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Vintage Throwback – Tricking

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

The original press release from 1984 described “Tricking” as, “Taking it as it comes! This gang of turned-on young studs are always ready to go at it … anywhere and everywhere, from the alley to the streets and even at work! … Let these young studs teach you a few new tricks!”

Vintage Throwback - Tricking

Everyone has an idea of what a “trick” looks like, or maybe they don’t? In today’s world having that quickie with a complete stranger is just a thumb swipe away… In some ways it’s kind of sad, what happened to the hunt? What happened to the signals? What happened to the truly spontaneous aspect of it all? Before the digital age men knew the signs; the stance, the hunger in the eyes and the pulsing heat of the conquests groins. Who are these guys? Are they leaned against the bar? Standing against a wall in an alley? They could be anywhere!

When Nova’s “junior arm” Nebula released this pre-condom classic this was how “tricking” was done, no smart phones, no profiles, just one on one thrills. Right here we have a collection of six vignettes.

Vintage Throwback - Tricking

Tricking in the Alley – Gorgeous uncut favorite Jack Burke picks up Jeff Hunter on the street and finds a nice, quite alley to stick it to him hard. I really love the torn denim, flannel, boots and tube socks in this scene, and Jack’s “all American boy next door” look is HOT!

Tricking at the Bar – David Shaw and Todd Russell play a bartender and beer delivery man who hook up in a bar as payment for services rendered. You can almost smell the sweat, beer and cigarette smoke as the pair fuck in this beautifully run down dive bar.

Tricking at Home – Hunky businessman Guy Tait heads home for afternoon trick with blonde twink Shaun Victor. A dip in the pool leads to something more satisfying in the bedroom… Don’t forget to take a look at the amazingly ornate head board!

Tricking at the Office – Derrick Stanton interviews blonde stud Doug Lansing for a position, then gives him a real feel for what the job truly entails. You know you’ve had dreams of this kind of interview…

Tricking on the Street – Powerfully muscular Chuck Burton picks up Rick Scott on the street, then takes him to a cellar stairway to give him a hard ride. The boys keep the boots on the whole time… Woof!

Tricking on the Job – STOP THE PRESSES! Sexy, bearded and hung black stud Mike Trainor hooks up with fellow print shop employee Nick Vallano for a hot cock break.

“Tricking” is a stunning example of late 70’s early 80’s films. Not only is the fucking great, but the look of the film is beautiful too. I love the colors and exposures some dull, some vibrant lending this classic a patina that is sure to please…


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