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Do You Have A Thing For Jheri Curled Mullet’s?

Friday, December 19th, 2014

I have a new/old crush, and his name is Paul Rapallo.

Or maybe I just want someone to tie up…

Do you have a thing for mullets? Fan of business in the front and a party in the back? Like a healthy growth of locks to warm your neck, but find a closer crop on top more sensible? Sometimes I do, maybe it’s the fact that I always thought all of the vampires in “The Lost Boys” were extremely hot, and when I saw this one I had to hold my breath in awe. Paul Rapallo has a gorgeous mullet; tightly Jheri curled locks with a high fade on the sides complete with frosted highlights, gasp. Now THAT is magic. In “Classics Vol. 24 – Part 1 Probation” from 1987 Paul Rapallo is the epitome of eighties surfer boy chic. With his muscled physique (I dare say I’m on the cusp of saying he looks skinny from certain angles) glowing California tan complete with a racy bikini line etched below his cum gutters, Paul looks the part of air head and willing sex slave. I am so glad I found this on

Tom “Ropes” McGurk pulls out all the stops for this naughty house boy. In five scenes the director pushes the envelope of slave exhibition through film, and when you’re renovating a house why wouldn’t you want your own personal handy man without the expense of a salary?

In scene one of “Classics Vol. 24 – Part 1 Probation” we find Paul stark naked in an empty room painting a lovely set of pocket doors, his nervous excitement radiates from his fit youthful body as he brushes some paint rather trepidatiously onto the doors. Not so fast boy, we’ve got other plans for you! His master shackles (these ones look nice, I wish I had them in my collection) the young man’s wrists to his ankles. Humiliated on the dusty floor, Paul shows no resistance to his owner’s verbal tongue lashings, his face contorted as his naked body is teased by his master.

Probably the hottest scene of the film is up next. Bound hand and foot to a wooden bed frame, his balls swollen, wrapped tightly, stretched away from his taint with a hemp rope, Paul is really shown at his best in this scene. Here we see every muscle of the young man on display, tensing, relaxing, and rippling as his tormentor takes his cock on a hand job from hell, edging the orgasm out of his slave. For thirteen minutes and thirty three seconds we have a perfect picture of how to reward your slave, although it should have been the last scene.

Now that was a scene…

Now that winter has tightened its frigid grip here in the north east, it’s nice to relax by an open fire. Seeing as how Paul has been working on the renovations of what appears to be quite a nice home, I really hope something gets done about the mantle in this room. Yes readers, you know me, a good interior is superior to a good shag. Just kidding. The following sequence is rather charming. Paul enters the room to tend the fire while his master lounges on the bed. Dressed only in a leather thong the obedient kept boy stokes the fire, massages his masters feet, spit polishes his masters boots, and is treated like a loyal puppy after a hard day’s work. He even snuggles up to his master affectionately.

Back to work! The interesting thing about this type of fetish film is that there are no orgasms, cum shots, or explicit sexual acts. Viewers get off on the act of dominating a man, and Paul Rapallo is the perfect guy for the job. Out in the garden Paul dons a pair of grey sweat pants (they’re quite fashionable actually I could totally see a hot dude rocking those on the street today… especially if he isn’t wearing any underwear… VPL… sigh…) shoveling away, I have no idea why he is digging nor do I care. The bright sun shines and caresses Paul’s golden skin while casting tantalizing shadows accentuating his exquisite form rippling with muscle. I could really use some help in my garden this spring. Is Paul available?

In the last scene we enter the dank dark basement, or garage? Whatever. Here Paul has been placed in irons again, around his ankles, because Cinderfella is hardly done her chores. Broom in hand he does a little sweeping before his master enters the picture to bind his wrists and strip him of his adorable sweat pants. After all he is a slave and his owner will do as he pleases. Mounting the Harley the pair ride off into the sunset, master in his tank top and jeans, slave in his leather thong.

This was not a typical post for me readers, I usually write about a lot more physical action, but to each his own, for fans of the master/slave genre I hope you take a look at this classic throwback. Paul Rapallo was a gorgeous hunk of a man who stars in over thirty three scenes on, and this is only a taste of what this stud was capable of. “Classics Vol. 24 – Part 1 Probation” shows off Paul’s perfectly sculpted physique as well as his affection for being used. I highly suggest watching this little gem of a film and it’s follow up “Classics Vol. 24 – Part 2 House Broken” also available on

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Catch ya later cum catchers!

-The Otter

Cock Sucking Saturday – Nut In Your Throat

Saturday, June 2nd, 2012

I received many positive comments about a scene I did last year when I came in the bearded guy’s throat. Guys love seeing my balls pull up and pump my um into hungry mouth. Scenes include: “Take that Cum!”, “you Like That Dicks? and “Nut Throat”.

Cock Sucking Saturday - Nut In Your Throat

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