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Celebrating Bastille Day With Five Fine Frenchies!

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

As you may know, today, July 14th, is Bastille Day. This day commemorates the beginning of the French Revolution with the Storming of the Bastille on the 14th of July in 1789, and the unity of the French people at the Fête de la Fédération on the 14th of July in 1790. This holiday, celebrated by French folk worldwide, is a celebration to symbolize peace for the people of France.  What better reason to appreciate the freedom that they share to love and create pornography, right?! Porn is big business in France and is a growing economy in various forms from magazines to TV broadcasting. French born and bred, these stallions are here for your pleasure. I have listed a scene for each to help you enjoy this day with a bang or at least some sexy solo sessions, today or any day you like! They will surely have you saying “Oui, Oui!” In no particular order…

1. Francois Sagat is a French model, fashion enthusiast, and porn personality who has appeared in gay and bisexual pornographic movies. He is best known for his rugged muscularity, exotic looks, and scalp tattoo. Sagat was born to French parents in Cognac, in the south-west of France. Sagat moved to Paris at the age of eighteen, where he currently lives today.

Here is a taste of his notable work:

TitanMen’s Folsom Leather with Brendan Davies and Rick Van Sant

2. Will Helm is best known for being a Frenchman with a perfect physique and being quite the formidable top. He is also known for being the Lucas Entertainment “IT” boy for quite some time. Will was a go-go dancer before diving headfirst into the industry. He currently resides in Paris. 

This scene should surely get you started:

 Lucas Entertainment’s Men In Love with Damien Crosse

3. Ludovic Canot has lived in Paris since the age of seven and spent much of his childhood in the south of France. Toned, trimmed, and handsome, Ludovic is known for being a ferocious bottom, proving himself over and over again in each and every one of his scenes. His known penchant for suit sex got him into Lucas Entertainment, but he has worked for many other studios.

Don’t miss this cutie sharing his booty:’s Tough Love with Andrew Blue

4. Brice Farmer has a model’s face, beautiful eyes, is naturally smooth, and is insatiably horny. Brice knew he would always be a big name in porn. Brice has been in the industry for about ten years and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. This open minded boy is down for whatever. Brice also lives in Paris. 

He works hard for the money:

Lucas Entertainment’s Paris Playboys with Jay Roberts

5. Ever since his industry breakthrough in 2010, Aymeric Deville has wowed porn fans across the globe with his masculine sex appeal, hard-as-a-rock chiseled physique, and genuine love of wild, hardcore sex. His start was kicked off by an offer to star in a film that was being shot at a club that he bartended for. Though born in France, Aymeric currently lives in San Francisco. 

This man sure can take it:

TitanMen’s Sweat Equity with Ethan Hudson and Frank Phillip

So as you can see, France has been exporting good dick, ass, and otherwise since the Storming of the Bastille. I guess we can thank the revolutionaries for what they did for the people of France so many years ago. These five fellas are hot, horny, and do not hesitate when the camera starts rolling and thank god. So, celebrate as you wish today, but I’d recommend starting by watching Francois Sagat getting his bottom stormed! Now go on and get hard at!

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Five FTM Stars We Can’t Get Enough Of!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

With buzz still lingering around Caitlyn Jenner’s triumphant cover of Vanity Fair, this year’s celebration of National LGBT Pride Month has already been one to remember. As we continue to wave our rainbow flags with no apologies, this week’s top list keeps things going with a countdown that features some of the sexiest transmen to have ever graced the world of gay porn. With each bringing something unique to the table, these barrier-breaking guys embody what pride is all about—the freedom to let go and own every single aspect of who you are! And along with this comes some serious jizz-bursting action that makes it all even sweeter. Indulge in this homage to some of a group of FTM stars that you need to know!

 Buck Angel

Now, how could we possibly start off the list with anyone but Buck Angel? If it were not for some of the monumental accomplishments that the iconic performer has achieved, this list may not even be possible. While FTM models have long existed in porn, Buck is credited for being the first to penetrate the mainstream with achievements that include: being the first transman to be cast in an all-male production by a gay porn company (2005’s Cirque Noir by TitanMen); in 2007, he became the first FTM star to receive the AVN Award for “Transsexual of the Year”; five years later, he earned a Feminist Porn Award for his critically-acclaimed series, Sexing the Transman XXX. And while these moments certainly do not encapsulate all of his victories in adult entertainment, Buck also soared outside of the industry, as an activist, educator, and businessman.

But in addition of the incredible legacy that Buck has created, it’s not the only reason that he headlines our list. With just one glance of Buck Angel, there is no denying that he is insanely hot—the thick mustache, the deliciously ripped physique, the killer tattoos. To put it simply, he and the camera are a match made in heaven. And for that reason, it’s not exactly difficult to wonder why Buck has been rocking worlds for more than a decade. But through his work that has brought millions pleasure and enjoyment, his influence has been much grander. Defeating stereotypes, exposing many to an under-recognized part of the LGBT community and opening major doors for trans stars that would come after him, the mark that Buck Angel has left is simply unforgettable.

Screenshots from (top to bottom): Cirque Noir, Buck Angel’s Ultimate Fucking Club 2 – Tattooed and Screwed, Buckback Mountain, Even More Bang for Your Buck

 James Darling

In recent years, James Darling has risen to the high ranks of popularity in the realm of gay porn. Like Buck, James has used his success as a launching pad for bigger ventures. He has branched out to directing and launched, the first-ever paid subscription website that specializes in FTM porn. Though the brand that he has built is definitely worth praise, his work as a XXX model is one of the main reasons that he has found himself on our list. Almost everything about James grabs your attention—not only is he handsome and charming, but he is always a pleasure to watch when he’s in action. Never afraid to take a good pounding, James surely knows how to take a nice serving of rock-hard cock, making any scene that he is featured in one that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Screenshots from (top to bottom): Rough Trade, Gender Benders 2, Heavenly Spire Volume 1, Gender Benders, Buck Angel’s Sexing the Transman XXX

Van Diesel

In the first volume of his Man with a Pussy series, Van Diesel starts things off with a very personal introduction that sets the tone for the entire film. He explains about his rough East Coast upbringing (accentuated by a hard accent if you pay close enough attention) and opens up about his struggles with discovering his true gender identity. “I’m a bad boy and this is my story,” he proclaims, rising from his seat. From there, he takes off his shirt to proudly reveal his inked up body. “This is the body I was born with, this is the body I’m making my movies with. I’m going to show what a true FTM can do on film,” he finishes and prepares us for the ride. And trust me, that’s just what a Van Diesel scene is. This spoken portion of the film embodies the boldly confident, tough guy persona that bounces off of Van Diesel at every moment. His aggressive and powerful dominance with his co-stars is what makes him an automatic standout.

 Screenshots from Man with a Pussy Volume 1 and 2

Cyd St. Vincent

One of the most enjoyable aspects of a Cyd St. Vincent scene is that when he is on screen, it’s almost as if the cameras aren’t even there—his enjoyment of the moment seems absolutely sincere. And it’s that type of energy that makes the intensity of the fuck truly come alive for the viewer. As if that wasn’t enough, his piercings and tats give him a distinctive sex appeal that makes him even more of a noteworthy star. And not only is he easy on the eyes, his mind is just as engaging, exemplified through his work as a writer and HIV counselor. Clearly, when it comes to Cyd St. Vincent, there’s much to appreciate.

 Screenshots from (top to bottom): Gender Benders 2, Heavenly Spire Volume 1, Crash Pad Series Episode 51: Cyd and James Darling

Dex Hardlove

With his jet black hair and badass swag, it’s no question why Dex Hardlove drives the boys crazy. If you like things on the rougher side, Dex is exactly what you’re looking for…it isn’t rare to find him indulging in some hardcore anal play and pounding as a power-top in his movies. This sexy mofo always knows how to please and perform….when Dex Hardlove in the picture, there is simply never a dull moment. And much like the other actors on the list, Dex is quite the Renaissance man, working as a nurse, health educator, and advocate to queer youth. Respect!

Screenshots from Couch Surfers 2 – Trans Men In Action and Cubbyholes

And there you have it, guys! I’m sure you all are more than hot and bothered by now…enjoy! Continue to celebrate LGBT Pride with us by following us on Twitter for our latest updates!

– Simba

How To Choose? A List Of Hot Summer Scenes To Kick Off Memorial Day Weekend!

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015

Summer is by far this otter’s favorite time of the year. Once the temperatures soar it’s time to strip off the clothes and enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer. The best part of this sultry season: the sex. I can still remember reading the summer sex tips in my older sister’s Cosmopolitan as a horny young teen, reading all about the ways you can please your man in the heat and humidity of a lazy summer afternoon. Let’s just say it might just have been that very article that turned me into the outdoor fornicator I am today.

Monday turns out to be Memorial day, the unofficial start of the summer season (yes I say unofficial because summer technically doesn’t start until June 21st) so I’ve compiled a list of top scenes to inspire you as the days grow hotter and longer. I seriously do not know how I am going to narrow this down to just five, or even 10, there are just so many amazing films to choose from in’s library.

Pound Me Raw 2: Scene 4

Oh Man! Studios’ sweaty bareback beach sex scene between Junior Bastos and Kaike gets me going in all the right ways.

12 Noeuds: Scene 3

Istvan Foki and Serge Istavan take a sexy cruise down river in another muscle filled Clair Production.

The Best Of Bruno Volume 1: Scene 3

Beefy Bruno and Will Seagers share a sun kissed tryst in this Bijou Classic.

Cousins: Scene 2

Matt Ramsey may have screwed his cousin the night before for the first time, and after one taste develops a new appetite pizza boy Scott Roberts delivers poolside from Catalina.

Boy Country: Scene 1

I applaud Bobby Clark and David West for going at it in a 10 ft. aluminum fishing boat in the wide open. Buckshot Productions rocks the boat, literally, I would have fallen out of that like Fraulein Maria in the Do-Rae-Me number from The Sound Of Music.

Take That: Scene 1

C’mon! They go fishing and it’s adorable. Max Ryder and Dillon Rossi make the most of a gorgeous location and each other in this jewel directed by Jake Jaxson.

Double Barrel: Scene 4

Couldn’t leave a good camping trip off the list (NOT “glamping”) Max Schutler is a lucky guy; who wouldn’t want to be used by Dirk Jager deep in the woods? This is a great scene from TitanMen.

Fuck Yeah Levi Karter: Scene 3

When you witness Connor Maguire pick up Levi Karter and fuck him, you’ll see what I’m talking about and why COCKYBOYS is so amazing.

Cruisin’ Fuck Forest: Scene 4

Fan of abandoned buildings? Me too. Othello and Manu Perronash pull out all the stops in this Jalif Studio fuck fest.

Tasty Tayte: Scene 1

Dillon Rossi gets plowed on a hammock by Tayte Hanson, by far my favorite for level of skill directed by Jake Jaxson.

There are so many more films I would like to mention in this post, but I just haven’t the time. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend perverts and make sure to log on to for more summer inspiration!

Remember to follow me on Twitter and Tumblr too.

Catch ya later cum catchers

-The Otter

I’m Gonna Go Fuck My Boyfriend Now.

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

It’s all new and only available here on “Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends” is an all new web series directed by Richard Holmes exclusively for is going to be a real treat as the webisodes progress. We all know there is no better place in the world than the Czech Republic for producing the hottest men willing to have the hottest, rawest, and raunchiest bareback fucking on camera. They’re muscled, uncut, versatile, and enthusiastic about fucking other incredibly sexy guys from all over the Eastern European region; so it makes sense that Richard Holmes has set himself up in the center of it all, the gorgeous city of Prague.

Prague is definitely the metropolitan place these exquisite examples of the male form want to be. The hustle, the bustle, and the opportunities that abound lure them to this free thinking mecca in the heart of Europe. In the very first installment of “Bohemia Bareback Bedroom Boyfriends” we’ll meet Petr Kolousek, and someone you just might recognize, Tomas Skala (we’ll get to that in a minute).

In the brief interview with Richard at the beginning we get to meet the two performers of this episode. Petr Kolousek is is a friendly looking blonde with a naturally athletic build who hails from just a “stones throw” from Prague. He likes to have fun and try new experiences, but is not the biggest fan of the gym we learn. That’s ok though, because if you’re looking for some serious Czech beef, Tomas Skala is sitting right next to him on the couch. Perhaps you might recognize him, how could you not, Tomas has also worked under several aliases including Tomm, Tomm Black, Erik Haas, Eric Tomfor, and Thomas Riedel for studio’s such as William Higgins, TitanMen, and Male Reality to name a few. He’s a hulk of man, towering over his co stars at six foot two inches of solid muscle. From the small city of Prostejov in the Jihomoravsky region of the Czech Republic and has been living in Prague for just about a year.

Enough with the talking, let’s get to the action!

The pair begin with some intimate kissing and make out on the couch before moving to the bathroom where they strip out of the rest of their clothes and step into the shower. Here we get a nice long glimpse of both guys; Petr’s slim muscled body contrasts nicely against Tomas’s massive proportions as they soap each other down. I think you’ll guess who is going to be bottoming once they scrubbing down, because Tomas really pays special attention to Petr’s puckered hole, lathering it up and really making sure that boy is nice and clean for his already rigid and pulsing uncut rod.

A quick rinse and they’re off to the bedroom. Here Tomas eases Petr onto the bed to give his gorgeous dick with it’s beautiful hood of flesh a cock sucking to remember. Tomas goes down on Petr, throwing the boy into an sexually blissful state while demostrating his masterful oral skills.

Not long after all that cock and ball attention Petr decides he needs a taste of Tomas for himself. The huge brute of a man concedes to the request and presents his ample ass to Petr. (I must say I chuckled momentarily because of the obvious difference in their sizes. Tomas has a massive, meaty, and muscular ass that for a moment looks as if it could swallow Petr whole!) However, Petr is a greedy little fucker and really gets into his partners furry little hole, teasing it with his own flickering tongue; and yet its not enough. Tomas soon turns to face the boy allowing Petr to take his perfect dick into his mouth.

Now it’s Petr’s turn for a good, deep, and dangerously hot rimming from Tomas. Petr is pretty much owning up to my standards of bottom behavior in this scene because he is LOVING every second of Tomas’s wet mouth and tongue pummeling his hole. All smiles and backwards thrusts PLUS a rock hard cock all the while? Yeah, this guy needs to get filled up by some cock, and I’m pretty sure Tomas is just the guy to give it to him.


Soon enough that moment we’ve all been waiting for arrives; Tomas teases Petr’s puckered pink starfish for a mere moment before sliding his heavy duty tool into the boys quivering cock hungry pit of pleasure.

The couple fucks gloriously in the missionary position, fueling each other’s desires with passionate interludes of kissing, injected with great shots of Tomas’s prick slipping in and out of Petr’s bottom showcasing the boys foreskin as he strokes his perma-hard dick with every pump of Tomas’s hips.

Now it’s time for a flip. Petr expertly guides himself, or I should say, guides Tomas into his hot and hungry hole while straddling the ox of a man. He rides as well as lets Tomas thrust deeper into him, groaning in pleasure with every mile of this sexual race to the finish.

Finally Petr slides off his steed and releases a sticky mess allover Tomas’s neatly trimmed beard and face.

However, it’s Tomas’s impressive load of thick cream that steals the show, stubbornly sticking to Petr’s smooth upper lip… (Although in my opinion, I would have preferred to have seen all that spunk fucked back into Petr’s hungry boy hole. But that’s just me…)

Now that was a hot flick.

So that’s about it, “Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends Episode 1” is available now for your viewing and masturbatory pleasure on Don’t miss out on this sexy new series, available here only! Make sure to follow my furry ass on Twitter @Otter_Holt, on Facebook, and now on Tumblr! Alright, I’m off to go fuck my boy toy’s ass raw.

Check ya later cum catchers!

– The Otter










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