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The Otter & the jail bait.

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014

He is just one of the four stars of the latest installment of the “Sentenced & Punished” webseries “Jailed & Nailed” directed by Chi Chi LaRue and produced by and C1R, Ian Levine. The cute boy with eyes the color of an exotic ocean, tight, smooth body and bubble butt just aching to be filled with a thick rod of man meat has taken the time to answer a few questions that I had for him.


This young man really takes a slamming from the gorgeous Ty Roderick who couldn’t wait to ram his his pulsing organ of flesh deep into Ian’s puckered hole; all the while Manuel Rokko is shoving his slobbered up, uncut shaft of deliciousness down the poor kids throat! And this is all before Mike DeMarko even joins in! I must say it was pretty hot watching this boy getting fucked hard and good, and he’s just the right size for a 6’1” guy like me to pick up and fuck silly. He can really take a pounding so it’s no problem fantasizing roughing this cute little blonde up real good! It is an intense prison sex scene for the ages, not only is the cast great, but so is the action… These guys are just a locked up ball of cum and hormones. It’s dark, it’s sweaty, and it’s right HERE!


So let’s get to our star…


NAME: Ian Levine





YOUR D.O.B: November 22, 1993


YOUR ASTRO SIGN: Sagittarius







The Otter:  What was your adolescent experience like?

 Ian Levine: My adolescent experience was what most people would consider “rough”. I had one of those evil stepmothers and a dad who was never home and could care less. Plus I was pretty much outcast in school for reasons I don’t know because I had not “come out” yet. So no one knew I was gay.

The Otter: Do you have any irrational fears? Agoraphobia, the Olsen twins, choking while home alone, etc. (I personally dread the Callery Pear, or Pyrus calleryana… The tree smells like cum… and they’re about to bloom.)?

 Ian Levine: Umm.. Not exactly… Although I have a really big fear of heights. I have a really hard time going off a small diving board, so there’s no chance in hell anyone will ever get me sky diving or bungee jumping.

The Otter: Would you like a piece of ribbon candy?


Ian Levine: Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve heard of or seen ribbon candy… That would be tasty!


The Otter: Do you feel the need to masturbate considering your career?

 Ian Levin: All the time. When I am home I don’t hardly ever hook up or just have sex with anyone so when it wants attention, I just give it a rub. Even with my career I feel the need. It’s not quite enough for what my body wants.

The Otter: Are you a lefty or a righty when you masturbate?

 Ian Levine: I actually alternate hands. Which, I mean, is good cause you don’t want one arm growing bigger than the other, especially with how much I jerk off.


The Otter: Do you prefer spit or lube when masturbating or having sex?

 Ian Levine: Lube tends to work best during sexual activity. It just lasts longer than spit and you sure don’t want it dry. Ouch.


The Otter: What is your favorite Disney movie and which princess do you most relate too?

 Ian Levine: My favorite Disney movie is now Frozen! It has such an great story to it, mixed with that bit of comedy. But I don’t think I can really relate to any of the princesses…

The Otter: Are you a city boy, a suburb boy, or a country boy? What would be an ideal place for you to live?

 Ian Levine: I was raised in the country in Wyoming… But I hate country music and the country clothes. So, I’m a country boy turned city boy.


The Otter: It’s a wicked evening with heavy rain, lightning and thunder crashing. You find yourself confined to the indoors without a chance of getting out in this storm; you A) Build a fire and cozy up with a glass of scotch and a good book. B) Build a fire, grab your blankie and settle in for a night of horror flicks on the tube. C) Build a fire and spend the evening taking selfies to post online as you recline seductively on a bearskin rug?

 Ian Levine: Well I’m not too big of a fan of books, and I can’t watch horror movies… So C. I mean just the fire would be relaxing and I’m on my phone a lot already anyways… And my fans would definitely love to see me taking seductive selfies on a bear skin rug.

*Sleep tight tonight Ian….

The Otter: When did you become interested in working in the industry? How did you get started in the adult industry?

 Ian Levine: I was interested in the industry when I was 16… But at that time it was more of a fantasy. Never thought I’d actually be doing it now. I just applied online though.


The Otter: Would you consider yourself outgoing, modest, shy, confidant, douchebaggish, trustworthy, outspoken, kind, careful,reckless? Describe how you feel you present yourself to the world.

 Ian Levine: I would probably consider myself shy, modest, trustworthy, kind, and careful.


The Otter: Are you crushing on anyone currently?

 Ian Levine: I am! Hahaha!

Is it Zayn from 1D???


*Actually that would be Ricky Roman giving that dick a good sucking… TWINSIES!

The Otter: Do you have any hobbies? (I love hobbies, especially arts and crafts. What do you like? Puzzles, model airplanes, taxidermy, ant farms, lace making, quilting,gunsmithing?????)

 Ian Levine: My hobbies are listening to music and watching music. Music and film are my absolute favorite things.

*So you like musicals! Great, me too. I was thinking of this number from “White Christmas” the whole time I was in Miami.

The Otter: How are you planning on celebrating Arbor Day this year? (It falls on April 22nd, so if you have yet to make plans I suggest you make them soon!)


Ian Levine: I haven’t even thought about it yet… Haha. Arbor Day is usually just one of those holidays that just comes and then I do whatever comes up.

*Plant a tree, people. Plant a TREE!

The Otter: What are your future goals? (Career, education, travel, etc.)

 Ian Levine: I’m still trying to decide what career move I wanna make yet… But I do wanna travel a lot.


The Otter: Who was the first guy you were sexually attracted to? Did you do anything about it? Did you hook up with him?

 Ian Levine: The first guy I was attracted to was when I was a sophomore in high school and the guy was a senior on the swim team. I didn’t actually do anything about it cause I was really shy and didn’t want anyone to know.


The Otter: Favorite quote from the movie “Heathers”?

 Ian Levine: I actually have never seen the “Heathers”. Shame on me, I guess.

The Otter: What was your first job?

 Ian Levine: My first job was in high school. I worked for the school nurse as her office assistant and got paid for it.

The Otter: Which Golden Girl do you most relate to?


Ian Levine: I’ve been told that I’m more like Rose from the Golden Girls… And I think it’s probably because I have those times where I can be just a bit absent-minded.


The Otter: Favorite character (book, film, theater)?

 Ian Levine: My favorite book and film character would most definitely have to be Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games because she’s smart and feisty!

Ughhh, I HATE her…

 *Let’s watch her fall, shall we…

Tee hee…

One more…

The Otter: Describe the ideal man, what would the man representing your sexual ideal look and be like? (go ahead and get descriptive!)

 Ian Levine: I see my ideal man as fit with a handsome face. Maybe a couple tattoos… Italian guys are at the top of my list so I’d love if he was too. Plus I like a guy to have a good sense of humor, be humble and sweet, and to be honest and likes to have fun!

*I agree with you on the Italians Ian… How about Tony Capucci?


 *In my mouth, please…

The Otter: So I’m moving to a new house, I’m kind of thinking I want to give my bedroom a new look (right now it is pink, the new one is a nice, almost army green color that I think all of my gilded frames will look great on) however, I’m not really feeling the bedspread I’m using on the Federal style mahogany four poster. I’m thinking possibly an antique quilt in gold, or gold damask with a bullion fringe, or possibly a pale yellow candlewick bedspread with ball fringe? What do you think? (By the way the Drapes are heavy gold damask.)

 Ian Levine: Umm… I’m sorry, I don’t understand whatever language that is… Interior design is definitely not my thing. Haha.



I’m sorry, I’m going to need a moment…


The Otter: What is your favorite area of your body to work out on at the gym?

 Ian Levine: One shouldn’t pick favorites at the gym! That’s how people end up with big chests and sticks for legs.

The Otter: Having been raised, and now a recovering Roman Catholic, I am all too aware of having to kneel for extended periods of time. Considering you do too in your line of work, were you aware that there are portable kneeling pads available at the religious supply store? I feel like I should send some out to you guys as a way of giving back to the men I enjoy watching so much. Which color vinyl do you think would be popular?

 Ian Levine: Haha I had no idea! My favorite color is blue so I’d probably like that but probably just regular black or white would be best for the industry…


The Otter: Have you ever had sex on a staircase? Is there a specific staircase style or famous staircase you would prefer to have sex on?

 Ian Levine: I have not! I’m always worried that if I have sex in public I’ll get caught so I just don’t.

*How about the staircase at Twelve Oaks in GWTW? Let me tell you what?

I would lift my hoops for a great many fellows on those treads…

*So I guess we won’t be fucking at Home Depot anytime soon:(

The Otter: Did you hear about the circus fire?

 Ian Levine: Wait, what? No, I had no idea……

*My favorite joke:)

The Otter: You’ve been invited to a garden party, what do you bring as a hostess/host gift? (You better take a hostess/host gift, it’s just polite manners!) What would you wear?

“Well isn’t this better than a table? A girl hasn’t got but two sides to her a table.”

Ian Levine: Well if I knew the host/hostess I’d bring them something that I knew they’d like… And I would dress in something I was comfortable in but was also somewhat nice and classy.


* Everyone loves tea towels. At least I do. So bring me some nice vintage tea towels.

The Otter: Down feather, spring coil, or memory foam bed?(Preference.)

 Ian Levine: Memory foam bed for sure! It’s soooo comfortable!!!


The Otter: Would you like for me to have my clothes off, or do you want to tear them off of me?

 Ian Levine: The unveiling is one of the best parts! So I’d probably take them off.


The Otter: Do you prefer men cut or uncut?

Ian Levine: I don’t really have a preference. I just like nice, hot men.

 How about this guy??? He seems nice?

And hopefully uncut… YUM!

Well there you have it. The Otter’s interview with Ian Levine. I’m telling you, do not miss out on this cutie getting torn up by those massive cocks and treated like a tight warm hole to fuck and toss to the side. HOT. Lets get one more look at our star before we hit the road. Thanks again Ian, your a real sport! And don’t forget to follow me on Facebook and Twitter linked right here.


The Otter at

Sex In A Wheelbarrow You Say?

Wednesday, March 19th, 2014







Ya’ll know about those great ideas you come up with while downing your third (or was it sixth) pint of Kenzinger on a Sunday afternoon at your local? The ones that ALWAYS seem to be the most genius, Earth shattering, society-shifting, epic streams of consciousness ever filtered through your booze soaked mind? This is not that situation.

I have a standing date every Sunday, and it is my favorite date of the week. Never mind the dates I may have after work, or the mind numbing brunches on Saturday, even the successful ones that land other otters or muscle-bound cubs in jock straps in my holt. Nope, this is my Sunday date that occurs at 12:30-ish in the afternoon with my dear friend Lexi Lampre at our local. Oh we have fun. Between discussing our wildly successful careers (actually hers is very successful, whereas mine is… let’s say “blossoming”) and hittin the hooch, our conversations run the gamut from Audrey Hepburn to fist fucking. (Now THOSE are a couple words you don’t often read in the same sentence.)  Lexi and I have a great dynamic that I often find much more appealing than the Grindr-esque conversations I have with potential bedmates. From suburbia bashing to finding a vacuum that actually works (feel free to leave suggestions in the comments, Lexi has been on this search for YEARS!) the myriad of topics are endless. All the while Lexi’s great, big, towering, bear of Canadian ginger beardedness, husband (he’s real hot, believe me) shakes his head at our inane chatter before resuming his conversations with our other friends who are typically less-unhinged and perverted as we. I love that guy.

*This is the gloved hand of our guest writer… That’s all I can show…

One Sunday, no doubt a brutally cold one if that; cold enough that the act of smoking our cigarettes wasn’t even an enjoyable experience (I am so sick of this damn winter) Lexi and I were discussing my blogs, I’m pretty sure she’s my #1 fan, I asked her if she would like to write a review? Or maybe I texted, facebook messaged after the initial idea, or… Whatever, we’d been drinking, that’s not the point. The point is she was super excited to!

Most of my girl friends are not too into my cringe worthy work conversations, in fact I love throwing some interesting tid-bits to one of them because her face is so damn cute when she’s grossed out, Lexi is not one of them. Gay porn to Lexi makes perfect sense… “Why does a girl have to be in the scene?” much like Lesbian porn makes perfect sense to many straight men, so I am so excited that she was willing to write a guest a post, for free! What’s also interesting is that we will be getting a different perspective on our beloved man-on-man action, this time from a lady!

I set up Lexi with an account and offered some suggestions, she was very interested in a plot driven film and settled on “The Road Home” I hope you enjoy this review as much as I did, and check out the film on!

So here it is, “Wheelbarrow Sex” by our special guest Lexi Lampre’…


Okay ladies…two words…WHEELBARROW SEX! After watching The Road Home I headed straight to the local Home Depot where I tested out a few models. Well, by test out I mean for comfort. If I’m going to spend a good amount of time lying in one on my back with my legs dangling out the sides I want to make sure it’s comfy.


Although there were a few guys close at hand that I probably could have talked into taking it for a naked spin. Christ, I’m all wet and horny just thinking about it again. But I digress; let’s start at the beginning.


In this flick we follow along with a sexually confused orphan named Calvin as he searches for his birth parents. Does he find them? Well I won’t give that away, but I will tell you he does find several titillating, well-endowed men along his journey.  If six pack abs, powerful thighs, enormous perpetually hard cocks and work boots turn you on, then you’ll love The Road Home.

Calvin travels to the town of Hopeful (too obvious?) to get his hands on his adoption records. But not so fast Calvin. How bad do you want those records and what are you willing to do? Well apparently Calvin’s willing to get his cock sucked and his ass fucked by the baseball cap wearing county clerk. Calvin’s dick is so big our county clerk doesn’t even have to remove his hat to suck Calvin off. (Although isn’t it just good manners to take off your hat when you’re eating?)

Note to the ladies: When your sucking on your man’s cock and you pause to come up for air, try giving it a couple good slaps. Not too hard but enough to make it bounce.

Now one thing really strikes me when I watch gay porn. You rarely see the suckee take his partners head and shove it down on his cock. He has the patience to allow his partner to do his own thing in his own time. Why do straight men feel it necessary to force his dick down his female partner’s throat? Why I ask you, why? Maybe if you just let us do our thing and enjoy ourselves you get a blow job more than once a year on your birthday.

Now I don’t doubt that Calvin is confused, but he manages to push that aside and give it his all when he needs to. He seems to have no problems getting his cock sucked (can’t blame him there) and taking it up the ass by the county clerk (again, who could blame him).

Now I just about lost it when the two were having a sword fight with their cocks. There is something I will never get to partake in. The closest I could come would be to don a strap-on and…well, it’s just not the same thing is it? Two is definitely better than one.


And is there a more beautiful site than that of a man playing with his dick while another man is fucking him? Why yes Virginia there is. That would be watching the guy doing the fucking reach around and jerk his partner off. But this comes as no surprise because we ladies like that too.


Apparently the county clerk is pleased with this diversion from an otherwise dull day, because Calvin leaves the municipal building with his adoption papers. Score one for Calvin!

Now, just when you think things are getting a bit dull with a long walk through bum fuck nowhere an old beat up farm truck pulls over to give Calvin a ride. Now I’m thinking yeah baby, hot work boot sex. Will Calvin be up for it after his visit to the courthouse?

This truck scene reminds me of the vast difference between men and women. Neither Calvin nor the truck driver seems in the least bit embarrassed they are wearing the same outfits.

Like Kelly & Brenda’s prom dresses…

After a quick piss on the side of the road, Calvin is faced with a dilemma. His hot driver has decided, “they ain’t go’in no where until he gets off.”

What proceeds is one of the most unenthusiastic hand jobs I’ve ever seen. (Well there was that one time my date had a dick so tiny it wasn’t even worth lifting my skirt for. But he had bought dinner so I figured it was the least I could do.) It seems to do the job well enough for our driver though and they are soon back on the road again.


Calvin is dropped off at a farm house and while Calvin goes inside the driver and Calvin’s new cousin Bob head around back to their super secret hideout where “no stinkin girlz” are apparently allowed. Bob appears to find the driver quite attractive and gives him a much more enthusiastic blowjob.


Note for the ladies: Let’s show a bit more appreciation for the strain on your man’s thigh muscles when he’s getting his cock sucked. Especially if you’re particularly short or he’s very tall.


The driver returns the favor for Bob’s enthusiastic blowjob and is soon down on his very sensitive knees eating Bob’s ass. How do I know his knees are sensitive? Because he has spread his shirt out on the ground and is kneeling on it. But let’s not be all judgy…the guys got a great ass. An ass you get a great view of when he starts fucking Bob on a makeshift table made from sheet metal and garbage cans. I feel like I just can’t let my dislike for this driver not show. Don’t worry though…we’re almost done with him.


I’m also having a hard time watching this scene without getting a bit squeamish. Did I mention they were fucking on a makeshift rusty table? Well, I was seriously concerned for Bob’s dick flopping all about with each thrust, coming perilously close to that rusted table. I just desperately hope the actor was up to date on his tetanus shots.


Meanwhile Calvin is sitting at the kitchen table (because that’s what people on farms do) eating cake with his new auntie. He gets her to tell him about his parents. Short version is, dad was cool but his mama was wild. Daddy died of a broken heart and momma died in an accident. Everyone thought he was dead too which is how he ended up in an orphanage.

*It’s true, us farm folk do like to sit at the kitchen table.

Calvin is clearly sorting through some heavy emotions and goes to hang out on the swing in the backyard and watch two young overall clad men fishing down by the river. Clearly frustrated Calvin decides to mow the lawn and the farmer boys decide to hit the hay. Bales of hay in the barn that is.


Giggling high jinx ensue in the barn…the very same barn where Calvin goes to store the lawn mower. You can see it coming no?

Calvin secretly watches our farmer hotties sucking cock with unbridled zeal. But he’s caught when he makes a ridiculous amount of noise crashing to the floor…very subtle Calvin. Are our farm boys upset? Embarrassed? Of course not…this is porn! They invite Calvin to join them. Confused Calvin is hesitant at first but it doesn’t take him long to get the hang of things. About thirty seconds I’d say.


In no time farmer boy 1 and farmer boy 2 are going to town sucking Calvin’s cock and eating his ass. At this point every scene is getting more salacious than the previous. With this threesome you’ve got everything. Three men jerking off in unison. You’ve got farm boy 1 on his knees sucking Calvin and farm boy 2’s cocks. Sometimes separately, sometimes together.


This guy is so good at sucking cock I can’t help but think he could make a living at it.  Oh wait…never mind. He can deep throat both men (separately) without gagging and he never seems to get tired. How does he not get lockjaw?

And what does farm boy 1 get for all that hard work? He get’s to jerk off while sitting on a ladder while farm boy number 2 fucks Calvin. I mean really? Calvin is on his hands and knees doing nothing with his mouth other than moaning. Could farm boy number 1 not put is dick in there? What ever happened to pay it forward? Add insult to injury Calvin actually has the nerve to jerk off all over farm boy number 1’s overalls, which Calvin’s been kneeling on this whole time. You’d never get away with that shit with a woman, let me tell you.

*Oh Monica, remember her handbag line… Bless her heart. 

Feeling all penitent and confused by this latest bacchanal, Calvin heads to church to confess. He confesses his lust for men and sins of the flesh…”on several occasions.” The priest asks for details which he apparently enjoys very much. Poor Calvin, “are you with me father? Are you with me father?” Yes, father is very with you Calvin…he’s just shot a load all over his vestments.

Finding no peace at church Calvin returns to the farm where he finds a box of baby clothes and letters. His auntie decides it’s time Calvin knew the truth. Well I won’t give that away. But whoa…major plot twist. A twist that takes us on the road again.


On the road to another ranch with a shamelessly wanton overall clad (well they were clad in overalls at one point…just not so much in the scene) threesome. Hello Mr. Sinful in a cowboy hat! What I wouldn’t do to find myself climbing a ladder with him behind me. Me thinks that sexually confused Calvin is going to like this place quite a bit.

Mr. Sinful in a cowboy hat = Marcelo Reeves.

But how the hell does Mr. Sinful stay standing with two gorgeous men seeing to his every need? My legs would give out!


Tip for the ladies: Now here’s something I didn’t even know you could do. When you’re kneeling behind your man giving him a good rimming, pull his dick back through his thighs and suck him off that way. It gives you great access to his balls too!


So how many men does it take to fuck? Three. One to bend over the table, one to do the fucking and other one to sit next to them and say unhelpful things like “yeah, get in there, yeah fuck him with that big cock. Harder, harder.”

But again, I digress. In walks Calvin with a friendly “Hello, is this a bad time?” No Calvin, this is a great fucking time. Yay! Now everybody has a plus one.

I always thought that gay porn was hotter than straight porn because two hot men are better than one but let me tell you, three hot men isn’t bad either. Four hot men are fucking fantastic!


*The Otter’s choices for a fantasy 4some! YES PLEASE!!!

And the piece de resistance…WHEELBARROW SEX…why didn’t I think of that! I’m telling you, you have to give it a try. But you’ll need a man with some really strong arms to hang on to that wheelbarrow while he’s slamming that big meaty cock inside you.


Calvin seems much less confused now. Has he finally found his way home? Well, you’ll just have to watch and find out.


So there you have it! Lexi’s review of “The Road Home” I know I want to watch this one for sure after puling scene images… There is some hot action, hard bodies, and something else I love… A hot muscle ginger, Todd Gibbs! You can also check out Lexi Lampre‘s erotic stories at (her first exerpt is H-O-T!) coming this April.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this guest blog as much as I did. A big thanks to Lexi again, and dont forget to follow The Otter on Facebook at Otter At Gay Hotmovies and on Twitter at @Otter_Holt for great images and alerts from!

Let’s get one more look at that sexy ginger Todd Gibbs shall we…

-The Otter


If I were This Talented, You’re Damn Right I’d Film It!

Thursday, March 13th, 2014


My usual morning, dick pulling, spit slathered, hard stroking, cum drenched, find-me-the-towel, I had to Matrix that spurt, fuck I have to wash the sheets now, routine, features some furry, sweaty otter action on the screen; but as the sun rose on the horizon I surprised myself  by beating the bishop to something a little different for my taste… So I’m going to tell you about it.

The Otter’s review of “IAm The Self Sucker“.

The title say’s it all! Now before you get all Downton Abbey, Lady Mary, eye rolling, you-let-me-down Otter, hear me out. This film is FUCKING HOT!

I like to think that at one time or another every guy wonders what it would be like to suck his own dick. (At least I have, and yes, I’ve tried).  Wouldn’t you like to know how it feels as you slide your own tongue over that swollen piece, swirling your spit and pre-cum around the glands, tasting that salty eruption from deep within your balls? It’s a guys personal stash of never ending fun-times batter, and I think everyone should lick the spoon. Don’t you want to know what you taste like? Chef’s taste their product… So should you if you’re going to serve it to your partner, or first time “patron” of your personal groin level steakhouse. Just think of all the wonderful things your own hot wet mouth could do to yourself!

Derick Manx is really easy on the eyes, he’s kind of (no, actually) really nerdy. With his slim build, ridiculously hipster-styled, psuedo-mullet going on, and nice sized cock (although I usually prefer my men uncut… but whatev’s) Derick looks like the kind of boy I’d tie up to my bed-posts.







*Don’t let the “Nursing Home-Chic” look fool you. Some kinky shit happens in this room.

He starts out his solo in a cute lil pair of undies that I could’ve grabbed with my teeth and ripped off like the furious little river dweller I am, but I digress. Derick clearly enjoys spending time with himself, as evident by his self performed foreplay, and when he finally slips out of his cottons for the big reveal I was really starting to leak that preliminary man juice from my raging hard-on.

Sexy lil fucker. Furry man-pelt. Gorgeous cock, and ample balls.

Then came the self-service… Holy hell is this kid flexible! I was amazed at how well he could take his own cock. Watching Derick grin as he sucks, licks, and tickles his dick with his tongue is a beautiful and rarely seen display of pure talent; a real achievement and a feast for the eyes. That 26 year old, small town Missouri, ex-church going, cum guzzling, reciprocating fountain, really puts on one helluva show in this one! I couldn’t take my eyes off of him as he worked up a sweat, and a perfect flush of the face as he worked away at his own delicious shaft of fresh, pink, 20-something man meat.

Just look at that adorable face getting a mouthful 


But that’s not all, no that’s not all! Derick Manx isn’t just about using his mouth to get off… He busts out a toy! The recently discovered joys of bottoming have entered Derick’s life, and he gets A LOT of satisfaction from stretching out his pink starfish with a veiny dildo he’s got waiting. The little pup can’t control himself with all the attention he’s giving his loins, resulting in this…

An epic splashing of cum that would put a “Drench The Wench” and a “Pie In The Face” to shame. Every ribbon of searing hot spunk splatters across his face shooting into his open mouth in such a satisfying manner that I too lost my load at the same moment.

All I can say is, Holy Shit. That was awesome.

Don’t forget to watch the interview with Derick after his solo. Here you’ll get to know this guy a little bit better, and find out just how cute he really is… His description of his “Life Goal” to find another self sucker is AMAZING. Derick describes his fantasy of sucking himself off while partnering with another self sucker while sharing a double ended dildo… Now that would be a GREAT film!

I highly recommend checking out this flick, you will not be disappointed.

-The Otter

Oh, in case you were wondering about the “Matrix” reference…

*Matrix-ing: Moving your head very fast to avoid getting your load (or an other’s) in your eye. 

“Otter, Draw Me Like One Of Your French Boys.”

Wednesday, March 12th, 2014


It’s not every day I get to send out an interview to a star I am personally acquainted with, and it’s certainly not every day that I get to send out an interview to a star who had been naked in my living room before either! Now, before all those nasty (well, actually super hot fantasies of The Otter and Will Swagger getting it on) thoughts pop into your head, THAT is not what was going on. Nope.

Here’s a little story. I met Will a couple of years back during a sunny San Francisco afternoon on a patio. Of course I thought he was attractive, perhaps even a little mysterious; who was this blue, eyed stud with the cute smile and scruff? Turns out it didn’t take too long to find out. I cannot recall how it began, but I am sure glad it did. During our conversation I found out that Will Swagger is sweet as pie and a real charmer. He is very friendly, smart and an interesting fellow to boot. (As you may or may not know, besides writing about pornography, I’m also an artist) I asked him if he had ever done any modeling, turns out he was just starting his career in the gay adult industry, so I asked him if he might be interested in sitting for me sometime, AND he agreed!

*Side Note: Will, I am really sorry I never got around to using those studies. I have looked high and low for them, when I do find them I am going to clean them up, contact you directly, and make sure you get an original after I’ve scanned them!   

Let. Me. Tell. You. There is nothing like having a handsome man, such as Mr. Swagger, lounging in the buff on the fantastic mid-century sofa, you now miss so much, in your living room. In all seriousness, this was a professional favor from Will and I greatly appreciated it. So, between my sketching and soap operas, I got to know Will a little bit better, and now so will you!

Not knowing if he would remember someone such as myself, I sent Will a Facebook message regarding a more formal interview. To my surprise he remembered me! I told you he was peach, so here we go… Let’s get to know Will Swagger a little better!



NAME: Will Swagger





YOUR D.O.B: 10/25

SWEET OR SAVORY: Scorpio – I can be both.


(BMI) BODY MASS INDEX: 24 – damn near perfect.

SHOE SIZE: 42, between 8-9






The Otter: Where did you grow up?

Will Swagger: Northern California, rice and orchard country.  Where the boys are boys and the men are men.


The Otter: What was your adolescent experience like where you grew up? Were you a popular boy in high school, were you a nerd, were you a 90 lb. weakling, etc.? Are there any funny/embarrassing/proud moments you would like to share from this period of your life?

Will Swagger: Mostly a don’t ask, don’t tell childhood.  I had friends in all facets of life, and still do.  Mostly hung with the cool alternative crowd.  We were smart, funny, and made our own rules.  I almost got caught fucking the Mormon boy behind the couch – that’s the day I learned about shoving the bottom’s face in a pillow when they moan. 


The Otter: Do you have any irrational fears? Agoraphobia, Calista Flockhart, drowning in a bowl of soup while home alone, etc.?

Will Swagger: I think I’m out of shape, even though I know I’m hot.  And I’m not convinced the human race isn’t being secretly run by Evil Platypuses that live in Outer Space.  You can’t prove it isn’t.

 *I have evidence here that supports your theory, made available to me via NASA. (ATTENTION READERS, SOME MAY FIND THIS VISUAL DISTURBING. PARENTAL DISCRETION IS ADVISED.)

The Otter: What is your favorite Disney movie and which princess do you most relate too?

Will Swagger: My favorite Disney movies are the Black Cauldron, and Bambi – no princesses, but Bambi’s father is smoking hot!!!

“Your dad’s a total DILF!”

The Otter:  Do you keep house plants, if so do you give them names, and do you talk to them?

Will Swagger: I name most things, even people.  My bike is Max, he’s a red specialized mountain bike.  Oddly, I don’t name houseplants.  I do curse them when they try to die on me though.

“Don’t die on me NOW fucker!”

The Otter: Would you spend the night alone in an infamously haunted location if you knew that there would be an insanely good brunch followed by an all nude pool party and swanky gift bags full of top notch shit given away the following day?

Will Swagger: I’d likely move in, and keep the hottest guys from the pool party as housemates with benefits.

GREAT! Because this is the house you’ll be staying in! Needs a little work, but I envision it being quite lovely.

The Mudhouse Mansion. Lancaster, Ohio

The Otter: What is your preferred time of day to have sex or masturbate?

Will Swagger: When I’m awake – though occasionally I wake up with a hard on, and my hand down there.

The Otter: Do you feel the need to masturbate considering your career?

Will Swagger: It’s fun, though I prefer sex with someone over sex alone though.

The Otter: Are you a lefty or a righty when you masturbate?

Will Swagger: I use whatever hand is free at the time.  My right, my left, someone else’s, a hot bottom…

*Perhaps one of those Mormon Bottoms with their face in a pillow? Photo Courtesy of Mormon’s Secret.

The Otter: Do you prefer spit or lube when masturbating or having sex?

Will Swagger: I’m not a great spit generator by nature, so I’ve grown to love  Lube – everything from gun oil types, to 9×6, Swiss Navy, and my favorite – Elbow Grease.

*Shop for Gun Oil, 9X6, Swiss Navy, and Elbow Grease.


The Otter: When did you become interested in working in the industry? How did you get started in the adult industry?

Will Swagger: Originally interested in my 20’s but the guys I was dating steered me away (though turns out they both had done it).  Then I started dating someone a while back who was already in, and the rest is history being made.

The Otter: Would you consider yourself outgoing, modest, shy, confidant, douchebaggish, trustworthy, outspoken, kind, careful, reckless? Describe how you feel you present yourself to the world.

Will Swagger: I’m a wild card.  I relate to different people differently.  Generally people seem to like me, but there are  a number of queens who don’t – I have no problem calling people out on their shit as it happens…and that sometimes creates friction….like when I step on your foot accidentally while playing pool in a crowded bar while you’re blocking the shot and have a drink on the table and wearing espadrilles and somehow you think I’m in the wrong…no

The Otter: If time travel was possible, where would you go? (You cannot choose the future because it hasn’t happened yet and there is the possibility you may have to stay put wherever you travel to… So answer wisely.)

Will Swagger: Easy – I’d go back to my first day of School and do things a little differently – assuming I get to retain full knowledge of my life and start over.  Otherwise, I’d go back to a certain night on the dance floor in about 1995 and ask some hot little hunk out who was all over me at the time.

The Otter:  Are you crushing on anyone currently? If so, would you pass them a note in study hall or approach them? (This will tell our readers A LOT about you.)

Will Swagger: Notes Suck.  You either approach the guy directly or say not now and hope he approaches you, those are your only options.

The Otter: Do you have any hobbies? (Scherenschnitte, gardening, taxidermy, cooking, sports, painting, woodworking, cobbling shoes, etc.)

Will Swagger: I’ve had lots of hobbies over the years.  Right now I’m in a hobby lull – but if someone want’s to suggest we do something new…


Paper Mache!!!!!!

The Otter:  Is there anyone in the industry who inspires you, past or present?

Will Swagger: Spencer Reed – he’s pretty hot in person and on screen, and when he eats his lunch.  Honestly, I’m not usually the kind of person who get’s “inspired” , and I usually test negative for hippie though I do like them.  What I do get is curious and then I like to try things out that peak my curiosity.  I’d have to say Dirk Caber is someone who triggers my curiosity – sweet guy, hot, fun to work with and fun in real life.

I would gladly make lunch for either of these strikingly handsome men any day. And just so you know Spencer Reed and Dirk Caber; I make one hell of a sandwich, if you know what I mean… TEA SANDWICHES THAT IS!

The Otter: What are your future goals? (Career, education, travel, etc.)

Will Swagger: I’m almost accepted into my master program – would love to finish that in Psychology, then maybe a Doctorate down the road.  In the mean time, and for the next five years travelling and playing with men all over the world is tops on my list.

The Otter: Do you have pets? We want to know all about them if you do!

Will Swagger: I have a pet bear, Allenbear, you know him as Allen Silver– I take very good care of him and make sure he’s the happiest little bear out there.

The Otter: Name three people you would love to have lunch with? (Living, dead, famous, infamous, unknown…)

Will Swagger: Gah – the dreaded famous people question – this always changes for me, but right now it would be:  Lord Byron cause he stayed to fight for Greek independence , Kurt Cobain, for the same reason, and Jim Morrison for the same reason – and cause I think we’d all get along in bed together.

The Otter: Who was the first guy you were sexually attracted to? Did you do anything about it? Did you hook up with him?

Will Swagger: The first guy I was sexually attracted to was Johnny Bench, I was like five and he played for the Dodgers and no, despite my letter to him we did not hook up.  Damn.

The Otter: How do you feel about 1920’s and 30’s floral wallpapers? (I’m redecorating my living room in a depression era style and could use as many opinions on this matter as possible. Also, should I go Deco or Federal Revival? Or do you think I should go a whole different route and do post war Colonial, not unlike the interiors chosen by Muriel Blandings [played by the incomparable Myrna Loy] in the 1948 film “Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream Home”?)

Will Swagger: Ummm…yeah,  I’d stay away from both those an go with the current zen green style.  Always been a fan of natural materials, and it’s easier to attach slings to places with exposed timbers.

*Yeaaaaah…. I’m a little too high strung for zen, a sling on the otherhand… 

The Otter: What was your first job? Did you learn any valuable lessons or tools that you have brought with you into your current career?

Will Swagger: My first job was selling fireworks for the Boy Scouts – I rocked the fireworks and I learned that a lot of successful selling is having a good product.

The Otter: Do HD televisions bother you? (Case in point, I was watching “Jane Eyre” [starring Charlotte Gainsbourg and William Hurt] the other evening and thought everything was flat, as if the entire film was now in focus, similar to live television in the 1950’s and 60’s. I feel it dilutes what the director had purposefully focused on to purvey their vision.) Thoughts?

Will Swagger: Agreed on that – HD is weird, we don’t see naturally in HD and most things loose something in the translation.  And the zooming in on shit is weird – not everything looks good super close up (read Gulliver’s Travels and you’ll know what I’m talking about).

The Otter: Favorite character (book, film or theater)?

Will Swagger: Hector from the remake of Troy – he was fucking hot, took care of his family, knew what to do., and did the right thing.…they should have put him in charge.


*Let’s just look at him again, shall we?

The Otter: Are you a fan of gay porn from the 1970’s? Do you have a favorite star from that “Golden Age” of gay adult film?

Will Swagger: I don’t have favorite, but love 70’s porn – it was, and remains some of the best:  guys having sex without a lot of to-do.

The Otter: Describe the ideal man, what would the man representing your sexual ideal look and be like? (go ahead and get descriptive!)

Will Swagger: I believe there are multiple answers to this question since there are multiple archetypes out there, my two favorite types are:

Stud Charming: (The love child of Tom of Finland and Prince Charming.)  A tall, hung, cut, quiet Germanic tree of a man.  A mostly top who knows what he wants and protects it.  Likes to have his guy in tow – and his guy is the type who solves problems, the brains to his brawn.  Been looking for him my whole life.

Guy Friday: (Sort of an uber-Robin without the lame suit and whose smarter than Batman).  He actually is me, I like me, and I’m definitely my type.


The Otter: You’ve been invited to a dinner party, what do you bring as a hostess/host gift? (You better take a hostess/host gift, it’s just polite manners!)

Will Swagger: I’m big on plants, flowers, board games, and alcohol.  Which one depends on the makeup of the party.

The Otter: How do you feel about earlobes? (Attached, gauged, pierced, untouched, nibble/don’t nibble, etc…)

Will Swagger: I like to nibble, on a lot of things. Earlobes included.

The Otter: Would you like to come over and play Parcheesi sometime? Or Candy Land?

Will Swagger: Don’t know Parcheesi – bring it on!

The Otter: Do you prefer men cut or uncut?

Will Swagger: I prefer cut – though there are some uncut dicks out there that are super yummy.  The problem I’ve had with the uncuts is that they tend to be sensitive on the tip and I can get a little rough.

So now you know a little bit more about the talented and handsome Will Swagger! He’s a great guy, a pleasure to be acquainted with, and FUN to watch! Thank you Will, once again for being a sport, I hope to run into you the next time I’m out your way… Maybe we can pick up a game of pool… I’ll wear my espadrilles!

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Here’s one more look at Will Swagger before I sign off… so handsome, *sigh*.

-The Otter


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