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Movie To Watch – Men In Uniform

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

These men look dam good in a uniform. Oteo is a cop and he gives Tomm one hell of a frisking. Mazus can’t resist the hard muscular body of the construction worker Ennio Guardi, George Basten is going to really get a drilling from his drill sergeant Johan Volny. Joey Intenso has a nice a clean white uniform, but he’s got dirty thought’s of Kotley. Tommy White is a sailor that’s gets quite the welcoming home from Blazk.

Movie to Watch - Men In Uniform

Friday Fuck – Barebacking In Uniforms

Friday, November 23rd, 2012

A Peter O’Brian film. These clothes/ uniforms do make the man! Who doesn’t think a uniform is sexy? Zach O’Malley gets an invitation to a party. But he’s told by Julian Fornatora that it’s a barebacking uniform club. With some convincing Zack decides to take a look around, he first sees a sailor with Tom Colt and David Madrid. Then two cops Luke Cross and Orion Cross. Military men Brandon Bash and Enrique Currero. Football jock buddies, Mr. Slater and David Thompson. Then Zach O’Malley and Julian Fornatora can’t resist each other in the end.

Friday Fuck - Barebacking In Uniforms

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Vintage Throwback – Navy Blue

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

The fleet is at anchor and the “destroyers” are looking for targets! A Navy Destroyer arrives in port after six months at sea. Two of the sailors, played by Jack Wrangler and George Payne, have been secretly admiring each other but have been too unsure about the other’s receptiveness to admit it. Jack hires a helicopter for a tour of the port and winds up having sex with Guiseppi Welsh a mile above the city! When they finally land, and Jack at last hooks up with George, the real Naval assault really begins!

Vintage Throwback - Navy Blue


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