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Bellboy, At Your Service…

Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

Eurocream Films’ “Bellboy, directed by Blacky Mendez, is a coming of age tale with a heavy dose of uncut English cock. Well written and filmed, this movie impresses and leaves your typical plot-driven porno in the dust. Many dick-flicks attempt what this film achieves. The story is surprisingly emotional without bringing you or your dick down. It has been crafted with thoughtful details and tasteful hardcore. With gorgeous twinks and a dash of muscle-boy, expect to be satisfied. Sit back, relax, and let the Bellboy be at your service.

We open with Kai Alexander and Kayden Gray making out and prepping for a top-secret tryst. I will explain, but let’s focus on the sex for a minute. Let me start by attempting to describe the near-perfection that is Kayden Gray; tall, pale, cocky, and handsome. He has a swimmers build; as in professional swimmer. One could spend an entire day tonguing  the ridges and valleys of this man’s body. Kayden also has a sizable, flawless, and hunger-inducing penis. Kai isn’t shabby either. He is twinky, adorable, and can take a dick like a champ. These two suck and fuck until Kai nuts on Kayden’s abs. Kayden then follows suit and busts on Kai’s eager ass. Kai ends the scene by suggesting that they have a threesome with Jake, Kayden’s boyfriend, which Kayden quickly dismisses. Jake (Jacob Daniels) returns home from work, having been fired, to discover the two dressing. The plot thickens.

After a sleepless night of thinking and planning, Jake sets out on his own. He is fed up with being cheated on and lied to. Jake is headed north to begin again and starts by becoming a bellboy for his step-brother. Upon his first day, Jake goes to do some housekeeping for a couple and finds himself in an unexpected threesome. The couple (Levi Stephans & Harley Jordan) coerce the vulnerable Jake into a hot and twinky ménage à trois. The three work each other’s dicks and Jake surely takes care of some pent up stress and negativity.

The three then go out to the local gay bar where Jake meets the cutie that is Jordan Jacobs. The two hit it off and kiss! Soon after, Jordan is seen kissing another guy and in the confusion of the drunken evening, they head home separately. Jordan heads home with his “friend” (Sky James) and Jake meanders home alone. This surely has left Mr. Daniels quite disappointed.

We then cut to what was made of Jordan’s evening, which was quite a look more than friendly. It seems that there are lots of benefits to being friends with Sky, like a nice deep-dicking. After blowing each other, Jordan bends over and receives Sky’s uncircumcised prick. Jordan’s heavy breathing is sexy as fuck. He comes onto his creamy skin and then is cum upon himself. Sky then say’s that he will miss Jordan, letting you know that the window of time for Jake to get to know him must be closing. Oh No!

Jake finally makes it back to the hotel. It is now morning and he is late for his shift. While doing some chores and housekeeping, he accidentally finds Robbie Turner wanking in the shower. Jake is briefly noticed, but then storms away, leaving us to enjoy the show. Robbie plays with his foreskin, ass, and nipples with his eyes closed for most of it. I am certain that this pretty boy has a lot to reminisce/fantasize about. He oozes his cum from beyond his foreskin, emerges from his ecstasy, and then begins to bathe again.

The tone is then changed when Jake receives a voicemail from his ex (Kayden). Kayden apologizes and once again says that nothing had happened with Kai. He also asks for Jake’s half of the rent. WTF. Jake ignores the message and at this point in the movie, you are cheering Jake on and want nothing but happiness for the poor chap. While walking down the boardwalk, Jakes stumbles up Jordan(cutie from the bar). They clear up any misunderstanding regarding the night they met and they kiss! The boys then go to Jordan’s place for a romp. The build up to this moment makes this scene super romantic. Jordan tops Jake; their intercourse is the stuff that twink-dreams are made of. A beautiful collision of bodies, minds, and hearts. It’s quite a sight to see, hear, and, I imagine, taste. Before there is any time to revel in the excitement of the moment, Jake notices a bus ticket on the nightstand. “I’ve been here way too long”, states Jordan. Tear.

 In the morning, Jake makes a call to his step-brother to thank him for his help and generosity. Then we see Jake approach a bus with Jordan waiting for him. OMG, I nearly cried. Haha. This film is spectacular. I can now say that I have seen a porno with good acting. Jacob Daniels has a very expressive face and his expressions read true. He should consider this to be a major achievement. The lesson to be learned from the film is to not give up on love. Also; don’t put up with bullshit, let the wind blow you where it shall, and always hope for the best. Life has its ups and downs. Over thinking things will only stunt your strides towards happiness. A distraction from the stresses of life can be quite healthy…Now go on and get hard at!

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