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Wally, Why Were You Never My Neighbor?

Friday, February 27th, 2015

I guess I must be in decorating mood this week because I have just been picking all the best little details out of the films here on Today I knew what I wanted to write about, and that it was going to be a classic. Perusing through the vast library of films I came across a film I hadn’t written about. “Hayride” is a fantastic film altogether, but there is one scene that I really want to share with you.

Solo masturbation scenes have been filmed since the advent of moving pictures. Today we still have great solos with both amateur and professional stars which are a more polished, the lighting might be better, the models perfectly tanned and claiming to be straight; the list goes on, but let’s take a step back in time.

How, you might be asking yourself, is this relevant to what I am going to write about? The scene I am going to review is a solo, and it has an amazing set.

Pink has to be one of my all time favorite colors, and gorgeous men are probably my all time favorite thing in the world. In the final scene of “Hayride” I get BOTH! Here is how the “The Handyman” is described.

“Wally, a young stud built like a brick shithouse, accepts an offer from his neighbor to paint a spare bedroom. After a few strokes on the walls, blue eyed Wally gets down to a different kind of another sort of whitewash!”

C’mon, look at this room. What a shade of pink! It’s just bubble gum enough, light enough not to be overwhelming, and is the perfect complement to the glossy woodwork and honey colored pine floors. This looks like a room I would feel totally at home in and look at that vintage bed, it’s gorgeous with that sweet little decal and spidles. Fine, I’ll get on with it, but not before saying I really wish they weren’t painting it white.

It is true what they say, this guy is built! And since he looks like he has been plucked from the pages of “Physique Pictoral” I am already a fan. Wally is that “all American boy” neighbor I wish I had had growing up next door. Unfortunately for me I grew up on a plantation with nary a neighbor for at least a mile. Needless to say I didn’t have a cute guy mowing his lawn shirtless, or a window to sneak peeks into after he just got out of the shower; or masturbating.  This guy is perfection. With bulging muscles, perfect skin, the lightest dusting of fur on his legs, and a beautiful bush, Wally epitomizes the stereotypical crush, and the director of this short scene really conveys this through the lens.

Instead of going on and on, I will simply show you.

Wally really shows off for the camera, you can tell he really likes his perfectly trained body. He strokes his pecs and stomach, admires his biceps all the while stroking his dick with gusto. This guy knows how to pleasure himself, and he does it well. Palm gripped tightly around his insanely beautiful organ he thrusts his hips into it while fondling his ample balls at the same time.

Once again we get a shot through the window lending the scene a voyeuristic quality that really enhances the fantasy.

This really gives us a good detail of that adorable bed in the room! Look at these lovely spindles, so delicate compared to Wally’s thick man meat.


Here is the only odd shot from above. Then again, it does give us a nice shot of those warm and cozy hardwood floor.

And fucking the mattress has never looked so good. Look at that bubble butt.

Now, here is the best part of this scene, and it is more than I expected! Wally shoots one of the most impressive loads I have ever seen. He just keeps milking his slicked up cock… Just see for yourself.

Told you!

So you see classic films are just as hot as the newest releases. Now go check out the rest of “Hayride” from Falcon Studios. I wish I knew if Wally was ever in any other films, or any hardcore scenes? The Otter can dream. Now remember to follow me here, on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr!

Catch ya later cum catchers!

The Otter

He’s Got A Lot Of Aliases, But This BIG Dicked Top Can Call Himself Whatever He Wants!

Wednesday, February 18th, 2015

So The Otter has a new co-worker sharing his cubicle. I remember my first few months getting to know the stars on my screen whilst editing away the day; for instance my fellow scruff covered mate has discovered Tommy Stelli, aka Oliver Strelly, aka Olivier Gourrin. I knew exactly who he was talking about. How could I not? Just seeing Tommy’s massive uncut schlong sends shivers down my spine, and in ALL the right ways! Don’t get me wrong, if I met anyone with a cock like that I’d definitely put it in my mouth, but it ain’t going inside of my ass. I do love watching Tommy destroy some twink holes though because he does it so well. The faces on those poor boys are exquisite agony. Sometimes I don’t know how he gets it all in? As for the fucking, it’s pretty GD incredible. Tommy/Oliver/Olivier pounds away at his toys (I say toys because he just uses these guys holes) with a passion you don’t always see everyday.

On the looks scale Tommy’s not too bad on the eyes, at first I wasn’t sure how I felt about him, but like my dick when I watch him he’s been growing on me. He’s not typically handsome; he’s got that kind of Eastern European bad boy expression that is certainly a turn on. He’s body is great too, not too bulky, not too thin, and then there’s his cock of which we’ve already touched on. So if you haven’t witnessed Tommy Stelli here’s a taste. Enjoy…


So you’ve got the idea, he’s fucking hot. But what is that massive, gorgeous, thick, raw, uncut cock capable of? I never thought you’d ask. Take a look at what this gift to the world of porn does to greedy little bottoms. It’s truly remarkable…

Ok, after looking at these images I will admit that if I had the chance, and the time to prep, I might just let Tommy Stelli fuck me. Maybe? As for newbie over here, he’d take that monster like a pro! Go on and check out Tommy’s films here on, and don’t forget to Follow me on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Get the tissues, you’re gonna need em!

Catch ya later cum catchers!

The Otter

Be My Valentine

Friday, February 13th, 2015

For Valentine’s day this year the staff of has submitted a selection of our favorite stars (55 although we could have added  so many more). They’re single, eligible bachelors; well as far as we know they are, one can’t be 100 percent sure. So who made the list? To be fair I’m going to put them in alphabetical order… They’re all  stunningly handsome, incredible performers, and definitely make our jobs so much easier. So here we go, the guys “55 Valentine’s” complete with commentary.

*Also, by clicking their image you will be directed to all their films on, and by clicking their name you can follow them on Twitter!


Alexander Gustavo

“Those eyes and that body, swoon…”

Alexx Desley

“He’s a bad boy with a wicked look in his eyes. Dangerously sexy.”

Antonio Paul

“He’s like that guy you see playing a game of pick up who takes off his shirt causing an instant erection.”

Asher Hawk

“That face, that adorable smile, and a twinkle in his eye that will crush you before he begs you to top him! And he looks like you could introduce him to your parents.”

Brad Kalvo

“Hello daddy. Two words… Take me.”

Bravo Delta

“You can never really quite tell what Bravo is up to, but he’s definitely up to no good.”

Braxton Bond

“He’s a bottom every top dreams about.”

Buster Sly

“Smooth, muscled, handsome… Bust one on my face Buster!”

Caleb Strong

“Those glasses. You’re mother never warned you about this guy.”

Christian Wilde

“There is nothing more I want in me right now.”


Colby Keller

“His mind makes me want to cum on his beard.”

Connor Maguire

“There’s something about watching him pick up his scene partner and pound away that is utterly indescribable. And he’s a ginger. I die.”

Dale Cooper

“He can have his way with my Laura Palmer any time he wants.”


Darius Ferdynand

“All of him! Topping or bottoming… I don’t care, Darius is perfection.”

Dean Brody

“That beard! He’s a sweetheart in real life, and he looks a lot like Al Parker. Do I have to say more?”

Derek Parker

“WOOF! This is a beast of a man!”

Diego Thompson

“He is fiiiiiiiine. Mmm hmm. Love me some Diego.”

Dillon Rossi

“Hung, Handsome, and he’s a country boy. Just look at those puppy dog eyes. Does he need a forever home?”

Dusty Williams

“Lovin the fur.”

Edji Da Silva

“Just look at him.”

Edu Boxer

“The things I would let this man do to me.”

Gabriel Clark

“One word. GORGEOUS!”

Hunter Vance

“That ass. Hunter has what looks to be a delicious ass. I want to bury my face in it.”

Jake Bass

“C’mon, it’s Jake Bass.”

Jasper Robinson

“Long and lean, just the way I like my boys, they always have the biggest dicks, and he can TOP!”

Jesse Santana

“How does he keep getting hotter?”

Jessy Karson

“I love a filthy pig.”

Jordano Santoro

“Always found him sexy, then I met him, now he’s sexier…”

JP Dubois

“He reminds of that boy in class you always wanted to hook up with, and if you did it would’ve been awesome.”


JP Richards

“A recent discovery of mine. JP looks like a good time. Wink.”

Landon Conrad

“He just won his XBiz award, and we all know why. Look at him! LOOK AT HIM!”

Levi Karter

“Oh my god he just looks like the best little spoon.”

Liam Harkmoore

“I’ve got a thing for blue eyes, blonde hair, and Liam.”

Ludo Sander

“Luscious Ludo.”

Luke Desmond

“I love how he looks like such a nice boy, and then he’ll pour wax all over you while he’s got you tied up in a basement.”

Mario Torrez

“Who didn’t have a crush on the football hero? Mario is the guy in all locker room fantasies.”

Mateo Stanford

“Mateo is a stud. He’s a man.”

Matt Stevens

“His hard exterior is equally sexy as his personality. Woof!”

Mickey Taylor

“I think it’s his lips? They’re perfectly pouty. I like his Tattoos too.”

Nick Cross

“Anyone would lift their embargo for a chance with this Cuban stud.”

Peto Coast

“He’s sooo dirty! I love it! I like the faces he makes when he’s screwing people.”

Rich Kelly

“His beard. It’s all about his beard. Trimmed, wild, it’s just… Sigh.”

Ricky Roman


Rocco Steele

“Rocco’s got this whole nerd, monster cock, daddy thing about him that intrigues me.”

Ryan Raz

“Raz is the perfect Twock. He’d be a good cool down after practice. I don’t even know if that makes sense?”

Sam Bishop

“C’mon, Sam even looks good with his clothes on. And he’s grown into quite a man.”


Sebastian Riverpol

“Sebastian looks like fun, also mysterious. Oh, and I love his tight little body, it’s perfect.”

Seth Roberts

“He looks great with his glasses on. What? I have a thing for glasses.”

Stany Falcone

“Stany was a professional football (soccer) player. I think I made my point.”

Tommy Deluca

“An impressive 10×7 deserves a place here.”

Tony Bishop

“Tony is the boy next door, the one who mows your lawn and lets you fuck him in return.”

Trey Turner

“Trey can be romantic, passionate, and then pretty damn kinky. I like.”

Ty Roderick

“I think Ty Roderick is my spirit animal.”

Tyson Tyler

“I wonder if he got his name from Tyson Beckford, they have a strikingly similar look, but Tyson Tyler takes the cake.”

Willam Boyd

“Talk about beautiful both inside and out, this Canadian cutie is a heart breaker.”

So there you have it, our “55 Valentine’s” for you from us here at Now go log in and get a load off! Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr for more great smut and news.

Catch ya later cum catchers,

The Otter

Joshua X Can Be My Bottom Boyfriend Any Day

Monday, December 15th, 2014

“Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends” episode 4 is now live on Starring Joshua X and Denis Reed, this latest installment of the exclusive series directed by Richard Holmes for heats up the screen in raw fucking action you do NOT want to miss… If you haven’t yet witnessed the incredible performer Joshua X, you’ve no idea what you are missing. He’s a dark haired muscle jock with a penchant for bottoming, and he does it so well you’ll no doubt be creaming your pants before you know you were about to blow your load. Bottoms like Josh are a wonder to watch on the screen, as long as they are paired with an equally impressive top. With over one hundred and fifty films on, Denis Reed is a great match for such a ferocious partner like Joshua. With his long, thick, uncut cock, Denis provides the right tool for the job…

We meet the duo for a short interview in the kitchen with director Doug Flynn. In a mix of Czech and English we get a chance to meet Joshua X and Denis Reed. Interestingly enough Joshua had lived in Baltimore for six months. He also tells us about his love of American culture and muscle cars (Mustangs). You’ll notice Josh is also built like a Mustang and eats a lot of protein to maintain his massive physique along with hitting the gym four times a week. His one weakness (besides cock) might just be strawberry dumplings which he only indulges in on Saturdays. Denis on the other hand loves svickova (creamed beef, hell yeah. I’m down Denis) and steers away from the sweets department on account of the fattening empty calories…

*Strawberry Dumplings*

Turns out these guys have seen each other around Prague before, so they’re not at all inhibited when it comes to starting the scene. It’s up to the bedroom for these two!

But these bedtime boyfriends won’t even finish climbing the stairs… They’re too horny, so screw the bed, do it on the landing! I must say, this is quite a nice set of treads and risers; all wood, polished, clean lines, almost Shaker-esque/Arts and Crafts.

We all know my penchant for dark haired studs, and Joshua X is a prime example of the kind of guy I’d drop my pants for. He’s got a handsome face, strong jaw, wicked eyes, and his body; let’s just say this guy (who is most likely in his 30’s) has a great physique, rippled with muscle, thick, and energetic. He’s solid, with a tight bubble butt, and a fantastic hooded cock. I could go on and on about this stud, but You’ll just have to see him to believe me.

Denis is quite the looker too! Again we have another fine example of the male form; hard bodied, smooth, firm of cock, and full of rigor, Denis continues to pound his way across the screen to our delight. He’s a fine match for Joshua’s insatiable appetite for dick.

Getting down to it is no issue for these two able bodied, red blooded studs. Worshipping one and others bodies between passionate kisses, Denis and Joshua devour each other aggressively and hungrily. Joshua starts off sucking Denis’s massive dick, but being polite he goes down on Joshua with gusto! Wrapping his lips around Josh’s meat Denis begins tantalizing his conquest; sucking and licking move around back for a generous rimming. Denis gets the hole he’s about to plunder slick with spit before pushing his fingers up inside of Joshua.

Watching Denis work his digits in and out, prepping that hole, is a just a taste of the penetration to come. Wrapping his hand around his girthy tool of destruction, Denis guides his raw missile directly home into its target; and what a target, Joshua’s pink pucker is twitching for a filling!

Bent over, clutching to the railing, Josh gets railed by Denis. Camera angles from above really do put this pair on display. Smooth, rock hard bodies rippling with solid muscle, writhe, push, and pull into each other in a sweaty mass of flesh and pure raw masculinity.

The pounding continues as Denis gets Joshua onto his back right there on the landing. Continuing to fill Josh’s tight man hole, Denis loses none of his enthusiasm. One can only imagine being inside of Joshua. His scruffy face contorts in exquisite agony and ecstasy, as his ass is plundered by the pirate Denis, but the next move might have you surprised.

During the scene thus far, one might expect Denis to have taken the upper hand when it comes to the action, but alas, Joshua X is about to surprise us when he takes the lead of bossy bottom!

Joshua takes the lead, straddling Denis right there putting on a spectacular show of bottoming at its finest, using Denis’s fuck stick for his own pleasure before emptying his balls of their glorious liquid heat!

Now for Denis.

Getting up from the landing where he had just been ridden like a wild stallion by Joshua, Denis aims his bazooka at Joshua’s greedy mouth blasting his open face hole with a creamy load of spunk that the eager bottom pup laps up with zeal!

Talk about WOOF!

You can watch this incredibly hot flick on as well as the rest of the “Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends” episodes from Bohemia Studios directed by Richard Holmes, an epic series available here only! Don’t forget to follow me here, on Twitter, Facebook and now Tumblr!

Catch ya later cum catchers,

-The Otter


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