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Friday, April 3rd, 2015

I must say that I myself was not quite sure if this otter was going to really enjoy “Twinks on Top” from Phoenixxx Studio. It takes a lot for me to get turned on by the twink genre, but the cover art of this film does feature some really hot daddies, so I said “why not?” I can tell you the movie does have a small plot, and to my surprise some really hot fucking. Turns out I might have a taste for twinks every now and then?

Jordan Thomas has a dream, and his dream is to fuck some hot daddy ass. Unfortunately whenever he suggests he wants to top he is dropped like bad sitcom. As he confides this fantasy to his buddy Jason Valencia he discovers that it simply must be him. Turns out Jason has some lucky underwear, cause he nailed him a hot daddy right on the very couch they were sitting upon.

Mitch Vaughn has probably NEVER been called a twink; possibly a twunk, but never a twink, the only thing he might have in common physically with them is a smooth body. I’m going to take a time out and just drink up Mitch’s incredible physique with my eyes. Handsome, well groomed, muscular; Mr. Vaughn is the kind of guy who knows how to get my knickers to feel a few sizes smaller. The pair met up at the garage where Jason was having his car fixed. At first the youth was intimidated by such a big beefy slab of lean man meat, but that didn’t last long. Arriving back at Jason’s the couple immediately start making out and tearing off each other’s clothes. The scene so far is sensual, and both these guys look like they both feel so good to the touch. Just look at their skin! Jason teases Mitch’s nipples with his tongue and teeth before stripping off what’s left of his prize’s garments. Mitch has an unbelievably beautiful cock and balls. I’m getting a little jealous of Jason’s mouth this point.

Mitch repays the oral favor with a handjob and a blow taking every inch of the lengthy twinks dick down his powerful throat. Jason (who I’d I thought would be ass up in the air by now if the situation was reversed) looks like he might have what it takes to give Mitch the fuck he’s looking for. After he finishes face fucking Mitch, Jason proceeds to give his muscle bottom a rimming to remember, I mean he dives right up into that smooth hole for a tongue fuck I’d bottom for.

Mitch looks great at this angle. The audience gets a nice view of his powerful legs, broad shoulders and back one could serve a dinner for eight on, perfect triceps, forearms, and those suckable nips. Jason wastes no time getting his hard cock up inside Mitch. This twink knows how to give some dick! The pair fuck doggy style before Mitch flips onto his back, throws his legs up over his head, and takes a deeper pounding. Oh to be in Jason’s place, or should I say in Mitch’s ass. Stroking his dick while Jason drives in and out of him like a reciprocating saw Mitch releases a torrent of spunk on himself followed by a shower of cream erupting from Jason. This was one hell of an opening scene, and I can’t wait to see which pair is next!

Yuck! I don’t lend my friends my underwear. Apparently Jason does. The only guys who are getting to borrow mine are the guys who are willing to cum in them so I can enjoy their musky scent after they’re returned. Moving on, it looks like Jordan might be getting lucky himself. After sniffing, then slipping on, Jason’s borrowed briefs (not the biggest fan of the color combo) he gets a knock at his hotel room door. Who could it be?

It’s Drew Sumrok, and he’s misplaced his phone. Jordan Thomas should know better than to let a stranger into your hotel room, even if this might just be his chance to finally top a daddy! He’s a sucy minx that Jordan, it takes but a few coy words and his blue doe eyes filled with insinuation to get Drew caught in his twinkie web. Immediately the couple begins a passionate make out session and strip out of their clothes. Drew is wearing an absolutely adorable pair of hot pink undies that I wouldn’t mind having in my collection. Immediately the cock hungry daddy goes down on Jordan’s ample boner, sucking away with fervor. Jordan gives Drew a nice facefuck, bucking his silky smooth hips with passionate thrusts. A nice rimming ensues next as Drew’s gorgeous hairless pucker is prodded and worshipped by Jordan’s pierced tongue.

Jordan has finally been granted his wish. I can only imagine his excitement as he slips his cock into his very first daddy ass. The pair fuck doggy style with Drew grasping the bed’s headboard before collapsing onto his elbows from the intense fucking. Jordan pounds, and pounds, and pounds like a dog; pushing himself as deep and hard as he can into that unbelievably beautiful arse. Drew is loving every minute of this impromptu dick injection, begging Jason to shoot his load on his chest. Switching to the missionary position the tanned twink continues ramming away at the muscled stud.

Drew is the first to blow his load, jerking his fat prick until his balls release their magic potion. Jordan, after pulling out his flesh piston, follows suit by stroking out white ribbon of heat all over the linens and Drew!

Hold on, I’m confused, one can order these “magic underwear” and by magic underwear I don’t want them to get mixed up with Mormon “magic underwear”. Jordan didn’t, he just borrowed his friends.

Stephan Nash has been lusting over his pool guy Marcus Ruhl. He’s a cutie that Stephan is, blonde, long, lean swimer’s build, what’s not to like. Straightforward is just the way I like it! Marcus wastes no time with his hook-up proposal. Inside the guys start off with a little kissing, a little blowing, and then what was a little romantic turns a little friskier when Stephan starts humping Marcus’ throat. Marcus is a beefy Marcus deep throats this twinks cock real good! Stephan’s turn, although I don’t think he can handle this thick, uncut Latin cock, but he sure does try. Watching Marcus push Stephan’s head down on his tool is, well, breathtaking. Is it getting hotter in here?

“Do you eat ass as good as you suck dick?” Marcus knows what he wants and Stephan delivers! Burying his face between those olive colored cheeks while simultaneously giving Marcus a handjob is a move I’d let the blonde velvet skinned youth pull on me any day.

Doggy style is the way to go for these two. Who wouldn’t want to fuck their pool guy like this? Each scene of “Twinks On Top” will get your own cock raging harder than the last. Stephan ferociously plows Marcus and wants to watch him while he fucks him. Obliging the young man, Marcus flips and spreads his powerful legs. How much longer is Stephan going to last? Not much longer, and the POV shot of his face is pretty cute too. After they’ve separated drains his balls on Stephan’s face who in turn makes a mess of his own abs!

Wait just one minute! Borrowing again? Turns out this group of friends believes in sharing. Leo Rain is on mobile speaking about lending out his panties before we cut to Dolan Wolf getting his furred hole thoroughly prepped by Skylar Blu’s flickering tongue. Dolans a hot hairy stud, the kind I just want to eat up! Skylar is a good looking young thing too. Dolan is soon going down on Skylars cock really working the foreskin; yum. Sliding on a rubber skylark doesn’t even need to move because that dick hungry daddy is just going to climb on up and squat. The audience gets some nice close ups of Skylar drilling his own Keystone XL up Dolans greedy man hole. After a that hot position Dolan ends up face up on the white leather sofa so he can watch Skylar fuck him. There are a few nice spit moments in this scene. I only wish there were more and sloppier. Dolan explodes all over himself and when I thought he might be unable to take anymore cock, the pair are fucking doggy style until Skylar shoots his boy juice onto Dolan’s back and licking it up like a good boy.

Bradley Bishop; yes, yes, and yes. I knew I was going to pre cumming through my jeans when this final scene began. Hopefully no one in the office will notice my extremely prominat VPL. Bradley is an expert cocksucker. The way his mouth works Leo Rain’s beautiful endowment is impressive. Fun fact, the furry, muscled, and tatted up star was at one time a smooth twink himself. He really grew out of that and into a man! Holy shit, soon after Leo begins servicing Bradley the hot stud gives him a envious facefuck which is still not deep enough. Leo is instructed to get on the bed and let his head dangle off the foot so Sam can successfully insert his saber to the hilt. I want to swap places with Leo so bad right now. The guys sixty-nine for a while too before Bradley straddles Leo with his beefy legs so he can ride him. Don’t mind the bed springs cause they are making NOISE. Bradley put in his time, dismounts flashes his wicked smile and does exactly what I hope he would. A hard fuck by Bradley is just what the doctor ordered. Watching the young bearded verse viciously thrusting himself deeper into Leo’s sweet tight ass is almost enough to lose your load before they do. The pile driver moment in this finale is fantastic. This is the way I want to fuck and be fucked no wonder Leo blasts his own face when he squirts. Ok, I need more than a few tissues. I can’t even describe Bradley Bishop’s enormous release of white heat, it’s just that unbelievably beautiful, it’d be like trying to describe meeting an angel in real life. You just have to watch it.


 Lastly; What left me most confused was who was lending, who was purchasing, and where do I  get a pair of these skivvies myself. There must be a magician you order from, because the brand is not standardized nor the color choices. Does this mysterious provider of daddy bait wave his wand (penis) over a pile of stretch cotton under garments and whisper some spell? I don’t know, just shut up and take my money! Go watch this damn movie right now, you can’t go wrong.

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Catch ya later cum catchers,

-The Otter

Movie To Watch – Daddy’s Boy

Monday, December 30th, 2013

Cute twinks and hot daddies.. Such an amazing combo! Check out Daddy’s Boys from new studio Dads Fucking Lads.

There is nothing sexier than an older man to these young and horny twinks. It’s not because of the money, cars and houses. It’s completely primal! We love knowing that these men have the sexual experience to drive us into a sexual frenzy! They know just how much suction is needed when sucking a throbbing cock, but that engorged member stretching and filling my tight bunghole is bliss! When the daddies are this fine, we don’t mind bending over and letting them cum deep inside.

Friday Fuck - Studio Of Sin

Porny Puzzle

Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Happy Hump Day! I dunno know about you but today has been draggggin. Please take this opportunity to take a break and give the porn puzzle a look to kill some time till your next meeting!

Spot the 6 difference in the puzzle below, too tame for ya? Head on over to the site to see what these two get into 🙂

Porny Puzzle

Porny Puzzle

Str8 To Anal 2 – Friday Fuck!

Friday, November 8th, 2013

I usually can’t stand twink movies, especially when they’re all emaciated.. but these guys have some meat on them so it’s totalllly watchable!

Xander Shapo is the cutest twink ever and his scene with Kumar is great. Check it out!

Str8 To Anal 2


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