan plays a man coming to terms with his sexuality that will soon lead him to his first physical encounter with another man. Much like his other scene, Brendan nails his depiction of his character, making his nervousness and uncertainty jump off of the screen. Nick’s character is confident, with a slight mischievous side as he makes it clear that he is eager to pop Brendan’s homo cherry. Once they actually get into it, Nick guides Brendan through their intimate moment, as Brendan eases into taking every inch of Nick’s thick monster cock. The lack of background music and slower pace of this dick-hammering really evokes the feeling of the initially-awkward first time that actually turns out to be quite pleasurable. Much like scene one, this one feels totally authentic from the moment it begins.

 While the acting and writing is an undeniable strength, of course the film is full of high quality hardcore action as well. This is best exemplified with the show-stopping second scene that features Billy Santoro and Jessie Colter. After conquering his drug addiction through his newfound identity in the church, Jessie plays a man struggling with the conflict between being who he truly is and the religion that he has dedicated himself to. Rob Yaegar stars his counselor who at the top of the scene, meets with Jessie to emphasize the importance of him not giving into his homosexual past. Soon after their meeting, Jessie heads home and brings out the Good Book to get his mind right. Billy, Jessie’s ex-boyfriend,  shows up completely angry because Jessie disappeared and neglected their relationship. Jessie, full of guilt and shame, reveals that he is trying to live according to his faith because it is what helped him beat his drug addiction. This has an obvious effect on Billy, whose state transitions from frustration to compassion, affirming that he would have been there to help. This breaks this ice and the two lovers find themselves wrapped in each other’s arms.

 In addition to Billy’s intense but effective acting performance, this scene stands out as the sexiest fuck of Forbidden 3. For one, we just can’t deny the obvious eye candy here…who can complain about the lovely shots of Billy’s hairy muscles and Jessie’s round, perfectly-fuckable ass? But what really makes set this union on fire is all of the fierce passion that explodes between these two. Billy and Jessie are playing two characters who are deeply in love; after a long period of being away from each other, this is the moment that they are waiting for—and that’s the exact energy that emanates from this thrilling hole-stretching. Additionally, the stars sprinkle this match up with romantic kisses, foreplay and a variety of positions that keep you on the edge of your seat. Without a doubt, Billy and Jessie deliver an absolute knockout.

 The attention-grabbing chemistry continues in scene 3 which pairs ripped and sexy daddy Dirk Caber with popular hotboy, Connor Maguire. Dirk plays an older gentleman that is having a sexual affair with his good friend’s son. There isn’t much of a backstory here but one thing is clear, these guys are hot for each other. Though they have just woken up from a crazy night of good lovin’, it doesn’t take long for these hunks to get right back to business…and before you know it, Dirk is on his back getting a major serving of Connor’s throbbing uncut meat. The first interesting note about this scene is that it slightly twists the older-on-younger fantasy with Connor being taking charge with the major dickdown that he unleashes upon Dirk Not only that, Dirk and Connor actually seem into their scene…creating a fun and enjoyable vibe throughout. It adds a lighthearted dimension to the movie that definitely has its moments of intensity, making Forbidden 3 even more of an engaging watch.

 No matter which scene is explored, there is much to discover and be entertained by with Forbidden Encounters 3. With its positive mix of soaring acting and sexual performances, enhanced by the strong script, Nica has added yet another win to her extensive catalog of films. Don’t waste any time…watch the movie now!

– Simba

Twinky Gets a Rub-Down that He’ll Never Forget!

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

The worlds of magic, comedy, and sex intertwine in the Austin-directed parody, I Dream of Twinky. Led by a charming performance from Chase Young in the title role, this Manville Entertainment production tells the story of an attractive man named Rod (played by Trevor Knight) who is taken on an interesting adventure after coming into contact with a mysterious ancient lamp. When he takes it home and cleans it, Twinky, an adorable genie that has been trapped inside of it for centuries, is summoned. To gain freedom, and mortality, he must grant three sexual desires from the man who “rubs him right” which makes Rod his master. He must also receive a kiss of a “mortal’s true love” if he wishes to become human. As soon as Twinky comes into Rod’s life, the duo find themselves on quite the journey as Rod’s newfound power brings fantasies and wishes to life—even some that he didn’t know he had.

Inspired by the iconic sitcom, I Dream of Jeannie, this movie is a solid choice for those who like their porn with a sense of lighthearted humor. Twinky stays true to many elements from its predecessor, including quick one-liners accentuated by a cheesy laugh track, the unlikely love story that you can’t help but root for, and a delightful chemistry between the movie’s main characters that drives every single scene. However, Twinky strays from the original with the moments of hardcore pounding that add the perfect pinch of spice to a feature that is pleasantly sweet.

When Twinky appears from the lamp in scene one, Rod is in disbelief that he has become the master of a genie. This quickly changes once two Mormons (Blake Dawson, Alex Cross) show up at the front door, looking to spread the Good News. Annoyed by their presence, Rod challenges Twinky to prove he possesses magical powers by deciding his first wish will be to experience the Mormons’ secret fantasies. Twinky does as he’s told and from there, the young religious men get hot and bothered and reveal their true desires—which is each other. Along with its living room dick-down, the first scene does well with introducing us to the personalities of the characters as well as set the tone for the mix of comedy and erotica that occur throughout all four scenes.

The development of the characters’ individual stories continues in scene two, as Rod finds himself fantasizing about fucking Twinky and checks him out a couple of times. Twinky shares these same lustful daydreams when we cut back to his private time in the lamp, as viewers are let in on the growing sexual tension between these two.

Later, Rod goes to the garage where he is expecting a visit from a plumber to fix his washing machine. When his best friend, Harry (Doug Jeffries), comes to pick Rod for their basketball game, Harry discovers Twinky. Harry makes fun of Twinky’s “costume” and is freaked out by Twinky referring to Rod as his master. Because Rod is still waiting for the plumber, Harry goes on to the game without him, disturbed by Rod and Twinky’s interactions. Soon after he leaves, the plumber, Bud (Brody Wilde), and his assistant, Randy (Tristan Mathews), arrive. Once Rod and Twinky let them get to work, “straight boy” Bud expresses discomfort with the gay customers that they have been servicing. “I think you protest too much,” says Randy, hinting that Bud may have a secret of his own. When Rod overhears Bud’s homophobic comments, he is angered and says that he wishes that they would “just fuck already.” Twinky takes this as his next wish and tada! Bud is giving it to his assistant deep and hard on the garage floor. In addition to further adding to the plot of the movie, this scene is notable for Brody’s convincing role as a guy’s guy exploring his sexuality and the oral-heavy pound session between him and Tristan.

After the scenario with Harry and the plumbers, Rod tells Twinky that he needs to be more discrete with his appearance. This goes into a funny montage of Twinky trying on different clothes that is truly a page out of a classic sitcom. After Twinky finds a more contemporary look, he and Rod head to the basketball courts to meet Harry. When Harry comes over to talk, Rod tries to let Harry know who Twinky really is, but Harry doesn’t believe it. He ultimately tells Rod that he supports “whatever kinky shit” that he and Twinky get into and wants to see him happy. Once Harry goes back to the game, Rod reveals to Twinky that he felt a connection to him during their previous night together. Twinky interrupts him by asking if he and Harry have romantic feelings for each other and Rod tells him they are just friends, much to the delight of Twinky.

Rod adds on by saying that he wishes Harry could find a love of his own, particularly by owning up to the crush that he has on Rocky (Justin Dean), a younger guy that he plays basketball with. Twinky takes this as Rod’s final wish, and leads us to a steamy daddy-on-twink fuck between Harry and Rocky. Much like scene two, this scene offers much more insight into who the characters are and what direction they are heading in. Not to mention, Harry and Rocky’s shower ass-nailing is an absolute plus.

In the final scene, Twinky lets Rod know that he must return to the lamp because the spell was not completely broken. Rod is saddened by Twinky’s return because he says that Twinky’s freedom would have been his last wish. While Twinky is flattered by his generosity, the reality is that he has to go back to where he came from. “I don’t want you to go!” Rod dramatically exclaims, before professing his love for Twinky. Filled with joy, Twinky hugs his master before they plant a big wet kiss on each other. At this point, we are transported to the lamp where things are about to get wild.

Inside Twinky’s home, he and Rod indulge in the intimacy that has been building for the entire movie. There is lots of kissing and foreplay as well as the passionate hole pounding that we’ve all been waiting for. In the best sex scene of the movie, the actors deliver great energy and stay in character throughout. In terms of direction, the variety of positions and use of slow motion not only make it interesting to watch, but emphasize the overall mood the director is aiming to evoke, as the main character’s emotions finally explode before our very eyes. The movie ends with Twinky confessing, “Master, I knew it would be you!” as he and Rod caress each other. Initially confused, Twinky explains that the spell is now broken because he has been kissed by the man that truly loves him. Rod replies by telling Twinky to call him by his first name, not Master, as our protagonists live happily ever after. Awww.

To put it simply, I Dream of Twinky is a fluffy departure from heavy hardcore films that in its own way, warms your heart by the time it ends. Director Austin and the cast come together for a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously and adds some color and light to the XXX world. To check it out for yourself, watch it right now!

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 With my mane flowing in the wind…until next time, guys!

– Simba

8 Public Masturbation Scenes Unlike Any that You’ve Seen Before!

Tuesday, May 12th, 2015

As we continue to make our way through Masturbation Month, it’s time to take the celebration beyond the inner walls of the bedroom! Whether it’s deep in the lovely green forests, to late night wanderings in train stations, this list brings together some of porn’s most unique solo scenes with a public setting. If you like your self-pleasure with a bit of kink, risk, or just a beautiful backdrop, these 10 offerings are right up your alley.

Kayden GrayThe 9.5 Inches of Kayden Gray

Who better to kick off our list than the super hot and hung Kayden Gray? While taking a smoke break on the roof, the Polish hornball whips out his juicy uncut cock for a quick piss…but after he notices that he’s all alone, he can’t fight the urge to give his blessed meatstick some love. With his cig-smoking and fearless indulgence in a public jerk-off session, Kayden is a total bad ass in this scene and it makes it one to watch. Not to mention, the great shots of his toned abs and throbbing schlong don’t hurt either.

DerekAfter Hours

The whole “feels so good to be bad” theme continues with this selection from Amateur Straight Guys’ After Hours. It’s almost 2 AM and Derek is looking for a place to beat his meat. He shares his fantasies for “ghetto girls” (as Khia’s “My Neck, My Back” plays in the background…LOL) and gets excited when the director reveals that he has some “pussy magazines” for him to use. Soon after this, he finds a place in what looks like someone’s backyard and services himself until he’s covered in cum. This scene makes its way to our list for the night lighting which always gives that freaky feel and of course, all of its effortless amateur straight trade-ness.

Gesus, Tony Roma, and Raw EgyptBarrio Barber Shop

Okay, so I know I’m not the only person who has been surrounded by sexy barbers while getting their hurr did—and these pickings from 2003’S Barrio Barber Shop play out that scenario completely. In the heart of Spanish Harlem, it looks like these horny Latino barbers can’t wait until they get home to get their jollies off and have to handle it right in the shop! I mean, this one pretty much speaks for itself; whether you’ve experienced lust at the barbershop like I have or not, one thing cannot be denied: this scene has the most…interesting…setting on the entire list.

Claudiu Antonelli, Fred Goldsmith, Tony Magera, and Renato Bellagio Diamond’s Beach Party Series

Deviating us a bit from the previous scenes’ more sleazy (and I say that as a compliment) vibes are the hunky men of Diamond Picture’s Beach Party series. While alone with just the company of gorgeous blue waves, sunny skies, and white sands, these ridiculously chiseled studs have a special way of being at one with nature. What stands out about these scenes is the high quality direction, abundance of delightful imagery, and the sense of sensuality that each evoke.

Bill Henson and Brian ThompsonSailor in The Wild

We continue to show love to the lovely outdoors with these showstopping masturbation moments from the 1983 classic, Sailor in The Wild. Popular star Bill Henson stars as an irresistibly sexy park ranger who takes a breather to handle his business. As if that wasn’t enough, Brian Thompson appears shortly after, as a wanderer making his way through the woods. He can’t fight his urges either and rubs one out underneath a waterfall. These scenes are not only wonderfully shot, but also offer men in uniforms, abs of steel, and those signature slow motion cum shots that never steer you wrong.

Tony Kiff Skets Survets 1

I couldn’t possibly make this list without venturing into fetishland, where you’ll find Tony getting busy with himself on some railroad tracks. He remains pretty much clothed the entire time as he sniffs, bites, and worships his sweaty sneakers and socks while jerking off. Not only is the setting enough to grab your attention, the scene also delivers all of the elements that one with a foot fetish would be looking for.

Dominic Pacifico Fun in the Sun

So I don’t know what you do for fun, but apparently, Dominic Pacifico enjoys venturing through the desert completely naked. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining or judging…this scene from Pacifico Entertainment is s-c-o-r-c-h-i-n-g. From the moment it begins, you can feel almost feel the heat radiating from the screen, as Dominic shows off his glistening bod, rock-hard cock, and round, sand-covered ass. There’s just so much eye candy to spoil yourself with in this one. But more importantly, entertaining desert scenes aren’t exactly something you come across every day.

Big Mack Real Black Men Busta Nut 1

To close things off on an unforgettable note, we turn to this scene from Real Black Men Busta Nut 1. When the mood calls, you have no choice but to answer—just ask Big Mack. And location is of no concern to this kinky dude. From subway stations to dark streets, Big Mack proves that he has some of the biggest balls on the list (no pun intended). Public masturbation is all about giving zero fucks and breaking the rules; and Big Mack is giving us exactly what we want with his bold move to please himself in very, very, very public places. As an added bonus, the scene’s amateur-style production makes the viewer feel as if they are sneaking around right along with Big Mack and makes it even more of a standout.

And there you have it, folks! A special dedication to those those aren’t afraid to rock out with their cocks out at any time or place. To see what else we’re doing to commemorate Masturbation Month, be sure to follow us on Twitter for the latest updates!

Have fun, boys!


It Looks Like Daddy Has the Final Say…

Friday, May 1st, 2015

Chi Chi LaRue always knows how to keep tongues wagging—and with her latest release, Daddy Chasers, she’s shows no signs of letting go of her reputation. Right off the bat, the film is led by an all-star cast that provides a little eye candy for all tastes.  For the twink lovers, there is well-hung Sam Truitt, while Jason Phoenix reps for the gorgeous pretty boys. And of course, as the title implies, there is the delicious selection of daddies including David Benjamin, Trenton Ducati and more.

But the stars aren’t the only aspect of Daddy Chasers that make it impossible to ignore. Whether it’s the way the storyline brings twisted sexual fantasies to life or the gripping, well-directed pound sessions, LaRue successfully keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat from start to finish, in a variety of ways.

The movie opens with conversation between Jason and his father, David, who is busy at a meeting with Jason’s younger brother at school. While he is away, David puts Jason in charge of their family business for the day and lets him know that he will be supervising Muscles (Trenton). David tells Jason to be gentle with Muscles and that “he may not be the brightest, but he’s a good, strong worker.” Mmmhmm. Soon, Muscles enters, with his big, er…muscles, bulging through his work uniform as he carries boxes in. Because he’s running things at the warehouse, Jason gleefully takes advantage of his opportunity to degrade Muscles from the moment that he walks in. Once Muscles finishes with bringing the packages in, he asks Jason what’s inside. When he opens them to find a collection of kinky sexy toys, both guys start rubbing their crotches and are ready to get down to business.

There are many reasons behind the entertaining intensity of this flip-fuck. The whole screwing-the-boss fantasy is taken to a new level, with Muscles taking on the thick uncut cock and eager hole of his supervisor’s son. As an added special touch, there’s also extensive foreplay and fun with one of the trusty dildo machines that Muscle discovered earlier in the scene. As if that wasn’t enough, it’s interesting to watch the way power is reversed throughout the scene. For example, Muscles gets revenge for Jason’s disrespect once the bratty son becomes his bitch-bottom. Conversely, Muscles also surrenders to Jason, despite their age difference and status; in fact, Muscles seems to get off on that fact, exclaiming things like “Thank you, boss!” during their scandalous tryst. No matter what facet of the scene is highlighted, it is a strong opener that introduces the film’s multidimensional tone and themes.

Though the first scene kicks things off on an attention-grabbing note, the next will leave jaws dropped. Scene two takes us to the meeting that David spoke to Jason about at the beginning of the movie. The conversation is being held by a handsome coach (Logan Vaughn) who is looking to find a solution to the unruly antics of his students (Cody Avalon, Trent Ferris, and Sam Truitt). Frustrated with the boys, David tells the coach and another father (Jake Jennings) suggests implanting his favorite method of discipline—the one that involves a belt and tighty whities! As David gives Sam his punishment, Jake, Logan and the boys look on, becoming aroused by what they witness. Things take an unexpected turn once David is done giving Sam a few lashes and asks if he thinks they should “do what they do at home?” and Sam agrees. David then glances at his audience, gets on his knees and gives Sam a mean rimjob. From there, the classroom goes completely wild and breaks out into a full-blown orgy that includes heavy oral sessions, fuckholes being passed off left and massive cum explosions. And yes, it’s just as crazy as it sounds.

Much like scene one, the movie’s second scene offers a variety of appealing components as well. The first and most obvious would be the over-the-top nature of the plot line which is remarkable in itself.  It is jam-packed with lustful fantasies- a teacher with students, step-relatives with step-relatives, older men taking on younger men, and more. It is completely insane, but executed in a way that is difficult to turn away from. Not to mention, there are big dicks, muscles, and limitless hardcore action everywhere you turn; the screen is set on fire from the moment it begins. Lastly, David Benjamin delivers a knockout performance as the convincingly sinister leader of this messy showdown and doesn’t miss a single beat at any point that he’s on camera. Put simply, LaRue and the actors pull off a ballsy move that hits the viewer hard.

 With just two scenes, Daddy Chasers is sure to blow your socks off. It shows that sometimes, there is some good in being bad—indulge for yourself, right here!

Until next time, friends!

– Simba


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