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Business In The Front, Porno In The Back

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

Oh yeah, you bet I rocked one back in the early 90’s, perhaps you did too? Or perhaps you wear your hair in a mullet now? To me the mullet is fascinating. They’re kind of like a beard on the back of your head. This incredible hairstyle was the epitome of fashion for an all too brief period of time yet still resonates today as a symbol of many things. The Corey’s wore them, as did one of my all time favorite actors, Patrick Swayze. They’re synonymous with trailer trash, 80’s rock, and lesbians; you decide if these are good or bad things, I’m not juding. If anyone has the confidence to strut their stuff whilst the wind gently caresses those treasured locks, you go gurl. More power to ya! Add some a sick tramlines, fade, or even some beads to that luscious mane and the world will stand in awe of you. I salute those who carry the torch high and bright, for without them the audacious mullet (like an extinct creature) might only be a memory.

But why did the mullet even exist? Was it a real life Cinderella tale for hair, how necessity is indeed the mother of invention? Were people’s necks really that cold? No matter how the style came about I sure am glad it did. For what would gay porn be without it? Any porn for that matter!

So here is MY top list for Tuesday April 7th 2015… The Otter’s top ten mullets.

10. Peter Wilder gets WILD without mussing his manicured tresses in “Pay To Play 2” from Vivid Man.


9. This unidentified cum whore with a sleek and smooth style that has me ready to shoot a load down his greedy gullet in 3rd World Video’s “Chain Of Command – Uncensored”.


8. There are so many to choose from in Vivid Man’s “Hot Summer Knights” I could hardly choose! So here is double the pleasure with Andrew Michaels and friend!



7. Here’s a mouthful “Dirk Yates Private Amateur Collection Volume 22” from All Worlds Video packs a punch, and some great do’s. Let’s pull out the old VHS camcorder and have Jean here put on a show.


6. It was hard deciding if I liked Jean more than Bill, but when it came down to it, I just have a feeling Bill smells like the fine combination of cigarette smoke, motor oil, and stale beer. It was a tough choice but you you should see Bill in “Workin’ Men Videos #2” from Workin’ Men Videos.


5. Don’t let that face fool you, Angel Spheres’ is a naughty punk who wants to show you how he unloads his spunk in “Rocker Sex 2” from Alternadudes.



4. I had to get this guy on my list. Blake McDonald’s neck curled neck fringe is getting me in the mood for all sorts of things that would make your sluttiest best friend blush. Watch him in action in “Bullet Videopac 12: Black Bullet” from Bijou Classics.


3. Andrew James Jr. might be a nasty boy in Lucas Entertainment’s “Piss Slut’s” but that still wouldn’t stop me from grabbing hold of that pup’s filthy coiffure and fucking him like a rag doll.


2. Fran’s positively adorable piggy tail in’s “Bear Camp”. C’mon, just look at how fucking cute he is! Woof!


1.Erick Travis’ glorious golden mane in Renegade’s “Breakthrough” or as I am now calling it “Breakthrough To My Heart”! This 6 ft. tall muscle bound cowboy’s Rapunzel-esque locks are breathtaking. This is a must watch, if not only for the hair, the sets, or the sex, you have to witness Travis’ performance as the narrator!

However, my all time favorite mullet has to be Jane Child’s. Seriously it was amazeballs, go watch the video for her classic hit “I Don’t Want To Fall In Love” and bask in the glow of its utter gorgeousness.

That was quite the list, I hope you enjoyed it, and get your cock over to to witness the glory.

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Catch ya later cum catchers,

-The Otter

No It’s Not A Film By John Hughes

Wednesday, March 4th, 2015

Wakey wakey, eggs and bac-ey!

The opening of “Boys Town” is like a John Hughes movie it’s that great, a montage of guys replacing The Brat Pack of the eighties. This is no Molly Ringwald compilation, but it sure is sexy. Of course I had to review this classic from 1986, it’s just too amazing not to! Here on we have the twentieth anniversary edition of “Boys Town” digitally re-mastered for your viewing pleasure.

With an interlacing set of characters all starting their day it’s not hard to imagine what’s up this fine morning. I’m especially in love with what looks like a satin edge blanket (not unlike the retro one with a pink cabbage rose pattern on my bed) only the one covering Hans Reger muscular body is made of some sheer fabric, possibly chiffon? Although I could review “Boys Town” in its entirety, I’m going to review the first scene; you’re just going to have to see how incredible it is in its entirety yourself.

I chose this scene because…

A)     It’s the first scene.

B)      It’s set in a florist shop!

C)      The color of the set is too good to be true.

In the opening credits we met Chase Turner, frustrated and blowjobless in his bed, and Case Harden fluffing his hair ready to face the day. It’s just another morning, but just like every other morning, you never know what’ll happen.

Case runs Fluers Du Jour (for those of you who don’t speak French it means flowers of the day) in West Hollywood. As usual the paperboy tosses the morning news in front of the store, that’s when the usual turns unusual…

Chase is about to pass by the shop when inspiration strikes. Perhaps he’ll pick up something for “the old lady” who isn’t feeling well. Turns out Case has just about the “most vibrant passionate flower anywhere in town” available. That’s right, the innuendo is real, Case apparently has the most irresistible ass in the city and it is just right for passion seeking Chase. They really do use the word “passion” a lot before they start getting it on.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate this shop. That color is quite lovely, the tiny sconces on the back wall so diminutive, and let’s not forget about those precious pink daisies and is that? It is! Baby’s breath!

Well it looks like Chase has found the passion he’s looking for! These guys don’t even bother closing up shop before releasing their passion. They strip down to get a good look at each other, my oh my Chase’s fat dick is delectable! Case is soon gobbling it down like the greedy cum whore he is.

First cum shot of the scene!

Talk about stamina, Chase isn’t even finished yet, man needs some heat and another hole. (C’mon, Case did say he had the most vibrant and passionate flower in town.) Let the bareback fucking of yore commence!

Chase effortlessly guides himself into Case’s puckered hole after fingering him for a minute; I still can’t believe the door to the shop is wide open, then again so is Case’s hole. The pair screw doggy style for a short time until Case gets on top and rides Chase until he cums. The cum shots in “Boys Town” are breathtaking I must say. After unloading and dismounting Case helps Chase blow yet another sticky, thick, creamy batch of baby batter that coats his fat cock in a glorious glaze of salty sweet spunk.

That was a hot hook up, but Chase now has to chase down a bus to make it to work… I don’t think his foreman is going to be too happy with him…

So there you have it, a great classic worth a watch. I’ll leave you to discover the rest of “Boys Town” from Catalina and directed by Scott Masters also starring such stars as Tony Bravo,Michael Ram, Hans Reger, Nick Edwards, Jesse Koehler, Rod Phillips, Tony Lanza, Marc Bennett, and Shaun Peters. Oh, and by the way, almost every scene has multiple cum shots!

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Catch ya later cum catchers,

The Otter

Wally, Why Were You Never My Neighbor?

Friday, February 27th, 2015

I guess I must be in decorating mood this week because I have just been picking all the best little details out of the films here on Today I knew what I wanted to write about, and that it was going to be a classic. Perusing through the vast library of films I came across a film I hadn’t written about. “Hayride” is a fantastic film altogether, but there is one scene that I really want to share with you.

Solo masturbation scenes have been filmed since the advent of moving pictures. Today we still have great solos with both amateur and professional stars which are a more polished, the lighting might be better, the models perfectly tanned and claiming to be straight; the list goes on, but let’s take a step back in time.

How, you might be asking yourself, is this relevant to what I am going to write about? The scene I am going to review is a solo, and it has an amazing set.

Pink has to be one of my all time favorite colors, and gorgeous men are probably my all time favorite thing in the world. In the final scene of “Hayride” I get BOTH! Here is how the “The Handyman” is described.

“Wally, a young stud built like a brick shithouse, accepts an offer from his neighbor to paint a spare bedroom. After a few strokes on the walls, blue eyed Wally gets down to a different kind of another sort of whitewash!”

C’mon, look at this room. What a shade of pink! It’s just bubble gum enough, light enough not to be overwhelming, and is the perfect complement to the glossy woodwork and honey colored pine floors. This looks like a room I would feel totally at home in and look at that vintage bed, it’s gorgeous with that sweet little decal and spidles. Fine, I’ll get on with it, but not before saying I really wish they weren’t painting it white.

It is true what they say, this guy is built! And since he looks like he has been plucked from the pages of “Physique Pictoral” I am already a fan. Wally is that “all American boy” neighbor I wish I had had growing up next door. Unfortunately for me I grew up on a plantation with nary a neighbor for at least a mile. Needless to say I didn’t have a cute guy mowing his lawn shirtless, or a window to sneak peeks into after he just got out of the shower; or masturbating.  This guy is perfection. With bulging muscles, perfect skin, the lightest dusting of fur on his legs, and a beautiful bush, Wally epitomizes the stereotypical crush, and the director of this short scene really conveys this through the lens.

Instead of going on and on, I will simply show you.

Wally really shows off for the camera, you can tell he really likes his perfectly trained body. He strokes his pecs and stomach, admires his biceps all the while stroking his dick with gusto. This guy knows how to pleasure himself, and he does it well. Palm gripped tightly around his insanely beautiful organ he thrusts his hips into it while fondling his ample balls at the same time.

Once again we get a shot through the window lending the scene a voyeuristic quality that really enhances the fantasy.

This really gives us a good detail of that adorable bed in the room! Look at these lovely spindles, so delicate compared to Wally’s thick man meat.


Here is the only odd shot from above. Then again, it does give us a nice shot of those warm and cozy hardwood floor.

And fucking the mattress has never looked so good. Look at that bubble butt.

Now, here is the best part of this scene, and it is more than I expected! Wally shoots one of the most impressive loads I have ever seen. He just keeps milking his slicked up cock… Just see for yourself.

Told you!

So you see classic films are just as hot as the newest releases. Now go check out the rest of “Hayride” from Falcon Studios. I wish I knew if Wally was ever in any other films, or any hardcore scenes? The Otter can dream. Now remember to follow me here, on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr!

Catch ya later cum catchers!

The Otter

He’s Got A Lot Of Aliases, But This BIG Dicked Top Can Call Himself Whatever He Wants!

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

So The Otter has a new co-worker sharing his cubicle. I remember my first few months getting to know the stars on my screen whilst editing away the day; for instance my fellow scruff covered mate has discovered Tommy Stelli, aka Oliver Strelly, aka Olivier Gourrin. I knew exactly who he was talking about. How could I not? Just seeing Tommy’s massive uncut schlong sends shivers down my spine, and in ALL the right ways! Don’t get me wrong, if I met anyone with a cock like that I’d definitely put it in my mouth, but it ain’t going inside of my ass. I do love watching Tommy destroy some twink holes though because he does it so well. The faces on those poor boys are exquisite agony. Sometimes I don’t know how he gets it all in? As for the fucking, it’s pretty GD incredible. Tommy/Oliver/Olivier pounds away at his toys (I say toys because he just uses these guys holes) with a passion you don’t always see everyday.

On the looks scale Tommy’s not too bad on the eyes, at first I wasn’t sure how I felt about him, but like my dick when I watch him he’s been growing on me. He’s not typically handsome; he’s got that kind of Eastern European bad boy expression that is certainly a turn on. He’s body is great too, not too bulky, not too thin, and then there’s his cock of which we’ve already touched on. So if you haven’t witnessed Tommy Stelli here’s a taste. Enjoy…


So you’ve got the idea, he’s fucking hot. But what is that massive, gorgeous, thick, raw, uncut cock capable of? I never thought you’d ask. Take a look at what this gift to the world of porn does to greedy little bottoms. It’s truly remarkable…

Ok, after looking at these images I will admit that if I had the chance, and the time to prep, I might just let Tommy Stelli fuck me. Maybe? As for newbie over here, he’d take that monster like a pro! Go on and check out Tommy’s films here on, and don’t forget to Follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Get the tissues, you’re gonna need em!

Catch ya later cum catchers!

The Otter


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