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I Want Charles Bronson’s Mouth On MY Cock

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

I’m beginning to notice that I don’t have a type. I mean, I really don’t. As my followers know, my taste runs the gamut from Leather Muscle Wolves to nerdy bespectacled twinks. I like them tall, I like them short, I like em’ all. Hell, I’ve just got a thing for males. The flavor of my week turned up yesterday, and boy am I excited about this boy!

Alternadudes offers a selection of guys that are all intriguing in their own unique ways. These are the type of guys I see in my neighborhood, riding their bikes, slamming back a citywide, and exuding a certain ambiguous sexuality as pungent as their hipster musk. Charles Bronson falls into this category of guys who get me hard. I love this boy’s dark mysterious gypsy look. Is he Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Latin? I have no idea. Spanish, Puerto Rican, Greek, Italian, Algerian, Persian? No clue; but I love it. Charles has gorgeous eyes that pierce right through the camera and out of your screen. His scruffy beard suits him, as well as his mustache that curls adorably at the corners of his mouth. Speaking of his mouth, Charles has the CUTEST chipped front tooth. Thank the stars I ran across his sort of solo scene in “Cameraman POV” !!! So yeah, I’m crushing on this long haired, slim and scruffy stud, but it’s not just his looks. He honestly seems like a cool dude, oh and he really likes sucking dick.

We meet Charles in the living room where he is intent on watching some porn, not a word is spoken as he begins to fondle himself through his jeans and tee; acknowledging the camera with a wicked glance Charles removes his clothes down to his red boxer briefs. (He is just as tasty as I thought he would be, and surprisingly tattooless!) We get some good shots of this guy as he teases us from the sofa, but he’s not content just jerking off.

“Hey,come here.  C’come  here L’let me blow ya.” (That slight stutter… Swoon.)



“But I’m the camera guy?”

“You got a dick. You want it sucked.”


It’s a hot blow that gets Charles really into the mood. He slicks up his generously sized cock and strokes away on his raging hard-on. (At this point I’m already ready to blow a load, but I’ll edge with Charles until he’s ready.) The scene is burning up. Charles has this sexy curled lip expression that is driving me crazy while he fingers his furry hole. Sigh, he even smells his armpits (I can only imagine smothering my face in them, fucking hot.) total turn on.

*That is a beautiful cock.

*Yeah… you smell good don’t you…

*Yeah you do…

 Hungry for more the camera guy (Koloff) offers Charles his dick again so our horny pup can get another mouthful. He loves sucking cock, and sure enough milks out the directors load beautifully, drenching his mustache with salty sweet cum.

*Puppy was a bit cum hungry. 

After almost twenty minutes of jerking, cock sucking, and teasing, Charles finally unleashes an incredible explosion of ball juice all over his smooth torso. Woof!

Satiated, and dripping with cum, we bid farewell to our new crush. Woof!

P.S. Alternadudes, next time you see Charles send him my way. He can reach me here, on Twitter, @Otter_Holt, and on Facebook! He looks like a hell of a lot of fun, and an impressive bottom for this top.

Here readers, take a look at Charles in action in “Sinners And Saint” getting pounded by Saint Dillon! And remember to follow on Twitter @GayHotMoviescom And Alternadudes @Alternadudes.

-The Otter


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