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The Five Latest Updated Bio’s Are Here

Thursday, April 16th, 2015

It’s that time of the week again, yup you guessed it, update time! This week our selection of stars are the cats pajamas. Get to know these performers a little bit better by simply clicking their photo. We hope ya’ll enjoy, and remember to follow me (@Otter_Holt) and our contributors (@Simba_GHM @HairyBurgher) on Twitter. Now here they are, in alphabetical order of course!

Boyishly handsome Dean Flynn is hardly a boy, this sexy hunk packs a wallop in each and every performance. Don’t even get me started on that perfect chest of closely cropped fur.

View Dean Flynn‘s biography

The native Pennsylvanian with the watery blue eyes, Morgan Black is daddy perfection. The former state trooper broke a lot of hearts, and set plenty of loins ablaze whilst on duty I have no doubt!

View Morgan Black‘s biography.

Those dark eyes and commanding screen presence have skyrocketed Nick Moretti to fame. Powerfully built with a massive dick to match, fans have been swooning over this handsome specimen of manliness since he first appeared on screen.

View Nick Moretti‘s biography.

A quintessential bad boy, Peto Coast sizzles like a delicious piece of meat before our eyes ready to be hungrily devoured. Known for his stamina and virility, Peto’s the gritty boy next door you always wish you had.

View Peto Coast‘s biography.

There’s a lot more to kow about the former “Big Brother” star Steven Daigle, this real life rodeo cowboy encapsulates that blue-eyed All-American look that works so well in a tight flannel, busted Levi’s, and boots… Or completely bare-assed naked in the great outdoors.

View Steven Daigle‘s biography.

 So many men, so little time. Make sure to keep checking in as we continue updating our new advanced gay porn star biographies. We can’t get enough of these guys! Remember to follow the whole team on Twitter (@Otter_Holt, @Simba_GHM, @HairyBurgher, and @GayHotMoviescom) and on Tumblr!

Top 10 School Scenes!

Tuesday, March 31st, 2015


Who can forget those special times during junior high when we found ourselves crushing on a hot younger substitute teacher? Or all those class periods that were spent drooling over the hot guy that sat in front of us? And how can we forget all of the…experimenting…we did during freshman year of college? No matter what time we are flashing back to, one thing is the same for all: studying wasn’t the only thing on our minds during our educational years.

For my first list on the site, I thought I’d kick things off by looking back at some of the hottest and most unique scenes that take all of the scorching, cum-bursting action to the classroom! Whether it’s naughty trysts between students and teachers or the crazy fun that goes down during a policemen training session,  each of these XXX moments tells a different stories and gives a little taste of everything…men of all races, twinks, muscle men, men in uniform and much more! Enjoy!

Kemancheo, Day Day Rockafella, Bryan Burrell and Tyler TrentonBad Boy Detention: F Is For Fuck

Starting off with a bang, this hardcore foursome is action-packed from the moment it begins. What happens when three horny bad boys are left alone in detention?  They handle their business, with no hesitation! But what makes this scene even more notable is that when their teacher returns to the room to find these sexy, big-dicked Black twinks servicing each other in a wild threesome, he joins them!  If only detention was this much fun for the rest of us…

Alan Craft and Brant HobbsGamins de I’Internat

What makes this scene interesting is not only that is stars two hung European twinks that definitely know how to hold your attention. But it also takes us back into time, set in an earlier period than the rest of the list. When class is dismissed, watch these boys strip each other of their uniforms and get down and dirty, completely bareback, right on their desks!

Kirk Kelley, Chad Johnson and Ryan MichaelsMan Academy 2

Switching things up a bit from the normal classroom setting, this smoking hot threesome takes us to a military academy where a twinky cadet is punished for arriving to class late and being falsely framed for throwing a note at a classmate. Just as his handsome French teacher begins to reprimand him, the school’s president arrives and really lays down the law. After giving him a good spanking with a paddle, this student gets taught a lesson he won’t forget—and it involves two massive cocks, lots of fucking and messy explosions!

Marc Williams and Derek ReynoldsDressed for SeXes

Have you ever wondered what teachers are really up to when they’re all alone, once their students leave for the day? Well this scene from Dressed for SeXes definitely gives you an idea.  Smooth chiseled bodies, enormous hard dicks, tight muscled asses and a deep, hard fucking are brought to you nonstop in this explosive match-up, as two educators put down their lessons plans and give into their secret lust for each other!

Doc Roc and Lucca KillianSchoolboy Fantasies

If you’re coach was as ripped and sexy as Doc Roc, who could possibly resist a moment of temptation? After practice, a young jock joins his coach in the showers to wash off. But before they know, they’re getting dirty all over again when the student surrenders his tight hole to the older hunk right in the locker room! In addition to a steamy dick-down, this scene provides plenty of eye candy that makes it even more of a must-see.

Chulo, George-O and Lindo Rican Reform School

Everyone could use a little Latin seduction—and this classroom threesome delivers that and then some! This hunky teacher is struggling too and can’t seem to manage his raging hormones; his students don’t mind assisting him with some relief! Once he begins rubbing his thick bulge, it’s on like never before. Though they try to focus on the lesson, it doesn’t take long before they’re sucking, rimming and pounding one another in this sultry scene that will make you melt!


Gavin Burke and Eliot Higgins – Something Wild

For all you classic lovers, here is a little something that you won’t be able to turn away from. Unlike most of the other scenes on the list, this showdown happens in a dark library where two students are anxious to get a feel of each other. Things start off innocently as Gavin looks for some books to complete an assignment.  Eliot is more than willing to help, but with more than what Gavin came there for;  he wants a taste of his jizz-filled schlong. Not only is everything about this scene a pure taste of the 80s, it also features a raw, interracial flip-fuck that has quite a gloriously messy ending. Not to mention, Gavin and Eliot’s bodies are the definite cherry on top.

Rod Stevens, Fredy Costa and Julian VincenzoTitof and the College Boys

They may be students at a snobby and prestigious university, but these boys aren’t afraid to get loose.  Cramming in a late-night study session, two students are getting a little carried away in the study room. When a strict hall monitor catches them servicing each other, he doesn’t discipline them; he wants in. From there, the three European stunners take off their uniforms to reveal their perfect strapping physiques and work their big cocks out in a thrilling, attention-grabbing threesome that makes rule breaking look better than ever.

 Connor Levi and Lucius York – Chic Geek

What would a classroom-inspired list be without some love for the geeks? While they are notoriously known for being unpopular and all about the books, Connor Levi and Lucius York are proving that nerds know how to have fun too. While doing their work, the sexual tension grows between these sexy twinks who give into their urges and rip off their bowties and big-framed glasses and leave their boy-juices all over the room in this intense bareback fuck that represents for the geeks in a huge way!

Marcus Steele, Andrew Blue, Brandon Bangs, Steven Daigle, Dylan Roberts, Josh Logan and Davin JamesPolice Academy Gangbang

To close off our list, it’s only right to leave just as grand as we began—and this mouthwatering orgy does the trick. To start things off, one could be overwhelmed at the simple sight of how equally gorgeous all of these guys are. And then there’s the fact that they are all policemen in training which makes them even sexier. Lastly, they can’t keep their hands off of each other and end up in an explosive group fuck that steals the show. Initially, Dylan takes on throbbing cock after cock in a jaw-dropping gangbang but by the end of the scene, it turns into a full-blown orgy with dicks hammering holes all around the classroom! And it has the perfect ending, the scene closes with humongous creamy loads being shot all over the place.  If you live by the “more the merrier” motto, this is the right choice for you, as smooth muscled studs school each other on what real fucking is truly about.

And there we have it class, enough hardcore scenes that are sure to wear you out! After you put in some hard work with this list, make sure to follow us on Twitter for more blog updates!

– Simba

Top 5 “NSFW” Office Scenes

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

Anyone whom has ever worked in a formal office setting has surely had a work related fantasy. There is just something irresistible about a man in a button down shirt and tie. It’s a conservative look on even the baddest of boys, prompting you to crave what might very well be a mistake. Perhaps it is that they already look like they’re hiding something… besides their dick. There is an air of mystery under those clothes and within the mind of a white collar daddy. The sex appeal is elevated by the fact that it is obviously very naughty to have nasty thoughts in the most taboo of places and with the most inappropriate of people. All I know is that there is all that extra room under the desk for a reason; as well as blinds and a lock on the door. Seeing as you probably need your job and intend on keeping it, I have compiled a short list of obscene workplace scenes to help you BLOW off some cream… I mean steam. In no particular order, enjoy!

AlphaMales’ “Collared & Cuffed (scene 1), starring Aaron Steel and Adam Dacre.

This film borders on fetish porn. It has some light bondage and in this case it has Aaron Steel all tied up. The few plot points suggest that Adam Dacre must be an employee of Aarons. Upon returning to his boss’s office, he discovers Aaron bound to his leather office couch. The super-sexy Adam sees this as the perfect opportunity to get a taste of his colleague. His rims him roughly before mounting and anally-a**aulting his beautifully hairy a**. Aaron is flipped and, with his legs up, he gets beat off while simultaneously still getting nailed. Adam then puts his uncut, spent, and still wet cock back into his slacks and leaves without saying a word. The unspoken satisfaction of the situation overrides any possibly uncomfortable feelings. This has surely been a productive day at the office.

Alpha Males’ “Out in the Office (scene 5), starring Daniel Marvin, Pedro Andreas.

Daniel Marvin has worked up quite the hunger at work and decides to order a pizza. “I must have something tasty in my mouth tonight”, states Marvin’s voice-over. Upon the entrance of Pedro Andreas, he decides to spontaneously come out of the closet (in his mind) to enjoy “…the most delicious topping he could have wished for” These men (then real life boyfriends) begin to make out and loosen Daniel’s “big and tall” office gear. The Argentinean born, Daniel has bedroom eyes for his lover and this is not just another day at the office. These two have been practicing for this scene and it shows. They suck, they 69, and Pedro eats Daniel out in a way that has me thinking, and “When are the Olympics”? They then hastily flip fuck and blow their loads onto Daniel’s caramel colored eight-pack. I foresee a lot of pizza in Daniel’s future.

Hot House Video’s “Head Hunters Inc. (scene 4), starring Park Wiley, Tony Mecelli.

Park Wiley plays Kevin, an average Joe out of work and desperate to land the job. Tony Mecelli plays the boss-man and looks spectacular doing so. Its takes merely no time at all for Tony to accept a slutty offer from Park.  “…and if you’ve got a few minutes, I can take care of you”, says Park. And boy does he ever. After a very quick kiss, park drops to his knees to start servicing Tony’s humongous member.  Park sucks on that dick like it’s his last day on earth and gets it nice and stiff.  In a move that takes its cue straight from an actual fantasy, Park is immediately bent over and penetrated. There is clearly no time to prep that hole or even fully disrobe. Even the boxer shorts on Tony seem to be taken straight from the mind of a DL office freak.  Park stays in his blue shirt for the entirety of the scene, which gets very messy. Thankfully Tony gets in the buff and it is a sight for sore eyes …and whore eyes. This is an all around steamy and plausible scene. We will have to assume that Park got the job.

Lucas Entertainment’s “Gentlemen Vol. 1 – Men In Suits (scene 3), starring Arpad Miklos and Steven Daigle.

Gentlemen is a series that has many volumes. They are all ridiculously satisfying, but I chose a scene from Vol. 1 with Mr. Steven Daigle. The man has a naughty smile that can only have you thinking one thing. SEX. Lucky for you he’s thinking the same exact thing. He is paired with Arpad Miklos whom is kind of the ultimate daddy. He is muscular, hairy, verbal, and wearing suspenders while Steven is rocking some sock-garter’s; both of which I think are under appreciated. These two grunt and moan and spit. Their sex is somewhat savage in nature. Steven can almost not handle the deep dicking, but works through it like the professional that he is. He pulls a load out onto himself and Arpad follows suit. They kiss as Steven holds the eye contact that he clearly gets off on. Good work, gentlemen.

Cazzo Film’s “Desktops (scene 2), starring Nicolas Torri and Tim Kruger.

First let me say that this film is in German, but you clearly don’t need to speak it to love this scene. How could you not love something starring Tim Kruger? He has a dick of the gods. Said dick gets sucked from under the desk during a group meeting. Nicolas Torri comes off as a burglar whose only agenda is stealing Tim’s nut. I am totally confused as to whom he is supposed to be and I could care less. The meeting comes to an end and the mystery man (Nicolas) waits for Tim to return to give the pounding of a lifetime. Nicolas takes that giant man-meat hard and deep; it is extremely hot. His loving aggression is genuine and takes the scene beyond the average. It feels more real, therefore making it extra desirable. If there were a number one on this list…It would certainly be this scene. Tim deserves a raise.

All this office trade can be enjoyed at!


There’s more where that “came” from… follow @HairyBurgher 

Friday Fuck – Hard Hats Sharp Suits

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

Issac Jones leads an international cast of handsome, hung, muscular studs through two hours of smart dressed men and their burly, rough trade. From fireman Steven Daigle to builder Aitor Crash these, rough pieces of fuck operate on their most basic instincts. And under the suits of any elegant man the same insatiable, base desires are only a few buttons and zips away.

Friday Fuck - Hard Hats Sharp Suits

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