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Pavel Tvrdy Fucks “Boyfriend” Oskar Hart’s Twink Hole Raw!

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014

Richard Holmes presents the latest and third installment of the “Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends” series EXCLUSIVELY on From the beautiful city of Prague we meet Oskar Hart and Pavel Tvrdy who are prepping in the bath for this exciting shoot. As Pavel (a tall, blonde, muscled hunk of young flesh) soaps up in the shower, Oskar shaves before the mirror in their close quarters.

Now, I just think it’s precious that the little puppy has to “shave” now, seriously though, I wish my shaving ritual took such an insignificant amount of time and labor; for fuck sake I only razor my neck and touch up around my cheek bones and it takes about twenty to twenty five minutes, yet it still looks like I’ve got five O’clock shadow… And no, I don’t want any of your grooming tips, I’ve tried them all and to no avail. I’ve just got a beast on my face.

As the brief interview takes place we find out that Oskar is from Bulgaria’ second largest city Plovdiv, but has been living in the Czech Republic since 2004. Pavel on the other hand is being a bit facetious, first claiming Prague but upon some good hearted probing and prodding, we find out he is originally from a small town named Calarasi in Moldova. (However, he’s been living in the Czech Republic for seventeen years, so we’ll give hima break. I’m quite fine with just watching him slather soap suds all over his ripped torso and cradle his big, uncut, eastern European cock.) 

Like most young men they’re both easy to please when it comes to foods, Oskar enjoys chicken and vegetables, while Pavel likes his pork and carp. We learn the pair also listen’s to pop, techno, and hip hop, but what we really want to know is their favorite sexual positions. Oskar chimes in first and although the language barrier for me is a little difficult to translate, I’m pretty sure he likes to be on top riding some cock cowboy style. Moving on with the interrogation, Richard inquires as to when both of these young studs lost their virginity, and was it a boy or a girl they gave it up to? (The look on the guys faces are priceless) and once again it’s Oskar (this boy isn’t so shy) who admits to having been fourteen when he lost his to “the boys”. Pavel, ever the strong silent type, only tells us that it was twelve years ago when he started having sex with other guys… So the lads have experience. Let’s see how the couple does in front of the camera shall we?

With the tiniest towels covering their naughty bits, Oskar and Pavel make their way to the couch as the romantic soundtrack begins to play.

Some kissing and mutual masturbation quickly escalate to Pavel getting a taste of Oskar’s meat. The blonde with the bod certainly relishes performing fellatio (teasing the sensitive glands under the foreskin, sucking the balls into his mouth) and Oskar is obviously enjoying the attention!

Pavel’s turn! Oskar is RAVENOUS when it comes to Pavel’s mighty man meat. He goes down on that shaft of hooded steel as if he were suffocating and there was oxygen in Pavel’s balls! (John Water’s reference anyone?) Just imagine Pavel’s throbbing organ down your throat, swirl your tongue around his foreskin, go all the way down until your nose is smashed against his clean shaven pelvis… I’d imagine it’s pretty great. (Of course my readers would guess my favorite part about this whole blowjob was the copious amount of spit Oskar gets all over Pavel’s cock; getting it all slicked up so that monster will go down easier.) As Oskar continues his cock and ball worship Pavel’s attention is diverted to the furry hole of his bottom boy.

*Don’t you just love teasing your bottoms little pucker? It gets them so worked up for your cock… Sigh… Ok, back to the review!

There’s plenty of fingering going on as we witness Oskar’s starfish wink and twitch anticipating the inevitable.

Rising to his feet Oskar straddles Pavel (It takes a few seconds, but he finally gets that cock up inside of himself – note to self, pick up more lube, we’re almost out.) in a reverse cowboy style (personal favorite) and proceeds to ride Pavel’s cum cannon. Relenting his position of control Oskar allows Pavel to really go at it! This guy is like a jack rabbit, pumping in and out of Oskar with abandon as the greedy bottom moans out words I cannot translate but understand they’re of pleasure. You can be the judge of what happens next, because I am 99% sure Pavel just creamed Oskar’s pleasure tunnel… Look closely as he dismounts and you can see some cum in that ass. Mmm Mmm Good!

Pavel is still hard, and Oskar has yet to get off. Using all that spunk Pavel deposited inside the little twinks asshole, Oskar slides on again, this time facing his partner. The duo fuck for briefly until Oskar slides off his mount to simultaneously jerk both of their raging hard-on’s. Then it’s time for round two!

Not deep enough! Pavel bends Oskar over the sofa for some intense penetration. Going balls deep, the fit blonde hunk drives his organ further into Oskar’s guts then flipping the boy onto his back he pushes himself back in. The ferocious pounding is pushing the dark haired twink to his limits, and within minutes Pavel squirts a glorious load of spunk onto Oskar’s worn out hole and then pushes the creamy solution up inside his greedy partner with his still hard, but no doubt exhausted tool. This is one hell of cum shot, the kind I adore!

When it’s time for Oskar to blow he chooses Pavel’s mouth to unload in, and he does just that. Here I thought he was the greedy cum pig, turns out Pavel can’t get enough of that white heat either, eagerly lapping it up like a filthy little pup, cleaning every drop from Oskar’s thick Slavic dick. All’s well that ends well… sealed with a salty sweet kiss. The end.

Make sure to check out “Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends” the exclusive web series on A new webisode will be featured every other Monday, so keep your eyes peeled, your pants off, and your lube near. After watching this flick I’m going to be chomping at the bit for my boy to get off work so we can “unwind”.

Hope you enjoyed! This sexy film can be seen exclusively on! Remember to keep following my posts and Join me on Facebook, Twitter, and now Tumblr!

Here’s a couple more pic’s of this sexy Bohemian duo!

Catch ya later Cum Catchers!

-The Otter

I’m Gonna Go Fuck My Boyfriend Now.

Tuesday, November 11th, 2014

It’s all new and only available here on “Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends” is an all new web series directed by Richard Holmes exclusively for is going to be a real treat as the webisodes progress. We all know there is no better place in the world than the Czech Republic for producing the hottest men willing to have the hottest, rawest, and raunchiest bareback fucking on camera. They’re muscled, uncut, versatile, and enthusiastic about fucking other incredibly sexy guys from all over the Eastern European region; so it makes sense that Richard Holmes has set himself up in the center of it all, the gorgeous city of Prague.

Prague is definitely the metropolitan place these exquisite examples of the male form want to be. The hustle, the bustle, and the opportunities that abound lure them to this free thinking mecca in the heart of Europe. In the very first installment of “Bohemia Bareback Bedroom Boyfriends” we’ll meet Petr Kolousek, and someone you just might recognize, Tomas Skala (we’ll get to that in a minute).

In the brief interview with Richard at the beginning we get to meet the two performers of this episode. Petr Kolousek is is a friendly looking blonde with a naturally athletic build who hails from just a “stones throw” from Prague. He likes to have fun and try new experiences, but is not the biggest fan of the gym we learn. That’s ok though, because if you’re looking for some serious Czech beef, Tomas Skala is sitting right next to him on the couch. Perhaps you might recognize him, how could you not, Tomas has also worked under several aliases including Tomm, Tomm Black, Erik Haas, Eric Tomfor, and Thomas Riedel for studio’s such as William Higgins, TitanMen, and Male Reality to name a few. He’s a hulk of man, towering over his co stars at six foot two inches of solid muscle. From the small city of Prostejov in the Jihomoravsky region of the Czech Republic and has been living in Prague for just about a year.

Enough with the talking, let’s get to the action!

The pair begin with some intimate kissing and make out on the couch before moving to the bathroom where they strip out of the rest of their clothes and step into the shower. Here we get a nice long glimpse of both guys; Petr’s slim muscled body contrasts nicely against Tomas’s massive proportions as they soap each other down. I think you’ll guess who is going to be bottoming once they scrubbing down, because Tomas really pays special attention to Petr’s puckered hole, lathering it up and really making sure that boy is nice and clean for his already rigid and pulsing uncut rod.

A quick rinse and they’re off to the bedroom. Here Tomas eases Petr onto the bed to give his gorgeous dick with it’s beautiful hood of flesh a cock sucking to remember. Tomas goes down on Petr, throwing the boy into an sexually blissful state while demostrating his masterful oral skills.

Not long after all that cock and ball attention Petr decides he needs a taste of Tomas for himself. The huge brute of a man concedes to the request and presents his ample ass to Petr. (I must say I chuckled momentarily because of the obvious difference in their sizes. Tomas has a massive, meaty, and muscular ass that for a moment looks as if it could swallow Petr whole!) However, Petr is a greedy little fucker and really gets into his partners furry little hole, teasing it with his own flickering tongue; and yet its not enough. Tomas soon turns to face the boy allowing Petr to take his perfect dick into his mouth.

Now it’s Petr’s turn for a good, deep, and dangerously hot rimming from Tomas. Petr is pretty much owning up to my standards of bottom behavior in this scene because he is LOVING every second of Tomas’s wet mouth and tongue pummeling his hole. All smiles and backwards thrusts PLUS a rock hard cock all the while? Yeah, this guy needs to get filled up by some cock, and I’m pretty sure Tomas is just the guy to give it to him.


Soon enough that moment we’ve all been waiting for arrives; Tomas teases Petr’s puckered pink starfish for a mere moment before sliding his heavy duty tool into the boys quivering cock hungry pit of pleasure.

The couple fucks gloriously in the missionary position, fueling each other’s desires with passionate interludes of kissing, injected with great shots of Tomas’s prick slipping in and out of Petr’s bottom showcasing the boys foreskin as he strokes his perma-hard dick with every pump of Tomas’s hips.

Now it’s time for a flip. Petr expertly guides himself, or I should say, guides Tomas into his hot and hungry hole while straddling the ox of a man. He rides as well as lets Tomas thrust deeper into him, groaning in pleasure with every mile of this sexual race to the finish.

Finally Petr slides off his steed and releases a sticky mess allover Tomas’s neatly trimmed beard and face.

However, it’s Tomas’s impressive load of thick cream that steals the show, stubbornly sticking to Petr’s smooth upper lip… (Although in my opinion, I would have preferred to have seen all that spunk fucked back into Petr’s hungry boy hole. But that’s just me…)

Now that was a hot flick.

So that’s about it, “Bohemia Bareback Bedtime Boyfriends Episode 1” is available now for your viewing and masturbatory pleasure on Don’t miss out on this sexy new series, available here only! Make sure to follow my furry ass on Twitter @Otter_Holt, on Facebook, and now on Tumblr! Alright, I’m off to go fuck my boy toy’s ass raw.

Check ya later cum catchers!

– The Otter









The Otter Reviews “Diego Thompson & Ray Han”

Monday, August 25th, 2014

 Pegasus Studios has paired up two of the hottest guys in “Diego Thompson & Ray Han” and the on screen chemistry is unbelievably orgasm inducing.

Diego Thompson is a gorgeous, smooth, tattooed Latin dream sporting a body rippled with muscle, and a thick, meaty, perfectly shaped, hooded uncut cock. His scene partner, Ray Han, is equally as mouth watering; this Cuban hunk has a ripped body, an incredibly handsome face, a scruffy beard, and an impressively beautiful dick with plenty of tasty foreskin.



*photo’s by Mark Henderson

The short film opens with Ray delicately grooming Diego’s beard with a pair of clippers; it’s actually quite romantic, and soon enough the pair are engaged in some steamy kissing and disrobing. Stepping into the shower (because who doesn’t love to see a pair of studly muscle hunks get wet?) Diego and Ray continue their bodily exploration of one and other. Ray’s body shudders as Diego opens his soft full lips to take Ray’s slippery meat down his throat; just watching him lick his own bicep while Diego works on his tool will get you harder than granite in seconds (he is definitely enjoying this). Reciprocating the act on Diego, Ray gives the audience a good close up of that marvelously beautiful piece of male anatomy attached to this glistening wet hunk.


*By the way… Both of these guys have beautiful balls! 

Before you know it the boys have dried off their stunning physiques (Diego’s a golden caramel, Ray’s a creamier version but still just as sweet) and continue practicing their oral talents. Diego is quite proficient at going down on another uncut stud because he knows just how to make Ray squirm with his ability to hit those sensitive glands under the flesh just so; just enough to give a little shock…  After Ray spreads Diego’s ample ass cheeks, diving his tongue into that slightly furry hole, he can’t help himself any more. He needs that cock inside of him!

Diego slicks up his dick with an ample amount of Swiss Navy before Ray climbs upon the chair straddling Diego. Ray’s a pro bottom at taking that fat tube steak of Diego’s up inside of him in one swift downward motion. The couple fucks in this position until Diego wants a turn on Ray. Obliging his buddy, Ray lies down on the bed and gets his hooded monster lubed up and ready for Diego’s sweet fuck hole. Watching this muscle boy’s ass jiggle with each thrust of Ray’s pelvis is a thing of beauty. Ray is loving every minute of topping Diego’s bottom… Hell I would too!

Time for a switch, Ray needs his hole filled up and only Diego’s rock hard, swollen, and sore member will do. He pushes himself deep into Ray again and again as the pair fucks doggie style on the bed. At this point Ray’s eyes are rolling back into his head from the intense pleasure he is getting with just a hint of discomfort that makes it oh so much hotter to watch.

One last switch, Ray is on his back, legs spread and knees to his ears while Diego continues his assault on his greedy hole. Both boys are really into the action. Ray begs for more, moaning as Diego responds, each time thrusting harder into Ray.

Diego’s cock is still balls deep when Ray unloads a pearly white mess of cum all over his taut stomach, abs rippling with each orgasmic spasm… Oh to lick up that mess of spunk… Diego is ready to blow, releasing a shower of sticky serum onto his own washboard abs.

This is one hell of flick from Pegasus. Both performers are incredibly hot, incredibly horny, and incredibly into each other… (yes, INTO each other because this is great flip fuck). Check out Diego Thompson and Ray Han right here on and on Twitter @diego_t6  (Diego) @rayhan_G (Ray) as well as Pegasus Studios @Pegasus_Studios … Looking to see more from these two in the future! Follow Me on Twitter @Otter_Holt for more updates, sexy photos, interviews and reviews!

-The Otter

Movie To Watch – Daddy’s Boy

Monday, December 30th, 2013

Cute twinks and hot daddies.. Such an amazing combo! Check out Daddy’s Boys from new studio Dads Fucking Lads.

There is nothing sexier than an older man to these young and horny twinks. It’s not because of the money, cars and houses. It’s completely primal! We love knowing that these men have the sexual experience to drive us into a sexual frenzy! They know just how much suction is needed when sucking a throbbing cock, but that engorged member stretching and filling my tight bunghole is bliss! When the daddies are this fine, we don’t mind bending over and letting them cum deep inside.

Friday Fuck - Studio Of Sin


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